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Quiz about Iberian Dishes
Quiz about Iberian Dishes

Iberian Dishes Trivia Quiz

Iberian cuisine has many Spanish and Portuguese delicacies. Imagine Don Juan and Donna Elvira dining out. Juan preferred Spanish dishes, while Elvira stuck with Portuguese cuisine. Fill in the correct answers.

by JanIQ. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Nov 18 23
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The couple started with a soup: for Juan and for Elvira.

Next came the main course (perhaps with its side dish), and the main drinks. Juan ordered and drank , while Elvira chose accompanied by . Elvira drank sparkling water, for she had still a long drive.

They concluded their dinner with a dessert and a hot drink. Juan ate and drank , while Elvira enjoyed and drank .
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[rioja] [meia de leite] [ropa vieja] [bacalhau com natas] [pastel de Belem] [torricado] [horchata] [caldo verde] [salmorejo] [turron]

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Salmorejo is a Spanish cold soup - less familiar than the gazpacho that is a common soup in both Iberian cuisines. Put chopped tomatoes, onion, a sliced chili pepper, a sliced red paprika (peeled and without the seeds) and crushed garlic in the food processor and blend to a smooth liquid. Add white bread, vinegar, olive oil and tomato paste and blend again. Sieve and cool in the refrigerator. Serve with chopped hardboiled eggs and chopped jamon (Spanish ham).

Caldo verde is a Portuguese hot soup with kale. Mix kale, onion and potatoes in the food processor and blend to a fine liquid. Add vegetable stock and season with salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Boil for at least half an hour and serve with chopped kale and chopped chorizo (or other spicy sausages).

Ropa vieja is a Spanish stew with beef and tomatoes. To prepare ropa vieja, you need beef, tomatoes, garlic, onions and paprika (plus seasoning herbs), as well as some olives and capers - stew all of it in butter or olive oil slowly in the oven for at least three hours.

Rioja is a red or white wine from the northern regions of Spain.

Bacalhau is salted and dried cod, a typical Portuguese fish course. Many different recipes exist, and the bacalhau com natas is an oven dish with a texture that can roughly be compared to lasagna or moussaka. To prepare bacalhau com natas, you need a mixture of potatoes and onions in cream, and of course the fish. Start with a layer of fish, add a layer of the potato-onion mix, and repeat once or twice.

Torricado is a side dish typically served with bacalhau or other Portuguese fish. To make torricado is very simple: apply some garlic and olive oil to a slice of bread and roast over charcoal.

Turron is a Spanish hard candy. The main block is made from honey, egg whites and sugar, with dispersed in the mass some almonds, sometimes also other dried fruits. The whole has been heated until it is a solid block.

Horchata can be served hot or cold. The original recipe (with its origins near Valencia) is based upon a paste of dried and sweetened tiger nuts, made to a drink by adding water or milk.

Pastel de Belem is a Portuguese pastry, filled with egg custard (egg yolk with cream, sugar and seasoning) and sprinkled with cinnamon. Don't try to make this at home, for the original recipe is a secret of the Hieronymites monastery near Lisbon.

Meia de leite is a Portuguese variation on espresso coffee with steamed milk, in a proportion of equal amounts of coffee and milk.
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