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Quiz about Classified
Quiz about Classified

Classified Trivia Quiz

This title immediately reminds us of the world of espionage. So why won't you classify these James Bond characters according to the actor who portrayed Bond in the (Eon produced) movie? For instance, classify Dr. Julius No with Sean Connery.

A classification quiz by JanIQ. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Classify Quiz
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Nov 09 23
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Sean Connery
Roger Moore
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

Oddjob Vesper Lynd Honey Ryder Raoul Silva Anya Amasova Rosa Klebb Francisco Scaramanga Xenia Onatopp Elektra King Octopussy

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Rosa Klebb

Answer: Sean Connery

"From Russia with Love" (1963) starred Sean Connery as James. Lotte Lenya played the KGB Colonel Rosa Klebb, who was out to kill James - using a poisonous shoe. When Tatiana Romanova (role by Daniela Bianchi) shot Rosa Klebb with the words "Horrible, horrible woman", James quipped "Yes, she had her kicks". 
2. Oddjob

Answer: Sean Connery

In "Goldfinger" (1964), Sean Connery played James. His mission was to thwart the plans of Auric Goldfinger, a gold expert planning to infiltrate Fort Knox and radioactively contaminate the gold stored over there.
Oddjob (played by Harold Sakata) was a killer employed by Auric Goldfinger. He was extremely strong, almost mute, and always had a bowler hat with him. The peculiarity of this bowler hat was that its rim was made of steel with a very sharp edge, and it could be used to decapitate statues or people.
In the final fight, Bond somehow came in possession of Oddjob's hat and tried to use it on his foe. The hat got stuck between two metal bars, and when Oddjob attempted to retrieve it, Bond threw a loose electric wire to the hat, which resulted in Oddjobs demise by electrocution.
Bond's comment afterwards: "He blew a fuse".
3. Honey Ryder

Answer: Sean Connery

Who'll ever forget Ursula Andress coming out of the ocean dressed in a white bikini? She played the shell diver Honey Ryder, stationed in Jamaica, who helped Bond to gain access to the secret headquarters of Dr. No in the very first "Bond" movie ("Dr. No", 1962).

Honey Ryder survived the final confrontation, but there is no comment on how she fared afterwards.
4. Anya Amasova

Answer: Roger Moore

Roger Moore starred in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977). In the opening scene, he escaped an ambush by some KGB agents, killing one of them (Sergei Barsov, role by Michael Billington).
Then MI6 sent Bond to Egypt in search of a certain microfilm, and the KGB sent Anya Amasova (played by Barabara Bach) on the same mission.
Gradually the two spies overcame their differences and finally they made love - only to be discovered in the act by their superiors.
5. Francisco Scaramanga

Answer: Roger Moore

Scaramanga (played by Christopher Lee) was the title character in "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974). He was known as the best and the most expensive assassin in the world: he would kill his target with a handmade golden bullet fired from a pure golden gun, and charge 1,000,000 dollar for each mission.
But in the final, Bond duelled with Scaramanga, and afterwards he got rid of Scaramanga's diminutive sidekick Nick-Nack (played by Hervé Villechaize).
6. Octopussy

Answer: Roger Moore

"Octopussy" (1983) was named after a business woman (played by Maud Adams) who created a luxurious resort in India, populated only by gorgeous women. She collaborated with Kamal Khan (role by Louis Jordan) to smuggle various artefacts. But as James Bond (Roger Moore) discovered, the smuggle was only a cover for a devious plan by KGB General Orlov (Steven Berkoff) to detonate a nuclear weapon in an American airbase in West Germany. By the way, Maud Adams was also in "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974), in which Roger Moore also starred as James Bond.

But Maud played another character (Andrea Anders) in "The Man with the Golden Gun".
7. Xenia Onatopp

Answer: Pierce Brosnan

Xenia Onatopp (played by Famke Janssen) was a fighter pilot and trained assassin, who loved to kill men by strangling them between her thighs. She appeared in the movie "GoldenEye" (1995), where Pierce Brosnan played the role of James Bond.
Xenia tried to squeeze James to death several times, but he always miraculously escaped. In the end James shot down the helicopter from which Xenia rappelled to attack him, and as a result Xenia smacked into a tree to her death. James' cynical comment was "She always did enjoy a good squeeze".
8. Elektra King

Answer: Pierce Brosnan

In "The World Is Not Enough" (1999) Pierce Brosnan played James Bond, who embarked on a mission for the oil company led by Elektra King (role by Sophie Marceau). Officially Renard (a former KGB agent) has killed Elektra's father and was planning to use a nuclear bomb inside a pipeline, and James was sent to protect Elektra from Renard. Gradually James discovered that the truth was more complex: whilst Renard seemed to be the main villain, the brain after his deeds was always Elektra. In the final scene, James threatened to shoot Elektra if she didn't call off Renard. Elektra taunted him with the double-entendre "You wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me." But James did shoot Elektra right through her heart.
9. Vesper Lynd

Answer: Daniel Craig

Vesper Lynd was portrayed by Eva Green in the Eon production "Casino Royale" (2006). In this movie, she was an accountant for MI6, supporting James Bond (role by Daniel Craig) to defeat the villain Le Chiffre at the gambling table. Le Chiffre indeed sponsored various terrorist organizations, luring them into attacks on companies that Le Chiffre wanted to take over.
Le Chiffre set a trap for Bond, and had him tortured. But Bond survived, although seriously wounded, and during his recovery Vesper fell in love with him. When they went on holiday to Venice, Bond found out that Vesper had stolen the proceeds of the Le Chiffre gamble. In a spectacular finale, Vesper died by drowning in a sinking Venice mansion, and Bond narrowly escaped.
By the way: the Bond spoof "Casino Royale" (1967) also had a character Vesper Lynd, but in this non-Eon production James was portrayed by David Niven (and several other actors and actresses, as Bond came up with the brilliant plan to call all MI6 agents "James Bond").
10. Raoul Silva

Answer: Daniel Craig

In "Skyfall" (2012), Bond (played by Daniel Craig) investigated some mysterious trails leading to the man who ruined the headquarters of MI6 and sought to kill its leader, M (played by Judi Dench). This villain was ultimately identified as Raoul Silva (role by Javier Bardem), a former MI6 agent who felt betrayed by M.
Source: Author JanIQ

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