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Quiz about Collect Some Disney Cats and Big Cats
Quiz about Collect Some Disney Cats and Big Cats

Collect Some Disney Cats and Big Cats Quiz

Here are a dozen cats and big cats from various Disney movies. Pick the correct answers.

A collection quiz by JanIQ. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Nov 04 23
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9 / 12
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Last 3 plays: lfranich90 (12/12), Guest 31 (11/12), Linda_Arizona (5/12).
Select the cats and big cats (lions, tigers, etc) from Disney animated movies.
There are 12 correct entries. Get 3 incorrect and the game ends.
Roquefort Lucifer Maid Marian Si Sergeant Tibbs Prince John Jiminy Abigail Gabble Shere Khan Nala Thomas O'Malley Lucky Pumbaa Figaro Duchess King Louis Simba Colonel Hathi Bagheera Lady Tremaine Trusty Tony Am Rafiki

Left click to select the correct answers.
Right click if using a keyboard to cross out things you know are incorrect to help you narrow things down.

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Apr 09 2024 : lfranich90: 12/12
Apr 09 2024 : Guest 31: 11/12
Apr 09 2024 : Linda_Arizona: 5/12
Apr 08 2024 : Guest 107: 5/12
Apr 07 2024 : Guest 81: 12/12
Apr 07 2024 : GoodwinPD: 12/12
Apr 06 2024 : Carrie85: 10/12
Apr 05 2024 : zebragirl81: 5/12
Apr 04 2024 : Guest 122: 5/12

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Bagheera is the black panther from "The Jungle Book", and Shere Khan is the tiger. While Shere Khan wants to kill the man cub Mowgli, Bagheera tries to protect the child.

Simba and his girlfriend Nala are lion cubs from "The Lion King". After Simba's father Mufasa is killed according to a plot designed by Simba's uncle Scar, Simba goes in exile.

Prince John from "Robin Hood" is depicted as an adult lion. He and the Sheriff of Nottingham feud with the tile character, styled as a fox.

Duchess is the mother of "The Aristocats", while Thomas O'Malley is a street cat coming to her rescue when the butler Edgar tries to get rid of the "Aristocats".

Si and Am are the two Siamese cats who make the house a mess in "Lady and the Tramp". Lady, a cocker spaniel, takes the blame.

Figaro is the mischievous cat in "Pinocchio".

Sergeant Tibbs is the cat who found where the "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" were held captive.

And Lucifer sided with Lady Tremaine to prohibit Prince Charming from seeing "Cinderella".

On the other hand: Colonel Hathi is the leader of the elephants and King Louis is the chief monkey in "The Jungle Book". Hathi sides with the good, and Louis is more evil.

Rafiki is the mandrill showing the newborn Simba in "The Lion King", and Pumbaa is Simba's warthog friend.

Roquefort is the mouse who helps "The Aristocats", and Abigail Gabble is one of the geese who saves Thomas O'Malley form drowning in the same movie.

Trusty is the bloodhound living next door to Lady ("Lady and the Tramp"), and Tony is the Italian restaurant owner who welcomes the two dogs with a dish of spaghetti special with many meatballs.

Jiminy Cricket is Pinocchio's conscience.

Maid Marian, the beloved of "Robin Hood", is styled as a vixen.

Lady Tremaine is the evil stepmother from "Cinderella".

And Lucky is one of the "One Hundred and One Dalmatians".
Source: Author JanIQ

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