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9 Trees quizzes and 95 Trees trivia questions.
Reading Your Tree Leaves
  Reading Your Tree Leaves   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Take a trip through this quiz arboretum of potential garden trees and try to divine what each might be from the clues in the question and the photos of their leaves.
Average, 10 Qns, Fifiona81, Feb 24 23
Fifiona81 editor
Feb 24 23
265 plays
Nutty Trees
  Nutty Trees editor best quiz    
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Nuts start off growing in trees. For this quiz, use the photos and any clues in the questions to identify the trees that bear edible nuts. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Sep 02 23
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Sep 02 23
411 plays
A Walk Among the Trees
  A Walk Among the Trees    
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
While out on a walk around my house, I've taken some photographs of the many beautiful and leafy trees. Can you identify them based on these pictures and some other clues. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, zebra101, May 18 14
832 plays
  Lovelier than a Poem   popular trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 15 Qns
Joyce Kilmer wrote he'd never seen a poem lovely as a tree. Besides their beauty, trees serve a multitude of purposes from food to construction to medicine. Match up these trees with their description or use.
Easier, 15 Qns, SixShutouts66, Nov 26 18
SixShutouts66 gold member
Nov 26 18
453 plays
  Sammy Sosquirrely Branches Out   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I'm Sammy Sosquirrely and I like trees, scampering through branches I enjoy the breeze, stirring and rustling the countless leaves, and I'd like to share this pleasure, if you please, so come with me and explore my trees.
Average, 10 Qns, beergirllaura, Mar 31 15
638 plays
  Sammy Was Up a Tree, and Now He's Bushed   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hi! I'm Sammy Sosquirrely, and I love my yard - it's not all that hard. There are trees galore, and bushes even more. Come along with me, let's go exploring, I'll show my favorites, and I'll try not to be boring.
Average, 10 Qns, beergirllaura, Sep 29 09
690 plays
  Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's a short quiz about the art of training trees and vines into decorative shapes. So grab your pruning shears and let's get clipping!
Average, 10 Qns, lacybear, May 23 07
lacybear gold member
1403 plays
  One, Two, Tree    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about trees you might find in a temperate garden or home orchard. See if you can work out what the tree is from the clues given.
Average, 10 Qns, suomy, Dec 01 12
611 plays
  Bonsai- Japanese Dwarf Trees    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You've probably seen these little trees for sale in your local mall or recall them from the movie Karate Kid but come and see the history behind these living works of art.
Average, 10 Qns, dovbear, Aug 13 10
631 plays

Trees Trivia Questions

1. This tree is a member of the rose family, has the Latin name "Malus domestica" and its fruit is enjoyed in many forms including the alcoholic drink scrumpy. What is it?

From Quiz
One, Two, Tree

Answer: Apple

Apples have been grown for thousands of years and there are thousands of cultivars. China is the biggest grower with nearly 50% of the 2010 crop.

2. What does the word 'bonsai' mean?

From Quiz Bonsai- Japanese Dwarf Trees

Answer: planted in a tray

It is arguable what the origins of 'bonsai' initially were, some claiming that it begun in China with Buddhist monks there. Today we associate it with Japan but it is fashionable throughout Asia just as Buddhism.

3. Highly prized for its wood-working qualities and dark-coloured timber, this is a large tree producing edible seeds with a brain-like appearance. Which tree is it?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Walnut

The tree has a range of uses, for example, burr wood veneer is used luxury cars, many parts of the tree can be used to produce a vegetable dye, and the walnut seed is edible and can provide an edible oil with health benefits. The pecan is a lighter-coloured timber and the other two nuts are much smoother in shape.

4. What is the most reliable plant to use on a portable topiary?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: ivy

Once the ivy is rooted, it covers the frame rapidly. Solid green varieties of ivy are best to use since they can grow well in shadier areas indoors and out. Variegated varieties need more light but also tend to scorch in full sun.

5. This genus consists of shrubs and small trees. The flowers form large clusters of small white or cream-coloured flowers; those from the black-berried variety of the tree (Sambucus nigra) are used to produce a cordial. Which tree is it?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Elder

The berries are used to make preserves although the flowers are more commonly used, producing a syrup. Various liqueurs such as St Germain (French), Sambuca (Italian) and Hallands Fl├Ąder (Swedish) use the flower. Many parts of the plant are poisonous and can lead to cyanide poisoning.

6. Here's a smaller tree which tolerates shade, a nest in its maroon foliage I never have made, but Sammy Sosquirrely loves this tree's graceful look, one of Acer genus according to my book. What is the name of this lovely tree?

From Quiz Sammy Was Up a Tree, and Now He's Bushed

Answer: Japanese maple

There are a number of different species, some of which can be grown in containers. Certain cultivars have green rather than maroon foliage. Growing slowly up to 25 feet tall, the Japanese maple prefers well-drained soil.

7. Standards, Poodles, and Spirals are classic topiary forms. How long can a potted specimen take to fully develop its form?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: 2 years

The plant usually needs to go through 2 growing seasons to fill out fully. Shaping can be done continually--but not drastically--all during this time.

8. The seed is the edible part of this deciduous tree, although it is normally referred to as a nut. It is made into marzipan, a liqueur called amaretto and even a form of milk. On what tree is the nut grown?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Almond

The almond is one of the earliest nut trees and is a domesticated version of the wild almond. The wild almond seed/nut is much more bitter in taste, producing cyanide on eating. Just a few dozen can potentially kill you.

9. Knot gardens, shaped into elaborate ornamental patterns, evolved from medieval kitchen gardens where cooking herbs and medicinal herbs were kept in separate beds. Where did the first knot garden design appear in 1499?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: Venice

Vancouver and Virginia were not established in 1499. Not sure about Vulcan.

10. The leaves of this evergreen bush can be used to make a tea although it is the fruit which is the most commonly used, having a characteristic yellow colour when ripe. What tree can this be?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Lemon

Some varieties of lemon can fruit all year around in the right location. Many however fruit during Winter and early Spring, the off-season for most traditional fruits. Lemons helped solve scurvy problems during long sea voyages in the 18th Century, and the fruit's citric acid content means it is useful for household cleaning chores.

11. What tree is this? It is deciduous, bush-like, produces catkins and the nuts are edible, often being used in confectionery.

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Hazel

They all have catkins however the macadamia is evergreen and the other two are large trees. The flexible nature of the wood means that its traditional uses included thatching, cask hoops, basketry and walking sticks. It can be readily coppiced.

12. A puzzle hedge is a network of paths framed by tall sculpted bushes or trees to make a life-size game. What is it also known as?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: a maze

Mazes became especially popular in Europe in the 1500's and often had a topiary sculpture in the center. Many mazes had geometric or animal topiary sculpted on the tops. Yew was the plant of choice for mazes since it grew quickly into an impenetrable barrier.

13. Mexican in origin, this deciduous evergreen tree is not frost-tolerant. It produces an edible fruit which is a key ingredient in guacamole. What is this tree?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Avocado

The flowers on some varieties start off male in the morning and then re-open as female in the afternoon of the following day. With others, it is the other way around so the two different types are required to maximise pollination. It is also classified by some botanists as both deciduous and evergreen because it loses its leaves once a year but not before the replacement leaves have grown.

14. In what Stephen King novel did the topiary outside a snowbound hotel come alive?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: The Shining

One of King's creepiest descriptions in the entire book.

15. Producing an edible seed sometimes called a marron, this deciduous tree is also prized for its wood. Grown from seed, it can take more than 20 years before it bears fruit.

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Sweet chestnut

Early production of chestnuts is achieved by grafting suitable scion wood onto a seedling rootstock usually of the same variety. The timber can be coppiced and has good ground durability due to being tannin-rich. The nut is a valuable food crop but fresh nuts do not have a good shelf life so some form of processing is desirable. The seed from the horse chestnut is inedible.

16. What is a topiary standard with multiple balls of branches trained along the stem also known as?

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: a poodle

Typical poodle standards have two or three balls along the trunk or stem.

17. A native evergreen of Mediterranean coastal areas, the fruit has produced an important commercial oil crop for thousands of years. The fruit is also eaten. What is the name of the tree?

From Quiz One, Two, Tree

Answer: Olive

Some olive trees live for over a thousand years. Being fire-resistant, disease-resistant, drought-resistant and readily coppiced helps. Consumption of the fruit, oil and leaves have proven health benefits. The timber can be used for woodwork or firewood however the tree is more valuable for its commercial oil crop.

18. What is a type of topiary where a tree is trained in a flat, open pattern on a lattice or trellis? (often used on fruit trees when space is limited).

From Quiz Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary

Answer: espalier

Apples and pears make great espalier specimens. The fruit can be thinned to hang decoratively from the branches.

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