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This 1998 musical was based on the 1984 movie of the same name. When teenager Ren moves from the city to a small town where dancing is banned, things get interesting!
3 Footloose quizzes and 50 Footloose trivia questions.
  Cutting "Footloose"    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
Show your knowledge of the characters, plot, and music in "Footloose".
Tough, 25 Qns, danceswithcows, Mar 10 06
740 plays
  "Footloose" Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz includes questions to the movie-gone-musical, "Footloose". Put your knowledge of the "Footloose" musical to the test with these 10 questions.
Tough, 10 Qns, avalongirl, Mar 06 05
897 plays
  Cut "Footloose"!    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a great play about Ren, a teenager from Chicago who moves to a tiny town, Bomont, where dancing is not allowed. Ren struggles to bring some fun to this the town, and in the process he falls for Ariel, the preacher's daughter.
Tough, 15 Qns, rudyluv, Mar 10 06
904 plays
trivia question Quick Question
During "Let's Hear it for the Boy," what person does Rusty say Willard is not, but that "his kisses still knock her over"?

From Quiz "Cutting "Footloose""

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Footloose Trivia Questions

1. Who is Ren McCormack's mother?

From Quiz
Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Ethel McCormack

Ren's mother is Ethel McCormack, who decides that it's time to pick up and move out of Chicago. Her sister is Lulu, whom the McCormacks move in with.

2. After what song does Ren find out that dancing is illegal in Bomont?

From Quiz "Footloose" Quiz

Answer: I Can't Stand Still

Principal Clark walks in as Ren is dancing in front of Willard. Although Willard tries to stop him, Ren just keeps on going. When Ren is told that dancing is a crime in Bomont, he actually believes that they were telling him dancing on school property was forbidden. He was shocked when he heard that it was illegal in all of Bomont.

3. Who sings "Let's Hear It For the Boy?"

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Rusty

Rust is madly in love with Willard, the slightly dumb cowboy who befriends Ren. Her main song is "Let's Hear It For the Boy", about Willard. "My baby, he don't talk sweet. He ain't got much to say. But he loves, loves me, loves me. I know that he loves me anywaaaaaaaayyyy..."

4. What poet does Shaw quote and refer to in his sermon during "On Any Sunday"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Walt Whitman

Shaw quotes Walt Whitman's line, "I hear America singing" during his sermon.

5. Who is the owner of the Burger Blast?

From Quiz "Footloose" Quiz

Answer: Betty Blast

Betty Blast owns the Burger Blast. She is only seen in one scene where Chuck and Ren are starting to fight. She breaks up the fight with her very funny lines and skates off stage.

6. In the beginning of the play, Ariel has a "bad boy" boyfriend. What is his name?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Chuck

Chuck is a high school drop out. Later on, of course, Ariel falls for Ren, after Chuck hits her. Chuck's song is "The Girl Gets Around". "Well, she'd like you to think she was born yesterday/with her innocent looks and her little-town way/when she's smiling at me she's got angels in her eyes. But I've seen how she moves and the girl really cooks/She taught me some tricks you can't learn in books/And I'm starting to think she's the devil in disguise..."

7. What are the names of Chuck's two sidekicks?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Lyle and Travis

Lyle and Travis are Chuck's two cronies who strive to give Ren trouble. They also sing back up during "The Girl Gets Around."

8. What is the musical "Footloose" based on?

From Quiz "Footloose" Quiz

Answer: a movie

The musical was actually based on the 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon as Ren and Christopher Penn as Willard. Although many think the musical came first, the movie actually came a few years before the musical, which was released in 1999 on Broadway.

9. What is the song that Rusty, Urleen, and Wendy Jo perform as a trio?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Somebody's Eyes

They repeatedly came on and sang bits of this eerie song when Chuck was slowly finding out about Ren and Ariel. It's about how since Bomont is so small, someone always knows what you are doing. "Somebody's eyes are watching/Somebody's eyes will never close, never sleep/Somebody's after the secrets that you keep/Who's got alibis...From somebody's eyes?"

10. Where did Ren work that he got fired from soon after arriving in Bomont?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Hardware Store

His friend wanted change for a dollar, so he opened the cash register and the manager thought he was stealing and fired poor Ren. His uncle was really upset with him.

11. Why did Bomont pass a law against dancing?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Four teenagers crashed and fell off a bridge coming home from a dance

Rev. Moore's own son Bobby and three others were drunk returning from a dance in Baylor County. It was a foggy night, and they lost control of the car and tumbled off a bridge.

12. Who almost gets in a fight with Willard at the dance they went to in another town?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Cowboy Bob

Willard's secret is he can't dance, so he keeps avoiding Rusty. Rusty dances with Cowboy Bob because she wants to dance, and then Willard gets angry because Rusty came with him. Rusty stops the fight before it starts, though.

13. Who is the first person to sing during "Somebody's Eyes"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Rusty

Rusty opens the number by singing "Careful what you do, someone's on to you, careful what you do."

14. What was Ren suspended from?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: the wrestling team

Chuck and his sidekicks Travis and Lyle get in a fight with Ren and blame him. The coach already doesn't like him because he's supposedly a troublemaker and suspends him from the team.

15. Why is Uncle Wes angry at Ren during "Somebody's Eyes"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: He was fired

Wes was angry at Ren for being (wrongfully I might add) fired from his job at Benicke's Hardware Store.

16. In the song "Mama Says", what was not a piece of "Mama's" advice?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Don't climb a tree--in a lightning storm

This was sung by Willard, who's always quoting his mama. "Mama says: Don't use a toaster--while standing in the shower. Now who could argue with that? Mama says: Don't hold your breath for longer than an hour. The woman knows where it's at..."

17. What was the name of the boy who Vi Moore was "infatuated with" when she was younger?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Elliot Criswell

"Let's just hope her interest in Chuck Cranston lasts no longer than my infatuation with Elliot Criswell."

18. On which date did "Footloose" open on Broadway?

From Quiz "Footloose" Quiz

Answer: October 22, 1998

The show started on Broadway October 22, 1998, with previews starting Oct 2. It ran for two years on Broadway. On December 15, 1998, "Footloose" began the national tour of the country.

19. Who sings "Let's Make Believe We're In Love"?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: Irene

She sings this at the Bar-B-Q. This is when Rusty danced with Cowboy Bob. "Look at the moon slowly risin'/Look at the stars up above/Darlin' just for tonight/Until we get it right/Let's make believe we're in love..."

20. Which characters sing "Learning to be Silent"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Vi and Ethel

Vi and Ethel sing "Learning to be Silent" in protest at how they're treated by their friends and relatives.

21. During the time "Footloose" spent on Broadway, which New York City theater were they located at?

From Quiz "Footloose" Quiz

Answer: Richard Rodgers Theatre

"Footloose" was originally shown on the Richard Rodgers Theater, which is also now the home to Billy Joel's new musical, "Movin' Out". Currently The Gershwin Theater is showing the smash hit, "Wicked"; the Ford Center for the Performing Arts has always been showing the ever-popular "42nd Street"; The Palace Theatre is currently showing Tim Rice and Elton John's "Aida".

22. Where is "Holding Out for a Hero" sung?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: The Burger Blast

The number is sung at the Burger Blast, after Ariel and Friends read about the valiant knights in the story Ariel read, and compare them to the overall-wearing, pickup-truck drivers they have to deal with.

23. Who appears to be the most successful at the bridge game the adults are having?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Eleanor

Nearly everybody owes Eleanor money, as she is quick to point out at the beginning of the scene.

24. How many tries did it take Willard to tie his tie?

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: 23

From the finale: "[Ren]I rented my tux/[Garvin and Bickle]Bought flowers-[Jeter]12 bucks! [Willard]And on my 23rd try, I finally tied my tie!"

25. What song does Shaw sing in frustration at his difficulties with Ariel?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Heaven Help Me

"Heaven Help Me" is a song in which Shaw reflects on his difficulties with Ariel and everybody else in the congregation.

26. What member of the school staff antagonizes Ren right before "I'm Free"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Coach Dunbar

After nastily blaming Ren's father's desertation on Ren, he forces everybody in the hallway to do push ups.

27. Who does NOT sing in the dramatic coda of "I'm Free"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Vi

At the end, when there is a vast amount of harmony and three different tunes are sung simultaneously, Vi does not join in.

28. From "I Can't Stand Still": "Back where I come from life's never ___ ___."

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: hum drum

"Back where I come from/Life's never hum drum/I wish I could take you there/Oh, we had the world at our feet..."

29. Who sings "Let's Make Believe We're In Love"?

From Quiz Cutting "Footloose"

Answer: Irene and the Country Kickers

Irene and her Country Kickers sing this song at the Bar-B-Que dance club, where Ren, Ariel, Rusty, and Willard soon arrive.

30. Fill in this quote by Rusty: "In Chicago, you can just be walking down the street and get ______ by people you don't even know!"

From Quiz Cut "Footloose"!

Answer: mugged

She was talking to Ren about where he was from and telling him about Bomont and how dull it is. By the way, please rate this quiz! Thanx! =)

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