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5 quizzes and 70 trivia questions.
  The Ultimate A Fish Called Wanda Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I can't believe that there was only one quiz about this, one of my favorite movies. Funny doesn't even scratch the surface in describing this movie.
Average, 10 Qns, umpolo, Oct 16 11
2183 plays
  A Fish Called Wanda Test    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A few questions about one of my favourite films. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, science queen vj, Oct 19 14
science queen vj
2305 plays
  A Quiz Called Wanda    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
The 1988 classic hit comedy 'A Fish Called Wanda' had, according to John Cleese, 'Americans, masses of sex and loads of violence'. It was consequently a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic...
Tough, 20 Qns, alkmene, Aug 03 15
1740 plays
  "A Fish Called Wanda" pt 2: KKKKen's Revenge    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz picks up where "Don't call me stupid" ended. I hope you enjoy the trip to merry old London.
Average, 15 Qns, Fred73, May 17 12
227 plays
  "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Take this opportunity to test your knowledge of the 1988 John Cleese comedy gem which might have been titled "A Tale of Two Wandas". As always, my quiz will focus on details from the plot and dialog. No 'who-played-who' questions.
Tough, 15 Qns, Fred73, May 17 12
240 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Archie Leach is the real life name for which famous actor?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda"

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A Fish Called Wanda Trivia Questions

1. When Wanda shows up at Archie's house, Archie is both shocked and pleased. She stops him from kissing her right away, instead asking for a drink. What does she ask for?

From Quiz
"A Fish Called Wanda" pt 2: KKKKen's Revenge

Answer: Whiskey

Watch closely and you'll see a continuity error in the film. First she asks for whiskey. Several moments later Otto (watching from outside) sees Wanda and Archie embrace, and Archie has a champagne bottle in his hand. Still later, after they have rolled around on the sofa for a while, Wanda says she's "hot" (really?) and wants something "cold". This is when Archie goes downstairs to get the champagne. There's quite a surprise waiting when he returns!

2. When we first meet Otto he is reading from the philosophic commentary of Friedrich Nietzsche. What is the title of the book?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: Beyond Good and Evil

The book cover and title are clearly visable when Otto (Kevin Kline) is introduced during the opening credits. Otto quotes or misquotes from this work several times throughout the film, leading Wanda to conclude that even though apes (like Otto) might read philosophy, "They just don't understand it."

3. What kind of fish is Wanda?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Angel Fish

Although Ken names all of his fish, Wanda is the one he seems to love the best. It is never made clear why Ken likes Wanda the best, although you can infer that it is because she is the most beautiful fish in the tank, as Wanda is the most beautiful woman in his life.

4. Who were the four major stars of the film?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin

Writing the film took John Cleese and director Charles Crichton six years. Cleese had worked with Kevin Kline on Lawrence Kasdan's hilarious parody Western 'Silverado' together (in which Cleese played the unlikely Sheriff John T. Langston); Palin was every Python's favourite Python and, after seeing 'Trading Places', Cleese was determined to land Jamie Lee Curtis for the non-title role of Wanda Gershwitz.

5. Who played the role of Archie Leach in this film?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: John Cleese

Michael Palin portrayed Ken, Kevin Kline played Otto, and Tom Georgeson had the role of Georges Thomason.

6. Portia needs a new horse because her present horse "is not fit for dog meat". What is the name of her unworthy mount?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: Phantom

Upon being told the horse is no good, Archie's response is "I thought you liked Phantom." Portia doesn't bring up the subject again; she's too busy whining about needing a nose-job.

7. Which language does Archie not speak in the movie?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Swedish

Interestingly Wanda (the woman) is turned on by foreign languages. When Wanda is trying to get the location of the stolen diamonds from Archie she asks if he speaks Italian. He replies he is Italian and proceeds to speak Italian and then switches to Russian because he thinks Italian is not a beautiful language.

8. Whom did Otto assume was Belgian (until Wanda set him straight)?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: Aristotle

Otto, who can barely speak English - never mind Italian - reads a lot of philosophy under the misguided apprehension that he is a genius. Among his other misconceptions are that the central credo of Buddhism is 'Every man for himself' and that the London Underground is a subversive political movement. Wanda: 'I've worn dresses with higher IQs!'

9. Wanda introduces Otto to George and Ken as her ______.

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: brother

Lovers Wanda and Otto fool George and Ken into believing that they are brother and sister.

10. Otto scoffs at Ken's affection for animals, and quotes Nietzsche as referring to animals as "God's second _________". Complete the sentence.

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: blunder

It's obvious that Ken has no idea who Nietzsche is, as he responds, "...well you tell him for m-m-m-me..." I must admit, I've never read more than a few excerpts from the works of this 19th century German philosopher, and can't find this quote directly attributed to him, but there's no doubt that Otto thinks it's true. While I was researching this, however, I did come across this jewel: "Is man one of God's blunders, or is God one of man's blunders?"

11. What is the name of Archie and Wendy's daughter?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Portia

We hear her name when they are talking about her "need" for a new horse, and when talking about a new nose for her. When Otto hears what her name is he wonders why they named her after a car.

12. When Otto and Wanda visit George in prison, Otto asks George, 'Who squealed? Was it Kevin Delaney?' Who is Kevin Delaney?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: Kevin Kline & Kline

Kline's first two names are Kevin Delaney.

13. George needs a "weapons man" for the diamond heist. Otto proves that he is qualified for the job by throwing a dagger and hitting what?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: poster of a baby seal

Otto's blade hits the baby seal right between the eyes.

14. Patrick Balfor, a colleague of Archie's has lent him the key to his beautiful riverfront flat while he and his family are abroad. Archie arranges to meet Wanda there for a tryst. Where has the Balfor family gone on their extended holiday?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" pt 2: KKKKen's Revenge

Answer: Hong Kong

Archie tells Wanda they have gone to Hong Kong, and will be "gone for weeks". Only later, on their second visit, do they discover the flat has been sub-let to Ian and Hazel Johnson.

15. Leaving the scene of the heist, which of the gang drives the FIRST get-away car?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: Wanda

Wanda drives the first car, the black 'limo' with diplomatic plates, and nearly hits the old lady and her dogs. I think the fake moustache is a nice touch on Jamie Lee. After dumping the first car, George drives the second while Ken takes off on a motorcycle.

16. Which actor won an Oscar for their performance in this film?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Kevin Kline

He won for best supporting actor in 1988, over Alec Guinness, Martin Landau, River Phoenix, and Dean Stockwell. He has also won two Tony awards for "On the Twentieth Century" in 1978, and for "The Pirates of Penzance" in 1981.

17. Which famous London landmark is shown at the very beginning of the film during the opening credits?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Tower Bridge

Immediately prior to cutting to Archie's concluding remarks in court, we see the impressive Tower Bridge over the River Thames. "A Fish Called Wanda" was filmed in 1988, prior to the construction of the London Eye.

18. According to Otto, what is the central message of Buddhism?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" pt 2: KKKKen's Revenge

Answer: "Every man for himself"

We never actually hear Otto say this, but it is among a list of "facts" he has obviously told Wanda. Questioning their accuracy, she has "looked them up", and now takes the opportunity to point out his errors. Otto had also told her that Aristotle was Belgian, the London Underground is a political movement and that the Gettysburg Address was were Lincoln lived.

19. Who lives at Kipling Mansions on Murray Road?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: George Thomason

Wanda and Otto are going to 'drop a dime' on George (the gang leader) then take off with the loot. When Otto calls the police to 'rat' on George, he is very precise. "The Hatton Garden robbery was pulled of by Mister George Thomason, who lives at Flat 3, Kipling Mansions, Murray Road, London, West Nine." Another great comic touch: Otto's 'over-the-top' English accent.

20. What is the tagline for this movie?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: A tale of murder, lust, greed, revenge, and seafood.

"Don't pet them." is the tagline for "Fierce Creatures", "A comedy that goes to your head." is from "Homegrown", and "Don't be cruel to animals." is one I made up. Overall, the tagline for this movie is a great summary of the plot. There is the murder of dogs, lust for a woman by at least three men (I suspect Ken also lusts for Wanda, but there is no viable proof), greed for the wealth of the stolen diamonds, revenge against those who double and triple cross their partners, and finally seafood, when Otto eats Ken's fish to get information from him.

21. Who directed this fine picture?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: Charles Crichton

This was Charles Crichton's first film in twenty-five years, and his last. He was seventy-seven when filming began, and had trouble directing through his false teeth. John Cleese did much un-credited directing of the actors during rehearsal.

22. Chief witness in the case against George Thomason is Mrs Eileen Coady. How many dogs does Mrs Coady own at the beginning of the film?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: 3

Each of Mrs Coady's dogs is accidently killed in separate incidents as Ken tries to kill their owner. The first is carried away by a Doberman, the second is run over and the third is squashed by a large white household appliance.

23. What one word best describes Otto's feelings when he and Wanda discover the diamonds are no longer in the garage safe?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: disappointed

Thinking he's about to become fabulously wealthy, Otto shouts "DISAPPOINTED!", then flies off on a rage. What he doesn't know: Wanda was ready to knock him over the head until she saw the safe was empty.

24. When does Ken lose his stutter?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: After running Otto over with a roller

Like most people who stutter, Ken stutters less when around people he trusts and feels comfortable around, like Wanda and George. They also stutter less when they are extrememly happy. Ken also stops stuttering afer Wanda kisses him.

25. What are Wendy's final words to Archie?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: "I'll see you in court."

Although Archie has yet to commit technical adultery, he has just called his potential mistress 'Darling' in open court. While Maria Aitken's scintillating delivery of 'You can stick this marriage right in your bottom!' is one of the film's most excruciatingly funny and memorable moments, her final line is, in fact, 'I'll see you in court' (ironically, they are in court at the time).

26. Who is Otto's favourite philosopher?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Frederick Nietzsche

It would seem that Otto's entire life's misguided philosophy is "based" on Frederick Nietzsche's book "Beyond Good and Evil".

27. According to Otto, Nietzsche stated that "Almost all higher culture is based on" what?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" pt 2: KKKKen's Revenge

Answer: cruelty

Otto uses this quote to justify his torture of Ken as he tries to find the key. Otto gets this quote 'nearly' verbatum, from "Beyond Good and Evil"; "Almost everything that we call 'higher culture' is based upon the spiritualizing and intensifying of cruelty..."

28. Who is George's solicitor, commonly referred to as 'lawyer'?

From Quiz "A Fish Called Wanda" Pt 1: "Don't call me stupid"

Answer: Mr. Bartlett

Bartlett is the lawyer, Leach is the barrister. Davidson is Archie's clerk, and Sir John is the client who arrives at Archie's office while Wanda is visiting. While the distinction between solicitor/lawyer and barrister does not exist in America, the two hold vastly different positions in Britain. The solicitor works directly with the client, and engages the barrister to argue the case in court.

29. Who is the masked man that uses the crossbow in the heist?

From Quiz A Fish Called Wanda

Answer: Otto

Kevin Kline actually performed this stunt and it only took him two takes. The main reasons George hires Otto are that Wanda vouches for him as her brother, and he needs a "reliable" and accurate trigger man.

30. Aside from his unkind and obscene epithet for Britishers who dare drive on the left, and his constant reiteration of 'What was the middle thing?', what is Otto's catchphrase?

From Quiz A Quiz Called Wanda

Answer: "Don't call me stupid!"

Otto honestly believes he is neither stupid nor jealous. Ahem, (no comment).

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