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Fun Trivia
4 Vertigo quizzes and 45 Vertigo trivia questions.
  Who Played Me in "Vertigo"?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the film, "Vertigo", and you tell me who played him or her. Good luck! One of the movie's stars will be used more than once.
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Oct 23 20
Oct 23 20
386 plays
  Test yourself! Vertigo Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on the masterpiece of the cinema.
Easier, 10 Qns, Lucyfan86, Oct 05 02
1660 plays
  15 Question Vertigo Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, Hitchcock's "Vertigo" is a movie of looping logics and deceptive ghosts. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you have seen it, well - let's see what you've seen.
Average, 15 Qns, gunstone, Sep 11 03
2171 plays
  Questions on Vertigo    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
My favorite movie. If you are as obsessed as I am, you should know this stuff.
Tough, 10 Qns, tori_r130, Dec 25 18
Dec 25 18
1567 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Where did Judy live before moving to California?

From Quiz "Vertigo"

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Vertigo Trivia Questions

1. Who portrayed the acrophobic detective Scottie Ferguson?

From Quiz

Answer: James Stewart

A great choice for the role although not a usual Jimmy Stewart vehicle. Wonderfully acted by Stewart.

2. What is Midge's last name?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Wood

Her last name is only used twice in the movie--a nurse calls her Ms.Wood.

3. The actress who portrayed the object of the detective's obsession.

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Kim Novak & Novak

A great choice for her dual role. Originally offered to Vera Miles but after a lull in production due to script changes, Miles returned to tell Alfred Hitchcock that she was pregnant. Hitch was not happy but Novak took over the role of Madeline/Judy.

4. What is the name of the restaurant where John Ferguson first lays his eyes on Madeleine Elster?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Ernie's

Gavin Elster has asked Johnny to observe them dining at Ernie's so as to know what his wife looks like. Argosy is the book shop where Ferguson and Midge learn the Carlotta Valdes story from the old proprietor.

5. Where did Judy live before moving to California?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Salina, Kansas

'I decided I'd see what it was like in sunny California.'

6. In what US city was "Vertigo" mostly filmed?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: San Francisco

San Francisco is filmed beautifully in this film. Most of the filming was done in San Francisco, but some interior shots were done on stages in LA.

7. After a car ride, Ferguson and Mrs. Elster make a stop in a forest reservation. What is it that seems to trigger a spell of vertigo in the girl's mind?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: A slab of sequoia inscribed with historical dates

Madeleine remarks the short span of her own (i.e. Carlotta's) life in a sequoian perspective, and runs off.

8. What classical music does Midge tell Scotty to listen to while he is in the mental hospital?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Mozart

'Mozart is the boy for you, Johnny-O.'

9. Scottie asked me how I got in the shipbuilding business. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Vertigo"?

Answer: Tom Helmore

Helmore, born on January 4th, 1904 in London, England, landed the role of Gavin Elster. Gavin was at his office during his first scene with Scottie when the latter asked him how he ever managed to enter the shipbuilding business. Gavin insisted he was actually only in the business as he married into it and otherwise classified it as a dull industry. Scottie remarked on Gavin's abilities allowing him to not have to be in the business for a living but Gavin insisted he needed to be responsible for his wife's interests as her family was all gone. Gavin then spoke about business and how he felt what made San Francisco unique appeared to be disappearing fast. Scottie then pointed to a couple artifacts in Gavin's office which suggested he longed for the olden days of San Francisco when it exuded color, excitement and power. Gavin then spoke to Scottie about his fears concerning his wife and that he wanted him to investigate her. Scottie was hesitant about it, at first, only to reluctantly agree to his friend's assignment. Helmore guest starred on the TV series "Night Gallery", "Marcus Welby, M.D." and "Dr. Kildare".

10. What piece of jewelry was key in the identity of Madeline?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: necklace

The necklace is shown many times during the film, including in the portrait of Carlotta. A bit gaudy but does provide a great twist in the film.

11. Ferguson's friend Midge (Marjorie) is by all appearances secretly in love with him. At one point, while alone in her apartment, she batters her own cheeks and calls herself names. Why?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: She has made a painting that he doesn't find funny

Midge has observed Johnny's interest in a portrait of Carlotta Valdes that Madeleine spends time in front of, and has made a copy of it with her own features replacing Carlotta's. Seeing it makes Johnny depressed and he leaves.

12. What does Midge do for a living?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: designs undergarments

13. Scottie followed me around and saw me at a cemetery. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Vertigo"?

Answer: Kim Novak

Novak also portrayed Judy Barton in "Vertigo", pulling off double duty as her and Madeleine. Judy was an actress whom Gavin hired to impersonate Madeleine when he hired Scottie to spy on Madeleine. Scottie followed Judy around one day until she stopped at a graveyard to pay someone a visit. A little later, Scottie found out that the person's grave which Judy visited was that of Madeleine's great-grandmother, Carlotta Valdes. In a subsequent scene, Scottie noticed Judy near the Golden Gate Bridge when she all of a sudden jumped into the San Francisco Bay. Scottie rescued Judy and took her back home in order to get her body warmed up. Scottie became depressed after "Madeleine" perished, only to learn that the woman he thought was Madeleine was actually Judy Barton, an actress from Kansas. Scottie also figured out that Judy helped Gavin to cover up the killing of his wife earlier on at the church. Novak starred in the films "The White Buffalo", "The Great Bank Robbery" and "The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders".

14. Who portrayed the designer friend of Scottie?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Barbara Bel Geddes

They were once romantically linked, as mentioned in the film, but are now just good friends. Midge (the character's name) is there to visit Scottie after he is institutionalized and Scottie is a regular at Midge's apartment.

15. What artist made the portrait of Carlotta Valdes?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Unknown

The portrait hangs in a museum where John sees Madeleine (and later on others) observe it while seated on a cushioned bench.

16. Where does Scotty first see Madeleine?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Ernie's

'You have a thing about Ernie's don't you?'

17. Scottie entered my hotel one day. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Vertigo"?

Answer: Ellen Corby

Corby was cast as the manager at the McKittrick Hotel in "Vertigo". Scottie followed Judy into the hotel one day and the manager asked him if she could be of assistance. Scottie asked if she could tell him who occupied a corner room in the hotel and then pointed to the corner which he referred to, but the manager stated it was not the hotel's policy to release that information to anyone due to client privacy. Once she stated it might be illegal to give out the information, Scottie showed her his badge, and the manager began to tell him about the occupant. She informed Scottie the woman likely had been staying at the hotel for two weeks and her rent was due the next day. Scottie asked if she ever slept in the room but the manager stated she only went to sit in the room twice or thrice a week. Scottie claimed he saw the woman enter the hotel that day but the manager insisted she had not been there yet. Scottie asked the manager to just look in her room to verify she had not visited, so the manager entered the room and allowed Scottie to look in it. Corby guest starred on the TV shows "Tenafly", "The Partners" and "Cannon".

18. The director of "Vertigo" is whom?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Alfred Hitchcock & Hitchcock

Although not a complete success when released, "Vertigo" is now considered Hitchcock's masterpiece. I think it was the film that Hitch had always wanted to make and had a wonderful cast, crew and location to make it perfect.

19. Madeleine Elster has a husband. His first name is:

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Gavin

20. What business is Gavin Elster in?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: ship building

'I find it quite dull.'

21. It was said that I knew a lot about San Francisco history. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Vertigo"?

Answer: Konstantin Shayne

Shayne, a native of Khariv, Ukraine, played Pop Leibel. Scottie asked Midge one day who knew a lot about tiny bits of San Francisco history, so she recommended that he speak to a man named Pop Leibel, the owner of the Argosy Book Shop. Scottie went there to speak to Pop about Carlotta Valdes, the woman whose grave Judy visited, and Mr. Leibel responded that he knew her history. He stated she was a beautiful, yet depressed woman who lived in a nice house many years ago but he was unable to remember the name of the man who built her the house. Pop stated that Carlotta came from somewhere small, like a mission settlement, and arrived in San Francisco at a young age. The man who built Carlotta the house, according to Pop, noticed her at singing and dancing events. Pop spoke of Carlotta's husband and her having a child whom he took from her, causing Carlotta to become depressed after she went on a search for her child. Scottie thanked Pop for being of help to him and departed from his store. Shayne had guest starring stints on the TV series "The Outer Limits", "The Rogues" and "77 Sunset Strip".

22. What year was the film released in the US?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: 1958

The film was released in 1958, but not a huge success when released. 1948, 1954, and 1956 were the US releases of the three other Stewart/Hitch collaborations "Rope", "Rear Window" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much". "Vertigo" is back in the public eye after the restoration and re-release in the mid-90's.

23. What is, originally, the connection between Mr. Elster and John Ferguson?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: They are old schoolmates

When convincing Ferguson to take on the task of spying on his wife, Elster makes it clear that the dubious nature of her ailment requires him to engage someone trustworthy.

24. What is the name of Madeleine's great grandmother?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Carlotta Valdes

'Sweet name, foreign, but sweet.'

25. By what famous landmark does Madeline try to commit suicide?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Golden Gate Bridge

A great shot of cinematography as you can see the Golden Gate in the distance as Madeline jumps into San Francisco Bay.

26. According to Mr. Elster, his wife has reached the age at which Carlotta Valdes killed herself. What age?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: 26

John Ferguson is asked to watch out for suicide attempts. Ultimately, the whole suicide theme serves to camouflage a murder.

27. What color is Madeleine's car?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: green

28. What is the name of the restaurant where Scottie first sees Madeline?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Ernie's

The restaurant is no longer there, but I think it will live on because of the film. The real exterior of the restaurant was filmed, but set builders were ordered to draw the actual inside of the restaurant and recreate it on a set. It was done perfectly and is an important place in the plot of "Vertigo".

29. Who plays Marjorie (Midge) Wood?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Barbara Bel Geddes

This was the only Hitchcock movie that Bel Geddes had a part in. After her career in the movies had declined, she was cast for the TV soap "Dallas".

30. Where did Judy work?

From Quiz Vertigo

Answer: Magnin's

'I'm just a girl, I work at Magnin's and I live here.'

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