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Fun Trivia
5 Italian Government quizzes and 55 Italian Government trivia questions.
  Even Mussolini Had A Mother    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Benito Mussolini was a Fascist dictator, ruling Italy with an iron fist from 1922 to 1943. This quiz is intended to show the irony that even history's most powerful and evil people had normal aspects to their lives.
Tough, 10 Qns, James76255, Jun 06 07
386 plays
  Italian politics    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Fifteen questions about Italian politics since World War II.
Average, 15 Qns, Sasso, May 17 18
May 17 18
749 plays
  Alessandra Mussolini    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Alessandra Mussolini is one of Italy's best known female politicians and a member of the European Parliament. Here are some questions about her life and career.
Average, 10 Qns, queenofsheba, Apr 04 14
272 plays
  Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
More than 60 years after his death, Benito Mussolini remains a controversial figure in Italy. How much do you know about this 20th century dictator?
Average, 10 Qns, bettona, Jun 19 05
466 plays
  Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Mussolini rode to power on empty promises and false statements. His 21 year rule brought death and suffering to hundreds of thousands of Italians and helped drag the world into another war.
Average, 10 Qns, ERommel, Sep 30 23
Sep 30 23
438 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who was the first Prime Minister to have come from the former Communist Party?

From Quiz "Italian politics"

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Italian Government Trivia Questions

1. What's the relationship between Alessandra and Benito Mussolini?

From Quiz
Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: She's his granddaughter

She's the daughter of Anna Maria Scicolone and Romano Mussolini. Romano was Benito's third son. Romano was a jazz pianist, he died on Febraury 3, 2006.

2. Mussolini's father named him "Benito" after which famous Latin American political figure?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Benito Juarez - a Mexican president

Mussolini's Socialist father named him "Benito" after Benito Juarez, Mexican patriot, revolutionary and president (1867-1872).

3. Libya was seized by Italy from what country?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: Turkey

In 1911, Italy declared war on Turkey (then the Ottoman-Empire). It seized the Turkish colony easily. Mussolini led anti-war riots and publicly stated that "The national flag is a rag to be planted on a dunghill". This is a totally different stance then what Mussolini would say 20 years later.

4. In what Italian village was Mussolini born?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: Predappio

Benito was born July 29, 1883 to Alessandro and Rosa Mussolini in Predappio, Italy. Benito's family lived in a small cottage connected to the school where his mother taught.

5. Which famous Italian actress is Alessandra Mussolini's aunt?

From Quiz Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren's real name is Sofia Villani Scicolone. Anna Maria Scicolone is Alessandra's mother and Sophia's sister. The Playboy of 1983 said she had "the boldness of grandfather Benito and the sex appeal of aunt Sophia Loren". In 2006 she protested when Sophia Loren was not invited for the film festival at Venice.

6. In 1943, after being dismissed by the king, Mussolini was arrested and exiled to Abruzzo; six weeks later German paratroopers staged his dramatic rescue. Mussolini fled to northern Italy and founded the Republic of ______ ?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Salò

Mussolini was installed as head of a puppet "Italian Social Republic" at Salò, on Lake Garda, in German-occupied northern Italy.

7. What is Mussolini's first name?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: Benito

Benito Mussolini was born to a village schoolteacher and a blacksmith. His father was an anarchist, and named his son after a famous former Mexican president, Benito Juarez. He lived up to his name, as history would soon prove.

8. How many siblings did Mussolini have?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: 2

The oldest of three children, Benito had a brother named Arnaldo and a sister named Edvige. During Mussolini's reign over Italy, Arnaldo headed the newspaper of the Fascist party, "The People of Italy". Arnaldo also owned the publishing house Alpes.

9. What political party has ruled Italy since the end of World War II for about 45 years?

From Quiz Italian politics

Answer: Democrazia Cristiana

The Socialist Party was the 3rd Italian party. The Liberal Party was very small. Vecchia Romagna is a brandy. The three parties above don't exist anymore.

10. What was Alessandra Mussolini's profession before she went into politics?

From Quiz Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: Actress

She was an actress and a nude model. Two of her films are "Una Giornata Particolare" and "Qualcosa di Biondo". In "The Assisi Underground" (1985) she played an anti-fascist nun.

11. Mussolini's granddaughter, Alessandra, is active in Italian politics and has served in the Chamber of Deputies as well as in the European Parliament. She has an even more famous aunt. Who is this well-known actress?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Sophia Loren

Alessandra Mussolini's parents are Anna Maria Scicolone, younger sister of Sophia Loren, and Benito Mussolini's son, Romano.

12. What group was the main protection of Mussolini during his reign in Italy?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: Blackshirts

The Blackshirts spread fear and created violence everywhere during Mussolini's bid for power. Much like Hitler's Brownshirts and his SS, they were his most dedicated followers- and his most fanatical.

13. What job did Mussolini have after graduating from school in 1901?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: teacher

After graduating from the Royal Normal School in Forlimpopolo with a teaching degree, Benito taught for about a year in Gaultieri before being dismissed. After spending some time arguing politics and getting drunk in pubs, Mussolini made his way to Lausanne Switzerland in 1902.

14. As of July 2001, how many Presidents of the Republic has Italy had since 1946?

From Quiz Italian politics

Answer: 10

A President of the Republic remains in office for seven years. Most of them have been in charge for the full seven year term.

15. In which city was Alessandra Mussolini born?

From Quiz Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: Rome

She was born on December 30, 1962. The first time she was elected to the Italian parliament was in 1992. In 2006 she was a candidate for mayor of Rome.

16. Mussolini was captured by the partisans as he tried to escape to Switzerland. He was executed and his body was put on display in the Piazzale Loreto of what Italian city?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Milan

Mussolini and some of his associates were captured near Lake Como, where they were arrested and killed. Their bodies were hung upside down at an Esso gas station in the Piazzale Loreto in Milan. In May 2005 a proposal was made to rename this site Piazza della Concordia, in memory also of the 15 partisans who were executed in the same spot a year before Mussolini's death.

17. In what paper, often refered to as "The Socialist Daily", was Mussolini able to spread his propaganda to all Italians?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: Il Popolo d'Italia

Il Popolo d'Italia ran for many years and was read in Italy as much as Der Sturmer was read in Germany. It increased Mussolini's popularity tremendously, and helped him maintain power by blaming other people for Italy's troubles.

18. In 1902, what was Mussolini arrested for in Lausanne, Switzerland?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: vagrancy

Mussolini's preference for seclusion and refusal to perform manual labor forced him to turn to begging to survive while living in Lausanne. He was eventually arrested for vagrancy and put in jail.

19. Who led the first republican government after WWII?

From Quiz Italian politics

Answer: Alcide De Gasperi

Baldini, Coppi and Bartali were cyclists.

20. What is the name of the political party founded by Alessandra Mussolini in 2003?

From Quiz Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: Azione Sociale

Originally it was called Libertà di Azione, but soon it was renamed Azione Sociale. In the elections for the European Parliament in 2004 it was a part of the so-called Alternativa Sociale. They obtained 1.2% of the votes, enough for her to become a MEP.

21. What was the name of Mussolini's mistress, captured and executed with him?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Clara Petacci

Clara Petacci came from an upper-class Roman family. As a young school girl she developed a crush on Mussolini, almost twenty-nine years her senior, and started writing him letters. After they met, in 1932, Petacci became his mistress. When Petacci was captured, along with Mussolini, it is said that she was given the opportunity to escape, but she chose to die with him. Edda Ciano was Mussolini's daughter. Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolini's son-in-law, turned against Mussolini in 1943 and was executed as a traitor.

22. In what year did Benito Musssolini come to power (as prime minister)?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: 1922

Mussolini acquired his power legally in 1922 when the king appointed him prime minister. At first, Mussolini was worried about abusing his power. In a few months though, he had secured Fascists in all the cabinet positions, and had passed laws granting him absolute power.

23. Why did Mussolini leave Switzerland and return to Italy?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: he was exiled from Switzerland

Mussolini's extremism was popular with socialists in Lausanne, but Swiss authorities saw him as a threat. He was exiled from Switzerland in July of 1903, but managed to slip back into the country a few weeks later. After several months, he was again caught by the police and went back to Italy in December 1904.

24. What Italian leader was kidnapped and killed by Communist terrorists in 1978?

From Quiz Italian politics

Answer: Aldo Moro

Rossi, Mori and Moser were sportsmen: a soccer player, a runner and a cyclist. Aldo Moro was a leader of the party Democrazia Cristiana.

25. In 1935 Italy, under Mussolini, attacked and annexed what African country?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: Ethiopia

In a war that lasted seven months, Italy attacked and defeated Ethiopia. Its exiled emperor, Haile Selassie, made an impassioned plea for help before the League of Nations, but the major powers refused to implement meaningful sanctions.

26. Who was the king during Mussolini's dictatorship?

From Quiz Mussolini: A New Breed of Caesar

Answer: Victor Emmanuel III

Victor Emmanuel III led Italy during World War I as well. He could have stepped in to stop Mussolini's rise to power, yet he did virtually nothing. Only in 1943, when Italy clearly lost the war, did he oust IL Duce.

27. In 1910, Mussolini married Rachele Guidi. How many children did they have together?

From Quiz Even Mussolini Had A Mother

Answer: 5

Benito and Rachele Mussolini would have three boys and two girls. Their daughter Edda was the oldest, followed by their sons Vittorio, Bruno, and Romano. Their second daughter, Anna Maria, was the youngest. Bruno was killed in an air accident while testing a military plane. Romano would give Benito a granddaughter, Alessandra, who would become a deputy in the Republican Chamber.

28. Who was President of the Republic when Italy won the 1982 Soccer World Cup?

From Quiz Italian politics

Answer: Sandro Pertini

They're all former Presidents of Italy ... Einaudi was the 2nd, Cossiga and Scalfaro are the ones who became President after Pertini. Pertini was the old man near the King of Spain who jumped like a hooligan when Italy scored three goals against Germany.

29. Why does Alessandra Mussolini dislike Vladimir Luxuria, a member of the Italian parliament?

From Quiz Alessandra Mussolini

Answer: He is transgender

In 2006 Vladimir Luxuria became the first transgender parliament member in Europe. Alessandra Mussolini said then: "Meglio fascista che frocio" (better a fascist than a faggot).

30. What was the symbol of the Italian fascist party under Mussolini?

From Quiz Il Duce - The Rise and Fall of Mussolini

Answer: A bundle of sticks bound together

Italian Fascism derived its name and its emblem from the fasces, a bundle of sticks tied tightly together, from which projected an axe. The fasces was used in the Roman empire to symbolize unity and power.

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