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Quiz about Fractured Christmas
Quiz about Fractured Christmas

Fractured Christmas Trivia Quiz

Merry Christmas, everyone. How many of these words can you get right? Ho, ho, ho!

A multiple-choice quiz by Creedy. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Avg Score
8 / 10
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1. Dun Sir

Answer: (One Word )
2. Let Till Dank He

Answer: (Two Words of 6 Letters each)
3. Sun Tar

Answer: (One Word)
4. Tun Sill

Answer: (One Word)
5. Rue Doff

Answer: (One Word of 7 Letters)
6. Miss Sigh Are

Answer: (One Word)
7. Bath Lea Hum

Answer: (One Word of 9 Letters)
8. Ship Hordes

Answer: (One Word of 9 Letters)
9. Main Jeer

Answer: (One Word)
10. Gee Sis

Answer: (One Word)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Dun Sir

Answer: Dancer

He or she is one of Santa's reindeers that pull his sleigh, packed full of gifts and toys, across the night skies on Christmas Eve.
2. Let Till Dank He

Answer: Little Donkey

This beautiful Christmas carol was written by English composer Eric Boswell (1921-2009) in 1959. It tells the story of the little donkey that carried the very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem just before the birth of Jesus. The words are just beautiful.
3. Sun Tar

Answer: Santa

The jolly fat man in the red suit himself. Santa goes by several other names as well, with Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas being two of the most well known.
4. Tun Sill

Answer: Tinsel

Where would a Christmas tree be without the adornment of lovely, glimmering tinsel to shimmer under the glow of electric lights? Tinsel is meant to resemble icicles and was first invented in Germany way back in 1610. This is amazing - tinsel was originally made from flattened pieces of real silver!
5. Rue Doff

Answer: Rudolph

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is sometimes shown as leading the other eight reindeers pulling Santa's sleigh acrosse the Christmas skies. He first appeared, however, in a small book written by Robert May in 1939 - published by a retailing firm selling Christmas products, among other goods. Oh dear, perhaps Rudolph's name should have been Commercialism.
6. Miss Sigh Are

Answer: Messiah

The Messiah is another name for Jesus. Broadly speaking, a messiah is one who comes to save or liberate, particularly so for those religions that trace their historical roots back to Abraham, the father of many nations. Three major religions today claim Abraham as their ancestral father.

These are Christianity, Islam and the Jewish faith. The Messiah, in the form of Jesus, was destined from his birth to be the one who will eventually restore the Temple in Jerusalem, reunite Israel, and usher in age of world wide peace. Let's hope so.
7. Bath Lea Hum

Answer: Bethlehem

The birth place of the great, the mighty Jesus Christ.
8. Ship Hordes

Answer: Shepherds

The first visitors to that stable in Bethlehem so long ago were a group of humble shepherds. While minding their flocks by night, the angel of the Lord appeared to them directing them to that lowly stable where the Prince of Peace was born. The symbolism behind their visit is the connection with the Lamb of God, and the mighty sacrifice that was made on behalf of humanity by Jesus when he grew to be a man.
9. Main Jeer

Answer: Manger

A manger is a feeding trough for working animals, such as cows and horses and, in the Middle East in particular, donkeys. The story of Christmas has Jesus, because of lack of room at the inn, being born in a stable in Bethlehem, and laid to sleep after that exhausting experience, in a manger.
10. Gee Sis

Answer: Jesus

Jesus is the baby about whom the story of Christmas is centred. Sadly, for many, Christmas seems to be more about presents and celebrations now. In those days, it was also about presents and celebrations too, but somehow along the way, the baby has been left behind in the manger. Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and spare a thought, just now and then, for that long ago time in Bethlehem and what it all means.
Source: Author Creedy

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