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Quiz about Numerals and Words 3
Quiz about Numerals and Words 3

Numerals and Words (3) Trivia Quiz

Another Number and Word quiz, most are general with a few being UK specific. Please enter only the words, not the numbers.

A multiple-choice quiz by sunfloweruk23. Estimated time: 8 mins.
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8 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
# Qns
Avg Score
5 / 10
1. 8 F in a M?

Answer: (Four Words (Measurement))
2. 5 A in R and J?

Answer: (5 Words (Shakespeare))
3. 28 D in F?

Answer: (Three Words (Time))
4. 1940 B of B?

Answer: (3 Words)
5. 36 B K on a standard P?

Answer: (6 Words (Music))
6. 7 D in S W?

Answer: (Four Words (Entertainment))
7. 7 S on a F P P?

Answer: (6 Words (Br. money))
8. 50 W to L Y L?

Answer: (5 Words (Music))
9. 1 M in L N?

Answer: (Four Words (Br. Animal?))
10. 3 C on the U J?

Answer: (5 Words (Br. object))

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 8 F in a M?

Answer: Furlongs in a mile

Furlong (Old English; furlang) has its roots in 'furh'- furrow and 'lang'- long. The word originally meant the length of a furrow in a field. The measurement is now recognised as being 1/8th of a mile (220 yards) and used primarily as a distance in horseracing.
2. 5 A in R and J?

Answer: Acts in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the late 1500s. In 1622, Samuel Pepys described it in his diary as "a play of itself the worst that I have ever heard, and the worst acted that I ever saw these people do". This was reference to the Lord Chamberlain's Men who first performed it.
3. 28 D in F?

Answer: Days in February

February is from the Latin 'februarius' - Februa being a feast of purification held during that month.
4. 1940 B of B?

Answer: Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain (1940) was a series of battles fought in the skies over Britain. As a prelude to invasion, early in WW2 the Germans attempted to destroy Britain's industrial and military infrastructures. The failure of the Luftwaffe to command air superiority over the RAF in August-September 1940 led to the abandonment of invasion plans, although bombing raids continued.
5. 36 B K on a standard P?

Answer: Black keys on a standard piano

Piano is the abbreviation of pianoforte (piano 'softly' + forte 'loudly') an instrument with its contemporary origin in 19th Century Italy. There are 88 keys on a standard piano, 36 black and 52 white.
6. 7 D in S W?

Answer: Dwarfs in Snow White

1937 Disney film - 'Little Snow White' was written in 1812 by the German Brothers Grimm (Jacob and Wilhelm).
7. 7 S on a F P P?

Answer: Sides on a fifty pence piece

The first 50 pence piece was issued in 1969 to replace the 10 shilling note. The reverse (tails) depicts Britannia and the obverse (heads) Queen Elizabeth II.
8. 50 W to L Y L?

Answer: Ways to leave your lover

The American singer Paul Simon wrote and performed this song in humour, following the breakup of his marriage in the mid-70s.
9. 1 M in L N?

Answer: Monster in Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a lake in the Scottish Highlands. 'Nessie' the monster had its first recorded sighting in 565AD by St Columba. Sonar surveys have found no evidence of a monster but neither has her existence been disproved.
10. 3 C on the U J?

Answer: Colours on the Union Jack

The Union flag (red, white and blue)is popularly called the Union Jack, but correctly should only be called this when flown from a warship. The crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick make up the flag.
Source: Author sunfloweruk23

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