Quiz about Plus N
Quiz about Plus N

Plus N Trivia Quiz

Add the letter 'n' to the end of the word the clue indicates to create a new word. For example: First woman + n = Not odd. Solution: Eve + n = Even. Enter your answer as the new word.

A multiple-choice quiz by ClarkyB. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Very Easy
Avg Score
9 / 10
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Last 3 plays: heatherpipe (3/10), calmdecember (9/10), Guest 184 (10/10).
1. System of rules + n = Area of grass

Answer: (One Word (Four Letters))
2. Forehead + n = Colour of chocolate

Answer: (One Word (Five Letters))
3. Pull (a vehicle) + n = Small city

Answer: (One Word (Four Letters))
4. Fifty-two weeks + n = Desire

Answer: (One Word (Five Letters))
5. Travel on snow + n = Epidermis

Answer: (One Word (Four Letters))
6. Proportion + n = Allocation

Answer: (One Word (Six Letters))
7. Cow's call + n = Earth's satellite

Answer: (One Word (Four Letters))
8. Light sleep + n = Twelve

Answer: (One Word (Five Letters))
9. Dog's foot + n = Chess piece

Answer: (One Word (Four Letters))
10. Lift (with effort) + n = Nirvana

Answer: (One Word (Six Letters))

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. System of rules + n = Area of grass

Answer: Lawn

Law + n = Lawn.

Law, as in "People who get caught breaking the law are likely to end up in court, and may even be sent to jail".

Lawn, as in "My back lawn is looking rather unhealthy, as we have not had any rain for a few weeks now".
2. Forehead + n = Colour of chocolate

Answer: Brown

Brow + n = Brown.

Brow, as in "I wear sweatbands on my wrists when I go running so that I can wipe the sweat from my brow, thereby preventing it getting into my eyes".

Brown, as in "My sister is a lover of dogs, and has just bought two cute brown labrador puppies".
3. Pull (a vehicle) + n = Small city

Answer: Town

Tow + n = Town.

Tow, as in "My car broke down as I was travelling home from university, so I had to call the breakdown services to come and tow me home".

Town, as in "I like to take a walk into my local town at the weekend to do some shopping".
4. Fifty-two weeks + n = Desire

Answer: Yearn

Year + n = Yearn.

Year, as in "Now that my parents are retired, they like to go on at least four holidays each year".

Yearn, as in "I yearn for a muscular, toned body, but I love fast food too much, and am too lazy to go to the gym!".
5. Travel on snow + n = Epidermis

Answer: Skin

Ski + n = Skin.

Ski, as in "Having watched the Winter Olympics on television, my children are really keen to learn how to ski".

Skin, as in "I took my toddler to the doctor as he woke up with a rash all over his skin. Luckily it was only a heat rash, and nothing more sinister".
6. Proportion + n = Allocation

Answer: Ration

Ratio + n = Ration.

Ratio, as in "The ratio of men to women at the dating event was three to one, so I didn't feel overly confident in finding the woman of my dreams".

Ration, as in "Due to a supplier problem, the supermarket had to ration lettuces to one per customer".
7. Cow's call + n = Earth's satellite

Answer: Moon

Moo + n = Moon.

Moo, as in "The cows were not happy that I was walking through their field, and showed their displeasure by letting out a big 'moo' in unison".

Moon, as in "I was lucky enough to witness the recent solar eclipse with my own eyes. What a magnificent sight it was when the moon completely covered the sun".
8. Light sleep + n = Twelve

Answer: Dozen

Doze + n = Dozen.

Doze, as in "I was really tired after the long drive to the hotel, so I had a quick doze on the comfy hotel room bed before getting ready to go out for the evening".

Dozen, as in "My wife asked me to buy some flour, sugar, and a dozen eggs when I went to the supermarket, as she wanted to make a birthday cake for our daughter".
9. Dog's foot + n = Chess piece

Answer: Pawn

Paw + n = Pawn.

Paw, as in "Sarah took her dog to the vet as it had got something stuck in its front left paw and could not put any weight on that leg".

Pawn, as in "I managed to get my pawn to the other side of the chess board, and immediately promoted it to a Queen, enabling me to easily beat my opponent".
10. Lift (with effort) + n = Nirvana

Answer: Heaven

Heave + n = Heaven.

Heave, as in "The strongman was struggling to get the final Atlas Stone onto the podium, but with one big heave, he was able to succeed, thereby winning the title".

Heaven, as in "Emma absolutely loves chocolate, and felt like she was in heaven when she visited the chocolate factory, where she was able to sample all of their products".
Source: Author ClarkyB

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Oct 05 2022 : Inquizition: 9/10

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