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Quiz about Animal Connections 3
Quiz about Animal Connections 3

Animal Connections #3 Trivia Quiz

Match these members of the animal kingdom with appropriate words to form common terms.

A matching quiz by zorba_scank. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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9 / 10
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Last 3 plays: spsullivan58 (10/10), Guest 14 (8/10), 1995Tarpon (10/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Snail  
2. Crocodile  
3. Frog  
4. Snake  
5. Turtle  
6. Slug  
7. Alligator  
8. Toad  
9. Wasp  
10. Crab  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Snail

Answer: Mail

This is a retronym that was coined after the development of computers and emails. Snail mail refers to letters, cards or other communication sent through the regular postal service.
2. Crocodile

Answer: Tears

This is an idiom to indicate a fake show of grief or sympathy. In earlier times, it was believed that crocodiles wept while feeding on their prey leading to the term 'crocodile tears' being used to describe similar hypocritical behaviour.
3. Frog

Answer: Prince

According to a fairytale, a princess was forced to kiss a frog and this broke an age-old curse turning him back to his former self, a prince. This has given rise to common sayings of 'You have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince' which means you may have to date a few unworthy men before finding your true love - a trope commonly used in films and romance novels.
4. Snake

Answer: Oil

Originally sold by Chinese workers as a cure for various aches and pains while building the railway lines in America, it was later declared to be a hoax. A sample that was tested found no traces of anything extracted from real snakes, unlike what was claimed. The term snake oil has since come to be used for any product whose benefits are not proven or unverifiable.
5. Turtle

Answer: Neck

A turtleneck is a knitted sweater with a high, closely fitted neck. In the UK, these are commonly called polo necks.
6. Slug

Answer: Fest

The term slugfest was originally used to describe a tough contest between two well-matched teams in baseball or individuals in boxing. It is now also used to describe a heated argument.
7. Alligator

Answer: Pear

The alligator pear is an alternate name for the avocado. It is surmised that differences in pronunciation mistook the words 'avocado pear' for 'alligator pear' leading to this usage.
8. Toad

Answer: Stool

Toadstool is used to refer to any mushrooms which have an umbrella-like cap. In fairy tales, toadstools are commonly associated with gnomes and other fairy folk.
9. Wasp

Answer: Tongued

A nagging, shrewish woman was often described as being wasp-tongued in earlier times. This may have stemmed from the sting in the words comparable to an attack by the wasp.
10. Crab

Answer: Apple

The crabapple is a species of apple tree belonging to the Malus genus. The fruit of the crabapple is typically small and bitter unlike apples.
Source: Author zorba_scank

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