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Quiz about Feathered Connections
Quiz about Feathered Connections

Feathered Connections Trivia Quiz

Match these birds with the appropriate words to form some commonly used terms.

A matching quiz by zorba_scank. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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Very Easy
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10 / 10
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Last 3 plays: Guest 140 (7/10), Guest 174 (10/10), Chavs (10/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Cuckoo  
2. Pigeon  
3. Swan  
4. Ostrich  
5. Goose  
6. Eagle  
7. Cardinal  
8. Chicken  
9. Crow  
10. Duck  

Most Recent Scores
Sep 18 2023 : Guest 140: 7/10
Sep 06 2023 : Guest 174: 10/10
Sep 02 2023 : Chavs: 10/10
Aug 31 2023 : Guest 129: 8/10
Aug 30 2023 : lindamclean: 10/10
Aug 22 2023 : Guest 67: 8/10
Aug 19 2023 : Bebs88: 10/10
Aug 17 2023 : polly656: 10/10
Aug 14 2023 : moonraker2: 10/10

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Cuckoo

Answer: Clock

While it is not known with certainty where the cuckoo clock was first invented, it was popularized in the Black Forest region of Germany. It is now regarded as a cultural icon of Germany. The Cuckooland Museum located in Cheshire, England covers 300 years in the history of cuckoo clocks.
2. Pigeon

Answer: Hole

A pigeonhole can mean a small compartment or recess to keep a few things. It is derived from the small niches and places pigeons use for nesting. Pigeonhole can also be used as a verb to indicate the classification of a person or thing to a specific category.
3. Swan

Answer: Song

In Ancient Greece, it was believed that while the swan was not particularly known for its musical abilities, it sang a beautiful song just before it died. This led to the term swan song being used to refer to the final performance of an artist.
4. Ostrich

Answer: Leather

Ostriches are commercially reared in Africa for their meat, skin and feathers. The skins are then tanned to produce ostrich leather. The process of rendering this leather suitable for use is relatively extensive adding to its exotic appeal.
5. Goose

Answer: Bumps

Goose bumps are tiny bumps that appear on a person's skin when they feel cold or experience any extreme emotions like fear. The medical term for this is horripilation. "Goosebumps" is also the title of well known series of children horror books written by R. L. Stine.
6. Eagle

Answer: Eye

An eagle is believed to have the strongest eyesight among all birds and animals. While it is roughly the same size as a human eye, it is at least four times stronger. This has led to the term 'eagle eye' being used to denote keen eyesight.
7. Cardinal

Answer: Rule

The word cardinal is used to denote something that is essential. Cardinal rule thus means something that is central to any subject and must not be broken.
8. Chicken

Answer: Livered

The medieval understanding of physiology believed that the human liver was the center of passion. Thus a colourless liver was considered to be a sign of cowardice leading to terms like lily-livered being used as an insult for those behaving fearfully. The idioms chicken-livered and chicken-hearted are thought to be derived from these.
9. Crow

Answer: Bar

A crowbar is a tool with one curved end which is used for removing nails. It is also called a wrecking bar or prise bar. It is sometimes used during burglaries to open windows or shutters and hence also called a jimmy bar.
10. Duck

Answer: Weed

Duckweeds are aquatic plants with small waters generally found in the wetlands. They usually float on the surface of the water. Due to their high protein content, they are sometimes also used in the cuisine of South East Asia.
Source: Author zorba_scank

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