Quiz about Native American Regions
Quiz about Native American Regions

Native American Regions Trivia Quiz

This should be easy. Match the given tribe/nation with it's appropriate geographical area.

A multiple-choice quiz by maddogmorgan. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Iroquois Hint

Southwestern Desert
Great Lakes
Pacific Northwest
Northeastern Woodlands

2. Tanana Hint

Inland Alaska/ Western Canada
Southeastern Coast
Great Lakes

3. Tabatulabal Hint

Canadian Northeast
Southeast woodlands
Mississippi Valley

4. Minneconjou Hint

Northern Plains
Southwestern deserts
Pacific Northwest

5. Haida Hint

Southeast Peidmont
Northwest coast
Chihuahuan Desert
Great Basin

6. Tohono-Odam Hint

Southern Plains
Southwest desert
Northeastern Woodlands

7. Wailaki Hint

Far northern Canada
Southeastern Atlantic Coast
Gulf Coast

8. Cree/Kutchin Hint

Southern Plains
far northern plains
Great Basin
Mississippi Valley

9. Huichol Hint

Southwest desert
Interior Alaska
Northwest Mexican Coast
Southern Appalachia

10. Konkow Hint

Great Lakes
North East woodlands
Southern Plains

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Iroquois

Answer: Northeastern Woodlands

Actually, the Iroquois League did extend into a small portion of the eastern Great Lakes, but for the most part, they were definitely Northeastern Woodlands.
2. Tanana

Answer: Inland Alaska/ Western Canada

The Tanana are an Athabaskan tribe from the interior of Alaska and Canada. They are famous for producing the finest sled-dog drivers in the world. (The name, "Tanana" is pronounced with equal emphasis on each sylable. Think of the old TV show "Sha-Na-Na," only with the vowels flattened a bit.)
3. Tabatulabal

Answer: California

The Tabatulabal are from South Central California, more or less.
4. Minneconjou

Answer: Northern Plains

The Minneconjou are a "clan" of the Lakota. That said, they are definitely Northern Plains.
5. Haida

Answer: Northwest coast

The homeland of the Haida is Washington state and British Columbia. These are some of the people who create what we popularly think of as 'totem poles'.
6. Tohono-Odam

Answer: Southwest desert

Neighbors of the Pima-Papago and the Navajo.
7. Wailaki

Answer: California

The Wailaki are from California's North Coast. Neighbors of the Nomlaki, the Yuki, the Wiyot and the Yurok.
8. Cree/Kutchin

Answer: far northern plains

As it is a highly inhospitable environment, the Cree/kutchin virtually monopolized the interior plains of Canada. There just weren't many other folk around.
9. Huichol

Answer: Northwest Mexican Coast

The Huichol are primarily from Nayarit State in Mexico. They are the original "peyote" Indians, and though they do not live in the part of the Sonoran Dessert where the peyote cactus grows wild, niether does anyone else.
10. Konkow

Answer: California

The Konkow are from far Northern and inland California. The Northern Sierra Nevada is their home.
Source: Author maddogmorgan

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