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Fun Trivia
Test your knowledge on Canada's extensive coastline and its brilliant bodies of water. Explore the wondrous beauty of the Canadian Arctic, the Canadian Shield, highlands and lowlands, mountain ranges, interior plains, and much more!
210 Canadian Geography quizzes and 2,940 Canadian Geography trivia questions.
  Unique Regions of Canada   top quiz  
Label Quiz
 10 Qns
Though Canada has some obvious landmasses, features, and destinations, this quiz will have you looking for regional spots you might not know so much about. Locate these ten unique locations. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Nov 22 23
kyleisalive editor
Nov 22 23
171 plays
Can you correctly label the provinces and territories on a map of Canada? In this new quiz format we use a single image to act as a guide for the questions.
Easier, 13 Qns, Terry, Sep 25 22
Recommended for grades: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Terry editor
Sep 25 22
1681 plays
  Canadian Geography 101    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is an adopted quiz about the geography here in my home country. I hope that you enjoy learning a few tidbits about Canada. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Jan 22 23
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Jan 22 23
708 plays
  Place The Canadian Landmark editor best quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A fairly easy-going quiz, where I give you the landmark for a Canadian city and four possible locations, you name the city and I give you some interesting information on the city itself.
Average, 10 Qns, TemplarLLM, Jun 11 23
Jun 11 23
8005 plays
  An Unusual Cross-Canada Tour   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
After reading the book "How to Be a Canadian - Even if You Already Are One" by Will and Ian Ferguson, I decided another Canadian (albeit rather unusual) quiz was in order. Being Canadian to the core, this quiz is not meant to offend but to amuse.
Easier, 10 Qns, Ballykissangel, Apr 20 12
Recommended for grades: 6,7,8
5433 plays
  See Canada   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz was inspired by Sallyo's 'Be Australia', and it has to do with things Canadian, all of which begin with C. Have fun.
Average, 10 Qns, Cymruambyth, Jan 24 24
Cymruambyth gold member
Jan 24 24
3704 plays
  Spelling the Names of Canadian Places   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Canada is the second biggest country in the world and with all that space goes a lot of geography and spelling...
Easier, 10 Qns, mr.coconuts, Aug 26 22
Recommended for grades: 9,10,11,12
Aug 26 22
4794 plays
  Ten Provinces -- Ten Questions   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Canada has ten provinces, and this quiz has ten questions. Hmmm.... I sense a pattern emerging.
Difficult, 10 Qns, Dukasaur, Aug 10 18
Aug 10 18
7276 plays
  Measuring Up Famous Canadian Peaks    
Ordering Quiz
 10 Qns
Canada is filled with rugged wilderness of all shapes and sizes. In this quiz, see if you can order these ten famous Canadian mountain locales from highest to lowest in elevation. Good luck!
Tough, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, May 09 23
kyleisalive editor
May 09 23
75 plays
  Easy Canadian Facts    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Being a Canadian, I thought I would create a quiz that is easy and fun for most players. Remember to read the questions carefully though!
Easier, 10 Qns, BrainyBlonde, May 14 20
Recommended for grades: 7,8,9
May 14 20
7369 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How many territories are there in Canada?

From Quiz "Do You Know Canada"

  Islands of Canada   popular trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the description to the correct Canadian island. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Triviaballer, Jul 01 17
Triviaballer gold member
Jul 01 17
499 plays
  Canadian Geographical Landmarks    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the beautiful Canadian geographical landmark to the correct province.
Average, 10 Qns, ramonesrule, Nov 15 21
ramonesrule gold member
Nov 15 21
345 plays
  Double-Barrelled Canadian Places   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Double-barrelled place names can be found the world over, and Canada has her fair share. Sometimes one of the words will describe a geographical location, but not always. Here are ten questions about some of these places.
Average, 10 Qns, spanishliz, Mar 20 20
spanishliz editor
Mar 20 20
313 plays
  Canada, Big and Small    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Can you match the Canadian province (sorry, no territories included in this quiz) with the biggest/smallest/first/most/least feature presented?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Sep 21 20
reedy gold member
Sep 21 20
478 plays
  My Home and Native Land   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is just basic Canadian knowledge that most Canadians should know. Have fun.
Easier, 10 Qns, Lucy_Girl, Jan 30 14
5761 plays
  Canadian Heights    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Canada has a wide range of geography, and this is glaringly evident when considering altitude. Can you match each high point (and its elevation) to the correct province?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Apr 06 17
reedy gold member
425 plays
  A Tour of Canada    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Although I was born and still live in Texas, I've had a chance to travel to all ten Canadian provinces. The people are nice and there's a great deal to see and do there. This quiz is about the places I've visited, working from west to east.
Average, 15 Qns, BaronTR, Aug 09 22
BaronTR gold member
Aug 09 22
5487 plays
  Canada Kicks Butt    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have lived in Canada all of my life. I love it here. Test your knowledge and see how much you really know about us up here, eh. Better get your snow shoes ready! Ha!
Average, 10 Qns, crazychick, Feb 14 23
Feb 14 23
6797 plays
  The Highest Canadian Points    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
There are thirteen provinces and territories in Canada. This quiz is about the highest point in each of them across the country.
Average, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Mar 15 21
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Mar 15 21
335 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
So you think Canada is a dull, boring wasteland? Well, in my opinion, for the most part it is. Here, though, are a few silly, and hopefully interesting, facts about this country.
Tough, 10 Qns, rolanzo, May 15 06
3052 plays
  East Coast Provinces    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Eastern Canada has many miles of coastline. Some areas are famous worldwide as tourist destinations and as historical points of interest.
Average, 10 Qns, squeakyknees1, Jan 18 23
Jan 18 23
1695 plays
  My Cross Canada Journey   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Travel across the beautiful country of Canada with me and answer a few trivia questions on the way!
Average, 10 Qns, George95, Aug 02 10
George95 gold member
1453 plays
  Canadian Provincial Flowers    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This should be an easy quiz about Canadian provincial flowers. I'll give you the name of a provincial flower and you pick correct province. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, ballykissangel, Sep 03 13
2061 plays
  Canadian Postal Codes    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Canada's postal code system is based on a combination of letters and numbers, based on geographical coordinates. Can you match the province/territory to the beginning letter of its postal code?
Average, 15 Qns, reedy, Jun 05 16
reedy gold member
1773 plays
  Farming in Canada    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about farming in Canada--a primary industry and a subject of geography.
Average, 10 Qns, catchick10, Mar 08 11
493 plays
  Canadian Mixed Bag    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is a simple quiz on stuff that deals with Canada.
Average, 10 Qns, pitre29, Jan 15 21
Jan 15 21
4418 plays
  Canadian Road Trip    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Join me on this virtual road trip across Canada as I visit some of the famous and unique streets in Canada.
Average, 10 Qns, akajw, Dec 10 18
Dec 10 18
943 plays
  How about Canada ?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Canada is a land of freedom and space, where nature is at her best. The following questions are all about the geography of this fantastic country.
Average, 10 Qns, hawks45, Sep 11 11
3827 plays
  Canada By the Numbers    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Geographers study climate and environment, landforms, resources, financial statistics and wealth, migration, and planning requirements, among other things. Have fun playing with the geographical numbers of Canada.
Tough, 10 Qns, Cymruambyth, Nov 27 18
Cymruambyth gold member
Nov 27 18
399 plays
  Canadian Provinces - Comparisons    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you know your Canadian provinces? Here are some comparative facts based on statistics about Canada and its provinces.
Tough, 10 Qns, ssabreman, Nov 14 19
ssabreman gold member
Nov 14 19
1284 plays
  Do You Know Canada    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about Canada ...
Average, 10 Qns, china_doll, Apr 11 11
4915 plays
  Beautiful B.C. and Awesome Alberta    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We are planning a trip to BC and Alberta and have been doing a lot of reading about all the things we hope to see and do. This quiz takes us along the route we plan to travel.
Average, 10 Qns, revpat, Jun 09 14
436 plays
  Test yourself! Canadian Geography Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you think you know your Canadian History and geography? Think again, and take this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, aria, Jun 22 20
Jun 22 20
3756 plays
  10 Questions about Canadian Geography    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Welcome to the Great White North! Try this quiz to test your Canadian geography IQ, eh?
Average, 10 Qns, MongolianStomper, May 01 21
May 01 21
4954 plays
  Canadian Climatic Geography    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about the climatic features of the provinces and territories in Canada.
Tough, 10 Qns, Cowdunking, Mar 12 17
501 plays
  Canada, True North Strong And Free    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Canada is a great place. Do you know anything about it?
Average, 10 Qns, chunky, Apr 04 20
Apr 04 20
4284 plays
  I Am Canadian    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you are a true Canadian then this quiz is a piece of cake.
Tough, 10 Qns, luigiman, Feb 27 10
3596 plays
  What do you know about Canadian Geography?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about Canadian Geography?
Average, 10 Qns, fatkitty, Jul 27 23
Jul 27 23
4918 plays
  Where In Canada Is That?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Believe it - these are all real places in Canada, but in which province or territory will you find them?
Difficult, 10 Qns, Zippox, Aug 17 13
2197 plays
  Canadian Rockies    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about this wilderness area of Canada?
Difficult, 10 Qns, kezia, May 15 06
1911 plays
  Canadian Mottoes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about the mottoes of each of the Canadian provinces (Manitoba and the Territories do not have mottoes).
Tough, 10 Qns, supercoolcanuck, Apr 12 08
1500 plays
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Canadian Geography Trivia Questions

1. Which province has the lowest highest peak?

From Quiz
The Highest Canadian Points

Answer: Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province and lies on the east coast of the country. It lies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is only 5,660 square km in area (3480 square miles). The highest point in this province is only 140 metres (459 feet) above sea level. It is at an unnamed point in the woods in the centre of the province.

2. Which Canadian province or territory has the most rain forests?

From Quiz Canadian Climatic Geography

Answer: British Columbia

Except for a few small seasonal temperate rain forests located on the east coast of Canada, all Canadian rain forests are located in British Columbia. These temperate rain forests are known for their frequently mountainous terrain, wet weather, and moderate annual temperature variations. Although most of these rain forests are located on the Pacific coast and islands, British Columbia also has the world's only inland temperate rain forest known to exist.

3. How many provinces and territories make up Canada?

From Quiz Canada By the Numbers

Answer: Ten provinces and three territories

In 1867, Canada became the first Dominion in the British Empire, with its own government, comprised of an elected House of Commons and an appointed Senate. At that time, Canada had only four provinces - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. Manitoba entered confederation in 1870, followed by Prince Edward Island in 1873, British Columbia in 1876, Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905, and Newfoundland (which included Labrador) in 1949 (Newfoundland's name was changed to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2001). The Northwest Territories entered confederation in 1870, and Yukon in 1898. Nunavut was separated from NWT in 1999, becoming Canada's newest territory. Apart from Prince Edward Island, all the rest of Canada west and north of Ontario was known as the Northwest Territories. Until it voted in favour of joining the Canadian confederation, Newfoundland and Labrador was a British colony.

4. What are the two main types of land farming in Canada?

From Quiz Farming in Canada

Answer: Intensive and Extensive

Intensive farming is usually done in urban areas or where land is expensive. It typically involves small amounts of land, such as in a market garden. Extensive farming is usually done in rural areas or where land is inexpensive. It normally involves big areas of land, such as a cattle farm.

5. Not a count from the last census but where is Seven Persons?

From Quiz Where In Canada Is That?

Answer: Alberta

A translation of the First Nation words "Kitsuki-a-tapi", meaning 7 persons. Name of a local creek where seven Cree were killed in battle.

6. British Columbia has many great rivers, all flowing into the Pacific. Its most famous and largest river does indeed flow into the Pacific, but not while it's in British Columbia. This river is?

From Quiz Ten Provinces -- Ten Questions

Answer: Columbia River

The mighty Columbia delivers 7400 cubic metres of water to the Pacific every second, making it the the most powerful river on the west coast of North America and the second most powerful (after the Mississippi) anywhere in North America. It is the origin of the province's name, but the southern portion of it became part of the United States in 1846, when Columbia was divided between Britain and the U.S. by the Oregon Treaty. The river rises in the Canadian Rockies, but then flows south through the states of Washington and Oregon, finally entering the Pacific near Astoria, Oregon.

7. The SwissAir flight 111 crash happened off the coast of what famous Canadian east coast landmark?

From Quiz East Coast Provinces

Answer: Peggy's Cove , Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove lighthouse is depicted almost universally as an icon for the province of Nova Scotia. It is situated on a particularly barren piece of shoreline not representative of all the province's coastline. Nova Scotia boasts many miles of white sand beaches and thousands of picturesque tiny islands and inlets.

8. How do you spell the name of Canada's capital?

From Quiz Spelling the Names of Canadian Places

Answer: Ottawa

Ottawa has been Canada's capital since 1867 and has always been spelt Ottawa.

9. Australians are Aussies, and New Zealanders are Kiwis, so what are Canadians?

From Quiz See Canada

Answer: Canucks

Canadians have been Canucks since 1835, evidently, and there is no apparent reason why. However, Canada got its name from the Iroquois word 'kanata' meaning village, and the inhabitants of kanatas were kanuchsas, so maybe Canuck derives from kanuchsa (sounds reasonable). During the Second World War, Leo Buchle created a Canadian comic-strip hero called Johnny Canuck. Johnny Canuck first appeared in the February 1942 issue of Dime Comics. Naturally, he was bent on wiping all Nazis from the face of the earth. Nowadays,I suppose that the most famous Canucks are the members of Vancouver's NHL team.

10. This Canadian province is Canada's easternmost province, it's where the sun first rises on Canada. It has its own time zone. The provincial capital is St. John's.

From Quiz An Unusual Cross-Canada Tour

Answer: Newfoundland and Labrador

Cape Breton Island is not a part of Newfoundland, but listen to its raucous fiddle music and you'll vote it should be. Newfoundland has been proudly holding on to Labrador since 1927 just to annoy Quebec.

11. This Canadian city can boast of having the world's highest per capita consumption of Slurpees.

From Quiz Canadian

Answer: Winnipeg

If you've ever been to Winnipeg in the winter, this becomes a real head-scratcher. From December to February, the average daytime HIGH temperature is about -10 degrees Celsius (figure out Farenheit for yourself). That's without the windchill. Nothing like a refreshing frozen beverage in the middle of a bitterly cold winter.

12. Postal codes in Manitoba begin with the letter . . .

From Quiz Canadian Postal Codes

Answer: R

Yeah, I don't get it either . . . I don't see an R in Manitoba, do you? By the way, Manitoba has 23,306 individual postal codes.

13. What is the capital of Canada?

From Quiz Canadian Mixed Bag

Answer: Ottawa

Some people think Toronto is the capital because it is the larger city, but Toronto is the capital of Ontario.

14. We'll start with Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. What hotel overlooks the inner harbor downtown?

From Quiz A Tour of Canada

Answer: Empress Hotel

The hotel was built in 1908, and is one of the two primary buildings in the area along with the legislative building. The other major attraction in the area is Butchart Gardens, considered one of the finest gardens in the world.

15. What Canadian city calls itself the "Honeymoon Capital" of the world?

From Quiz My Home and Native Land

Answer: Niagara Falls & Niagara

Niagara Falls is popular for its many hotels, restaurants, and various funhouses and tourist attractions.

16. What is the name of the body of water on which residents of Ottawa are skating during winter?

From Quiz How about Canada ?

Answer: Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is in fact one of the major touristic attractions of Ottawa during winter. Ottawa residents can skate on the canal for around eight weeks, during the months of January and February, where the temperature can go as low as -30 degrees Celsius!

17. What is Canada's official motto?

From Quiz Canadian Mottoes

Answer: from sea to sea

Canada's motto was made by Sir Leonard Tilley. In Latin it is: "A MARE USQUE AD MARI".

18. What is the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies?

From Quiz Canadian Rockies

Answer: Mount Robson

Mount Robson, located in BC, rises up 12,972 feet (3 954 m).

19. What type of economy does Canada have?

From Quiz Do You Know Canada

Answer: mixed

from grade 9 social class

20. Corel is Canada's largest software company. 'Corel' stands for Cowpland ____ Laboratories.

From Quiz I Am Canadian

Answer: Research

Michael Cowpland also co-founded Mitel, a telecommunications company.

21. This Canadian province actually didn't become a part of Canada until 1949:

From Quiz Canadian Geography

Answer: Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador is the official name.

22. Where is the only remaining walled city in Canada?

From Quiz Canadian Geography 101

Answer: Quebec City, QC

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. It is the only remaining walled city in North America north of Mexico. This helped to have it recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. The city lies at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Saint-Charles rivers, about 240 kilometres northeast of Montreal. The St. Lawrence River narrows near Montreal, making it impossible for large ocean-going freighters to travel past that city. Instead, many of the large ships travel to the port at Quebec City. This has resulted in Quebec City being a centre for transatlantic trade in Canada. Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in Canada. It celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2008, having been founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain.

23. What Canadian Province is known for being in the shape of a lobster arm and claw?

From Quiz Canadian Geography

Answer: Nova Scotia

Mainland Nova Scotia looks like the arm, and Cape Breton, an island at the end of the north eastern tip is the claw. Cape Breton is part of Nova Scotia.

24. What is Canada's longest river?

From Quiz Canada, True North Strong And Free

Answer: Mackenzie

Discovered by Sir Alexander Mackenzie

25. What province is Vancouver Island a part of?

From Quiz Canada Kicks Butt

Answer: British Columbia

Vancouver Island is home to the capital of BC, Victoria.

26. What is the capital city of Canada?

From Quiz Canadian Geography

Answer: Ottawa

27. Which two provinces share their highest point?

From Quiz The Highest Canadian Points

Answer: Newfoundland & Labrador and Quebec

This highest point is on the coast of the Labrador Sea in the Torngat mountains. The peak lies on the border between Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. At 1652 m (5420 feet) above sea level, the peak is difficult to access. It also lies in a permit-only National Park, so that makes it even more isolated and difficult to get to. The peak has two names. Those in Quebec call it Mont D'Iberville, and those on the Labrador side call it Mount Caubvick. It is the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains.

28. Canada has more wetlands by area than any other country. Which Canadian province or territory has the most wetlands by area?

From Quiz Canadian Climatic Geography

Answer: Ontario

About one third of Ontario's topography is classified as wetlands. Southern Ontario does have some wetlands, but many of them were drained for agricultural and urban land use. Estimates for the loss of wetlands in southern Ontario range from seventy to ninety percent. Most wetlands are therefore in northern Ontario, particularly in the western James Bay and south western Hudson Bay watersheds. These areas are sparsely populated, and are not considered viable for agriculture, so it is unlikely these wetlands will ever be drained unless continued global warming makes these areas more desirable for settlement in the upcoming centuries.

29. What was the population of Canada in 1951?

From Quiz Canada By the Numbers

Answer: Fourteen million

The 1951 census was the first to include the population of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which became part of Canada in 1949. It should be noted that Canada's aboriginal people were not included in the census until 1971. There are three distinct groups of aboriginal peoples: First Nations peoples, Metis (European-First Nations mix) and Inuit, and they comprise approximately 3.8% of the Canadian population.

30. In the early 21st century, approximately what percentage of Canadians were farmers?

From Quiz Farming in Canada

Answer: Less than 3%

Nearly 100 years ago, more than 80% of Canadians farmed because Canada was still being developed. In the modern day, fewer people farm because of advanced technology that saves manpower.

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