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This is the place to check your knowledge of Canada's territories.
9 quizzes and 110 trivia questions.
A Greater Whiter North
  A Greater, Whiter North   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Take a trip north of sixty to discover some of the beautiful, but oft-frigid cities and regions of the northern territories of Canada. Pack something warm, eh!
Average, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Jan 10 12
kyleisalive editor
4030 plays
  Tabulating Territories   best quiz  
Classification Quiz
 15 Qns
Today we are visiting Canada's three territories. Your task is to sort through the geographic features, locations, and cities in order to list each one with its correct territory. Good luck!
Easier, 15 Qns, ponycargirl, Feb 01 23
ponycargirl editor
Feb 01 23
153 plays
  Nunavut Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Welcome to Nunavut.
Easier, 15 Qns, ladydoor, Jan 25 11
2134 plays
  Baffin Island   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz tests players' knowledge of Baffin Island of Canada. Best of luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Triviaballer, Dec 07 17
Triviaballer gold member
Dec 07 17
827 plays
  Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We're going up and over to the Arctic Circle, so we have decided to go to one of the most isolated northenmost islands on the face of the earth. Care to join us?
Average, 10 Qns, szabs, Jun 28 18
szabs gold member
Jun 28 18
2657 plays
  Northern Canada    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Cold, secluded, remote, beautiful! Picture perfect words that describe Canada's true north. How well do you know the history, geography, and interesting facts surrounding Canada's best known secret?.
Tough, 20 Qns, apathy100, Nov 19 23
apathy100 gold member
Nov 19 23
949 plays
  Northwest Territories: Unearthed    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Northwest Territories are, very much, a frozen place. Take your time on this quiz about one of Canada's territories, and think hard! Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Pejikr, Dec 11 09
391 plays
  The Yukon - Canada's True North    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Test your knowledge of the towns and parks that make the Yukon a great place to visit.
Tough, 10 Qns, seamax, Feb 17 04
839 plays
  Nunavut Rocks    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about where I'm from. Southerners never seem to know too much about it, so give it a try and prove me wrong!!
Average, 10 Qns, whitey123, Mar 22 03
705 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What national park (reserve) is located on Banks Island in the Arctic Archipelago?

From Quiz "Northwest Territories: Unearthed"

Canada - Territories Trivia Questions

1. Ellesmere Island forms part of which archipelago, having been given this name in 1953?

From Quiz
Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel

Answer: Queen Elizabeth Islands

The archipelago was originally named after the British explorer William Parry who visited the islands in 1820. They were renamed in honour of Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned Queen of Canada in 1953, although the name of Parry Islands is still used for some parts. The Thousand Islands are situated in the St. Lawrence River, between Canada and the USA. The Dodecanese are Greek islands and the Derawan Archipelago is part of Indonesia. Question submitted by Rossian

2. What is the capital, largest city, and only major city in the Northwest Territories?

From Quiz Northwest Territories: Unearthed

Answer: Yellowknife

Yellowknife is also the Northwest Territories' largest city and largest metro area. Yellowknife borders the Great Slave Lake and Yellowknife Bay. The city was first settled when gold was found in the area in 1935. Yellowknife's average elevation is 675 feet, and it covers 84.5 square miles.

3. In which Canadian territory is Baffin island located?

From Quiz Baffin Island

Answer: Nunavut

Baffin Island is part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, located north of the Canadian mainland. In the Inuit language of Inuktitut Baffin Island is known as Qikiqtaaluk.

4. According to the Northwest Territories Bureau of Statistics in 2000, what was the approximate population of the Northwest Territories?

From Quiz Northern Canada

Answer: 42000

After the Northwest Territories split into two separate territories (Nunavut and Northwest Territories) in 1999, the approximate population of the Northwest Territories was just over 42000 people.

5. What city is the capital of the Yukon Territory?

From Quiz The Yukon - Canada's True North

Answer: Whitehorse

Whitehorse has been the capital of the Yukon since 1953. The community began as a tent city for miners at the turn of the century. Whitehorse is also the largest city in the Yukon with over 22,000 residents.

6. What is the capital of Nunavut?

From Quiz Nunavut Rocks

Answer: Iqaluit

Iqaluit is the largest place in Nunavut with a population of approx.5000.

7. Nunavut is the newest territory in what country?

From Quiz Nunavut Quiz

Answer: Canada

Nunavut became a territory in 1999.

8. Ellesmere Island is called Umingmak Nuna in the Inuit language. What is the English translation of the name?

From Quiz Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel

Answer: Land of Muskox

There is evidence of human habitation of Ellesmere Island from 2000 to 1000 BC, attracted to the area to hunt muskox, Peary caribou and marine mammals. The predecessors of the Inuit, the Thule, lived in the area until the Little Ice Age, usually dated from 1550 until 1850 when it became the last region to be abandoned by human population. The Inuit name came from the muskoxen, who live in Greenland and the Arctic areas of North America. Question submitted by Rossian

9. This town is often called the " Gateway to the Yukon" and is nestled just inside the Yukon border. It is named for a California prospector who settled nearby. What is the name of this southern Yukon town?

From Quiz The Yukon - Canada's True North

Answer: Watson Lake

Watson lake was named for prospector Frank Watson. This small community of 1,200 this bloomed in 1942 when 11,000 US Army troops and 7,500 civilians came to town to help build the Great Alaska Highway. The area is well known for its premiere trout fishing.

10. What is a common type of blade used for cleaning and cutting hunted animals?

From Quiz Nunavut Rocks

Answer: ulu

The ulu has been around for hundreds of years and is shaped as a half circle with a handle.

11. What does Nunavut mean in the Inuit language?

From Quiz Nunavut Quiz

Answer: our land

Pronounced noon-a-vut

12. Which mountain located on the island is the highest in Nunavut and in all of the Arctic Cordillera?

From Quiz Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel

Answer: Barbeau Peak

The mountain has an altitude of 2616 metres, making it also the highest mountain in the British Empire Range, and in Eastern North America not including the Caribbean, located within the Quttinirpaaq National Park. It was named after Canadian ethnographer Dr. Marius Barbeau in 1969. Hazardous inconstant weather conditions are known in the area and it is one of its main characteristics. Question submitted by Szabs

13. What island is the northernmost point in the Northwest Territories?

From Quiz Northwest Territories: Unearthed

Answer: Borden Island

Most of the island belongs to the Northwest Territories, with the border with Nunavut along the 110th Meridian West. The island is uninhabited. It is named after former Prime Minister Robert Borden.

14. What is the name of the British explorer for whom Baffin Island is named?

From Quiz Baffin Island

Answer: William Baffin

William Baffin was born in London in 1584 and died in the Anglo-Persian attack on Kishm (an island in the Strait of Hormuz) on January 23, 1622. Like many other navigators of the early 1600s, Baffin attempted to find a Northwest Passage through the Arctic Ocean. Instead William Baffin 'discovered' Baffin Island and Baffin Bay in northern Canada.

15. This national park and wildlife sanctuary dominates the southwestern corner of the Yukon. Name this world famous Canadian park.

From Quiz The Yukon - Canada's True North

Answer: Kluane National Park

Kluane is unquestionably the area's main attraction. It is also home to Mount Logan. Mount Logan, at 5,959 meters, is Canada's highest peak. It contains the worlds largest non-polar glacier and is so remote that it must be visited by aircraft.

16. How long have the Inuit called this land Nunavut?

From Quiz Nunavut Quiz

Answer: 1000 years

17. Situated at the northern end of Ellesmere Island, which is the largest lake located entirely above the Arctic Circle?

From Quiz Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel

Answer: Lake Hazen

Originally discovered by the Inuit, it wasn´t until 1882 that it was discovered by the American signal officer Adolphus Greely, who named the lake in honour of his chief signal officer William Babcock Hazen, who was responsible for the expedition. Although the climate can be very extreme in the area, due to the Lake Hazen Fault Zone it creates a thermal oasis, producing amazingly warm summers. The area is a polar desert experiencing very low annual precipitation. The lake with a surface area of 542 km2 also houses the most northerly arctic char. Question submitted by Szabs

18. Which Canadian provinces were separated from the territory in 1905?

From Quiz Northwest Territories: Unearthed

Answer: Alberta and Saskatchewan

Alberta is one of Canada's prairie provinces and its capital is Edmonton. Saskatchewan is also a prairie province, with its capital at Regina, and most of its population in the southern part of the province. Yukon was formed during 1898 and later broke away from the Northwest Territories.

19. The Norse people likely began exploring the lands of Canada around 1000 CE when Leif Ericson discovered three lands on the North Atlantic coast. What Norse name was given to the island we know today as Baffin Island?

From Quiz Baffin Island

Answer: Helluland

In Icelandic sagas Helluland was described as a 'Land of Flat Stones.' Helluland was not settled because Ericson believed it to be inhospitable.

20. The largest island in Canada is located in which of Canada's territories?

From Quiz Northern Canada

Answer: Nunavut

"Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada and the fifth largest island in the world at 195,928 sq mi (507,451 km²) in size". (

21. Destruction Bay got its name after being destroyed by what natural disaster?

From Quiz The Yukon - Canada's True North

Answer: Wind storm

This small community on the shore of Kulane Lake sprang up from the construction of the Great Alaka Highway. The community was destroyed by a severe windstorm in the 1940's and was subsequently rebuilt. It is located on the Great Alaska Highway.

22. Iqaluit used to be called what?

From Quiz Nunavut Rocks

Answer: Frobisher Bay

Frobisher Bay is an inlet in Baffin Island.

23. Nunavut covers approximately two million square kms. What was the approximate population when it became a separate territory?

From Quiz Nunavut Quiz

Answer: About 30,000 people

24. Though contested by some, Robert Peary claimed and received many honours for being the first to reach the geographic North Pole on April 6, 1909. From September 1, 1908 until February 1, 1909, where on Ellesmere Island did he and his team winter?

From Quiz Ellesmere Island, an Arctic Jewel

Answer: Cape Sheridan

Peary (1856-1920) went on many expeditions to the Arctic. He studied and copied the Inuit in the matters of dress, habitat and travel. Many have questioned his claim to attain the North Pole, with more modern expeditions both lending weight and doubt to his claim. Located on the Lincoln Sea, Cape Sheridan is approximately 840 km (520 mi) from the Pole. Question submitted by Mlcmlc

25. What is the highest point in the Northwest Territories?

From Quiz Northwest Territories: Unearthed

Answer: Mount Nirvana

Mount Nirvana is part of the Mackenzie Mountains. It is the second highest peak in the Mackenzie Mountains and was first climbed by Bill Buckingham and Lew Surdam in July 1965. Mount Nirvana is an ultra and reaches 9,098 feet above sea level.

26. What National Park of Canada is located on Baffin Island?

From Quiz Baffin Island

Answer: Auyuittuq National Park

The word Auyuittuq means 'the land that never melts' in the Inuit language. Only twelve species of mammals live in Auyuittuq National Park. Kouchibouguac National Park is located in New Brunswick while Quttinirpaaq National Park is located on Ellesmere Island. Located in the province of Alberta, Banff National Park was established in 1885 and is Canada's oldest national park.

27. The ____________ Highway runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Fairbanks, Alaska, while the ____________ Highway runs from the Klondike Highway to Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

From Quiz Northern Canada

Answer: Alaska, Dempster

"The Alaskan Highway was officially completed in 1942 and is the main roadway connecting Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia together. Although it was officially opened in 1942 for military purposes, it was not usable by general vehicles until 1943" ( "The Dempster Highway was completed in 1979 and extends 736 km (457 miles) from the Klondike Highway (40 km east of The town of the city of Dawson) to Inuvik, Northwest Territories. In the winter, the Dempster Highway extends another 194 km to Tuktoyaktuk when portions of the Mackenzie Delta freeze over" (

28. This scenic road was built during WWII and was designated a National Historic Site in 1990. Can you name this popular sightseeing trail?

From Quiz The Yukon - Canada's True North

Answer: The CANOL Road

The CANOL Road ( Canadian American Northern Oil Line) Project began in 1942. The expensive and controversial pipeline was only in service for one year before being dismantled, This remaining road provides access to some of the regions most remote areas.

29. The language spoken by the Inuit people is what?

From Quiz Nunavut Rocks

Answer: Inuktitut

Inuktitut is supposed to be the most difficult language for a person to learn.

30. How do all supplies have to be brought in?

From Quiz Nunavut Quiz

Answer: ships and planes

There are no roads linking Nunavut to southern Canada, and few roads between communities.

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