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6 Quebec quizzes and 65 Quebec trivia questions.
Picturing Quebec
  Picturing Quebec   great trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Quebec is the main French speaking province of Canada, and also the largest province by size. This quiz explores the province with carefully chosen picture clues to help.
Average, 10 Qns, rossian, Mar 14 15
rossian editor
753 plays
  Quebec Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will focus on several locations in Quebec, Canada's largest province. Do you have what it takes to be a Quebecois?
Easier, 10 Qns, RedHook13, Feb 04 22
RedHook13 gold member
Feb 04 22
358 plays
  Québec... n'est-ce pas?   great trivia quiz  
Classification Quiz
 10 Qns
Knowing if a place is in the Canadian province of Québec should be as easy as checking to see if the place name is French...right? Well let's see. If it's from Québec, it should go into the right section, otherwise, it's not. Bon chance!
Average, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Jan 15 22
Recommended for grades: 8,9,10,11,12
kyleisalive editor
Jan 15 22
228 plays
  Montreal, Québec's Metropolis   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Montreal is one of the world's most sparkling cities. Come take a tour and see why!
Average, 10 Qns, austinnene, Oct 25 14
442 plays
  Geographically Speaking - Quebec   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten questions about Quebec
Average, 10 Qns, minch, Jul 10 20
minch gold member
Jul 10 20
4062 plays
  Quebec - A French Enclave in North America    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Learn about the rebellious province of clean Canada.
Tough, 15 Qns, Kabdanis, Nov 01 23
Kabdanis gold member
Nov 01 23
2864 plays
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Quebec Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of a city in Quebec that lies across the river from Ottawa, Canada's national capital?

From Quiz
Quebec Quiz

Answer: Gatineau

Gatineau was first established as an electoral district in 1947. The current city of Gatineau was formed in 2002 after combining the original Gatineau with four other communities (Hull, Buckingham, Aylmer and Masson-Angers). Gatineau sits along the Ottawa River, opposite the city of Ottawa, which is located in the province of Ontario. There is debate as to the origin of the name Gatineau, which is also the name of a river that cuts through the city and empties into the Ottawa River. Some believe the name came from a native tribe while others believe it was the name of a fur trader who allegedly drowned in the river.

2. Quebec is the only Canadian Province that doesn't have English as official language. The Province of Quebec is French. Can you tell me what percentage of its population have French as their first language.

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: about 78%

3. Under the city of Montreal lies what?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: A huge complex of stores, restaurants and shopping malls

It's so big, it's called The Underground City. It is both a network of tunnels connecting locations above ground and actual shops, restaurants and other attractions below ground level. In all there are more than 20 miles of underground construction.

4. What is the official language of Quebec?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: French

The region that is now Quebec was first explored by Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain. It became a French colony known as New France. Quebec has retained the French language and much of French culture and is often at odds with rest of Canada.

5. The province's area corresponds to the area of...?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: Alaska

1,540,000 sq km

6. The Haskell Free Library was built on the border between Quebec and which American state?

From Quiz Quebec Quiz

Answer: Vermont

The Haskell Free Library and Opera House was completed in 1904. The northern half of the building is located in the town of Stanstead, Quebec, while the southern half of the building is located in the town of Derby Line, Vermont. When tourists visit the library, a black line inside of it shows where the border actually lies. Pedestrians from Canada can walk over the border in order to enter the library, as the main entrance is on the American side, but they are expected to go right back after visiting. Customs agents do patrol the area and will take action against those who venture too far. Those not visiting the library are expected to use official border crossing stations.

7. There are 50 National Historic Sites of Canada in Montreal, the most of any Canadian city. The first was so designated back in 1920, even though there was no remaining physical evidence of its existence. Which one?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: Hochelaga Village

Jacques Cartier documented the existence of Hochelaga Village near Montreal's present site, in 1535 and possibly-although accounts vary on this point-again in 1536. According to his notes, the village was populated by the Iroquois tribe and had about 50 longhouses housing around 1500 people. He revisited the area in 1541 but did not mention Hochelaga by name in his log of that trip. A later French expedition, in 1603, found the village deserted. It is not known why the Iroquois vacated the settlement, but the time frame was consistent with a general exodus of the tribe from the area, because it had been excluded from a trade agreement between Europeans and other native groups. No trace of the village survives, and the sole documentation of its existence are the relatively brief notes about it in Cartier's papers. On the strength of those notes alone, the area was the first designated National Historic Site of the Montreal area. Trafalgar Lodge was added to the list of Historic Sites in 2009 due to its design. It is an example of the Gothic Revival style, which is not common in Quebec. Mount Royal Cemetery was designated a historic site in 2009 because of its design features and a variety of markers, which serve to illustrate the city's cultural, social and historic qualities. Merchants Textile Mill, designated an historical site in 1989, was the second-largest textile mill in the country from 1899 to World War II.

8. The word Quebec means 'Where the river narrows'. Which river is this?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: St. Lawrence River

Most of Quebec lies to the north of the St. Lawrence, but there is a area that lies to the south of it. In this area are the Eastern Townships and the Gaspe Peninsula.

9. Another geography question: Quebec is the _______________ province of Canada.

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: northernmost

No other province stretches over 62 degrees of latitude North.

10. There is a city in Quebec named Val-d'Or. What does its name mean in English?

From Quiz Quebec Quiz

Answer: Valley of Gold

Val d'Or (Valley of Gold) is located in western Quebec and its name comes from the fact that gold was discovered in the region in 1923. One of Val d'Or's main attractions is the Cite de l'Or (City of Gold), a place where people can tour an old underground gold mine which closed down in 1985.

11. The Biosphere is a museum located in Parc Jean-Drapeau. What was it before it became a museum?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: A pavilion of the 1967 Montreal Expo

The Biosphere, a museum dedicated to environmental education and activism, opened its doors in 1995, but originally it served as the US Pavilion at the 1967 Montreal Expo (Expo '67). Its famous geodesic dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, now houses two wind turbines. The museum also features an indoor garden, a green roof, a geothermal system and a green wastewater treatment plant.

12. In which region of Quebec do you find its highest point?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: On the Newfoundland border

The highest point in Quebec is Mont d'Iberville, at 5,322 feet. It is situated on the border of the Labrador region of Newfoundland. The second highest point in Quebec is Mount Jacques Cartier in the Gaspe peninsula at 4,160 feet.

13. Montreal is chock-full of cultural events. What is the annual event, "Just for Laughs"?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: A month-long stand-up comedy show

"Just for Laughs" debuted in 1983, the brain child of one Gilbert Rozon. Originally a French-speaking event, in 1985 it added English speakers and over time grew to a month-long festival that features not only stand-up comics, but street performers such as mimes and jugglers. It takes place each year in July.

14. Mont D'Iberville is considered the highest point in both Quebec and what neighboring province?

From Quiz Quebec Quiz

Answer: Newfoundland and Labrador

Mont D'Iberville (aka Mount Caubvick) is located in the Torngat Mountains which lie on the border between Quebec and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Mont D'Iberville/Mount Caubvick is considered the highest point of both provinces, with a total height of 1,652 m (5,420 ft), though the peak reaches its highest on the Labrador side. The mountain received the name Mont D'Iberville first, by the Quebec government in 1971. It received its second name, Mount Caubvick, from the Newfoundland and Labrador government in 1981.

15. Besides the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, which artistic companies are at home in the Place des Arts?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and L'Orchestre Metropolitan du Grand Montreal

In addition to the ballet, the symphony, and the orchestra, the Place des Arts hosts the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (Modern Art Museum of Montreal) the dance company Danse Danse, the Duceppe theatre company, L'Opera de Montréal, and is the primary venue for a number of other cultural and artistic entities. Of the other choices, they either came from my brain or they aren't in Montreal!

16. Whose mother was a French Canadian?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: Madonna

Madonna's mother was named Madonna Fortin.

17. What event that took place in 1959 led to a gradual decrease in the city's dominance as a port city?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: The Saint Lawrence Seaway was completed.

Montreal is about halfway down the course of the St. Lawrence River, which runs from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Seaway existed, the river wasn't navigable past Montreal-it wasn't deep enough for oceangoing vessels, and there were elevation changes due to dams and rapids along the way. The Seaway's construction is still regarded as an amazing feat of engineering. It deepened the shipping channel and installed a series of locks along the river to enable ships to navigate past the rapids and dams. When the Seaway opened, oceangoing vessels were able to run all the way to Duluth on Lake Superior, and this resulted in Montreal's being literally passed by. However, in 1962 the Canadian government decided to use icebreakers to keep the St. Lawrence open year round from Quebec City to Montreal, which helped offset some of the Seaway losses (the river wasn't open west of Montreal year round).

18. Founded in 1821 with a bequest from a Scottish businessman, what is Montreal's famed institute of higher learning that can count among its alumni more than 130 Rhodes Scholars and at least 10 Nobel Prize winners (among them Ernest Rutherford)?

From Quiz Montreal, Québec's Metropolis

Answer: McGill University

In addition to its Rhodes Scholars and Nobelists, McGill has educated multiple Pulitzer Prize winners, Academy Award winners, Canadian and foreign political leaders, and Olympic medalists. Among its many distinguished alumni are Charles Krauthammer, Burt Bacharach, Leonard Cohen, and William Shatner.

19. A mountain range in southern Quebec is a part of a mountain chain that runs south as far as Alabama. What is this chain?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: Appalachian & Appalachians

The Appalachian chain starts in Newfoundland and runs southward approximately parallel to the Atlantic. The Allegheny, Catskill and Cumberland mountains are part of this chain.

20. What is the name of an iconic hotel that was built in Quebec City in 1892?

From Quiz Quebec Quiz

Answer: Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac was completed on December 18, 1894 in the historical neighborhood of Old Quebec. It was designed by American architect Bruce Price, who designed the hotel to look like a building from Renaissance-era France. The hotel was named after Louis de Buade de Frontenac (1622-1698), who twice became the governor general of what was then known as New France. Quebec City, the provincial capital, and the province itself was named after an Algonquin expression that translated to "narrow passage".

21. Quebec has harsh winters, but what is it like in summer in the Montreal area?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: Hot and humid

In summer Montreal's temperatures are around 25-27 degrees celsius (low 80sF). In the winter -5 to 15 degrees celsius (7-23F). Much of Montreal's shopping district is underground where there is a controlled environment!

22. Much of northern Quebec is part of the Canadian Shield. By what other name is this known?

From Quiz Geographically Speaking - Quebec

Answer: Laurentian Plateau

The Laurentian Plateau covers more than just part of Quebec. It stretches from the Great Lakes and the St.Lawrence River north to the Arctic, forming a semicircle around Hudson Bay. In the south it is a land of forests and lakes.

23. Bombardier is the greatest economical success of the province of Quebec. In what field does this company excel?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: transportation

Bombardier is one of the world leaders in aeronautics. Expertise in train and subway train building too.

24. Quebec has an important natural resource that will be primordial in about 50 years. What is that resource, that can make the province rich, and, who knows, the target of a hypocritical war against terrorism?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: fresh water

Pay for water? It will come to that!

25. Premier Jacques Parizeau, after the 1995 referendum, made a controversial statement about the vote. Soon after he resigned. According to Parizeau, who were responsible for the loss?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: immigrants

Parizeau attributed his loss to the "ethnic vote". Old people, anglophones and Amerindians also voted massively to stay with Canada.

26. Finally, a language question. Quebecers are known to swear a lot, and the blasphemer's dictionary contains a large range of swearwords. Most of them are related to what?

From Quiz Quebec - A French Enclave in North America

Answer: Church

Here's a sample: tabarnak, câlisse, crisse, ciboire, simonak, sacristi, osti. In English: tabernacle, chalice, Christ, ciborium, simoniac, sacristy, host. Hope you're not shocked.

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