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Quiz about Classic Directors
Quiz about Classic Directors

Classic Directors Trivia Quiz

Try to name the directors of the following classic movies.

A multiple-choice quiz by robert362. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
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1. Magnificent Seven Hint

Anthony Mann
George Roy Hill
John Sturges
Delmer Daves

2. Deliverance Hint

David Lean
John Boorman
Stanley Donen
William Friedkin

3. High Noon Hint

Fred Zinnemann
William Wellman
Cecil B. DeMille
Lewis Milestone

4. Sunset Boulevard Hint

Billy Wilder
Elia Kazan
Mervyn Leroy
George Cukor

5. Treasure of the Sierra Madre Hint

George Stevens
Victor Fleming
William Wyler
John Huston

6. Cheyenne Autumn Hint

Frank Capra
Howard Hawks
Michael Curtiz
John Ford

7. Saboteur Hint

Alfred Hitchcock
Stanley Kubrick
Barry Levinson
Brian De Palma

8. Magnificent Ambersons Hint

Carol Reed
Orson Welles
Charlie Chaplin
Blake Edwards

9. Laura Hint

Stanley Kramer
Otto Preminger
Richard Lester
Busby Berkeley

10. Z Hint


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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Magnificent Seven

Answer: John Sturges

Great Elmer Bernstein music.
2. Deliverance

Answer: John Boorman

Friedkin was {'Exorcist';} Lean was Lawrence of Arabia'.
3. High Noon

Answer: Fred Zinnemann

DeMille did just about everything else.
4. Sunset Boulevard

Answer: Billy Wilder

One of many Wilder classics. Kazan was 'On the Waterfront'.
5. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Answer: John Huston

Huston did 'Maltese {Falcon';} Wyler did many Bette Davis movies. Fleming did 'Gone With The Wind'. Stevens did 'Shane'.
6. Cheyenne Autumn

Answer: John Ford

Ford was king of the westerns - but this one was without John Wayne.
7. Saboteur

Answer: Alfred Hitchcock

Not his most famous, but good.
8. Magnificent Ambersons

Answer: Orson Welles

Follow-up to Citizen Kane. Not so good.
9. Laura

Answer: Otto Preminger

Kramer did some masterpieces with Spencer Tracy.
10. Z

Answer: Costa-Gavras

His most famous.
Source: Author robert362

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