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Quiz about Who Directed  8
Quiz about Who Directed  8

Who Directed ...? (8) Trivia Quiz

Here we go again!

A multiple-choice quiz by lab*rat. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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7 / 10
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1. Who directed 'Holy Smoke'? Hint

Frank Oz
Nancy Myers
Jane Campion
Frank Capra

2. Who directed 'Heavenly Creatures'? Hint

Peter Jackson
Steven Spielberg
Robert Zemeckis
Frank Oz

3. Who directed 'Titanic'?

Answer: (Two Words)
4. Who directed 'Jude'? Hint

Phillip Kauffman
Michael Winterbottom
Gillian Armstrong
Kenneth Branagh

5. Who directed 'Quills'? Hint

Stephen Frears
Steven Soderbergh
Phillip Kauffman
Peter Weir

6. Who directed 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court'? Hint

Robert Altman
Michael Gottlieb
Tim Robbins
Ridley Scott

7. Who directed 'Hideous Kinky'? Hint

Gillies Mac Kinnon
Jodie Foster
Diane Keaton
Mimi Leder

8. Who directed 'Hamlet' 1996? Hint

Mel Gibson
Laurence Olivier
Franco Zeffirelli
Kenneth Branagh

9. Who directed 'Sense and Sensibility'? Hint

Jane Campion
Kenneth Branagh
Ang Lee
Gillian Armstrong

10. Which actress is in ALL of the above movies?

Answer: (Two Words)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who directed 'Holy Smoke'?

Answer: Jane Campion

Jane Campion also directed 'Sweetie', 'The Piano' and 'Angel at the Table'.
2. Who directed 'Heavenly Creatures'?

Answer: Peter Jackson

Jackson has also directed 'The Frighteners'. He also directed the 'Lord of the Rings' movies.
3. Who directed 'Titanic'?

Answer: James Cameron

Cameron has also directed 'Aliens' and the first two 'Terminator' movies.
4. Who directed 'Jude'?

Answer: Michael Winterbottom

Michael Winterbottom also directed 'Go Now'.
5. Who directed 'Quills'?

Answer: Phillip Kauffman

Kauffman also directed 'Rising Sun'.
6. Who directed 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court'?

Answer: Michael Gottlieb

Gottlieb also directed 'Mr. Nanny'.
7. Who directed 'Hideous Kinky'?

Answer: Gillies Mac Kinnon

Mac Kinnon has also directed 'Regeneration'.
8. Who directed 'Hamlet' 1996?

Answer: Kenneth Branagh

Branagh has also directed 'Dead Again' and 'Much Ado About Nothing'.
9. Who directed 'Sense and Sensibility'?

Answer: Ang Lee

Ang Lee has also directed 'The Ice Storm' and 'Ride With the Devil'.
10. Which actress is in ALL of the above movies?

Answer: Kate Winslet

Source: Author lab*rat

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