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Quiz about Soul Plane
Quiz about Soul Plane

Soul Plane Trivia Quiz

This is a quiz on the 2004 movie "Soul Plane", starring Snoop Dogg.

A multiple-choice quiz by darkjedi2010. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
# Qns
Avg Score
8 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 72 (4/10), Guest 107 (7/10), Guest 47 (8/10).
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1. How much money does Nashawn win in the court case? Hint

100 Million Dollars
500 Billion Dollars
1 Thousand Dollars
He loses the court case

2. What did Captain Mack fly over? Hint

He didn't fly over anywhere
Desert Storm
International Airlines

3. What was the name of Nashawn's terminal? Hint

Terminal X
Terminal Black
Terminal Shawn
Terminal Malcom X

4. Where were the Hunkees trying to get to? Hint

Cracker Land
Myrtle Beach
Las Vegas

5. What is Captain Mack's co-pilot's name? Hint


6. Who plays Mugsy? Hint

Method Man
Tom Arnold
Snoop Dogg
K.D. Aubert

7. What is the name of Naswawn's airline? Hint

Big Tymerz
Wade Airlines
Malcom X

8. Where did the plane land? Hint

Central Park
Cracker Land
On top of the Empire State Building
It blew up

9. How does Captain Mack "die" ? Hint

Trampled on the Dance Floor
Dry Mushrooms
Alchohol Poisoning

10. Did Nashawn get with Giselle?


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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. How much money does Nashawn win in the court case?

Answer: 100 Million Dollars

Nashawn Wade, played by Kevin Hart, sues the airlines for the death of his dog and for getting stuck on a toilet seat. He wins the case and gets 100 million dollars in the process. He decides to start his own airline with the money, which he does.
2. What did Captain Mack fly over?

Answer: He didn't fly over anywhere

There was a typo on Mack's resume. He didn't fly over Desert Storm, he drew over Desert Storm. He was the one who painted on bombs but I really shouldn't be telling you that. It's classified.
3. What was the name of Nashawn's terminal?

Answer: Terminal Malcom X

We realize this when Barbara says "Terminal...Malcom X?" They then relize they are the only white people there. The terminal is maxed out. There is a basketball court, many stores, and much more!
4. Where were the Hunkees trying to get to?

Answer: JFK

Their original flight was cancelled but lucky for them, they could get onto Flight 069. They had just had a "fantastic" vacation at Cracker Land. We realize they are going to JFK when the lady at the front desk tells them their flight to JFK has just been cancelled.
5. What is Captain Mack's co-pilot's name?

Answer: Gaemon

Gaemon was the African who kept getting on Mack's nerves throughout the flight. Gaemon refers to the hyradaulics on the plane as an elephant's trunk. He leaves after arguing with Mack about dry mushrooms and goes to the upper level party.
6. Who plays Mugsy?

Answer: Method Man

Mugsy, Nashawn's cousin, is played by Method Man. Mugsy is the one Nashawn tells to hire a black pilot. Mugsy ends up hiring Captain Mack, played by Snoop Dogg. Method Man is a hip-hop rapper from Atlanta.
7. What is the name of Naswawn's airline?

Answer: NWA

NWA was a hit rap group in the 80s. The plane had everything from hydraulics to spinners. We hear the name of the airline from the old lady at the front desk, when she tells them about the terminal and how to get to it.
8. Where did the plane land?

Answer: Central Park

Nashawn lands the plane right in the middle of Central Park. They made it to New York at least. Captain Mack wasn't too happy when he woke up in Central Park though. Nashawn landed in Central Park because he couldn't find the landing strip at the airport, and he was a nervous wreck trying to land the plane.
9. How does Captain Mack "die" ?

Answer: Dry Mushrooms

We find out at the end that Captain Mack doesn't actually die. He woke up to find all of his stuff missing. We think he is dead because when the man and his wife enter the cockpit, they realize he isn't moving or saying anything. Gaemon also mentions that dry mushrooms will kill you, and warns him several times before leaving the cockpit.
10. Did Nashawn get with Giselle?

Answer: Yes

Nashawn ends up with Giselle because of his bravery and determination to land the plane, so she is proud of him and they get back together. Mr. Hunkee ends up with one of the female security guards, Captain Mack turns out to be alive, and Billy gets a job as a music video director. Actually, we haven't heard from Billy ever since he directed that last Michael Jackson video. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed my quiz!
Source: Author darkjedi2010

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