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Quiz about Fractured Engelbert Songs
Quiz about Fractured Engelbert Songs

Fractured Engelbert Songs Trivia Quiz

Read these strange clues aloud. Each one sounds like the title of a song recorded by Engelbert, some hits and some lesser known. See how many you can work out.

A multiple-choice quiz by Catreona. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Avg Score
8 / 10
Question 1 of 10
1. Calf A

Answer: (1 word; 4 letters (Remember, no accent!))
Question 2 of 10
2. Miss steep Lou

Answer: (2 words; 5 and 4 letters)
Question 3 of 10
3. Really Smee

Answer: (2 words; 7 and 2 letters)
Question 4 of 10
4. Tangy tars

Answer: (2 words; 3 and 7 letters)
Question 5 of 10
5. Mime mar re

Answer: (2 words; 2 and 5 letters)
Question 6 of 10
6. Kwai Etna its

Answer: (2 words; 5 and 6 letters (When pronouncing the clue, think of the bridge on the river))
Question 7 of 10
7. Sum bawd evade ting

Answer: (2 words; 8 and 7 letters)
Question 8 of 10
8. Madge ignite

Answer: (2 words; 5 and 5 letters)
Question 9 of 10
9. Toe key oat ears

Answer: (2 words; 5 and 5 letters)
Question 10 of 10
10. Tell lashed Walt's

Answer: (3 words; 3, 4 and 5 letters )

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Calf A

Answer: Cafe

A nice, easy one to get you into the swing of the game. Calf (pronounced 'caf') + A = Cafe. The answer is Cafe.

"Cafe" is from the 1969 album titled "Engelbert Humperdinck."
2. Miss steep Lou

Answer: Misty Blue

Now you need to put on your thinking cap and start paying attention. Miss + steep doesn't sound like a word. But miss +stee does - Misty. That means the P goes with Lou, which is pronounced 'loo.' Ploo isn't a word, but it sounds rather like blue. And, voila, Misty Blue. The answer is Misty Blue.

"Misty Blue" first appeared on the UK issue of the album "Release Me," 1967. It then appeared on the US issue of "The Last Waltz," also in 1967. (Don't look at me. I don't make this stuff up; I just report it.)
3. Really Smee

Answer: Release Me

The words in the clue don't divide the same way as the words in the answer. So, sounding out by syllable you get ree-lees-mee. The answer is Release Me.

Engelbert's 1967 single "Release Me" was a smash hit in his native Britain, selling so well that it arrested the heretofore unstoppable juggernaut of the Beatles, blocking their double A sided single "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" from the Number One position on the British chart. "Release Me" went on to be a best-selling single around the world.
4. Tangy tars

Answer: Ten Guitars

Sounding out by syllables you get tang-ee-tars, which doesn't sound like much of anything. What about tan-ghee-tars. Ghee-tars is clearly Guitars, but you don't know a song called Tan Guitars. You do know one called Ten Guitars though. The answer is Ten Guitars.

"Ten Guitars," which was written for Engelbert by Gordon Mills, is on the "Release Me" album, issued in somewhat different form in the UK and the US in 1967. Curiously, "Ten Guitars" has become something of a folk classic in New Zealand, not to say a sort of unofficial national anthem. Engelbert was bemused to discover this on his 2012 visit to New Zealand.
5. Mime mar re

Answer: My Marie

Sounding out by syllables, you have my-mar-ee. The answer is My Marie.

"My Marie" was issued as a single in 1971. It can be found on the 2007 2-CD compilation "Greatest Hits & More."
6. Kwai Etna its

Answer: Quiet Nights

The River Kwai, of course. Kwai + et = quiet and na + its = nights. The answer is Quiet Nights.

"Quiet Nights" was released on the extended play album "Dommage Dommage" and on the LP "Release Me."
7. Sum bawd evade ting

Answer: Somebody Waiting

Sum + bawd + e = somebody. Vade + ting sounds more or less like waiting. The answer is Somebody Waiting.

"Somebody Waiting" comes from the 1973 album "Engelbert King of Hearts."
8. Madge ignite

Answer: Magic Night

Madge + ig = magic and nite = night. The answer is Magic Night.

"Magic Night" is on the album of the same name released in 1991.
9. Toe key oat ears

Answer: Tokyo Tears

Toe+ key + o = Tokyo and t + ears = tears. The answer is Tokyo Tears.

You can find "Tokyo Tears" on Engelbert's 1988 album "In Love."
10. Tell lashed Walt's

Answer: The Last Waltz

Te sounds more or less like the. Lashed sounds rather like last, and Walt's is self-explanitory. The answer is The Last Waltz.

"The Last Waltz" was released as a single in 1967, Engelbert's second consecutive chart topper, and as the title track of his second album, also in 1967.
Source: Author Catreona

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