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Quiz about Fractured Roy Orbison
Quiz about Fractured Roy Orbison

Fractured Roy Orbison Trivia Quiz

This quiz gives you ten Fractured Roy Orbison songs. By saying the words out loud, you should be able to work out the real titles required. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by Creedy. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. Own Lea There Loan Lee

Answer: (Three Words)
Question 2 of 10
2. Wren Ink Scarred

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 3 of 10
3. Cray Yank

Answer: (One Word)
Question 4 of 10
4. Dram Bay Bee

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 5 of 10
5. Doss Tent Trams

Answer: (Two Words of D and D)
Question 6 of 10
6. Blew Buy Yew

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 7 of 10
7. Boo Tea Fell Drum Her

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 8 of 10
8. Prate Tee Worm In

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 9 of 10
9. Pin Knee Ark Keyed

Answer: (Two Words)
Question 10 of 10
10. Con Demon

Answer: (Two Words of 5 and 3 Letters)

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Jun 20 2024 : Guest 78: 8/10
Jun 19 2024 : granpa46: 8/10
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Own Lea There Loan Lee

Answer: Only the Lonely

The 1960 "Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)" was written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. When it was released in that year, it became hugely popular and went as high as number two on the USA charts. Because it was a different sound from the normal hits appearing at the time by other artists, it led to the New York Times describing this operatic rock ballad as having "a kind of clenched, driven urgency". Dear me.
2. Wren Ink Scarred

Answer: Running Scared

Roy and Joe produced another top hit with their 1961 "Running Scared". This rock ballad made it to number one on the billboard charts. Described as having a "bolero" style, the song builds up and up to a beautiful and powerful crescendo. Applying the description bolero to it however is a little ludicrous, as the song doesn't particularly have elements of Latin music and sound to it.

It rather gives an image of the great Roy strutting round with a rose between his teeth.
3. Cray Yank

Answer: Crying

For sheer beautiful sound, it'd be hard to beat the powerful and emotional "Crying" which was released in July 1961, where it promptly soared to number two on the charts. Described by one rock guru as having a rock-bolero sound, and another as a "country flavoured ballad" these experts in the field just couldn't seem to find a genre that most suited Orbison's work.

The truth is that the beautiful music and voice of this great entertainer was just unique, a one-off gift to the world of music.
4. Dram Bay Bee

Answer: Dream Baby

"Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)" was released in 1962 and by now the experts were referring to Orbison's work as straight country. The song has been covered by a few other artists as well, soaring up the charts again, for example, in 1971 when Glen Campbell made it popular once more.
5. Doss Tent Trams

Answer: Distant Drums

Roy released this great old number, "Distant Drums" in 1963, but it would be the version released in 1966 by Jim Reeves that sent this song soaring up through the charts. Unfortunately Jim Reeves wasn't around to appreciate this as he'd died two years previously in a plane accident. You just have to listen to this song for its deep, pounding rhythm, if nothing else.

It's fantastic - and a bit of a heartbreaker. Roy himself, born in 1936, died in 1988.
6. Blew Buy Yew

Answer: Blue Bayou

The 1963 "Blue Bayou" is a classic. It can't be described as anything less. The way Orbison builds this song up to its beautiful ringing climax with his glorious voice sends chills up anyone's spine. In another time and place, both Roy Orbison and the great Elvis Presley, with his equally impressive contrasting voice, would quite possibly have been world famous opera singers. Orbison's range and clarity is startling and, yes, exquisite, while Elvis the Pelvis, in his ballads, has a beautiful rich warmth and depth to his voice that is the perfect balance.
7. Boo Tea Fell Drum Her

Answer: Beautiful Dreamer

"Beautiful Dreamer" was written a very long time ago. This lovely ballad, by the talented and tragic composer Stephen Foster around 1862, was not released until after his death in 1864. It's remained popular ever since and has popped up now and again through the years since then in revived renditions, or in the occasional period piece historical drama and so on. When Orbison recorded it for his 1963 album "In Dreams", it zoomed up to number four on the charts. The song tells of a man singing to his love who appears to be sleeping, yet, because of the song's haunting lyrics, may have passed away in her sleep. Here are its lovely old lyrics below:

"Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,
Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd away!
Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,
List while I woo thee with soft melody;
Gone are the cares of life's busy throng,
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea,
Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelei;
Over the streamlet vapors are borne,
Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.
Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,
E'en as the morn on the streamlet and sea;
Then will all clouds of sorrow depart,
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!"
8. Prate Tee Worm In

Answer: Pretty Woman

"Oh, Pretty Woman" is the full title of this song, but it is commonly referred to by most people as just "Pretty Woman". This song raced up to number one on the charts when it was released in August, 1964, spent three weeks in that position, and sold several million copies.

The lyrics are simple enough, but backed up with great rhythm and Orbison's amazing voice, proved to be a sensation. A fellow sees a pretty woman walking past him in the streets and wishes she'd turn back to be with him. Miraculously, at the conclusion of the song, she does. Well, there has to be a happy ending now and then, doesn't there?
9. Pin Knee Ark Keyed

Answer: Penny Arcade

"Penny Arcade" hit the charts in 1969. It reached number one in Australia and New Zealand. We have a reputation for gambling a bit in this country, so the song, with its great bouncing lyrics and rhythm, was perfect for that. "Roll up and spend your last dime" indeed.

It was composed by English songwriter Sammy King when he was on a camping holiday with his friends. King himself re-recorded the song in 2011 at the age of 69, and once again it began climbing up the charts, where it went as high as number nine on the Scottish charts.

The song is now used as the unofficial anthem for the Glasgow Rangers football club.
10. Con Demon

Answer: Candy Man

"Candy Man" was released in 1961 as the B side of Orbison's hit "Crying" but has a much happier theme and rhythm, with matching lyrics, to it. There isn't much depth to the lyrics though, as in other of this great singer's songs, and you'd never dare sing it in near school children now for fear of immediate arrest. In a wringing indictment on the sometimes very ugly world of today, take a look at some of its innocent (when written) lyrics below:

"Come on baby, let me take you by the hand
Come on sugar, let me take you by the hand
Go for me, let me be
All your own candy, your candy, candy man".

Read more: Roy Orbison - Candy Man Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Source: Author Creedy

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