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Quiz about Soundtrack to Clueless  Part 2
Quiz about Soundtrack to Clueless  Part 2

Soundtrack to "Clueless" : Part 2 Quiz

Continuing from where we left off in the first quiz, match the songs that appear in the 1995 comedy movie "Clueless" to the singer or band that performed them.

A matching quiz by ClarkyB. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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7 / 10
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. "The Ghost In You"  
Beastie Boys
2. "All The Young Dudes"  
3. "Miss Brown To You"  
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
4. "Someday I Suppose"  
Smoking Popes
5. "Here (Squirmel Mix)"  
Luscious Jackson
6. "All By Myself"  
7. "Shake Some Action"  
World Party
8. "Mullet Head"  
Billie Holiday
9. "Tenderness"  
General Public
10. "Need You Around"  
Counting Crows

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "The Ghost In You"

Answer: Counting Crows

"The Ghost In You" was written by Richard Butler and Tim Butler and originally recorded by their band The Psychedelic Furs, however it is the Counting Crows' version that is used in the movie. Josh and his girlfriend Heather pick Cher up after she has been abandoned by Elton after the party in Sun Valley, and the song plays during their car journey home, including a brief stop as Josh drops Heather home and walks her to her door.
2. "All The Young Dudes"

Answer: World Party

"All The Young Dudes" was written by David Bowie, and was originally released in 1972 by Mott the Hoople. The World Party cover of the track plays as Cher is considering who could replace Elton as Tai's focus of affection, and we see five "young dudes" walking through the school grounds as Cher's voiceover explains "I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed, and put on some baggy pants, they take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap, and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so!".
3. "Miss Brown To You"

Answer: Billie Holiday

Nicknamed "Lady Day", Billie Holiday was an American singer who was born on 7th April 1915 and died on 17th July 1959. As Christian (played by Justin Walker) picks Cher up from her house, he asks her "Do you like Billie Holiday", to which Cher replies "I love him". Christian proceeds to turn on his car stereo, and we hear a brief snippet of Billie Holiday's 1935 recording of "Miss Brown To You" as they drive out of the grounds of Cher's house to the frat party being held by Josh's friends.
4. "Someday I Suppose"

Answer: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Also known simply as The Bosstones, the ska punk band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were formed in Boston in 1983. Their 1993 song "Someday I Suppose" is a fan favourite, and the band themselves are seen performing it at the start of the frat party scene. They also perform their 1991 song "Where'd You Go?" later on during the party.
5. "Here (Squirmel Mix)"

Answer: Luscious Jackson

US alternative rock group Luscious Jackson was formed in 1991, and took their name, albeit slightly modified, from the American basketball player Lucious Jackson. The Squirmel Mix of their song "Here" is heard playing at the end of the frat party. Cher and Tai are tired and ready to go, but Christian wants to stay for an "after party" with the stage crew. Once again, Josh steps in to save the day, offering to drive the girls home.
6. "All By Myself"

Answer: Jewel

"All By Myself" was written by Eric Carmen, and was originally released as a single by Carmen himself in 1975, however it is a version by Jewel Kilcher (known professionally as Jewel) that is heard in the movie. Having had an argument with Tai over the fact that she doesn't think Tai and Josh would make a good couple, Cher goes for a walk to clear her head. Jewel's version of "All By Myself" plays throughout this scene, during which we see Cher gradually realise that she is actually in love with Josh.
7. "Shake Some Action"

Answer: Cracker

Written by Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson of the US rock band Flamin' Groovies, "Shake Some Action" was the title track of the 1976 album by Flamin' Groovies. Cracker's cover version can be heard in the movie during the montage that shows Cher's Pismo Beach Relief campaign at school.
8. "Mullet Head"

Answer: Beastie Boys

One of the best-known hip hop groups of all-time, Beastie Boys were formed in New York in 1981, and their best known and most enduring line-up was Michael Diamond, Adam Yauch, and Adam Rock, better known as Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock respectively. Their 1994 song "Mullet Head" is played right at the start of the A.S.L. (Amateur Skateboarding League) scene, during which it becomes clear that Travis and Tai really do have feelings for each other, leaving the way open for Cher to make a move on Josh.
9. "Tenderness"

Answer: General Public

Formed in 1984 as a UK punk/ska/mod supergroup, General Public consisted of former members of The Clash, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and The Specials. Their 1984 single "Tenderness" is played right at the end of the movie during the wedding of Miss Geist and Mr Hall as Miss Geist throws the bouquet and the female wedding guests fight to claim it (tradition being that the one who catches it will be the next to get married). Cher ends up with the bouquet, and she and Josh share a loving kiss and embrace.

The song continues to play during the early part of the closing credits.
10. "Need You Around"

Answer: Smoking Popes

The Smoking Popes are a pop punk band formed in Chicago in 1991. Their 1995 single "Need You Around", which was released as the second single from their second album "Born To Quit", plays as the main closing credits roll.
Source: Author ClarkyB

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