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240 Cats in Entertainment Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Cats in Entertainment? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Cats in Entertainment (Entertainment). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 A is for 'Aristocats'. What are the names of Duchess' three kittens in this Disney classic?
Answer: Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie

Berlioz is the grey kitten with the red collar, the baby of the three, and named after the composer Hector Berlioz, and plays the piano. Marie is the white kitten with the pink hair bow, the middle child, and a budding singer. Toulouse, named for the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, is the ginger kitten with the blue collar, the oldest kitten, and a talented artist.
  From Quiz: Cat's Entertainment!
2 How many Siamese cats taunted Lady in the Disney film "Lady and the Tramp"?
Answer: Two

The slinky Siamese cats Si and Am were featured in the 1995 film "Lady in the Tramp", in one of the only sequences from the film I actually remember. The two cats, seeking mischief, ended up getting Lady in trouble and sparking the conflict that led Lady to go off on her own in the city and, to be fair, she never would have met Tramp if they hadn't been menaces. Both Si and Am were voiced by famous singer Peggy Lee. The cats also reappeared in the straight-to-video "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure".
  From Quiz: Siamese... If You Please
3 Which lion was a character in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'?
Answer: Aslan

Narnia is a magical world where 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' takes place. The Pevensie children venture into a wardrobe and get a big surprise when they come out the other side! Altogether, C. S. Lewis wrote seven books that were set there, and some of them have been made into films. The powerful Aslan is the only character to appear in all seven stories.
    Your options: [ Asphalt ] [ Aslan ] [ Beaver ] [ Prince Caspian ]
  From Quiz: Dandy Lions
4 The Brothers Grimm wrote down a story about a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster. In which German city did these animals defeat a gang of robbers?
Answer: Bremen

The fairy tale "The Town Musicians of Bremen" starts with the four farm animals gathering after being retired by their respective masters. They decide to go to Bremen, but on their way discover a gang of four robbers looting a cottage. The animals form a pyramid: the dog on the donkey's back, the cat climbing the dog, and of course the rooster on top of them all. When the animals all scream out on the top of their lungs, the robbers panic and flee. Now the animals take over the farm for a little repos. One of the robbers returns at night, but he is fought off by the animals: the cat claws open his face, the dog bites his leg, the donkey hits him by kicking backwards, and the rooster pecks at his eyes.
"Meow! I'm Meryl Streep, JanIQ's favourite feline. I find this story quite interesting, but usually we cats don't associate with those other animals that are far beneath our dignity."
Meryl continues: "Hamelin (Hameln in German) is known for the fairy tale of the Pied Piper hired to catch a plague of rats. Why they chose a piper instead of a number of my companions, is not clear. But in the end they would have fared better with us".
Magdeburg is the site of the experiment with the vacuum hemispheres. Nuremberg (in German Nürnberg) is another German city, best known for the Nazi party rallies and the Nazi trials. "Phew", says Meryl, "why aren't there any cats involved with these cities? It's so boring."
    Your options: [ Hamelin ] [ Bremen ] [ Magdeburg ] [ Nuremberg ]
  From Quiz: How Catty of You
5 The fairy tale character Puss in Boots is a wily cat who is able to act like a human and speak to people. His skills gained his owner (the youngest son of a humble miller) fine clothes, a castle, and what other prize?
Answer: The hand of a princess in marriage

In one of the simplest versions of this fairy tale, the miller in question bequeathed his mill to his eldest son, his mules to his second son and a cat to his youngest son. The youngest son had the last laugh though as the cat proved to be highly intelligent, and armed (or legged?) with just a pair of boots it ensured that he was gifted fine new clothes; gained him an introduction to the beautiful princess; and procured him a castle to live in (by turning a castle-owning ogre into a mouse and eating him). It should come as no surprise that the 'fairy tale' ending means that the newly enriched miller's son ends up married to his princess.

This tale has been told by many authors over the centuries and the basic idea of a sly cat being used to promote a person's interest probably originates from an 11th century collection of Indian folk stories. However, the most famous version (and the origins of the name 'Puss in Boots') was written by the 17th century French author, Charles Perrault.

Puss in Boots also featured as a character in the 'Shrek' series of films (excluding the original 'Shrek') before starring in his own eponymous spin-off film in 2011. In all of these films the character is voiced by Antonio Banderas.
  From Quiz: Cats are People Too!
6 In the comic strip by Jim Davis, Jon Arbuckle is the owner of a beagle dog named Odie and which fat lazy cat who is cantankerous and loves lasagna?
Answer: Garfield

Garfield, the big orange cat with attitude, is the creation of Jim Davis. Garfield first appeared in comic strip form in June 1978. The name Garfield was taken from a christian name of Jim Davis' grandfather, James A Garfield Davis, whom it is rumored was a large man and could be cantankerous by nature.
    Your options: [ Hobbes ] [ Sylvester ] [ Garfield ] [ Bagpuss ]
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
7 Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" is the story of a small boy abandoned in the forest and brought up by animals. What is the name of the tiger in the book which is also the Hindi word for tiger?
Answer: Shere Khan

"The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling is a collection of short stories that were first published in 1894. It was later made into a film by Disney featuring popular songs like the "Bare Necessities". In the original stories, Shere Khan was a crippled tiger whose attempt at hunting humans had led to Mowgli getting separated from his parents. The character is said to have been named after an Afghani prince Kipling met on a visit to Afghanistan.

All the other options are also characters from the book.
    Your options: [ Kaa ] [ Bagheera ] [ Shere Khan ] [ Baloo ]
  From Quiz: The Year of the Tiger
8 Who created this cynical, lazy, lasagna eating fat cat?
Answer: Jim Davis

Jim Davis created "Garfield", which first appeared in 1978.
Charles M. Schulz created the "Peanuts".
Bill Watterson created "Calvin & Hobbes".
Walt Disney created many well-known cartoon characters, such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, among others.
  From Quiz: Le Purrfect Pussycat
9 Jim Davis penned this famous cartoon cat, whose favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating lasagna, and terrorizing the household dog, Odie. What is the name of this famous cat?
Answer: Garfield

Jon Arbuckle, who is Garfield's owner, actually lives a very similar life to that of his creator, Jim Davis.

Arlene is Garfield's female cat friend. Nermal is the annoyingly cute kitten who visits on occasion. Pooky is Garfield's teddy bear.
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
10 Born in a zoo, Christian and his sibling cub were separated from their parents at a very early age. Which zoo sold them to Harrods?
Answer: Ilfracombe Zoo

After their birth, the management and staff of Ilfracombe Zoo took the two lion cubs away from their parents much too soon and sold them to Harrods to put in their exotic animal department. Neither of the cubs was given the opportunity to learn any instincts or survival skills of the feline kingdom. They were barely weaned. Christian's father was from Rotterdam Zoo and his mother from Jerusalem, both living in captivity at Ilfracombe Zoo at the time of the cubs arrival.
    Your options: [ Bentley Zoo ] [ Twycross Zoo ] [ Colchester Zoo ] [ Ilfracombe Zoo ]
  From Quiz: Christian: The Lion that Captured Our Hearts
11 This cat was not just famous but also a hero. He received the Dickin medal (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross) for his service on board HMS Amethyst during the Yangtze Incident in 1949. Who was he?
Answer: Simon

  From Quiz: Famous Cats And Their People
12 This black and orange cat loves lasagna.
Answer: Garfield

Jim Davis created him. He's very lazy and loves to sleep. There was a movie made about him in 2004 starring Breckin Meyer of "Rat Race" and Jennifer Love Hewitt of "Heartbreakers".
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
13 This "puddy tat" was one of the stars of a classic cartoon who was always outwitted by that little yellow bird. Who was that cartoon cat?
Answer: Sylvester

Poor Sylvester, always being outsmarted by Tweety! Tweety and Sylvester have been a fun and comical pair for children to watch.
  From Quiz: Can't Get Enough of Those Furry Felines!
14 How old were Boy and Girl when they were first brought to George Adamson for him to train for the movie "Born Free"?
Answer: Nine months old

Boy and Girl were nine months old when they were given to George Adamson. By the time filming started Boy and Girl were eighteen months old. Girl played the more dangerous scenes regarding Elsa, and Boy played the part of the maneater in the beginning of the movie and also Elsa's mate at the end of the movie.
  From Quiz: Boy and Girl, The "Born Free" Lions
15 Christian's friends, Ace Bourke and John Rendall, saw Christian for the first time at a department store when he was a few weeks old. What was the name of the store?
Answer: Harrods

When Christian was a few weeks old he was put up for sale at Harrods. When Ace and John saw him, they felt so bad that he was in a tiny cage at Christmas time. They immediately raised the money and bought Christian.
  From Quiz: The Life Of Christian The Lion
16 In Puss in Boots, Puss only asked for three items to make his master's fortune. Which item did Puss NOT ask for?
Answer: walking stick

Puss never asked for a walking stick to make his master's fortune.
    Your options: [ walking stick ] [ hat with a feather ] [ cloak ] [ boots ]
  From Quiz: Cats In Literature and History
17 Which cat featured in the live-action/CGI "Garfield: The Movie" ended up being a Siamese?
Answer: Nermal

Despite Garfield's disdain for Nermal in the long-running "Garfield" comic strip and a rivalry stretching back to the late 1970s, Nermal ended up having an underwhelming role in the live-action-ish "Garfield: The Movie" (2004) as a Siamese cat, which was never really indicated in the strip for however many years. Voiced by David Eigenberg, Nermal was, for all intents and purposes, played by a normal cat while Garfield (voiced by Bill Murray), was created with CGI. Nermal did not reappear for the sequel, "Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties".
    Your options: [ Arlene ] [ Nermal ] [ Garfield ] [ Odie ]
  From Quiz: Siamese... If You Please
18 Winnie the Pooh had a tiger friend. What was his name?
Answer: Tigger

A. A. Milne wrote lots of stories about Winnie the Pooh and his friends. The characters have also been in lots of films. In 2000, Tigger starred in his own film, 'The Tigger Movie', where he went on a mission to find his own tigger family. It was the first film I saw in the cinema and still has a special place in my heart!
  From Quiz: Dandy Lions
19 What fat, orange cat danced to the music video of the Black Eyed Peas' "Hey Mama" in his first live-action(ish) movie?
Answer: Garfield

"Garfield: The Movie" showed up in theatres in 2004, twenty-six years after his debut in comic strips, though the world didn't necessarily take to his live-action version voiced by Bill Murray. Critically-panned, but still raking in a ton in the box office, the film featured Garfield, living with Jon Arbuckle, as he dealt with the introduction of Odie-- a role played by a real-life dog in the movie while Garfield himself was completely CGI-ed in. Of course, Garfield also appeared in a series of animated films over the years as well as in his animated TV show "Garfield and Friends" which aired in the 1990s.
The Black Eyed Peas don't appear in-person in "Garfield: The Movie", but their music video appearing on a TV sparks a major plot point involving Garfield and Odie dancing.
  From Quiz: Feline Groovy
20 The Walt Disney Company released in 1970 an animated movie titled "The Aristocats". Which of the title characters takes music lessons at the piano?
Answer: Berlioz

The movie starts with an elderly lady changing her last will and testament in favour of her pet cats: Duchesse, the white mother and three kittens: Marie (white with a yellow hair band), Toulouse (ginger, wearing a blue bow tie) and Berlioz (grey/black, wearing a red bow tie). But Edgar, the butler, decides to get rid of the cats, and collect the inheritance himself. Edgar's schemes are thwarted by the intervention of various other animals, such as Thomas O'Malley the alley cat.
Duchesse teaches her kittens various artistic pastimes: Marie sings, Toulouse paints and Berlioz plays the piano. Soon after their encounter with Thomas O'Malley and his gang, Duchesse falls in love with Thomas.
Meryl Streep (JanIQ's pet cat) has some comments too. "I'm so sorry JanIQ doesn't own a piano, I'd love to play such an instrument. But I have to limit myself on retyping JanIQ's quiz questions."
    Your options: [ Toulouse ] [ Berlioz ] [ Marie ] [ Duchesse ]
  From Quiz: How Catty of You
21 Which 1978 live-action Disney film featured a cat called Jake who was actually 'Zunar-J-5/9 Doric 4-7' - a member of an advanced alien race?
Answer: The Cat from Outer Space

Jake (a much easier name than the 'alien' one that doesn't exactly trip off the human tongue) was forced to make an emergency landing on Earth when his flying saucer developed technical problems. The unlikely feline shaped visitor then set about making friends with the scientists responsible for investigating his 'Unidentified Flying Object', in order to obtain their help to repair the ship and enable his return home. However, as so often happens, things didn't go to plan and Jake was forced to remain on Earth, albeit with the comfort of an honorary citizenship and the company of a vast number of beings of very similar appearance.

The incorrect options are all live-action Disney films. 'Unidentified Flying Oddball' was released in 1979 and is based on Mark Twain's 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'. 'RocketMan' was an unsuccessful 1997 film featuring Beau Bridges and 'That Darn Cat!' was a 1965 film starring Hayley Mills that was remade (minus the titular exclamation mark) with Christina Ricci in 1997.
    Your options: [ Unidentified Flying Oddball ] [ The Cat from Outer Space ] [ That Darn Cat! ] [ RocketMan ]
  From Quiz: Cats are People Too!
22 Of which literary cat was it said, by one of the book's main characters, "Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw!"?
Answer: The Cheshire Cat, "Alice in Wonderland"

The Cheshire Cat first appears in chapter 6 of the book, "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland", and belongs to the Duchess. The grinning Cheshire Cat was not an original creation of Carroll's and the phrase "to grin like a Cheshire cat" was already a popular expression in use at the time he wrote the book, especially in the regional area of Cheshire, England.
    Your options: [ Winkie, "Escape to Witch Mountain" ] [ Crookshanks, "The Harry Potter" books ] [ The Cheshire Cat, "Alice in Wonderland" ] [ Fat Louie, "The Princess Diaries" ]
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
23 An advertising mascot, Tony the Tiger, was proclaimed the 'Tiger of the Year' in a publicity campaign in 1974 which coincided with the Chinese zodiac 'Year of the Tiger'. Which food item was Tony the mascot for?
Answer: Breakfast cereal

Tony the Tiger is the mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and is associated with the popular catchphrase "They're Grrrrreat!". The character was first developed in 1952 as part of a contest to come up with mascots for Kellogg's different cereal brands. Other contenders were Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant and Newt the Gnu, none of which attained Tony's popularity and were soon phased out.
    Your options: [ Canned soup ] [ Cup noodles ] [ Breakfast cereal ] [ Ready to eat pasta ]
  From Quiz: The Year of the Tiger
24 What is the name of Garfield's owner?
Answer: Jon Arbuckle

Jon is the one and only owner of Garfield. Liz is the veterinarian, who Garfield visits when he is ill, or when Jon wants to try to charm her, which rarely succeeds.
  From Quiz: Le Purrfect Pussycat
25 Cats have had their run of the White House. President Bill Clinton introduced us to a White House cat who became a media darling. What is the name of the Clinton Administration First Kitty?
Answer: Socks

Socks was born in March 1989, and was well established in the Clinton family before their move to the White House. She was just short of 20 years old when she left us in February 2009.
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
26 In which country did John Rendall and Ace Berg purchase their precious small lion cub?
Answer: England

In 1969, London, England was a wild, hip-swinging location of art, dance, fashion, music, publishing and celebrities. After listening to a friend speak about being able to obtain all sorts of animals, two college friends visited the world renowned Harrods exotic animal department where it had been said that every kind of animal could be found. On the other hand, if what you wanted could not be found in the department, they could get it for you. Australians, John Rendall and his friend Anthony "Ace" Bourke (surname changed to Berg) spotted and fell in love instantly with a small lion cub on display in a cage.

Neither of the young men could resist the temptation of the purchase, so they put their money together, passed the test given by Harrods on pet requirements, and rescued the three-month old, thirty-five pound feline for 250 guineas. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of a rare and beautiful relationship.
    Your options: [ Australia ] [ China ] [ Kenya ] [ England ]
  From Quiz: Christian: The Lion that Captured Our Hearts
27 Humphrey was a famous cat from England whose exploits were even reported in the newspapers. Where did he live?
Answer: 10 Downing Street

  From Quiz: Famous Cats And Their People
28 "Oliver and Company", a Disney film loosely based around "Oliver Twist", featured a small kitten trying to fit in. What was his name?
Answer: Oliver

He tries to hang out with the dogs. The plot and characters are based loosely around the classic, "Olver Twist!" Georgette is voiced by Bette Midler, and the cast also features Billy Joel and Joey Lawrence.
  From Quiz: Famous Cats
29 Jonesy was a fearless feline that survived an attack by an evil being in which science fiction movie?
Answer: Alien

Jonesy, along with Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley, got out alive when the Alien was aboard the spaceship. It's amazing that Jonesy lived while so many others were killed! Jonesy also appeared briefly during the beginning of the sequel "Aliens".
    Your options: [ Predator ] [ Invasion of the Body Snatchers ] [ The Terminator ] [ Alien ]
  From Quiz: Can't Get Enough of Those Furry Felines!
30 Who were the original owners of Boy and Girl?
Answer: The Scots Guards

Boy and Girl were found by the Scots Guards in Marsabit when they were a few days old. They were apparently abandoned. Sergeant Ronald Ryves was their caretaker.
  From Quiz: Boy and Girl, The "Born Free" Lions
31 What zoo was Christian born at?
Answer: Ilfracombe Zoo

Christian was born at the Ilfracombe Zoo. His father was The Big One, Elsa's sister's grandson. Back then pedigree papers were given to wild animals born in zoos. When Christian was bought by Ace and John, they received his papers.
  From Quiz: The Life Of Christian The Lion
32 What did Dick Whittington trade his cat for?
Answer: gold and jewels

Dick Whittington traded his cat for gold and jewels and eventually ended up the mayor of London.
  From Quiz: Cats In Literature and History
33 C is for Catbert, an evil ginger cat who makes life a living hell for the staff in the comic strip 'Dilbert'. What is Catbert's job within the organisation?
Answer: Human resources manager

'Catbert, Evil HR Manager' ran the caption for strips featuring Catbert. 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams came up with the idea of making a cat a HR manager because he liked the combination of cuteness and meanness. Catbert would create unreasonable and sometimes plain ludicrous office policies and threaten employees' jobs, while asking them to scratch his belly or stroke him. Like Dogbert and Dilbert, he wore glasses.
  From Quiz: Cat's Entertainment!
34 The Darby Conley character Bucky B. Katt is a Siamese in what syndicated comic strip?
Answer: Get Fuzzy

Debuting in 1999, "Get Fuzzy" featured a trio of characters going about their occasionally-absurd lives in the same apartment. Pet owner Rob Wilco cared for Bucky B. Katt, the Siamese of our question, and Satchel Pooch, a Shar-Pei/Golden Retriever mix, as they got into hijinx. The strip ended up going on the backburner in the 2010s with most newspapers rerunning weekday strips and, eventually, Sunday strips as cartoonist Conley pulled back from the job. Bucky B. Katt is notable for having a single longer-than-normal fang.
  From Quiz: Siamese... If You Please
35 Which little lion cub was going to be king in 'The Lion King'?
Answer: Simba

'The Lion King' was a Disney film that was released in 1994. It was the story of Simba, whose dad was killed when Simba was a young cub. He was brought up by his friends Timon and Pumba, and was destined to be king one day.
    Your options: [ Rory ] [ Simba ] [ Charles ] [ Ginger ]
  From Quiz: Dandy Lions
36 There's a dance-fight scene involving cats in what 2011 movie also featuring Humpty Dumpty?
Answer: Puss in Boots

Occurring earlier on in the movie, the dance battle features Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots facing off against a cat wearing a mask in a one-on-one Latin dance battle and swordfight. The cat is later revealed to be his eventual love interest, Kitty Softpaws, played by Salma Hayek. The film is a side-adventure in the "Shrek" universe from which Puss originated (in "Shrek 2") and featured a number of other fairy tale mainstays (including Humpty Dumpty, the goose who laid the golden eggs, and Jack and Jill. Director Chris Miller was also a story artist for the other "Shrek" movies and Dreamworks' "Madagascar".
  From Quiz: Feline Groovy
37 The Sci-Fi TV show 'Red Dwarf' included a character who was an extremely vain and flamboyantly dressed humanoid cat - a very distant descendant of today's feline pets. By what name was this catty character known?
Answer: The Cat

The character in question was unimaginatively named The Cat (or just Cat) and had a nasty (but amusing) habit of insulting his crewmates on the 22nd century mining ship, 'Red Dwarf'. However, the programme wasn't set in the 22nd century, as the ship had been held in stasis for over 3 million years while waiting for the effects of a massive radiation leak to wear off. Only one member of the original crew, a low-ranking technician named Dave Lister, survived the trip through time - but the descendants of Lister's cat, Frankenstein, managed to spend the time creating a whole new race of cat-humans (cunningly given the designation Felis sapiens), of whom The Cat was the last example.

The incorrect options are all other characters seen in 'Red Dwarf'. Kryten was a robot, Rimmer was a hologram, and Holly was the ship's computer.
  From Quiz: Cats are People Too!
38 "Eye of the Tiger" is a chart topping number performed by the American band, Survivor. Which movie's soundtrack did it feature on earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song in 1982?
Answer: Rocky III

The song was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone for "Rocky III" when he was unable to buy the rights to use Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust". The Oscar ultimately went to "Up Where We Belong" from "An Officer and a Gentleman". However the song did help Survivor win the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.
    Your options: [ Flashdance ] [ For Your Eyes Only ] [ Rocky III ] [ Tootsie ]
  From Quiz: The Year of the Tiger
39 Not all members of the feline species are gentle and loving! Some of the big cats "play too rough," as Elvis Presley sang in a 1957 hit song. He didn't want to be a tiger or lion, but asked instead, "Let Me Be Your" what?
Answer: Teddy bear

"I don't wanna be a tiger, 'cause tigers play too rough
I don't wanna be a lion, 'cause lions ain't the kind you love enough."

Written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe, "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" was a #1 hit for Elvis Presley in 1957. It also appeared in the soundtrack of his 1957 movie, "Loving You." Perhaps if Beanie Babies had been around in the 1950s, the lyrics would've been different - Ty's wildcats are cute and cuddly enough to rival even a teddy bear.
  From Quiz: Felines In Fiction
40 What is the occupation of Garfield's owner?
Answer: Cartoonist

Jon is a cartoonist who has tough luck with women, and has a very bad taste in clothes.
  From Quiz: Le Purrfect Pussycat
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