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Trivia Questions and Answers
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40 El Salvador Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about El Salvador? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to El Salvador (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 El Salvador's total area is comparable to which other country?
Answer: Wales

Like Wales, El Salvador is around 8,110 square miles (21,000 square km) in area. El Salvador is the smallest country of Central America. It is also the only country of Central America that does not have a Caribbean coastline.
    Your options: [ Northern Ireland ] [ Andorra ] [ Sweden ] [ Wales ]
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2 El Salvador's coastline has a unique feature among Central American countries. What is this feature?
Answer: It does not border the Caribbean Sea

El Salvador is bordered by Honduras to the northeast and Guatemala to the northwest. The rest of the country forms the coastline with the Pacific Ocean, which places the country's lowest point at 0 feet, or sea level. The coastal region has a tropical climate, with a more temperate climate inland. The land borders are roughly 515 kilometres and the coastline is 307 kilometres.
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3 What is the biggest city in El Salvador?
Answer: San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador too.
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4 Cerro El Pital is the highest mountain of El Salvador. It is located on El Salvador's border with what other Central American country?
Answer: Honduras

Cerro El Pital is approximately 8,960 feet (2,730 m) high. It is the third-highest peak of Honduras, and the coldest place in El Salvador.

The El Salvador-Honduras border is approximately 160 miles (255 km) long. This was established in the 1840s when El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua were all part of the former country, the Federal Republic of Central America. The three countries split in 1856, establishing the modern borders of these countries.
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5 El Salvador is bordered by Guatemala and Honduras. What is the name of the mountain range which forms much of the border between El Salvador and Honduras?
Answer: Sierra Madre de Chiapas

The Sierra Madre de Chiapas (also known simply as the Sierra Madre) are a range of mountains which runs from Mexico down through Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. In El Salvador, the range is largely made up of around twenty volcanoes.
    Your options: [ Maya Mountains ] [ Cacahuatique Mountains ] [ Sierra Madre de Chiapas ] [ Sierra del Merendón ]
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6 What is the highest volcano in El Salvador?
Answer: Santa Ana Volcano

It towers 7,760 feet above sea level.
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7 What is the westernmost city of El Salvador?
Answer: Ahuachapan

Located near El Salvador's border with Guatemala, Ahuachapán is the capital city of the Ahuachapán Department in the west of the country.

Ahuachapán sees a lot of geothermal activity, with steam vents active on the surrounding mountains. A geothermal energy plant is located in the city as well as a hydroelectric plant.

Ahuachapán is the home town of Salvadoran poet, Alfredo Espino (1900-1928) who died before his poetry could be published and critically acclaimed.
  From Quiz: Central America: All about El Salvador
8 El Salvador is largely divided into two regions, the interior highlands and the Pacific lowlands. How much of the area (approximately) of El Salvador do these Pacific lowlands cover?
Answer: 15%

The Pacific lowlands form a narrow strip which runs along the coastline of El Salvador. At its narrowest point, it is only one kilometre wide. The interior highlands make of approximately 85% of El Salvador's land area. The central plateau which forms part of the interior highlands is the most densely populated area of El Salvador.
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9 The indigenous Pipils spoke of Santa Ana as "Sihuatehuacan". What does "Sihuatehuacan" mean in Nahuatl?
Answer: City of Witches

Founded in 1708, the town is considered to be one of El Salvador's most important architectural and cultural treasures.
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10 The January 2001 El Salvador earthquake killed around 945 people. Its epicentre was 60 miles (100 km) south-west of what city of the country?
Answer: San Miguel

The city of San Miguel is located in the east of El Salvador. In 1655, the city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Legends have it that only a portrait of the Virgin Mary survived the disaster.

The San Miguel volcano is only just over 9 miles (15 km) south-west of the city. It is around 6,990 feet (2,130 m) high.

On January 13 2001, a 7.8-7.9 magnitude earthquake struck El Salvador. Around 5,550 were injured, 945 died and over 10,000 homes were destroyed. Every department of El Salvador was affected by the earthquake, but the departments of La Libertad and Usulután particularly suffered. The tremors were felt as far away as Colombia and Mexico. It spread to Guatemala, where it killed eight people.

El Salvador lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, as well as being atop two tectonic plates: the Cocoas Plate, which is being subducted by the Caribbean Plate. This makes the area prone to earthquakes, and also caused one in El Salvador in 1982, as well as the Nicaragua earthquake of 1992.
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11 What is El Salvador's total population as of July 2003?
Answer: 6,470,379 Inhabitants

Situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador has Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east.
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12 The Archbishop of San Salvador, Óscar Romero, was assassinated in 1980. Where in El Salvador is he buried?
Answer: Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior, also known as San Salvador Cathedral, was established around 1842. It has undergone considerable renovations, with artist Fernando Llort adorning a festive tiled facade across the cathedral in 1999. However, by 2012, José Luis Escobar Alas (the Archbishop of San Salvador) had the tiles removed without consulting the artist nor El Salvador's government.

Óscar Romero was the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador. Nobody was ever convicted for his murder. He was shot while taking part in Mass. During his funeral at the San Salvador Cathedral, between 30-50 people were killed by gunfire and bombs exploding. Again, nobody was convicted for this atrocity.
  From Quiz: Central America: All about El Salvador
13 El Salvador is known as the 'Land of Volcanoes'. Which volcano earned the nickname 'Lighthouse of the Pacific' as its eruptions and glowing lava were visible at a great distance?
Answer: Izalco

The Izalco volcano was 'born' in 1770 and is located on the southern side of another volcano - the Santa Ana. For nearly two centuries, its regular eruptions created a beacon in the night sky, which is where the nickname El Faro or Lighthouse of the Pacific came from. Neighbouring volcanoes are largely forested, which makes Izalco very distinct with its barren slopes and is a draw for tourists who regularly climb it.
    Your options: [ Conchagüita ] [ Santa Ana ] [ Izalco ] [ San Miguel ]
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14 El Salvador is divided into 14 departments. Which is the largest by area?
Answer: Usulutan

Usulután Department has an approximate are of 820 square miles (2,130 square km), and is located in the south-east of El Salvador. The capital city of the same name, Usulután, boasts Sergio Torres Stadium, the only stadium of El Salvador wholly owned by its football club (C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo - or just "Firpo").
    Your options: [ La Paz ] [ Morazan ] [ Cabanas ] [ Usulutan ]
  From Quiz: Central America: All about El Salvador
15 In 1976, a bulldozer unexpectedly unearthed an ancient Mayan village which had been buried by the eruption of a volcano in approximately AD 595. Known as the 'Pompeii of the Americas', what is the name of this village?
Answer: Joya de Cerén

Joya de Cerén very nearly became a grain silo. In 1976, a bulldozer impacted on a wall. Following calls to the National Museum of El Salvador, further excavation revealed a thatched roof, which was assumed to be a fairly recent construction and construction of the silo was free to go ahead.
Two years later, Payson Sheets, on hearing that some pottery had been unearthed, decided to have a look. What he found was groundbreaking - Mayan pottery from what is known as the Classical Period (AD 500 to 800).
Although Cerén has been referred to as the 'Pompeii of the Americas' or the 'New World Pompeii', the type of ash which buried the village of Cerén was actually different to that of Pompeii and allowed for greater preservation. Excavation of the village has allowed archaeologists to learn an incredible amount about the life of the peasant class of the period - of which little was known prior to this discovery.
    Your options: [ Palenque ] [ Tazumel ] [ Joya de Cerén ] [ Coba ]
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16 What is the largest town along the eastern coastal highway?
Answer: Usulutan

Usulutan has a population of about 80,000 people.
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17 The climate in El Salvador is tropical and the year is generally divided between a dry season and a rainy season. When does the rainy season begin?
Answer: May

The rainy season, generally referred to locally as winter, begins in May and continues through to October. The dry season, or summer, begins in November, when trade winds are carried across Honduras from the Caribbean. These trade winds lose their moisture as they travel across Honduras and are dry when they reach El Salvador. Despite the distinction between winter and summer, the temperature does not really vary from season to season and is dictated more by elevation than anything else.
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18 What is the largest of the Salvadoran isles?
Answer: Meanguera

Meanguera is located in the Gulf of Fonseca, which also contains the islands of Meanguerita, Amapala and El Tigre.
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19 What town of El Salvador is famous for being the place where Salvadoran artist, Fernando Llort, taught his craft?
Answer: La Palma

Fernando Llort (1949-2018) was often coined "El Salvador's National Artist." He has a colourful style, sometimes even child-like.

La Palma is close to El Salvador's border with Honduras. He taught the citizens of this town how to make a living through creating art, and to this day art is still widely created and appreciated here.
  From Quiz: Central America: All about El Salvador
20 For many years, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua engaged in a dispute for the control of which gulf?
Answer: Gulf of Fonseca

In 1992 the ICJ, International Court of Justice, decreed that control of the Gulf of Fonseca would be shared by the three nations and the islands of Meanguera and Meanguerita were given into El Salvador's control. The Gulf of Fonseca is named after Juan Rodríguez de Fonseca, a Spanish bishop who was an advisor of Queen Isabella of Spain, and was instrumental in unseating Christopher Columbus as governor of the lands Columbus had discovered. Fonseca also facilitated the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan.
    Your options: [ Gulf of Guayaquil ] [ Gulf of Honduras ] [ Gulf of Fonseca ] [ Gulf of Mosquitos ]
  From Quiz: Ebullient El Salvador
21 What is the little home town to a controversial museum founded by former guerrilla combatants?
Answer: Perquin

Exhibits include photos of revolutionary figures, a mock-up of the guerrilla radio station that broadcast illicitly throughout the war, a bomb crater and reproductions of huts in which guerrillas lived in the mountain around Perquin.
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22 The Santa Ana Volcano is the highest volcano in El Salvador. What is the second-highest?
Answer: San Vicente

San Vicente is 7,160 feet (2,180 m) high. It has a double summit and is known as "the mountain of the two breasts" (or "Chichontepec" in the Nawat language) due to the mountain resembling a woman's bosom. There are two craters on each summit.

In 1995, Aviateca Flight 901 crashed into San Vincente, killing all 65 people on board.

The Santa Ana Volcano is approximately 7,810 feet (2,380 m) high.
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23 In January 2001, the US dollar was adopted as the currency of El Salvador. Prior to this change, what was the national currency?
Answer: Colón

The Salvadoran colón was named after Christopher Columbus; his name is Spanish is Cristóbal Colón. It replaced the peso as Salvadoran currency in 1892. Each note displayed an image of Columbus on one side and featured various iconic landmarks on the reverse, such as the Izalco volcano, which appeared on the 10 colón note.
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24 When was El Salvador's National Zoo built?
Answer: 1953

It's located just over a mile from San Salvador's downtown and contains approximately 650 different species of local and foreign animals.
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25 One of the most violent prisons in the country, Ciudad Barrios prison, is located in what city of El Salvador?
Answer: San Miguel

Between 2004-2015 the prison only housed members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic rival gangs such as 18th Street have been housed alongside MS-13. This has caused controversy, as has overcrowding; the prison capacity is 800 people, yet it regularly houses over 2,500 prisoners. Guards at this prison have been reported as unwilling to attempt to control the prisoners, as there are around 50 prisoners for every guard.
  From Quiz: Central America: All about El Salvador
26 What is an ancient indigenous village located nine miles south of San Salvador?
Answer: Panchimalco

A colonial church dating back to 1725 is located here.
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27 What is the largest of El Salvador's natural lakes and a very popular tourist site?
Answer: Lake Ilopango

It is a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes and mountains.
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28 Who was elected President in 1999?
Answer: Francisco Flores

Francisco Flores took office in June 1999.
  From Quiz: Magic El Salvador
29 What is a mountain village northeast of San Salvador well known for artisans who produce ceramics?
Answer: Ilobasco

Ilobasco is a Nahuatl word meaning "the place of many corn fields".
  From Quiz: Magic El Salvador
30 When was Santa Ana cathedral built?
Answer: 1905

The interior is decorated with images dating back to the 16th century.
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31 What town is famous for its weavings?
Answer: San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located 22 miles from San Salvador.
  From Quiz: Magic El Salvador
32 What Pre-Columbian settlement was buried by volcanic ash almost 1,400 years ago?
Answer: Joya de Ceren

Joya de Ceren was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.
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33 What is Central America's most important Pacific port?
Answer: Acajutla

Acajutla has the most extensive and modern facilities in the region.
  From Quiz: Magic El Salvador
34 Where was famed Salvadoran artist Salarrue born?
Answer: Sonsonate

Novelist, painter, sculptor and poet, Salarrue left an indelible mark on the country's cultural development.
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35 In which department is Lake Coatepeque located?
Answer: Santa Ana

55 kilometers from San Salvador.
    Your options: [ Chalatenango ] [ Ahuachapan ] [ Santa Ana ] [ San Salvador ]
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36 Lake Ilopango stretches across three departments. Which are these departments?
Answer: La Paz, Cuscatlan & San Salvador

Lying at an altitude of 1,490 feet above sea level, Ilopango has a diameter of 72.5 kilometers.
    Your options: [ La Paz, Usulutan & San Vicente ] [ La Paz, Cuscatlan & San Vicente ] [ La Paz, Cuscatlan & San Salvador ] [ Chalatenango, Cuscatlan & San Salvador ]
  From Quiz: Magic El Salvador
37 What extinct volcano rises 6,660 feet above sea level?
Answer: Cerro Verde

Located within the Cerro Verde National Park.
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38 What is El Salvador's youngest volcano?
Answer: Izalco Volcano

Once known as the "light-house of the Pacific", Izalco's fiery activity could once be seen by sailors far out at sea.
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39 What was the last time San Miguel Volcano erupted in the 20th century?
Answer: 1976

The crater is more than a thousand feet deep.
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40 Western El Salvador consists of three departments. Which are these departments?
Answer: Ahuachapan, Sonsonate & Santa Ana

The western area of the country is home to some of the few remaining indigenous communities.
    Your options: [ San Miguel, Morazan & La Union ] [ Ahuachapan, Santa Ana & Chalatenango ] [ Ahuachapan, Sonsonate & Santa Ana ] [ Ahuachapan, Sonsonate & La Paz ]
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