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Trivia Questions and Answers
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100 Virginia Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Virginia? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Virginia (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 Virginia Beach is the most populated city in Virginia. What is its ranking in the United States, based on the population in 2006?
Answer: 37th

Virginia Beach is the 37th largest city in the United States of America. In 2006 there were about 461,950 people living in Virginia Beach.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
2 This 17.6 mile long road over water links the eastern shore (DelMarva peninsula) to the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
Answer: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which was completed April 15, 1964, measures 17.6 miles from shore to shore and is considered the longest bridge tunnel complex in the world. It has also become one of Virginia's main tourist attractions.
    Your options: [ Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel ] [ Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel ] [ James River Bridge ] [ Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel ]
  From Quiz: Hampton Roads Area
3 What is Virginia's state bird?
Answer: Cardinal

The cardinal was chosen as the state bird in 1950.
  From Quiz: Virginia--Old Dominion
4 Virginia (VA) Rt. 7 is known by several names, except:
Answer: Dolley Madison Blvd

VA 7 runs from Old Town Alexandria out to western Loudoun Co., VA. It's also called Harry Byrd Hwy (Loudoun Co.) and Market St. (Leesburg). BTW, Dolley Madison Blvd is the name of VA 123 as it runs through McLean, VA.
    Your options: [ Leesburg Pike ] [ King St. ] [ Dolley Madison Blvd ] [ Broad St. ]
  From Quiz: Northern Virginia Roads
5 Who or what was Newport News named after?
Answer: Christopher Newport

I had an Advanced Placement Government teacher who developed a theory that it was named after 'Port Nuece' of England. He claims that orginal maps spell it' 'New Port Nuece.' But most books on Newport News agree that this town was named after Captain Christopher Newport
  From Quiz: Newport News
6 Jamestown, the first of the original 13 Colonies was founded for the purpose of what?
Answer: silk cultivation

After blight fungus destroyed the mulberry trees (what the silkworms ate), tobacco was planted as a cash crop.
  From Quiz: Virginia
7 Virginia is also called the 'Mother of ___'. Complete the nickname.
Answer: Presidents

At least eight of the US Presidents have been from Virginia. George Washington, first President of the US, was born at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson, third President, was born at Monticello. James Madison, fourth President was born at Montpelier. James Monroe, the fifth US President, was born at Ash Lawn. William Henry Harrison was the ninth US President, and was born at Berkeley Plantation. John Tyler, the tenth US President, was born at Sherwood Forest, Virginia. Zachary Taylor was the twelfth US President and was from Orange County, Virginia. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President and was from Manse, Virginia.
    Your options: [ Virginians ] [ Colonies ] [ Presidents ] [ the East ]
  From Quiz: 'Virginia is for Lovers', The Quiz!
8 There are three and a half military bases located in Virginia Beach. These include NAS Oceana, NAB Little Creek, US Army's Fort Story, and what other base?
Answer: FTC Dam Neck

NAB Little Creek is mostly in Virginia Beach, but it has a Norfolk, Virginia address. NAS Oceana is the largest employer in Virginia Beach. Mainly working there are Naval Aviators. Naval Air Station and Fleet Training Center Dam Neck are considered to be the largest of their kind in the US.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
9 This project, completed in 2001, was Portsmouth, Virgina's biggest investment in years, costing a total of $46 million.
Answer: Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center

Situated on the Elizabeth River in Olde Towne, the Renaissance Hotel played a big role in the revitalization of downtown Portsmouth as well as the rest of the city. The downtown area is not fully revitalized yet but it is well on it's way out of the trenches.
    Your options: [ nTelos Pavillion at Harbor Center ] [ Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center ] [ Victory Crossing Shopping Center ] [ VA Sports Hall of Fame ]
  From Quiz: Portsmouth, Virginia
10 What is the state dog?
Answer: American Foxhound

It was chosen as the state dog in 1966 and is only one of four breed that have been developed in America.
  From Quiz: Virginia--Old Dominion
11 The George Washington Parkway is called this as it runs through Alexandria.
Answer: Washington St.

The GW Parkway runs from I-495 near the VA-MD border down to George Washington's Mt. Vernon estate.
    Your options: [ The Parkway ] [ Martha St. ] [ Washington St. ] [ Mt. Vernon Ave. ]
  From Quiz: Northern Virginia Roads
12 Newport News is the home of the world's largest(________________)?
Answer: shipyard

Bill Gates owns the largest percentage of stock in this company.
  From Quiz: Newport News
13 How many Presidents of the United States were born in Virginia?
Answer: 8

They were: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.
  From Quiz: Virginia
14 Name the mountain range running through the complete western section of the state of Virginia.
Answer: Blue Ridge

Virginia has the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, which contains many scenic views. The second range is part of the Allegheny Mountain Range, and in between the two ranges lies the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.
    Your options: [ Smokey Mountains ] [ Rockies ] [ Blue Ridge ] [ Central Ridge ]
  From Quiz: 'Virginia is for Lovers', The Quiz!
15 Located in Virginia Beach is a very large landfill. Many events take place on and around this landfill, including Independence Day fireworks, carnivals, and much more. What is the name of this landfill, and the lake next to it?
Answer: Mount Trashmore

Mount Trashmore, a pun off of Mount Rushmore, is a 60 ft mountain made of trash and covered in green, lush grass. Surrounding Mount Trashmore are two lakes - Lake Trashmore and Lake Windsor. Also next to Mount Trashmore is a skate park where Tony Hawk and Mark "Gator" Rogowski made appearances before it was burned down. However, a new skate park has been constructed.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
16 How many independent cities lie within the Hampton Roads region?
Answer: 10

Virginia has a total of 40 independent cities. The Hampton Roads region is also called the Seven Cities area because of the major independent cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, and Suffolk. But there are also the independent cities of Williamsburg, Poquoson, and Franklin.
  From Quiz: Hampton Roads Area
17 What is the Virginia state shell?
Answer: Oyster

The oyster represents Virginia's position on Chesapeake Bay and was adopted in 1974.
  From Quiz: Virginia--Old Dominion
18 What famous artist was from Newport News?
Answer: Pearl Bailey

There is library named after her the Southeastern part of Newport News.
  From Quiz: Newport News
19 How many President's wives were born in Virginia?
Answer: 6

They were: Martha Washington, Martha Jefferson, Rachel Jackson, Letitia Tyler, Ellen Arthur, Edith Wilson.
  From Quiz: Virginia
20 Virginia enjoys Atlantic Ocean beaches. Name the largest (and most popular) beach.
Answer: Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has a fantastic boardwalk and beautiful ocean views. Virginia Beach boardwalk is 28-feet wide and stretches for three miles. It features a separate bike path, making it perfect for strolling, rollerblading and shopping.
    Your options: [ Nags Head ] [ Atlantic Beach ] [ Virginia Beach ] [ Ocean City ]
  From Quiz: 'Virginia is for Lovers', The Quiz!
21 Virginia Beach contains one water park. What is this water park's name?
Answer: Ocean Breeze Water Park

Ocean Breeze Water Park's mascot is a giant gorilla called Hugh Mongus. Ocean Breeze includes many slides including Largo Loop, Bahama Mama, Jungle Falls, Hurricane, and much more. Water Country USA is located in York County, Virginia (about three miles south of Williamsburg), and is owned by Anheuser-Busch (the company responsible for Busch Gardens).
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
22 Portsmouth, Virginia, was founded in what year?
Answer: 1752

Portsmouth was founded by Col. William Crawford in 1752.
  From Quiz: Portsmouth, Virginia
23 The city of Virginia Beach merged with what county in 1963 to avoid being annexed by Norfolk?
Answer: Princess Anne County

During the 1960s Norfolk and Portsmouth were the two dominating cities in the area. To avoid being sucked up by these two monsters, Princess Anne County merged with Virginia Beach to form what is now Va. Beach and Norfolk County merged with Chesapeake, avoiding Portsmouth, to form the Chesapeake city we have today. The two cities now have almost twice the people of their annexing counterparts.
  From Quiz: Hampton Roads Area
24 US 50 is known by several names, except:
Answer: Fairfax Dr.

It's Arlington Blvd. from the Potomac River to the city of Fairfax. In Fairfax, it runs contiguous with US 29 and is called Lee Hwy. It is called Northwest Turnpike on its entrance to Virginia from West Virginia.
    Your options: [ Lee Hwy. ] [ Arlington Blvd. ] [ Fairfax Dr. ] [ Northwest Turnpike ]
  From Quiz: Northern Virginia Roads
25 What bridge created on Lake Maury in 1931 still stands today?
Answer: Lion's Bridge

'The project that perhaps had the greatest impact on the park was the construction of a dam across the mouth of Waters Creek. This dam, known locally as 'Lions Bridge' because of the decorative stone lions that adorn it, was completed in 1931, creating the 167 acre lake now known as Lake Maury. The lake was named for Matthew Fontaine Maury, famed 19th century oceanographer and native Virginian.' from:(The Mariners Museum website)
  From Quiz: Newport News
26 How many Presidents are buried in Virginia?
Answer: 7

They are: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taft and Kennedy.
  From Quiz: Virginia
27 Western-central Virginia has a beautiful valley area. What is the valley's name?
Answer: Shenandoah

Poems have been penned about the awesome beauty of the Shenandoah Valley. It has caverns that attract tourists annually to the area as well.

The Shenandoah Valley features beautiful farms and inns along winding country roads and the popular Skyline Drive. The Blue Ridge Parkway is probably the most beautiful parkway in the U.S. One of the natural wonders of the world is Virginia's 100-million-year-old Natural Bridge.

The region has many caverns, which include Luray and Shenandoah, which has an elevator to take tourists underground. With each lowering step into the cavern, the temperature goes down one degree!
  From Quiz: 'Virginia is for Lovers', The Quiz!
28 What picture is on both the Virginia Beach flag and seal?
Answer: Lighthouse

The flag and seal of Virginia Beach picture a lighthouse on a beach, with an orange sun in the background.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
29 Who was the founder of Portsmouth, Virginia?
Answer: Col. William Crawford

John Smith first surveyed the land in 1608, but go downtown and the name Crawford is all over the place. Crawford Bay, Crawford Street, Crawford Pkwy, and Crawford Executive Building on Effingham. Also my last name is Crawford and I'm from Portsmouth (no relation to Col. Bill).
  From Quiz: Portsmouth, Virginia
30 What is the state insect?
Answer: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

This common butterfly has black and yellow stipes and was adopted in 1991.
  From Quiz: Virginia--Old Dominion
31 VA 123 is known by how many names?
Answer: 5

It's (IIRC) Gordon Blvd. in Prince William Co., Ox Rd. up to the city of Fairfax, Chain Bridge Rd. through Fairfax and up to Vienna, Maple Ave. through Vienna, back to Chain Bridge Rd. through Tysons Corner, Dolley Madison Blvd. through McLean (Chain Bridge Rd. runs parallel to it, but is not VA 123), then back to Chain Bridge Rd. through Langley up to the Potomac, where it crosses into DC on... The Chain Bridge!
  From Quiz: Northern Virginia Roads
32 The first ________ grown in the United States were grown in Virginia.
Answer: peanuts
    Your options: [ peanuts ] [ grapes ] [ tobacco plants ] [ oranges ]
  From Quiz: Virginia
33 What state is Virginia Beach closest to?
Answer: North Carolina

Virginia Beach is located in the southeast corner of Virginia, and is close to the state line between Virginia and North Carolina. Maryland borders Virginia to the north and West Virginia is to the northwest. Delaware doesn't border Virginia at all.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
34 What famous warship was sunk, and later raised and repurposed, at Gosport (now Norfolk Naval Shipyard) in Portsmouth?
Answer: Merrimack

The Merrimack (later CSS Virginia) is known for its great battle with the Monitor just off the Portsmouth coastline in Hampton Roads during the Civil War.
  From Quiz: Portsmouth, Virginia
35 What is the state fish?
Answer: Brook Trout

In 1993, the General Assembly recognized the brook trout as the state fish.
  From Quiz: Virginia--Old Dominion
36 VA 236 is known by all these names, except:
Answer: Prince St.

It's Duke St. in Alexandria, Little River Tnpk. in Fairfax Co., and Main St. in the city of Fairfax.
    Your options: [ Main St. ] [ Duke St. ] [ Prince St. ] [ Little River Turnpike ]
  From Quiz: Northern Virginia Roads
37 Newport News is home of one of the first African Americans to try a case before the Virginia Supreme Court. What is his name?
Answer: J. Thomas Newsome

His home is now a museum and cultural center in Southeastern Newport News.
  From Quiz: Newport News
38 Virginia has had three capital cities. One is Richmond, another is Jamestown. Name the capital Virginia had from 1699 to 1779
Answer: Williamsburg
  From Quiz: Virginia
39 What is the state bird of Virginia?
Answer: cardinal

The cardinal is Virginia's beautiful red bird! The male bird is bright red with a black face and a prominent red crest. The female is a soft gray with red accents on her wings, tail and beak. Cardinals are really beautiful in the white snow!

Other state official/favorites:
Bat: Virginia Big-Eared Bat
Beverage: Milk
Dance: Virginia Reel
Dog: American Foxhound
Fish: Brook trout
Motto: Sic semper tyrannis
  From Quiz: 'Virginia is for Lovers', The Quiz!
40 What region of the United States is Virginia Beach located in as per the US Census Bureau?
Answer: South Atlantic

The US Census Bureau has designated Delaware, Maryland and all states southward including Florida to be in the South Atlantic region. New York, New Jersey are the mid-Atlantic states.
  From Quiz: Virginia Beach, VA
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