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430 Batman Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Batman? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Batman (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 "Batman" the movie has many connections to "Batman" the television show. One connection is how Batman and Robin get from the ground level of stately Wayne Manor to the Batcave. How do they do that?
Answer: They open a panel in the wall using a button hidden in the bust of Shakespeare.

One of the iconic images of the movie and television show is Bruce (usually) or sometimes Dick touching the button hidden in the bust of Shakespeare and the wall sliding open to reveal the poles to the Batcave - with poles conveniently labeled Bruce and Dick. There was an elevator that Alfred could use when he went to the Batcave, but I don't think Batman or Robin used it. One unusual feature of the film was that Batman was shown using a compressed air lift to travel back up the Batpole.

"Batman" appeared on ABC-TV for three seasons between 1966 and 1968 for a total of 120 episodes. (The first season was a mid-season replacement for the 1965-1966 season.) While the plan was initially to have the movie in theaters before the show began, it was ultimately changed to after the first season. The movie was used, however, to promote the show to other countries. There were plans to make a second Batman movie after the second season, but declining ratings later in the second season stopped that.
  From Quiz: Holy Motion Picture, Batman! ("Batman", 1966)
2 What is the signature characteristic of Bane, the main villain of "The Dark Knight Rises"?
Answer: He wears a mask that covers his face partially.

Indeed, Bane wears what looks like a biological mask that covers his mouth and nose, but not his eyes. Eventually it is shown that the mask helps him breath. Bane is played by Tom Hardy.

The green hair, as well as the wide smile and the catchphrase "Why so serious?", were Joker's signature characteristics from "The Dark Knight".
  From Quiz: The Dark Knight Rises
3 A madman went around creating chaos in Gotham city. He was heard to say, 'Why so serious?'; but which Batman was he up against?
Answer: Christian Bale

'The Dark Knight' (2008), was Christian Bale's second outing as Batman. Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent, a character who became badly injured in an accident conjured up by a madman, The Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger). The Joker used the expression, 'Why so serious?' in the movie. Harvey Dent became the 'Two-Face' character as a result of this.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Rachel Dawes), Morgan Freeman (as Lucius Fox), Eric Roberts (as Salvatore Maroni) and Gary Oldman (as Jim Gordon) also starred in the movie.

Christian Bale also starred in 'Equilibrium' (2002), 'Terminator Salvation' (2009), and 'Empire of the Sun' (1987).
    Your options: [ Michael Keaton ] [ Val Kilmer ] [ Kevin Conroy ] [ Christian Bale ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
4 By day, I was a successful businessman and philanthropist. By night, I fought crime. Who am I?
Answer: George Clooney

Clooney, born on May 6th, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky was cast as Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. In Batman's first scene, he and Robin responded to a call about how a guy named Mr. Freeze broke in and robbed a museum. They nearly got Mr. Freeze but he used his freeze gun to freeze Robin. Batman dipped Robin's frozen body, in water, and used a device to heat up the water,
melt the ice and save Robin. Throughout the film, Batman and Robin fought over Poison Ivy, primarily due to how Robin thought Batman was jealous that Poison Ivy liked him. Batman reminded him that he worked under him and, if he wanted to survive, he would abide by his rules. It was believed that Batman nearly killed Mr. Freeze's wife but he revealed, to Mr. Freeze, that Poison Ivy was the one behind her near death. Clooney starred in the films, "From Dusk 'til Dawn", "Syriana", and "Michael Clayton."
  From Quiz: Who Played Me in "Batman & Robin"?
5 What is the only "Batman" movie that doesn't mention the title hero?
Answer: The Dark Knight

"The Dark Knight" features a wonderful cast that includes Michael Caine, Christian Bale, and the late Heath Ledger. "The Dark Knight" centers on The Joker hatching a plan to kill Batman, with the help of several members of the mob. It also reveals Two-Face as a major villain and highlights the fall of Gotham's "White Knight" from hero to villain.
  From Quiz: "Batman" Anthology (2008)
6 Which person never played a villain in the "Batman" movies?
Answer: Adam West

Adam West played the original Batman on the TV show.
    Your options: [ Jim Carrey ] [ Tommy Lee Jones ] [ Jack Nicholson ] [ Adam West ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
7 'I made you, you made me first.' Who said it?
Answer: Batman

Batman says this to Joker.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
8 What are the first words spoken in the movie?
Answer: "I want a car. Chicks dig the car."- Robin

Robin: 'I want a car. Chicks dig the car.' Batman: 'This is why Superman works alone.' Alfred: 'Do try to bring this one back in one piece sir.' Robin: 'Don't wait up Al.' Alfred: 'I'll cancel the pizzas.' This is the whole opening conversation.
  From Quiz: Batman and Robin
9 In the course of his career, Adam West appeared as Batman opposite various actresses as Catwoman. Which actress portrayed Catwoman in the 1966 movie?
Answer: Lee Meriwether

Lee Meriwether also appeared in some Season 2 episodes, but not as Catwoman. Jill St. John never played Catwoman, but appeared in the first two episodes of the series as the Riddler's henchwoman, Molly, who died when she fell into the atomic pile generator of the Batcave.
    Your options: [ Jill St. John ] [ Julie Newmar ] [ Lee Meriwether ] [ Eartha Kitt ]
  From Quiz: Holy Motion Picture, Batman! ("Batman", 1966)
10 In "The Dark Knight", Rachel Dawes had left a letter to Bruce Wayne. In "The Dark Knight Rises", how does he find out what she had written in it?
Answer: Alfred tells Bruce about the letter and its contents.

In "The Dark Knight", Rachel had given the letter to Alfred, so he could give it to Bruce. After her death, Alfred had decided not to give the letter. However, when Bruce thinks about coming out of his retirement as Batman in the "The Dark Knight Rises", Alfred informs him of the existence of Rachel's letter. Alfred states that he had already burnt the letter in the past, but reveals its contents anyway (Rachel had written about her decision to marry Harvey Dent).
  From Quiz: The Dark Knight Rises
11 Andrea Beaumont and Bruce Wayne became lovers; but she was keeping a secret involving mob bosses and a secret identity. The Joker was also on hand to create mayhem. Which Batman unravelled the truth?
Answer: Kevin Conroy

'The Mask of the Phantasm' (1993), was based on the successful cartoon series of the 1990s, and featured the voice talent of Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Mark Hamill, of 'Star Wars' fame, voiced The Joker. Dana Delany featured as The Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont, a vigilante out for justice against the mob. Stacy Keach provided the voice of her father and the Phantasm also.

Kevin Conroy got his first real break in acting on 'Another World', where he played the character, Ricky Grove from 1980-1981.
    Your options: [ Adam West ] [ Christian Bale ] [ George Clooney ] [ Kevin Conroy ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
12 Which group of actors, in order, has played Batman in a film?
Answer: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale

Adam West was the original Batman for 1966's "Batman: The Movie". He was followed by Michael Keaton in "Batman" and "Batman Returns". Batman was then portrayed by Val Kilmer in "Batman Forever". George Clooney then became the Caped Crusader for "Batman and Robin". Finally, Christian Bale played him in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight".
    Your options: [ Adam West, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale ] [ Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale ] [ Adam West, George Clooney, Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale ] [ Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" Anthology (2008)
13 In which movie is Robin introduced?
Answer: Batman Forever

Chris O'Donnell played Dick Grayson. His family was killed by Two-Face. Bruce Wayne took him in. Dick discovered Bruce's secret and soon became Robin.
    Your options: [ Batman ] [ Batman and Robin ] [ Batman Returns ] [ Batman Forever ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
14 'Tell me kid, have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?'
Answer: Jack Napier/Joker

Napier says it to Bruce when his parents are killed. Joker says it to Bruce in Vicki's apartment.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
15 What is the name of Robin's motorcycle?
Answer: Redbird

'Redbird control codes.'- Batman. He shuts off the engine during a chase with Mr. Freeze.
  From Quiz: Batman and Robin
16 Who speaks the first line in the film?
Answer: Chuckie Sol

The film opens on Chuckie Sol and his henchmen. Chuckie's first line is, 'This has been a long time comin',' in reference to a major counterfeiting scheme he and his gang have been putting together for some time. I've always interpreted that line as having a double meaning as well, in that the first animated Batman film was also "a long time in coming"!
  From Quiz: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
17 In addition to Batman, Robin and the "Special Guest Star" villain or villains, no adventure would be complete without an appearance by the supporting cast members. Which supporting cast member was absent from the movie?
Answer: Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig played the dual role of Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in the third and final season of the show. Madge Blake, who played Aunt Harriet Cooper, did not have any lines in the movie, but appeared briefly working in the garden of stately Wayne Manor. Stafford Repp played the role of Chief O'Hara. Neil Hamilton played the role of Commissioner Gordon.
    Your options: [ Neil Hamilton ] [ Stafford Repp ] [ Yvonne Craig ] [ Madge Blake ]
  From Quiz: Holy Motion Picture, Batman! ("Batman", 1966)
18 In "The Dark Knight Rises", a new law has been passed in Gotham to allow the quick and strict sentencing of anyone associated with organized crime. What is the name of that law?
Answer: The Dent Act

The Dent Act was named after Harvey Dent, to honor his dedication in the fight against organized crime. Harvey Dent's public image as a hero is shattered after Bane reveals that Batman had taken the fault for the murders Harvey Dent had committed towards the end of "The Dark Knight", prior to his death.
  From Quiz: The Dark Knight Rises
19 'The box', an invention that could read minds, discovered Batman's secret identity; but which Batman?
Answer: Val Kilmer

'Batman Forever' (1995) was Val Kilmer's only outing as Batman. Chris O'Donnell featured as his sidekick, Robin, and Nicole Kidman featured as Dr. Chase Meridian in an all-star cast.

Tommy Lee Jones played the part of Two Face/Harvey Dent and Jim Carrey starred as The Riddler/Edward Nygma, where his character invented a machine ('the box') that could read the darkest secrets of people.

Drew Barrymore had a cameo role as one of Two Faces' ladies, Sugar.

Val Kilmer was in 'Willow' (1988) with Joanne Whalley, whom he married the same year. He featured as Iceman in 'Top Gun' (1986) and as Jim Morrison in 'The Doors' (1991).
    Your options: [ Michael Keaton ] [ Kevin Conroy ] [ George Clooney ] [ Val Kilmer ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
20 When Bruce Wayne is in Vicky Vale's apartment, who asks Bruce: "Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?"
Answer: The Joker

Jack Nicholson played The Joker in the (1989) "Batman" movie.
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
21 'Where does he get all those wonderful toys?'
Answer: Joker

Joker says this after Batman saves Vicki.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
22 When we first see Andrea Beaumont, she is on an airplane, looking at a magazine featuring Bruce Wayne on the cover. What magazine is it?
Answer: Fortune

The article is entitled, 'Bruce Wayne: One of the Wealthiest Entrepeneurs in Gotham.'
  From Quiz: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
23 A deformed, aviary enthusiast, criminal mastermind and a power-mad politician schemed together to take over Gotham city. Which Batman stood in their way?
Answer: Michael Keaton

'Batman Returns' (1992), was Michael Keaton's second and final appearance as Batman.

Danny De Vito played The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot (a character with deformed hands), Christopher Walken played Max Shreck and Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman/Selina Kyle. In the movie, The Penguin and Shreck plotted to take over Gotham City.

Michael Keaton was born as Michael Douglas, but that name was already taken for movie billing purposes. Michael started out as a cameraman for television in Pittsburgh.
    Your options: [ Val Kilmer ] [ Adam West ] [ Christian Bale ] [ Michael Keaton ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
24 Who played Poison Ivy in the movie: "Batman and Robin"(1997)?
Answer: Uma Thurman

Nicole Kidman played Dr. Chase Meridian in "Batman Forever"; Alicia Silverstone played Barbara Wilson/Batgirl, and Vivica A. Fox played Ms. B. Haven.
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
25 'My balloons. Those are my balloons.'
Answer: Joker

Joker says this to his henchmen after Batman steals the parade balloons.
    Your options: [ Batman ] [ Joker ] [ Bob ] [ No one said it ]
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
26 Where does Pamela Isley become Poison Ivy?
Answer: South America

Her boss pushes her into tables of chemicals that fill her veins with aloe, her skin with chlorophyl, and her lips with venom.
  From Quiz: Batman and Robin
27 Batman always seemed to have one gadget or another in his utility belt or in his vehicle. In an infamous scene, Batman uses repellent to fight off what type of dangerous creature during the course of the film?
Answer: Shark

"Hand me down the Shark Repellent Bat Spray," he calls to Robin. As I re-watched the movie to write this quiz, I couldn't help but notice how the "shark" was obviously a rubber dummy. In a storage area of their vehicle, they have a whole shelf of oceanic repellent "Bat Sprays", including ones for barracudas, whales, and manta rays.

Later in the movie, Batman and Robin find the cage where the shark, who had been stuffed with dynamite, was held. "What cruelty," Robin says. Batman replies, "Nothing's sacred to those devils!"
  From Quiz: Holy Motion Picture, Batman! ("Batman", 1966)
28 In "The Dark Knight Rises", Batman finds out his fight against the League of Shadows is not over. Which character is revealed to be the child of Ra's al Ghul, the villain of "Batman Begins"?
Answer: Miranda Tate

Miranda Tate is revealed, towards the end of "The Dark Knight Rises", to be Talia al Ghul. As Miranda she is a member of the board of Wayne Enterprises, and friendly with Bruce Wayne himself, but in fact she is the one who guides Bane. Miranda Tate is portrayed by Marion Cotillard.
    Your options: [ John Blake ] [ Selina Kyle ] [ Miranda Tate ] [ Lucius Fox ]
  From Quiz: The Dark Knight Rises
29 A female vigilante, dubbed 'The Batwoman', was out for justice, and every time Batman thought he had uncovered her identity, a new puzzle arose. It didn't add up for which Batman?
Answer: Kevin Conroy

'Mystery of the Batwoman' (2003) was based on the cartoon series of the 1990s. Kyra Sedwick, who has been married to Kevin Bacon, featured as the voice of the Batwoman, a vigilante whom the authorities believed was in cahoots with Batman. The Batwoman in the movie was a persona shared by three ladies; 'Rocky' Ballantine (voiced by Kelly Ripa), 'Kathy' Duquesne (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) and detective, Sonia Alcana (voiced by Eliza Gabrielli).

David Ogden Stiers featured as The Penguin and Hector Elizondo featured as Bane.

Kevin Conroy performed in 'Hamlet' and 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream' in California (San Diego) as a young actor. He went on to perform the title role in 'Hamlet' in New York at a Shakespeare festival in 1984, before his 'Batman' days.
    Your options: [ Adam West ] [ Michael Keaton ] [ George Clooney ] [ Kevin Conroy ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
30 Which film features only one villain as an opponent for Batman?
Answer: Batman

The 1989 "Batman" film, that starred Michael Keaton, only has The Joker as a villain. Harvey Dent is in the film, however he is not yet Two-Face so he is not an opponent. "Batman Begins" features Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul for a total of two villains. "Batman: The Movie" features The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, and The Penguin. Finally, three villains appear in "The Dark Knight". They are the Scarecrow (though only briefly), The Joker, and Two-Face.
"Batman" focuses on Jack Napier, the second in command of mob boss Carl Grissom, who becomes the Joker after an accident with a chemical bath. He then proceeds to alter certain hygiene products so that they would be fatal when used in combination.
    Your options: [ The Dark Knight ] [ Batman ] [ Batman: The Movie ] [ Batman Begins ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" Anthology (2008)
31 What was Two-Face's occupation before he became an evil villain?
Answer: A lawyer

Harvey Dent was a lawyer. During a trial someone threw acid on him deforming half his face. After that he went by Two-Face.
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
32 'You know, mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.' 'A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.' This conversation was between whom?
Answer: Selina and Bruce

This conversation takes place between Batman and Catwoman on a rooftop. And later on between Selina and Bruce at a party.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
33 How many times does Robin/Dick skid out on his motorcycle?
Answer: 3

Robin skids out twice on the Redbird, once when we first meet Freeze, and again when Batman disables the engine. Then Dick skids out, and loses his bike, at the motorcycle race.
  From Quiz: Batman and Robin
34 In one of the many flashbacks in the movie, we see the first time that young Bruce Wayne met Andrea Beaumont. Where did they meet?
Answer: a cemetery

As Bruce was paying his respects at his parents' grave, he overheard Andrea talking to her mother's headstone, and approached her.
  From Quiz: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
35 In the course of the movie, Catwoman goes undercover as a newspaper photographer to get closer to the Dynamic Duo during a press conference. Which newspaper does she claim to represent?
Answer: Moscow Bugle

She mentions the name of a paper when she introduces herself at the press conference. Her alias is Comrade Kitanya Irenya Tatanya Karenska Alisoff or Miss Kitka for short. She draws outraged responses from Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara, when she talks about Batman as a "masked Cossack" and asks Batman and Robin, "If you please to take off the mask to take the better picture."
    Your options: [ Berlin Telegraph ] [ Washington Herald ] [ Moscow Bugle ] [ London Gazette ]
  From Quiz: Holy Motion Picture, Batman! ("Batman", 1966)
36 Part of Bane's plan is to bankrupt Bruce Wayne by making disastrous trades. How does he achieve that?
Answer: He uses Bruce's fingerprints that Selina obtained for him.

Early in the film, Selina Kyle steals Bruce Wayne's fingerprints, after posing as a maid during an event held in Wayne manor. Making Bruce bankrupt is just a part of the whole plan though. The goal is to make Bruce relinquish control of Wayne Enterprises to Miranda Tate, which happens soon afterwards.
  From Quiz: The Dark Knight Rises
37 Irish actors Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy portrayed enemies of which Batman?
Answer: Christian Bale

'Batman Begins' (2005), was the first Batman movie to feature Christian Bale. Cillian Murphy played the part of Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, a role he reprieved briefly in 'The Dark Knight' (2008). Liam Neeson played Henri Ducard in the movie. The movie centred around the origins of Batman.

Other big names that featured in the movie were Michael Caine (Alfred), Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes), Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon) and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox).

Christian Bale was in involved in a supposed assualt on his own mother and sister in 2008. Ultimately, police did not have sufficient evidence to try Christian in a court. Christian married Sandra Blazic in 2000.
    Your options: [ Val Kilmer ] [ George Clooney ] [ Michael Keaton ] [ Christian Bale ]
  From Quiz: I'm Batman! No, I'm Batman!
38 Which actor does not match up with the character he portrays?
Answer: Tim Booth/Alfred

Alan Napier is the original Alfred in "Batman: The Movie". Michael Gough plays Alfred in every movie from "Batman" through "Batman and Robin". The most recent Alfred is Michael Caine who fills the role in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". Tim Booth plays Victor Zsasz in "Batman Begins" and the scars on his neck that distinguish him as Zsasz can be clearly seen after Ra's Al Ghul attacks Gotham.
    Your options: [ Alan Napier/Alfred ] [ Tim Booth/Alfred ] [ Michael Gough/Alfred ] [ Michael Caine/Alfred ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" Anthology (2008)
39 Who said to Robin: "Stop living in the shadow of the big bad bat. You don't need him. You're the star. I can see it now. Your own big bright signal in the sky. Let me guide you. Let me kiss you."
Answer: Poison Ivy

In "Batman and Robin"(1997) In Snowy Cone's factory, Poison Ivy attempts to get rid of Batman with a poison kiss. After failing at that attempt she distracts Batman and moves on to Robin whom she sees as an easier target.
    Your options: [ Batgirl ] [ Alfred ] [ Dr. Chase Meridian ] [ Poison Ivy ]
  From Quiz: "Batman" 4 in 1
40 'Rats with wings do your things.' Who said it?
Answer: Penguin

Penguin says this when he kills the Ice Princess.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Quotes
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