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1 How did Cher say her mother died?
Answer: During liposuction

At the very beginning of the film, the big portrait of Cher's mother in the Horowitz house was shown. Cher called her a "Betty" (a beautiful woman, in the "Clueless" lingo) and explained that she had died from a freak accident during routine liposuction when Cher was very young. Cher liked to talk to the portrait of her mother sometimes, which included showing her her report card when she got good grades.
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Cher's mom died due to a freak accident during what?

2 Cher and her best friend Dionne are both named after great singers who later moved on to what?
Answer: infomercials

Cher shares this piece of information with us as Dionne is introduced in the movie the first time.
Question Reference: Quiz: Clueless.
3 Josh tells Cher that his club might even get _____ to plant a celebrity tree.
Answer: Marky Mark

This conversation occurs while Cher is practicing her driving.
4 What colour are Cher's eyes?
Answer: Blue

Look at a picture of her; you can find one on any good search engine!
5 Who sings the song "Kids in America" which is played at the very beginning of the movie?
Answer: The Muffs

The song was released in 1995 and is on the "Clueless" soundtrack.
6 In debate class, who does Cher always debate?
Answer: Amber

Amber's full name is Amber Princess Mariens. She was portrayed by Elisa Donovan.
7 When do the columns on Cher's house date back to?
Answer: 1972

1972 was also the year of the Watergate break-in.
8 'Hello, that was a stop sign!'
Answer: 'I totally paused.'

9 What was Cher's best friend's name?
Answer: Dionne

Question Reference: Quiz: Clueless.
10 The very first line of the movie is 'So ok, your probably thinking 'Is this , like a __________ commercial, or what?'
Answer: noxema

11 Which student gave a thank you speech in Mr. Hall's class?
Answer: Travis

Mr. Hall was reading out how many times each student had been late, and told Travis that he had 38 tardies, "by far the most tardies in the class". The other students began clapping and cheering, so Travis got up and went to the front of the room to give a speech. He thanked his parents for never giving him a ride to school, the city bus drivers, and the McDonald's staff for taking a long time making his breakfast. Mr. Hall was bewildered and moved on reading his list. He told Cher she had two tardies, but excused one because it was due to "women's' troubles".
12 Cher also introduces us to her family and home. She's especially proud of the classic design of her house. What year do the columns in the Horowitzs' house date back to?
Answer: 1972

Cher seems to think the columns are extremely old, dating two decades back.
Question Reference: Quiz: Clueless.
13 According to Cher's father, every way in L.A. takes ____ minutes.
Answer: 20

Cher's father says this when he asks her to be home within 20 minutes. Cher responds by saying that it might take a little longer than that, to which he replies that every way in LA takes 20 minutes. Cher is actually at a party in Sun Valley.
14 What is Cher's last name?
Answer: Horowitz

Cher Horowitz, is the main character in 'Clueless'. Travis Birkenstock is the local loadie that Tai falls in love with. Christian Dioris a designer that I put in as a red herring. Miss Geist is the Cher's teacher, and Cher plays Cupid between her and Mr. Hall, her debate teacher.
15 What does Dionne say Cher skinned to make her backpack?
Answer: a collie

She makes that comment after Cher made fun of her hat, calling it "Dr. Seuss."
16 Who is the debate teacher?
Answer: Mr. Hall

Cher tries and succeeds in bringing together Mr. Hall and Miss Giest. At the end of the movie, they are getting married.
17 What is the maid's name?
Answer: Lucy

Lucy is the name of the maid in the movie Clueless. Played by actress Julie Brown, Lucy is a minor character in the film but provides comedic relief in several scenes. Interestingly, Julie Brown is also a comedian and writer, known for her work on the sketch comedy show The Edge and for co-writing and starring in the movie Earth Girls Are Easy. While Lucy may not be a major character in Clueless, her presence adds to the overall charm and humor of the film.
18 'Hi Daddy, this is my friend Tai.'
Answer: 'Get out of my chair!'

19 What kind of car did Cher's daddy buy her?
Answer: Jeep

'Did you see the ... Jeep daddy bought me?'
Question Reference: Quiz: Clueless.
20 Who does Cher say her and Dionne are named after?
Answer: Great rock stars of the past, who now do infomercials

Cher and Dionne Warwick, hello!
21 When Murray shaved his head, what did Dionne threaten to do?
Answer: Call his mother

Murray's buddy shaved his head in the bathroom at the Sun Valley party. Dionne stood outside the bathroom, freaked out and told him that it was stupid. Murray and his friend mocked her until she said she was going to call Murray's mother. Then Murray got worried and begged her not to. Observing this scene, Cher simply rolled her eyes and told Tai that Murray and Dionne pulled this kind of drama a lot. Murray and Dionne's ongoing fight was the reason that Cher had to catch a ride home with Elton after her father called and demanded that she come home.
22 There's a lot of internal dialogue going on in the movie. For instance, Cher and her friends use different words to describe different kinds of people. What word do they use to describe a cute guy?
Answer: Baldwin

This nickname is probably based on the Baldwin brothers, four movie star brothers who are known for their good looks. Near the end of the movie, Cher realises that her ex-step-brother Josh is "kind of a Baldwin".
Question Reference: Quiz: Clueless.
23 While at the Val party, Tai is hit in the head by a shoe. To make sure that she's okay, Elton sings part of a song and asks her to repeat it. The song is called ____ .
Answer: Rollin' with the Homies

Before this, Elton asks Tai a math question, to which Cher responds, "Ask her something she knows!"
24 After the Val Party who does Tai ride home with?
Answer: Summer

Summer is holding a large luminous snowman!
25 Cher does a debate about Haitian people coming to America. What does she compare this to?
Answer: her father's birthday

She says that if the government could go the kitchen and rearrange some things that we could certainly party with the Haitians.