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1 In the beginning of your adventure, you are in Latin America. After single-handedly fulfilling your mission, you return to your hotel room where a woman is expecting you. As you stand in front of her, you realize a henchman is creeping up behind you, ready to strike you. How do you notice his presence?
Answer: You see his reflection in the woman's eyes.

As a true gentleman, you are looking the woman in the eyes, of course! Unfortunately for the attacker, this means you notice his reflection as he comes towards you. As you spin to avoid him, the henchman hits the unfortunate woman who collapses. A fight ensues between the two of you, but soon you defeat him and as the woman regains her consciousness, you leave the room and get ready to travel to Miami for your next mission. Good start, 007!
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Goldfinger owned what type of car in "Goldfinger"?

2 Who is the villain in this movie?
Answer: Auric Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger is a very smart man. He plans to rob Fort Knox so he can pay off people he owes money to. He is one of the smartest villains in "James Bond" history in my opinion. Oddjob is his henchman. Obviously James Bond is the hero. Max Zorin is the villain in another "James Bond" film.
3 What card game did Auric Goldfinger play in the opening sequence of "Goldfinger"?
Answer: Gin rummy

Goldfinger cheated at it too, with some help from his lovely assistant, Jill Masterson. Jill and Bond took a night off from their jobs and spent it together, before Goldfinger's assistant, Oddjob, covered Jill with golden paint, which killed her.
4 At the start of the movie, Bond sets a bomb to explode on a timer. What time does he set the detonator for?
Answer: 12:20

The bomb is set to blow up an illegal operation.
5 Which of the following actors played James Bond in "Goldfinger?"
Answer: Sean Connery

"Goldfinger" was Connery's third Bond film, the first being "Dr. No", the second "From Russia with Love."
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6 You are enjoying a massage in a luxurious Miami hotel, when you receive orders from M to keep an eye on Auric Goldfinger, who is staying in the same hotel. Felix Leiter points him out to you, a man playing gin against someone else. You notice someone is giving Goldfinger instructions from the balcony of his room, helping him cheat. What do you do next?
Answer: You break into Goldfinger's room and find out who is helping him.

After you break into Goldfinger's room, you see a woman in the balcony looking through binoculars and telling Goldfinger (played by Gert Fröbe) what his opponent's cards are. You walk quietly towards her and turn off the communication, preventing her from giving any more help to Goldfinger. You introduce yourself as "Bond, James Bond" while the woman says her name is Jill Masterson (played by Shirley Eaton). After causing Goldfinger to lose and seeing him enraged, you go to dinner with Jill and return to your room, where a sharp blow from behind causes you to lose consciousness. You wake up, disoriented, only to find poor Jill dead, covered in gold paint. Goldfinger has exacted his revenge...
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7 Who is Goldfinger's henchman?
Answer: Oddjob

Oddjob's main weapon is his hat. He uses his hat a lot in the film. It has razor sharp edges that he uses to kill a girl in the woods. He has the skills of an expert marksman.
8 What was the name of the sexy Miami Beach Hotel assistant whom Bond had the pleasure to know in "Goldfinger"?
Answer: Dink

Bond introduced Dink to Felix Leiter - the CIA worker who assists Bond throughout his missions - before 007 told her to go away for a moment to talk with Leiter. We didn't see her again for the rest of the movie.
9 What does Bond say to the guy after he dies in the bathtub?
Answer: Shocking

Bond was visiting a lady before his flight, when someone tried to kill him. The lady that Bond was kissing, was part of the murder plot and at the last second, Bond saw a man behind him through the lady's eyes. The man struck her and then Bond killed the man.
10 Goldfinger is the last name of the film's villain. What is his first name?
Answer: Auric

The name Auric literally means containing gold. Gert Frobe played the role of Goldfinger, but had such limited English skills that another actor dubbed in his lines.
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11 As you enter a noisy lab, Q greets you with his usual "Morning, 007. This way please." He informs you that you won't be using a Bentley this time, but an Aston Martin DB5 with some modifications. Which of the following is NOT one of the modifications Q describes?
Answer: Invisibility mode

Q (played by Desmond Llewelyn) starts describing the modifications he performed in the car with excitement in his voice. He mentions the bulletproof windshield and windows, as well as the revolving license plates which are valid in various countries, as if it's standard equipment one would find in most cars. He explains how to work the tracking system installed in the Aston Martin and various gadgets like smokescreen and machine-guns in the car's sides. What really gets your attention, though, is the ejector seat. "You're joking!" you exclaim like a boy that has found a new exciting toy. "I never joke about my work, 007," Q replies coolly, wiping your smile. Silently, it occurs to you that the only thing missing from the car is making it invisible (this would not happen until "Die Another Day" in 2002).
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12 What type of golf ball does Bond play with?
Answer: Penfold Heart

The Penfold Heart golf ball is rare to find in my opinion. Goldfinger hits his ball in a bad spot. Knowing that Goldfinger will cheat, Bond walks over and steps on Goldfinger's real ball as Oddjob drops another one is a better spot. At the end of the game, Goldfinger sinks a putt making him win, but Bond cheats by switching Goldfinger's ball with a ball that they weren't allowed to play with, causing Goldfinger to lose.
13 In "Goldfinger", who said the following quote "You like a close shave, don't you"?
Answer: Pussy Galore

Miss Galore, Goldfinger's personal assistant, said this to 007 after he finished shaving in the airplane bathroom. Galore gave Bond the cold shoulder the first time they met, but by the end of the movie, they were seen kissing on a Mid-Atlantic forest.
14 What card is Goldfinger's pigeon holding onto in the game of bridge that Goldfinger needs?
Answer: six of spades

Jill Masterson is up on a balcony spying on the game of cards, telling Goldfinger what cards his opponent has. Bond sees this and pays Miss Masterson a visit. Bond then tells Goldfinger to lose $15,000.
15 Goldfinger's verbally challenged manservant, Oddjob, was a lethal aim with his deadly bowler hat. What was the name of the actor who played him?
Answer: Harold Sakata

Sakata was a Hawaiian-born actor who was a professional wrestler for a time. He also won a silver medal at the 1948 Olympics for weight lifting.
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16 After Jill's death, you are looking forward to any opportunity to humiliate Goldfinger. Soon you find yourself playing golf against him, and you notice he's cheating again by placing a new golf ball to a better position. You decide to use your famous James Bond wit to teach Goldfinger a lesson. What do you do?
Answer: You replace his golf ball with a different one, causing him to lose the game in the end.

That Goldfinger is a serial cheater! After a terrible shot that causes his golf ball (a Slazenger 1) to be lost, Oddjob (played memorably by Harold Sakata) drops a new one at a favorable position while everyone is looking away. You know it's not the original, though, because you're standing on it. It's time you taught Goldfinger a lesson! At the second-to-last hole of the game, when you reach to return him his golf ball, you give him a different one (a Slazenger 7). Goldfinger does not notice the difference, and in the end you point it out to him, pretending you just noticed. According to the rules, Goldfinger loses the game, but he's not looking happy. He drops pretense and warns you not to get involved in his affairs, while his manservant, Oddjob, proceeds to demonstrate just how sharp his hat is. It seems Oddjob does not share your sense of humor, Mr. Bond!
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17 What bank is Goldfinger going to rob?
Answer: Fort Knox

This plan is one of Goldfinger's main plans. He needs money to pay people who eventually die from poisonous gas. Because he kills them, he now does not need to pay them, which is the reason why he killd them. An unknown person wearing a gas mask hits a switch, which releases the gas into the room they are in, killing them.
18 Goldfinger owned what type of car in "Goldfinger"?
Answer: Rolls-Royce

The car was made out of 18 carat gold according to the movie. In the novel of the same name, the car was made out of white gold. The Bond vehicles are always an exciting thing to watch for in the films, and "Goldfinger" marked the first time the famous Aston Martin DB5 appeared in a Bond film.
19 What year is the bottle of Dom Perignon that Bond and Jill Masterson are drinking?
Answer: 1953

Bond prefers the 1953 vintage.
20 James Bond's car in "Goldfinger" was a wonder to behold. Among its accessories were machine guns, an ejector seat, an oil slick sprayer and a bulletproof shield. What was the make of this car?
Answer: Aston Martin

The Aston Martin DB5 used in "Goldfinger" was also used in the next Bond film, "Thunderball."
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21 While you are spying on Goldfinger, you notice a woman trying to take a shot at him. She misses, and quickly gets into her car. Using one of Q's clever gadgets to drive her car off the street, you rush to her side as though you have no idea what happened. Who does the woman turn out to be?
Answer: Jill Masterson's sister

The woman gives you a name, but you know she is lying because her briefcase has different initials. You don't persist too much, and after dropping her off at a gas station you turn your attention back to Goldfinger. Deciding it's time for a little genuine spy action, you try to infiltrate Goldfinger's facilities, but you run into the strange woman again and confront her. This time she gives you her real name and purpose. She is Jill Masterson's sister Tilly (played by Tania Mallet) and she wants to avenge her sister's death. Unfortunately, she does not get that chance, because as you are both being pursued by Goldfinger's men, Oddjob manages a deadly strike at Tilly with his bowler hat.
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22 Who is Goldfinger's personal pilot?
Answer: Pussy Galore

She is a Bond girl. She doesn't fall for James in the beginning like most of the other Bonds girls do, but she does when they parachute out of Goldfinger's private plane into water. Later, you see them under a parachute. She is a cunning, smart girl.
23 Bond's Astin Martin has three different licence plates. Which of the following is false?
Answer: SW-6465-26

Now Bond can blend in throughout Europe.
24 Probably the most famous line of the film occurs when Goldfinger has Bond bound to a table with a deadly laser beam slowly coming towards him. In order to buy time, Bond asks Goldfinger "Do you expect me to talk?". To which Goldfinger replies "No Mr. Bond, I..."
Answer: expect you to die

Another of my favorite quotes occurs after Bond wakes up. A beautiful girl tells him "My name is Pussy Galore." To which Bond replies "I must be dreaming."
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25 Captured by Goldfinger's men, you find out upon awakening that he knows you are 007. He seems amused and decides to show off a laser that can cut even through metal. As the laser beam gets closer, you ask Goldfinger "You expect me to talk?" What is his memorable answer?
Answer: "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

So, Goldfinger expects James Bond to die? It seems that once again, you must foil his plans. With the laser beam coming dangerously close, you decide to pretend that you know more about his plans than you actually do. After mentioning 'Operation Grand Slam', which you overheard him talking about previously, and that your death only means 008 will replace you, Goldfinger decides to let you live.
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