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33 How the Grinch Stole Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
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1 Where does the Grinch live?
Answer: Mount Crumpit

Mount Crumpit is just North of Whoville. The Grinch has lived there since he was only eight years old.
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Where does the Grinch live?

2 I lived atop Mount Crumpet. Who played me?
Answer: Jim Carrey

Carrey, born on January 17th, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, was cast as The Grinch when he was older. The Grinch hated Christmas and lived on top of Mount Crumpet in Whoville, isolated from the rest of the townsfolk. The Grinch had a way of getting to Whoville by going through a secret passageway connected to a dumpster in town. Midway through the movie, The Grinch went down to Whoville one day but was embarrassed by the mayor so he went back up to his home on Mount Crumpet. The Grinch came up with a plan to steal Christmas by stealing everyone's presents. In one scene during his plan to steal Christmas, Cindy Lou Who encountered him and asked him why he was taking her Christmas tree. The Grinch lied and stated there was a light on the tree which would not light so he would take it to his workshop, fix it and bring it back. After he took all the Whoville residents' belongings, he was shocked when the townsfolk were still joyful after noticing everything was stolen. The Grinch eventually got over his hatred for Christmas and became a goodhearted person. Carrey starred in the movies "Once Bitten", "Earth Girls Are Easy" and "The Truman Show".
3 Where do the Whos live?
Answer: Whoville

4 Why does the Grinch hate Christmas?
Answer: His school classmates laughed at him when he tried to shave his chin.

He's hated Christmas since he was born. When he was a baby, he ate a Santa plate. It could be because he had a crush at school and made her a homemade angel for her tree. Then he looked into the mirror and remembered a kid saying, "You're eight years old and you have a beard." The kids at his school made fun of and laughed at his "shaved" face, which happened around Christmas time. He got angry and ruined the classroom and threw their Christmas tree across the room.
5 I told The Grinch that nobody should be alone on Christmas. Who played me?
Answer: Taylor Momsen

Momsen, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, portrayed Cindy Lou Who. Cindy was a young girl who knew about The Grinch's hatred for Christmas and wondered why he hated the holiday. She sought off on a journey to interview people who knew The Grinch over the years to see if she could decipher just why she hated him. When it came time to put on a show called "The Whobilation", the townsfolk had to nominate a beloved someone to head it and Cindy Lou Who said The Grinch should head the celebration. The townsfolk reluctantly agreed after Cindy Lou Who persuaded them, and so she went to Mt. Crumpet to get The Grinch to come down and celebrate with them. Cindy was disappointed when The Grinch went on a rampage after the mayor embarrassed him by reminding him of a traumatic memory from childhood. Near the end of the movie, Cindy Lou Who went up to Mt. Crumpet to see The Grinch and he asked her what she was doing there. She responded that she went to see him since nobody should be alone on Christmas. Momsen was seen in the films "Saving Shiloh", "Paranoid Park" and "Spy School".
6 Fill in the blank "It's because I'm ________ isn't it?" - the Grinch.
Answer: green

The Grinch says this because a taxi passes him by and he's being sarcastic because he's just caused a whole bunch of destruction at the Who-bilation. The Grinch is green so this is why he makes this statement.
7 What 'Saturday Night Live' regular plays Cindy Lou's mom?
Answer: Molly Shannon

8 The Grinch had a crush. What was her name?
Answer: Martha May Whovier

Martha May Whovier was the Grinch's crush when he was little and she had a crush on him. He made her an angel for Christmas, only for him to ruin it when the kids at his school laughed at him.
9 I laughed at The Grinch one day in school. Who played me?
Answer: Reid Kirchenbauer

Kirchenbauer, born in California, had the small role of Whobris, an eight year old. Whobris was seen in scenes while he attended school and he liked to poke fun at The Grinch, like most people did. He was best friends with August Maywho and the two of them believed The Grinch could never be in a relationship with Martha May Whovier. After Whobris and many other classmates laughed at The Grinch, they got scared once he went on a tirade. Kirchenbauer's first acting credit was as an eight year old Whobris in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
10 Who directed "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"?
Answer: Ron Howard

Ron Howard has been a well accomplished film director. He has also directed the films "Apollo 13", "Cinderella Man", and "The Da Vinci Code". He won an Oscar for Best Director for his film "A Beautiful Mind".
11 Who proposed marriage to the Grinch's childhood crush?
Answer: Mayor of Whoville

The Mayor of Whoville proposed marriage to her but she rejected him at the end of the movie.
12 What is the name of the Grinch's dog?
Answer: Max

No one knows how he got a dog. Maybe the Grinch stole Max from Whoville or Max found the Grinch living at Mount Crumpit.
13 Martha showed off an interesting machine to me when she put lights on her house. Who played me?
Answer: Molly Shannon

Shannon landed the role of Betty Lou Who. Betty was Cindy Lou Who's mom and the wife of Lou Lou Who. In one scene, Betty was seen on her roof putting up Christmas lights and she mentioned that she wanted her house to look better than Martha May Whovier's home, which was next door. Martha came outside and said hello to Betty and Betty said hello back. Martha showed Betty a beautiful antique and Betty commented that it looked nice. Martha then unveiled a machine she had and used it to shoot up lights all over her house, which overwhelmed Betty. Midway through the movie, Cindy Lou Who told Betty and Lou that she wanted to do something nice for The Grinch and the town after he went on a rampage. Shannon guest starred on the TV series "Glee", "Pushing Daisies" and "30 Rock".
14 The Grinch wins what award?
Answer: The Holiday Cheermeister Award

Cindy Lou Who wants the Grinch to love Christmas. So she persuades the Whos to let the Grinch win the Holiday Cheermeister Award so he will come down to the annual Who-bilation and like Christmas.
15 What's the Grinch's dog's name?
Answer: Max

His name is Max. In reality, the dog who played Max is female and her name is Kelly, I think (saw it on the Animal Planet channel).
16 What is NOT one of the contests the Grinch does when he is named the Whoville Holiday Cheermeister?
Answer: Egg Nogger Dogger

The Grinch is so full after eating fudge, fruit cake, and pudding, although he wins the Potato Sack Race.
17 I assisted Mayor Augustus Maywho during his daily activities. Who played me?
Answer: Clint Howard

Howard, born on April 20th, 1959 in Burbank, California, was cast as the older Whobris. Whobris was an assistant to Mayor Augustus Maywho and was seen in many scenes with his boss. There was a scene when the two discussed their planning "The Whobilation". Whobris was shocked when Cindy Lou Who suggested they have The Grinch lead "The Whobilation" but otherwise reluctantly accepted her idea. At "The Whobilation", Whobris watched as the mayor gave The Grinch a present which caused The Grinch to flash back to an unpleasant moment during his childhood. Howard had guest starring stints on the TV shows "Fringe", "Heroes" and "My Name is Earl".
18 What two people feel bad for the Grinch?
Answer: Cindy Lou Who and Martha May Whovier

Cindy Lou Who feels bad for the Grinch and it shows because she cares if he comes down to the annual Who-bilation. Cindy also feels bad and likes the Grinch because he saved her life in the beginning of the film. Martha May Whovier also feels bad for the Grinch because she likes him, and people make fun of him.
19 What does Cindy Lou's dad do for a living?
Answer: Postal worker

20 Who does the Grinch dress up as before he steals all of Whoville's Christmas trees, presents, and food?
Answer: Santa Claus

"With this coat and this hat, I'll look just like St. Nick," the Grinch says.

The Grinch builds a sleigh to get to Whoville and Max is the reindeer, Rudolph.
21 I felt bad for The Grinch when many of my classmates teased him one day in class. Who played me?
Answer: Landry Allbright

Allbright, a native of San Dimas, California, portrayed an eight year old Martha May Whovier in a minor role. Martha was in The Grinch's class years ago as a child and it was during one class session when their teacher told them for the next class to bring a Christmas gift for a student. The Grinch had a crush on Martha so he decided to make something for her. At the next class, many of the class members teased The Grinch and Martha gave a dirty look to Augustus for poking fun at him. Martha was last seen looking at the gift The Grinch made her. Allbright guest starred on the TV series "The West Wing", "The Guardian" and "Will and Grace".
22 Fill in the blank "It came without packages, boxes, or ______." - The Grinch
Answer: Bags

The Grinch says this to his dog Max, when he hears everyone wake up on Christmas morning and sing. He is wondering how Christmas still came, even though he took all the gifts, and this is when he finds out the true meaning of Christmas.
23 What excuse does the Grinch use to take Cindy Lou Who's Christmas Tree?
Answer: A light won't light on one side.

"There's a light on this tree, that won't light on one side. So I'm taking it home to my workshop my dear," the Grinch says. Cindy Lou falls for it. The Grinch gives her a glass of water, pats her head, and sends her to bed.
24 I told The Grinch he could not be in a relationship with Martha, since he was eight years old and had a beard. Who played me?
Answer: Ben Bookbinder

Bookbinder, born in 1991 in Alameda, California, played Augustus Maywho as an eight year old. Augustus was in The Grinch's class and hated him but also knew The Grinch was secretly in love with Martha. Augustus also liked Martha and told The Grinch one day he could never have her due to the fact he was eight years old and already had a beard. The next day, Augustus noticed The Grinch had multiple cuts to his face as a result of shaving and he laughed over this. Augustus watched as The Grinch went into a tirade, destroying the gifts the classmates made for each other. Bookbinder starred on the TV show "Oliver Beene".
25 How does the Grinch reach the top of Mount Crumpit after stealing all of Whoville's presents?
Answer: Max, acting like a reindeer, rides Grinch and the sleigh up there.

The Grinch has been to Mt. Crumpit several times. He usually walks up there or goes down the dumpster ride, where all of Whoville's trash goes. This time, Max rides Grinch and the sleigh up 3,000 feet! Strong dog.