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1 Where did the Council of Legendary Figures hold their emergency meeting?
Answer: kitchen

The legendary figures held an emergency meeting in regards to Jack Frost. They were wanting to suspend Jack for causing trouble all over the world. He covered Hawaii in ice, made the geese fly north again, put up cutouts of himself saying "Merry Frostmas", and lots of other things. Santa decided to let Jack work for him as long as he behaved himself.
Question Reference: Quiz: Santa Clause 3.
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What kind of milk does the little girl on the couch leave for Scott on his second year as Santa?

2 What number does the elf punch into the 'North Pole' keypad?
Answer: 1239

It took me a while to figure this out, but then I have seen it a million times.
3 What is the name of Santa Clause' son?
Answer: Charlie

Santa's name is really Scott Calvin, his son's name is Charlie Calvin, who is portrayed by Eric Lloyd.
4 What song was Curtis listening to that the plane flying overhead picked up on its radio?
Answer: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Bernard tells Curtis to grow up since he is 900 years old.
5 What is the last name of the character Tim Allen plays in the movie?
Answer: Calvin

Charlie comments that his dad and Santa Claus have the same initials.
6 What is the name of the doll accredited to Scott's company's success?
Answer: Do it all for you dollie

Laura makes fun of this doll when she drops of Charlie at Scott's house on Christmas Eve. "Feed me, change me, burp me..."
7 What was Mrs. Claus teaching her students at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: math

Mrs. Claus was teaching the students a problem. The students didn't know the answer to the question but Trish asked how come they couldn't learn about things that they actually wanted to learn. Mrs. Claus asked her what that would be, and Trish asked if it was weird that Mrs. Claus had to leave her life and marry Santa. Mrs. Claus said that it was more weird than they could ever imagine but then something amazing happened.
Question Reference: Quiz: Santa Clause 3.
8 What type of ladder is leaned against Scott's house?
Answer: A Rose Suchak Ladder

A Rose Suchak Ladder/Arose Such a Clatter. Get it? "'Arose Such A Clatter', it means 'there came a loud noise'"
9 What is Santa Clause' real name?
Answer: Scott Calvin

Santa's real name is Scott Calvin, portrayed by Tim Allen.
10 What was the name of the reindeer in training?
Answer: Chet

Chet may only have about a minute flying time, but he has a lot of crashing time.
11 After Scott has become Santa he returns to work and attends a presentation on a new ad campaign for a toy. What is the toy called?
Answer: Total Tank

Scott takes umbrage to the ad depicting Santa riding in the tank instead of his sleigh.
12 Why does Scott say he is running late at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Traffic

Scott calls from his cell phone to say that there is really bad traffic and even fakes yelling at a woman on the road because she is driving poorly even though his car is the only one on the road.
13 Who was standing next to Father Time during the emergency meeting of the Council of Legendary Figures?
Answer: Mother Nature

Mother Nature was the leader of the Council of Legendary Figures. Father Time was always agreeing with her and standing next to her.
Question Reference: Quiz: Santa Clause 3.
14 Which one of these does not describe Neil?
Answer: Likes comic books

Neil's penchant for incredibly unattractive sweaters is a running joke throughout both films. When Neil says "I am a doctor", Scott says (Not very nicely) "No he's not, he's a psychiatrist". At the end of the movie, Charlie says "That's okay, Neil. You were just denying your inner child."

One of my favourite quotes about Neil:
Laura: All Neil told him was that Santa was more of a feeling. More of a state of mind than an actual person.
Scott: Kind of like Neil.
15 Why was Santa sent back down to his home in the United States?
Answer: he needed to find a wife by Christmas Eve

Santa was being "desantified" because he needed to find a wife by Christmas Eve, which was only 27 days away.
16 What did Charlie do that got him put on the naughty list?
Answer: Sprayed graffiti on the wall in the school gym

He wrote the principal's name, then drew a Christmas tree with a slash through it.
17 What movie is Charlie watching as Scott is burning their dinner?
Answer: Miracle on 34th Street

A commercial is also shown with a sumptuous holiday feast. Scott, meanwhile, is putting out the fire on the turkey he was making.
18 What one thing was Denny's NOT out of?
Answer: White milk

Charlie says he doesn't like egg nog when Scott says they want some but Judy, their waitress, says that they are out. Charlie really wants chocolate milk but they are out of that as well. That's when Charlie says "white milk's fine."
19 Who told Jack Frost about the Hall of Snow Globes?
Answer: Curtis

Curtis was tricked into telling Jack Frost about how the escape clause worked. Curtis told Jack that when Santa was holding a snow globe and said that he wished he never been Santa, everything would be like it was before.
Question Reference: Quiz: Santa Clause 3.
20 When the toy company are showing the ad campaign for the new 'Total Tank' toy, whose house does Scott mention the tank destroying?
Answer: Pearson family

Scott Calvin (aka Santa Claus): "Well, isn't that a pretty picture, Santa rolling down the block in a PANZER! Well kids, I... I certainly hope you have been good this year, cause it looks like Santa just took out the Pearson home. Incoming!"
21 What was the name of the principal that Charlie hated so much?
Answer: Principal Newman

Charlie was always getting into trouble for spray painting and doing wrong things to the school property.
22 What is the game called Santa was playing with the elves?
Answer: Tinsel football

The elves surround him and keep Santa from moving as other elves run in for a touch down.
23 Where do Scott and Charlie end up going for dinner?
Answer: Denny's

The restaurant has several other fathers alone with children. Scott asks one if he also burned the turkey.
24 What sickness does Scott say the reindeer might have?
Answer: Keylime disease

25 What was one of the reindeers' names that pulled Santa's sleigh to visit with Charlie and his family?
Answer: Comet

Comet took Santa to visit with Charlie, Lucy, Neil and Laura. He also took Santa to get Mrs. Claus's parents and bring them to the North Pole. Santa gave Lucy a snow globe and Charlie a snowboard. Lucy and her parents also went to the North Pole with Santa. Charlie was going snowboarding with his girlfriend and her parents.
Question Reference: Quiz: Santa Clause 3.