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62 Iron Man Trivia Questions & Answers

Iron Man
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1 At the beginning of the movie, Tony Stark is being escorted by American soldiers through Kunar Province, Afghanistan. The convoy gets attacked, and Tony is taken hostage. We cut to a flashback a few hours before, and Tony is being interviewed by a woman from "Vanity Fair" magazine. Finish this quote from their interview: "My old man had a philosophy, 'Peace means having a bigger stick than ________.'"
Answer: the other guy

Howard Stark grew his empire with his success in developing weapons. After his untimely death, Tony takes over as the head of Stark Industries. He goes to Afghanistan to demonstrate some of his weapons to the United States Army.
trivia question Quick Question
Why did Anton Vanko have the blueprints for the ARC reactor?

2 For New Years Eve in 1999, where was Tony Stark?
Answer: Switzerland

Back in Bern, Switzerland in 1999, Tony Stark was celebrating New Year's (Eve) with Maya Hansen before he was pulled aside to meet Aldrich Killian, a man who tried to get the word out about his new think-tank, Advanced Idea Mechanics. Stark brushed him off, instead heading up to Maya's room to take a look at her recent research on the part of the brain programmed to repair the body. Maya's experiment still had a few kinks in it though, as damaged test subjects that recovered their wounds had a tendency to explode.
Up on the roof of the building, Killian was left alone as the ball dropped with Stark's promise that they wished to talk to him.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 3.
3 Why did Anton Vanko have the blueprints for the ARC reactor?
Answer: He helped build it.

Tony Stark's press conference, along with his claim that he is Iron Man, appears on the news worldwide. In Moscow, the conference plays as Ivan Vanko's father breathes his last breath, claiming that the billionaire should actually be his son. Soon after, Ivan looks through his father's blueprints - he was the man who created the ARC reactor along with Tony Stark's father - and starts work on building his own, all the while collecting more and more info about Tony Stark's exploits as an international superhero.
Six months later, Tony launches himself from a plane into a night sky full of fireworks, landing himself onstage at the Stark Expo in New York City to somewhat cockily admit to maintaining peace in the world and to promote new technology.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
4 Where is Tony Stark when he's captured and taken hostage?
Answer: Afghanistan

Tony Stark, in Afghanistan to host a demonstration as a defence contractor for his company, Stark Industries, ends up getting attacked in a convoy ambush when he's being taken from his demonstration site in the Afghani desert. While the soldiers transporting him are killed, Tony tries to make an escape. Unfortunately, he ends up taking the brunt of a blast from one of his own company's explosives and he blacks out in the sand.
He ends up awakening when his captors take the burlap sack off his head, and he's on the receiving end of their automatic weapons.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man.
5 Who is the actor behind "Iron Man"?
Answer: Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr plays the part of Tony Stark, who invents "Iron Man" to escape captivity from the Ten Rings gang. Robert Downey Jr is an American born actor who has appeared in many films since 1970, including "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints", "Tropic Thunder" and "Sherlock Holmes". He is a well known, versatile actor who fits the part of "Iron Man" brilliantly, with his charming sense of humour.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
6 Who plays the new character Ivan Vanko?
Answer: Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is an American born actor who tends to appear most often in action, drama and thriller movies. He's appeared in many successful films, including "Sin City", "Stormbreaker" and "The Wrestler", in which he played the lead roles. In "Iron Man 2", Mickey plays the hard-up son of a physicist who was once affiliated with Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark. Mickey's mean portrayal of Ivan Vanko makes the villan Whiplash an even more convincing enemy for Tony Stark.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
7 Who portrays the main character, Tony Stark?
Answer: Robert Downey, Jr.

Tony Stark is the recipient of his father's legacy. He received this largesse, from his father, Howard Stark. Even so, Tony Stark is an undeniable genius, having created his own circuit board at the age of four. He graduated summa cum laude from MIT at age seventeen. He has continued the work of his father, developing arms of destruction. Elegantly portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr., Downey injects a likeable and enviable character, in Tony Stark.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
8 Tony's demonstration of weapons in Afghanistan for the Army concluded with a very impressive missile. After launch, the missile breaks apart into numerous smaller projectiles, which blanket the entire area behind Tony. Finish his quote: "For your consideration, the _________."
Answer: Jericho

Flashy and egotistical, Tony Stark's personality works well as an arms dealer. He shows his success with this demonstration. After the demo, as he's being transported away, the convoy transporting him is attacked and he is taken hostage.
9 Col. Rhodes renames himself, changing from 'War Machine' to what new moniker?
Answer: Iron Patriot

Coming out of the events in New York in which he worked as a member of The Avengers, Tony Stark continues to work on his suits, forcing the advances needed to let the components automatically build onto his body when needed. He's on three days without sleep at this point.
Things complicate a bit when he turns on the TV to find a man claiming responsibility for several bombings in the Middle East. The man, who hijacks the U.S. airwaves to get this message across, is named The Mandarin, and his terrorist threats very quickly spur Stark into action. But before that, Col. Rhodes is introduced as the Iron Patriot (formerly War Machine), wearing one of Stark's earlier suits. Tony ends up speaking to Rhodes about the attacks (there were many more than the public knew about), but Rhodes is more worried about Tony not sleeping. The truth is, Tony is suffering from anxiety attacks.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 3.
10 Tony Stark is called upon for a senate hearing because his suit may be classified as which of these?
Answer: A weapon

Backstage at the Stark Expo, Tony reviews his blood toxicity levels and finds that he's up to 19%; the number seems to be growing. As he leaves the expo he's served with a subpoena and told to head to Washington D.C. the next morning specifically to sit in at a hearing with the Senate Armed Services Committee. The reason is that his Iron Man Suit is seen as part of a weaponized suit defence program and it's expected that he relinquish it to the government which, obviously, he does not wish to do. The DOD's Primary Weapons Contractor, Justin Hammer, is called into the room to discuss the suit, claiming that it's a sword and Stark is trying to call it a shield. James Rhodes is also called into the room having compiled a report on the Iron Man suit and, out of context, Rhodes' comments are used against Stark. Things turn around, however, when the senators try to show satellite photos from other nations' attempts at making copy suits. Stark debunks these claims though, also showing that Hammer himself is responsible for trying to make his own prototype. He also makes the claim that he has privatized world peace, and that's probably good enough for now.
Ivan Vanko continues to watch, live, in Moscow. He's been hard at work for six months. His unique, new suit, and the dangerous weapons he's made for it, seem to be coming together quite nicely.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
11 Which of these weapons is the newest in Stark Industries' 'Freedom Line'?
Answer: The Jericho

An engineering genius, Stark inherited the defence contractor work that his father, Howard, left behind in his passing, taking the business at the age of 21 and leading it with his father's former advisor, Obadiah Stane, by his side. Stark was immensely successful, elevating Stark Industries as a leader in the field for its advanced robotics. He was a cynic and, by many, seen as a rockstar war profiteer. With his liaison, James Rhodes, and his personal assistant, Pepper Potts, keeping tabs on him, he was known to play by his own rules. That's why he was late getting to Afghanistan. The reason he was there: to demonstrate the newest in their 'Freedom Line' of weapons-- The Jericho. It was after this that he was attacked.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man.
12 What type of technology keeps the shrapnel from entering Tony's heart and powers Iron Man?
Answer: Arc Reactor technology

Tony already has a large Arc Reactor back at home, in Stark Industries, but when in captivity he minimises this technology to keep him alive and help him escape. The Arc Reactor is a fictional power source designed for the original "Iron Man" comics and has also been incorporated into the film. Tony's company in captivity, Yinsen, suggests this mini Arc Reactor could power his heart for fifty lifetimes! To which Tony responds: "Or something big for 15 minutes".
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
13 What is Tony doing when he first meets Natalie Rushman/Natasha Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow?
Answer: Boxing

Tony is practicing boxing with an un-named man when he meets Natalia/ Natasha. Presumably it's either a hobby or he's keeping fit for when he uses the "Iron Man" suit. Boxing is a well known sport played all over the world. The aim is for two people to fight it out in a ring, using cleverly planned punches to knock out their opponent. This objective however can vary from game to game; it depends on the type of boxing being played, e.g. in kick boxing you can only use your legs to defeat an opponent. "Iron Man 2" cast member Mickey Rourke was formerly a professional boxer.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
14 We find him working in his laboratory. He is listening to some music as he works. What is he listening to?
Answer: Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized"

He is diligently working on a project, while listening to Suicidal Tendencies -"Institutionalized." His assistant arrives, and he says, "Please don't turn down my music." This song also appeared in the film, "Repo Man," a cult film from 1984. It's interesting so see Tony listening to this kind of music.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
15 Tony befriends Yinsen, a local who saves his life after the attack in Kunar Province. Tony asks Yinsen who kidnapped him. Part of his reply is, "They call themselves the _______." Who took Tony hostage?
Answer: Ten Rings

During the convoy attack, a missile from Stark Industries explodes in front of Tony, sending shrapnel into his chest. Yinsen is able to save his life with a magnet that keeps the shrapnel out of his heart. Tony then builds his first Iron Man suit, and uses it to escape the compound of the Ten Rings. After his escape from Afghanistan with the success of Iron Man Mark One, Tony adapts the life saving magnet into a miniature arc reactor.
16 To demonstrate Extremis for Pepper, Killian shows her a holographic image of which of these?
Answer: The human brain

Pepper, heading to her office, ends up finding that she has a meeting with none other than Aldrich Killian, who's spent years in therapy to fix his issues. After spending time with his think-tank, he's developed something called Extremis, which reads the human mind and creates capabilities that allow it to be upgraded. Stark ends up calling in to his former bodyguard, Happy, and finds out about this from him. Pepper has it under control though; she believes that Extremis sounds highly-weaponizable and she isn't really interested.
When Pepper returns home she finds Tony lounging in the living room in his suit (mark 42) but he isn't really-- one of his suits is actually standing in for him while he finishes work in the workshop. Tony ends up admitting to Pepper that he's been struggling with what's happened lately and it's clearly affecting him. That night, he has nightmares triggering his suit to rush to his aid.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 3.
17 Tony appoints who of these as his successor at Stark Industries?
Answer: Pepper Potts

Tony is informed by J.A.R.V.I.S., his computer AI, that continued use of the Iron Man suit seems to be accelerating his blood toxicity condition. After the senate hearing, he's already up to 24%. Another core has been depleted as well, so the palladium is turning out to be an unfortunate option to keep him alive. Pepper Potts comes downstairs angry; Tony has given away all of their modern art collection to support the Boy Scouts of America and his Stark Expo was a waste of time. The argument stops, however, when Tony decides to give Pepper a new job as CEO of Stark Industries, effective immediately. He needs a successor, he says, and she's the only one who can do the job. Within a short time, the transfer paperwork is notarized and Pepper takes the lead, appointing Natalie Rushman as her replacement when Tony asks her to... and after witnessing her skills in a boxing ring.
In Russia, Ivan Vanko receives a passport and tickets to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
18 What's the only thing that saves Tony Stark from dying of his shrapnel wounds?
Answer: Electromagnetism

During Tony's time as hostage, he was taken care of to an extent as, had he been left alone, he would've died. When he wakes up he finds that there's someone in the room with him and, oddly, he's hooked up to a car battery; it's linked directly to his chest and the item implanted into it. The man, a doctor by the name of Yinsen, says that he removed most of the shrapnel embedded into Tony by the explosive, but he couldn't get it all since some of it pierced his heart. In less than a week, he could die because the barbed metal would pierce his vital organs. The object in his chest is, thus, an electromagnet hooked to a car battery. The reason Tony is kept alive is to help the terrorists by constructing the Jericho again. And they claim they'll set him free if he does it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man.
19 How does Tony escape the desert?
Answer: James Rhodes locates him with helicopters.

Although Tony uses the suit to escape captivity, the flight system shuts down and he crashes into a sand dune at high speed, shattering it. From here on he walks the desert until he is found by James Rhodes, and other army members, in helicopters. Colonel James Rhodes is an old friend of Tony's and has long used Stark Industries' weapons in the forces. He is a natural born fighter and a kind soul.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
20 In which city is the F1 race that Tony takes part in?
Answer: Monaco

Monaco is a well developed, tourist friendly country near Southern France. Interestingly, although it is the second smallest country in the world, it holds an annual Monaco Grand Prix on the streets (which is of course the race that features in "Iron Man 2"). Tony thinks it's pointless to own an F1 car and not race it, so he decides to race, but it doesn't quite go as planned.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
21 The protagonist is on his way to a meeting with a convoy. The convoy is ambushed. He escapes from the vehicle, only to be injured by shrapnel. What is ironic about the explosive?
Answer: It is manufactured by his own company.

Stark manages to barely escape from the vehicle, when he discovers an explosive that has landed nearby. The label, clearly reads, "Stark Industries". He is the victim of his own product.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man (2008).
22 After returning to America, Tony shuts down all weapons production at Stark Industries. One of his top advisors objects to the decision with the following quote: "You want us to make baby bottles?" Who quips this during their discussion with Tony Stark?
Answer: Obadiah Stane

Tony decides to shut down his weapons manufacturing, because he saw them used against the soldiers in the convoy that was attacked. His three months in captivity made him realize that weapons aren't his legacy. He believes that because of the success of the miniature arc reactor in his chest, he can duplicate that success on a large scale. If he's able to succeed on a large scale, Tony believes the arc reactor could mean unlimited energy. Obadiah doesn't see it, however, and asks Tony this question.
23 The Mandarin's terrorists blow up the area at which Los Angeles landmark?
Answer: Grauman's Chinese Theatre

In front of Graumann's Chinese Theatre, Happy follows the suspicious men who went with Aldrich Killian to visit Pepper. Happy intercepts them, but it seems to be too late. One of the man's contacts ends up overheating and exploding in a violent burst, wiping out himself and most of the people around him. Happy barely survives, only beings able to watch as Killian's contact reforms his skin and bones and walks off into the street seemingly unharmed.
The Mandarin sends out another interrupting broadcast to take responsibility for the theatre attack. Tony, assaulted by the press, decides to tell The Mandarin that he's coming for him and, feeling unthreatened, he states his address on live camera. It's a bad idea. That night, while researching some evidence and thermo-energetic events in the U.S., Stark gets a lead just before the doorbell rings. It ends up being Maya Hansen, who he hasn't seen since Bern (and doesn't remember), and she winds up being placed in the middle of an argument between Tony and Pepper that only comes to an end when the house is fired upon by The Mandarin's men. What results is a fight between Tony and the armed helicopters that destroys his house and most of his workshop and its contents. He ends up sinking into the ocean with the bulk of it and just barely manages to have his flight power restored before he drowns.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 3.
24 Tony brings his Iron Man suit to Monaco, but in what form?
Answer: It's packed into a briefcase

Tony and Pepper head to Monaco to attend the Grand Prix and Natalie seems to take to her role perfectly. When they head to the bar, Tony is ambushed by not only Justin Hammer, but investigative reporter Christine Everhart; both of them are far from Stark's favourite people. The event is worsened by Tony's new blood toxicity level-- 53%-- and it's because of this that he decides to hop a fence and jump into a car to become a racer in the grand prix, shocking everyone. It's not the most shocking thing though. Ivan Vanko, posing as a pit crew member, walks into the track to demonstrate his ARC-powered suit, burning his outfit away and using his electric whips to cut a car in half. Tony's bodyguard, Happy, and Pepper drive against the traffic of the race to try and stop Tony, but they arrive too late; Tony's race car is sheared apart, nearly killing him. Tony gets out of the crash before Ivan is able to cut him out of it, but the fight is clearly unfair and Tony needs to use what little he has to his advantage. He's ultimately saved when Happy and Pepper crash into Vanko... repeatedly. He dons the suit from the briefcase in Pepper's care and starts to fight Vanko, but the electric whips seem to affect his suit unlike anything else. He's barely able to remove the ARC core from Vanko's chest and put an end to the fight.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man 2.
25 Which of these allows Stark to escape captivity?
Answer: A mechanized suit

Tony immediately gets to work using the tools and items provided by the terrorists and, with Yinsen's help, he creates a miniature version of the ARC reactor he uses to power his factory, proposing to use the strong electromagnet to protect his heart so that he can construct a powerful mechanized suit and use it to orchestrate their escape under their captors' noses. The terrorists get wise to his plans and the timeline crunches leading Stark to push his plans into overdrive and Yinsen to sacrifice himself in the last moments. But it all works. Stark brings his mech suit online and escapes the caves, bringing down the terrorists and destroying their encampment in a rain of fire before launching into the sky, shooting into the desert. He crash lands, destroying the suit, but he survives. Stark wanders the desert until American military helicopters led by James Rhodes locate him and bring him home. He was in captivity for three months.
Question Reference: Quiz: Iron Man.