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47 The Jungle Book Trivia Questions & Answers

Jungle Book, The
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1 Mowgli is adopted by a kind man and his family. The man and his wife have a young son. What is the son called?
Answer: Ranjan

Ranjan is a mischievous young boy who follows Shanti in to the jungle.
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What is the name of the tiger in the movie?

2 Mowgli is the main character in "The Jungle Book." What is he best described as?
Answer: A Man-cub

He is known as "Man-cub" several times during the film. A cub often means a baby of an animal.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Jungle Book.
3 In the jungle, Bagheera heard the cries of a young baby in a basket. Surprised, he sought out a mother to care for it. Who did the panther give the orphaned baby to?
Answer: a pack of wolves

Bagheera brought the baby to a wolf pack, where a mother wolf had just given birth to cubs. As Mowgli grew up he was referred to as a "man-cub". The wolf pack taught him how to be a wolf and protected him from the dangers of the jungle.

Bagheera watched Mowgli grow up for ten years and worried for his safety. He also realized Mowgli would be alone. He realized that the wolves could not protect Mowgli forever.

Akela, the leader of the wolf pack, got word of Shere Khan, a vicious predator of the jungle. The wolves could not protect Mowgli from Shere Khan if he attacked Mowgli. Akela asked Bagheera to take Mowgli back to the man-village where Mowgli would be safe.

Akela was played by John Abbott. Rama, Mowgli's adoptive father was played by Ben Wright.

Bagheera was voiced by Sebastian Cabot. Cabot provided many voice roles for Disney including Sir Ector in "The Sword in the Stone" and the narrator for "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".
4 Baloo sings what song in this movie?
Answer: The Bare Necessities

Question Reference: Quiz: Jungle Book.
5 Why does Bagheera take baby Mowgli, the man cub, to the mama wolf and her family?
Answer: The baby has been abandoned in the jungle and he wants to find him a home.

Bagheera has an uneasy feeling that this man cub is going to be trouble. Still, he is so small and helpless, the panther feels responsible for him. Being unable to care for the baby himself, he brings him to the wolf family, who love and bring up young Mowgli as if he were their own.
6 Baloo is called a wild animal twice in this movie. Baloo says he is not a wild animal, except for when he is at what?
Answer: A Party

When Baloo visits Mowgli in his village, Shanti calls him a wild animal. When Mowgli is alone with Baloo in the jungle, he calls him a wild animal as well.
7 Who sings the song called "Bare Necessities" near the start of the movie?
Answer: Baloo

Baloo sings the song and a few lines are sung by Mowgli. The song is my favourite Disney one and Baloo's actions whilst singing is funny--he rubs his back against a tree and many more antics. In the ending, Bagheera makes friends with Baloo and sings the song too.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Jungle Book.
8 Bagheera learned that Shere Khan was seeking to kill Mowgli and decided that he must take Mowgli back to the man village. What kind of jungle animal was Shere Khan?
Answer: tiger

Shere Kahn was a tiger that had a burning hatred towards mankind. He feared fire and guns, two things that man controlled. Shere Kahn vowed to kill any human that stepped into the jungle because he knew humans hunted tigers. He did not know Mowgli personally but sought to kill him because he would grow up to be something that he feared.

The jungle animals feared Shere Kahn's presence because of his killing reputation and ability. He was a very vain cat that liked to show off his claws and strength at every opportunity.

As a cat, Shere Kahn had a very large ego but was very soft towards his jungle friends. He tried to be charming and considerate, even though he came across as condescending. He was polite to his friends and victims until he was ready to make his killing move.

Shere Kahn was voice by George Sanders in the original 1967 "Jungle Book" film and Bill Lee provided his singing voice.
9 The name of the child in the movie is?
Answer: Mowgli

Question Reference: Quiz: Jungle Book.
10 Mowgli walked to the village with me in the final scenes. Who voiced me?
Answer: Darleen Carr

Carr, born in 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, voiced Shanti. Shanti was a girl that Mowgli saw down by the river and he admired her beautiful singing voice. Mowgli went to Shanti and both of them interacted with each other. This is when Mowgli realized that he belonged with her as well as with the other people in the village. In his final scene, he walked with Shanti to the village. Carr had guest starring roles on the TV series "Probe", "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Simon & Simon".
11 Why do the wolves reluctantly expel Mowgli from the pack when he is ten years old?
Answer: Shere Khan has returned. He hates men and will kill anyone who shelters Mowgli.

Shere Khan, the great and fearsome Bengal tiger, has returned to the part of the jungle where Mowgli and his pack live. The wolves know that he fears and hates men and their guns so, even though Mowgli is just a cub who knows nothing about men and their hunters' ways, Shere Khan would try to kill him. For that reason, he is a danger to the family who love him. It is with sorrow that the wolves say goodbye to Mowgli when he leaves riding on Bagheera's back.
12 When Baloo wants to go to the village and see Mowgli, Bagheera tries to stop him. He fails to do so, so who does Bagheera ask for help?
Answer: Colonel Hathi

Colonel Hathi is the chief elephant. He has a young son who is in both movies and helps Baloo find Mowgli.
13 Which character sings, "I Wanna be Like You"?
Answer: King Louie

King Louie sings this song when he has kidnapped Mowgli. The song is about the king wanting to be a human so he can do human things, like stroll in to town. Baloo also sings a part of this song, but like Mowgli in the previous, is not a large part.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Jungle Book.
14 "Trust in me, trust in me!" Bagheera and Mowgli tried to get some rest in a tree. Which slithery character tried to hypnotize Mowgli with a song so he could eat him?
Answer: Kaa

Kaa was a snake with hypnotic eyes that he used to lure his prey into his unsuspecting jaws. He lured Mowgli into a hypnotic state with his song "Trust in Me", while Bagheera slept. Bagheera interrupted Kaa just as he was about to devour Mowgli and begged Kaa not to eat him.

Kaa was the eyes and ears of the jungle. Sher Khan manipulated him into telling him Mowgli's whereabouts. Kaa tried to reason with Sher Khan and agreed to whatever he wished, but grumbled as soon as Sher Khan left. Kaa never feels appreciated and at one point told Mowgli, "You can't trust anyone!".

Disney put a spin on Kaa's role from the original Kaa the snake in Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book" novel. In the novel, Kaa was a wise mentor to Mowgli and not evil. Walt Disney did not like the idea of a heroic snake and transformed Kaa into one of the sinister characters of the "Jungle Book" movie. He was voiced by Sterling Holloway.
15 The first years the child in the movie grows up amongst what kind of animals?
Answer: Wolves

Question Reference: Quiz: Jungle Book.
16 Night overtakes Bagheera and Mowgli on their journey. They take refuge in a tree, but Bagheera was wrong in thinking they would be safe there. Who attacks them?
Answer: Ka the python

The python Ka, voiced by Sterling Holloway, tries to hypnotize Mowgli, voiced by Bruce Reitherman, so he can eat him. He also tries to hypnotize the panther. The friends escape thanks to Mowgli's quick thinking. Ka slithers away from the encounter very cross, because Mowgli has tied a knot in his tail.

There are no vampire bats or giant spiders in "The Jungle Book". Vampire bats live in South America, not in India. Giant Spiders live in Murkwood, a forest in J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 adventure novel "The Hobbit" and in the Forbidden Forest in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series the first book of which, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone" was published in 1997.
17 What is the name of the young village girl who follows Mowgli in to the jungle?
Answer: Shanti

Shanti appeared right at the end of the first "The Jungle Book" movie. Mowgli followed her in to the village at the end of the first movie.
18 What is the name of the baby elephant Mowgli meets at the start of the film?
Answer: Hathi Junior

Hathi is the name of the elephant. S/he is named after one of her parents and is the smallest yet cutest of the elephants.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Jungle Book.
19 Mowgli was awakened by a troop of elephants on the march. Who was the fearless, and sometimes forgetful, leader of the jungle patrol?
Answer: Colonel Hathi

Colonel Hathi was voiced by the British singer, J. Pat O'Malley. O'Malley also played one of the jungle buzzards.

Colonel Hathi viewed it as his proud duty to patrol the jungle with his elephant infantry. He served in Maharajah's 5th Pachyderm Brigade and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery. He often got sidetracked recalling tales of his past. Winifred, his wife, tried to keep him on topic. Their son, Hathi Jr., became good friends with Mowgli.

Colonel Hathi's wife, Winifred, was voice by Verna Felton. Unlike most Disney mothers, Winifred was portrayed as witty and sarcastic. Due to her husband Colonel Hathi constantly marching his elephant patrol all over the jungle, Winifred complained that her feet were constantly hurting. She was sympathetic to the needs of others and looked out for their son, Junior. This was the last role of Verna Felton, who died during the film's production. Verna Felton (voice of Winifred) died of a stroke on December 14, 1966, one day before Walt Disney died of lung cancer.
20 What song sings Kaa, the oh so s-s-s-slithering s-s-s-snake?
Answer: Trust In Me

Question Reference: Quiz: Jungle Book.
21 In the morning, Bagheera and Mowgli are woken by the Dawn patrol. Who are the Dawn Patrol?
Answer: A herd of elephants

Singing and trumpeting, Col. Happy, voiced by J. Pat O'Malley, leads his herd in their morning march past the tree where Bagheera and Mowgli have taken shelter, waking them. This makes Bagheera grumpy, but Mowgli is delighted. He slips down from the tree and takes up his place at the end of the parade, behind the baby elephant, Happy Jr, voiced by Clint Howard. When the colonel discovers Mowgli, he is very annoyed, and Bagheera has to smooth things over. Having made friends with Happy Jr., Mowgli is reluctant to leave the elephants. But at length he lets the panther lead him away.

Volt is one of several collective nouns used for vultures. Others include committee and wake.
22 There is a new vulture that joins the other three vultures. This new vulture always teases Shere Khan, what is his name?
Answer: Lucky

Lucky teases Shere Khan twice before Shere Khan attacks him. Lucky is thought to be dead, until he appears at the end to tease Shere Khan some more.
23 Where does King Louie live?
Answer: Ancient Ruins

His "palace" is based in the Ancient Ruins. The Ancient Ruins are very old and fall apart easily. Baloo and Bagheera learn this the hard way when they storm the palace to rescue Mowgli.
Question Reference: Quiz: The Jungle Book.
24 "Look for the bare necessitates, the simple bare necessities! Forget about your worries and your strife!" What animal did Baloo want to teach Mowgli to be like with this song?
Answer: a bear

Baloo was a slothful, carefree bear that lived off of the jungle. Convinced that Bagheera was overly protective, Baloo adopted Mowgli and taught him how to be a bear.

Bagheera crashed Baloo's party when he stressed, to Baloo, that Mowgli's life was endangered by Sher Khan and caring for Mowgli involved more than a good time. He told Baloo he had the responsibility to protect Mowgli from danger.

Bagheera convinced Baloo to take Mowgli back to the man-village where Mowgli could be with other humans. Baloo tried to talk to Mowgli and Mowgli felt betrayed.

Baloo was played by Phil Harris, a jazz musician and comedian. The role of Baloo turned out to be one of his biggest roles for Disney. The jungle bear portrayal of a best friend to a boy inspired Disney to place him for "Little John", another bear in the animated Disney classic "Robin Hood". He also played Thomas O'Malley in Disney's "The Aristocrats".
25 The monkey Louie is a?
Answer: King

Question Reference: Quiz: Jungle Book.