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The Wedding Singer Trivia Questions

Wedding Singer, The There are 72 questions on this topic. Last updated Dec 04 2023.
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26 What is Glenn's last name?
Answer: Guglia

'Guglia. That means her name is gonna be Julia Guglia. Julia Guglia. That's funny.' 'Why is that funny?'
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What year was the movie set in?

27 What does the limos licence plate read?
Answer: IMMIKE

You have to look real close.
28 What table number were the 'mutants' on that Robbie said would never get married?
Answer: 9

29 How much money does Robbie get from his grandmother in 1993?
Answer: $25

Robbie said this when they were at the club. Robbie, Glenn, Julia and Holly were talking about bonds.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
30 It is the day of Robbie and Linda's wedding. The grounds are beautiful and Julia is looking from the back. Linda never shows; who tells Robbie that Linda will not be there?
Answer: Robbie's sister

His sister said she just got off the phone with Linda's mom and that Linda left a note. Robbie seems to take it well but goes into the side room and smashes the mirror.
31 What piece of musical theater is the song 'Til There Was You' (Rosie sings this song at her anniversary party) from?
Answer: The Music Man

Shirley Jones played Marion The Librarian in the movie of 'The Music Man' with Robert Preston.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
32 How much does the cd player cost?
Answer: $700

33 What commercial was on when Robbie came to babysit his nephews?
Answer: Dunkin' Donuts

During the scene when Robbie comes to babysit his nephews in the movie, a commercial for Dunkin' Donuts can be heard playing on the television in the background. The choice to include a real-life commercial in the scene adds a level of authenticity to the film and helps to establish the setting in the 1980s, where advertisements for popular brands like Dunkin' Donuts would have been common on television. Additionally, the inclusion of the commercial helps to establish the character of Robbie and his nephew as regular people who enjoy things like donuts and television. This small detail also serves as a reminder that even in the midst of major life events like weddings and romantic troubles, life still goes on around us in the form of advertising and everyday activities. Overall, the inclusion of a Dunkin' Donuts commercial in this scene adds a touch of realism and relatability to the film.
34 What "SNL" funnyman played the man giving Robbie an interview at the bank?
Answer: Kevin Nealon

Nealon has to insist that Robbie leave after Robbie offers him singing lessons in return for business cards. Nealon makes cameos in quite a few "SNL" linked movies, like "Happy Gilmore", as does Norm MacDonald, in "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo".
35 What was the name of the club?
Answer: Spanky's

This is where they went on for the double date. Julia got drunk and threw up.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
36 What video is on while Sammy, Robbie, and Andy are talking?
Answer: "White Wedding"

Come on, it's a nice day to start again.
37 After the wedding was ruined, Robbie, Sammy and his brother-in-law were sitting at the kitchen table. "White Wedding" was on the TV and Robbie's nephew runs in with a picture of Robbie and Linda. What mask is the nephew wearing?
Answer: Freddy Krueger

On the picture of Robbie and Linda, the nephew drew devil horns and a beard on Linda.
38 What is on the back of Julia's jean jacket?
Answer: butterflies

Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
39 What year was the movie set in?
Answer: 1985

The year that the movie The Wedding Singer is set in is 1985. This is an interesting time period for the film to take place in as it was the height of the 80s culture. The fashion, music, and overall vibe of the time period play a pivotal role in the film as it adds to the overall nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. The movie showcases many iconic 80s moments, such as the popularity of cassette tapes, neon-colored clothing, and the emergence of MTV. The film also references some significant events that occurred in 1985, such as Ronald Reagan's second presidential inauguration and the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl. The setting of the movie in 1985 allows for a fun and entertaining backdrop for the film's story to take place.
40 Who starred in the music video that played on TV right after Robbie got stood up at his wedding?
Answer: Billy Idol

It was, ironically enough, the "White Wedding" video. Idol also cameoed in the end, when Robbie sees him on the airplane flying first class.
41 What band did the guy who sold Robbie his plane ticket like?
Answer: Flock of Sea Gulls

His hair style was really weird!
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
42 Robbie then goes outside with the plastic bride from the top of the cake. Linda shows up and said she was not in love with Robbie, the wedding singer. She was in love with the Robbie from six years ago. What was the name of the band he was in back then?
Answer: Final Warning

She loved the "Rock Star" Robbie in the spandex pants and silk shirts. He tells her that he still has the spandex but she doesn't want a wedding singer for the rest of her life.
43 Why is the cook more willing to give Holly the dish she asks for than he is to give it to Julia at the wedding reception?
Answer: Holly showed him her breasts

Not her finest half hour, but its been a pleasant working environment ever since.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
44 What show did Holly say Glen might miss, if he had his bachelor party on Friday night?
Answer: Miami Vice

In The Wedding Singer, when Holly tells Glen he might miss a TV show if he has his bachelor party on Friday night, she mentions Miami Vice. Miami Vice was a popular crime drama series that aired from 1984 to 1989. The show followed two detectives, Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, as they worked undercover in Miami to take down drug traffickers and other criminals. Miami Vice was known for its stylish fashion, its use of contemporary music, and its portrayal of the glamorous Miami lifestyle. The show was highly influential in popular culture and helped to define the look and sound of the 1980s. By mentioning Miami Vice, Holly is highlighting the era in which The Wedding Singer is set and further emphasizing the cultural references and nostalgia that are present throughout the film.
45 Does Robbie live in his brother's or his sister's basement?
Answer: sister

Robbie repeats this pretty often when he hits the low point in the movie.
46 How many cones did Sammy hit when he was showing Julia his skills?
Answer: 2

The cones could have been people!
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
47 Where does Robbie hide until everyone leaves Cindy and Scott's wedding?
Answer: a dumpster

He asks Julia, "Are they all gone?"
48 Robbie has been in the basement for five days. Sammy comes to visit and Robbie is listening to "Boys Don't Cry". Sammy said his sheets were soft and asked if he used Downey. What detergent does Robbie use?
Answer: All Tempa Cheer

He said All Temperature because it can be used in all temperatures. Sonny tries to talk Robbie into singing at the next wedding because there are going to be 100 drunk girls there.
49 Who played the bartender at the bar where Robbie goes to get drunk near the end?
Answer: Tim Herlihy

He was one of the writers. Did you know he played the Kangaroo in 'Kangaroo Songs' in 'Big Daddy'?
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
50 Where did Robbie, Julia, Glen and Holly have their double date?
Answer: Spanky's

Robbie, Julia, Glen, and Holly's double date took place at Spanky's, a fictional restaurant in the movie. During the scene, there is a reference to Madonna's Like a Virgin playing on the jukebox, indicating the time period the movie is set in. Spanky's is portrayed as a typical American diner with red leather seats and a jukebox. The restaurant also serves as a backdrop for several other scenes in the movie, including one where Robbie performs for Julia's engagement party. The use of Spanky's as a recurring location in the movie adds to the nostalgia factor and romanticizes the idea of small-town diners.