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The Wedding Singer Trivia Questions & Answers

Wedding Singer, The There are 72 questions on this topic. Last updated Dec 04 2023.
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51 According to Linda, Robbie's fiancee, how much does Robbie make at each wedding?
Answer: $60

"A whoppin' sixty bucks a pop!" to be exact. Watching her in that scene makes me thrilled that 80s make-up and hair haven't made a return yet!
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How much money does Robbie get from his grandmother in 1993?

52 How much was the CD player Glenn bought?
Answer: $700

That is pretty expensive for a CD player. Julia didn't even know the CD player played CDs.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
53 Who is wearing the Van Halen t-shirt when Julia knocks on Robbie's door?
Answer: Linda

"Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up."
54 At Cindy and Scott's wedding, Robbie starts off with "Holiday", then goes into "mood music" and sings "Love Stinks". He goes around the room having the guests sing along. What is the number of the table that the "mutants" were sitting at?
Answer: 9

The bride's father got mad and punched out Robbie. Robbie winds up in the dumpster behind the hall. Julia finds him and helps him out of the dumpster.
55 When Julia is waitressing at the barmitzvah, what does the old man say?
Answer: I'd like to do more than dance with her!

He then gets a high five from the kid next to him.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
56 Who was the male star of the movie?
Answer: Adam Sandler

The male star of this romantic comedy film, who also co-wrote the script, was the talented and versatile actor Adam Sandler. Sandler portrayed a charismatic and cheesy wedding singer, Robbie Hart, who gets his heart broken and struggles to recover from the emotional turmoil. With his soulful and comedic performance, Sandler showcased his unique brand of humor that resonated with audiences and established him as a leading figure in Hollywood. This movie solidified his status as a box office draw and paved the way for more successful films in the following years. Sandler's dynamic range of acting abilities, from drama to comedy, has made him one of the most beloved actors in the industry, and "The Wedding Singer" is a testament to his talents.
57 When Glen tells Robbie that Julia would rather go to bed with a real man, meaning himself, he then calls Robbie a poor what?
Answer: singing orphan

Glen found out this information at the engagement party for him and Julia, when Robbie asked his friend if he wanted to talk about when his parents died when he was 10. Robbie then told him to have a few drinks and drive home. He said it to Robbie when he told him outside the bar to stop cheating on Julia.
58 What company was the CD player from?
Answer: Sony

Sony was written big on the box.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
59 Who is in this movie that is also in "The Waterboy?"
Answer: Peter Dante

He plays the quarterback. "Duuuuurrrrr, I'm the w-w-w-waterboy. Duuuurrr, I've gotta wooden spoon, Duuurrr."
60 Robbie suggests that Julia uses Tony's Florist instead of the Marshalls'. Julia asks Robbie to help her with the plans. They go to the photographer and she thinks Julia and Robbie are perfect for each other. What relation do they tell Fay, the photographer, they are?
Answer: brother/sister

Fay said they looked perfect together and would always be together like: Donald and Ivana, Burt and Loni, and Woody and Mia.
61 Who said (while supporting Robbie's desire to move out of his sister's house) 'He can't stay there with all the nipple twisting that goes on there.'?
Answer: Rosie

Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
62 Glen says good looking women are 'grade A, top choice ____.'
Answer: meat

In The Wedding Singer, Glen makes a rather crass remark about attractive women being like "grade A, top choice meat." This statement is objectifying and reduces women to nothing more than pieces of meat, which is incredibly offensive. It perpetuates the damaging and harmful idea that women are only valuable for their looks and bodies, rather than their intelligence, personality, or talents. Unfortunately, this type of language and attitude is all too prevalent in our society, and it's important to challenge and combat it whenever possible. It's important to recognize that every person, regardless of their gender or appearance, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Making derogatory comments like Glen's only perpetuates discrimination and reinforces harmful gender stereotypes.
63 What was the gift that Julia had for Robbie?
Answer: Music sheets

She made them for him to put all his songs on.
64 Holly and Julia are discussing the kiss for the wedding. Julia says she wants no tongue, it should be a church kiss. Robbie shows up to give Julia her jacket, that she left in the limo. Holly suggests that Robbie and Julia try the kiss. Glenn then brings Julia a CD player; what brand is it?
Answer: Sony

The kiss was perfect and when Glenn comes in Robbie said he kissed her. Holly saves it and said Robbie was talking about her.
65 Who was wearing the dress that everyone agreed on at the bridal shop?
Answer: George

It was George, who humorously portrays a likeness to Boy George. Julia's mom's choice was "okay", while Holly's was a definite "no!" Sammy was there, but didn't put on a dress.
66 The four go on a double date. Julia is upset and gets drunk. They have to all leave because Julia got sick. What sports car does Glenn drive, with the "Miami Vice" theme blasting?
Answer: DeLorean

They speed off and Robbie drives Holly home. Holly kisses Robbie and realizes that Robbie is falling for Julia. Duh!
67 Who has the window seat on the trip to Vegas?
Answer: Glenn Guglia

Julia asked him once they got on, as a test, and he said that the drink cart always bangs in his elbows when it goes by. He did tell her that she could lean over him when they went over the strip. How thoughtful.
68 The next morning Julia comes home and Holly tells her that she told Robbie, that she is marrying Glenn for the security. Where does Robbie go for a job interview?
Answer: Bank

Julia realizes she wants to be with Robbie and not Glenn. She goes to Robbie's to tell him.
69 What was Glen's favorite TV show?
Answer: Miami Vice

Holly asked him if he would miss "Miami Vice" and he said, "Nope. Summer. Re-runs," with a little nod. By the way, next time you watch, you have to check out Holly's date at the party. You only see him for a split second when she sees Robbie and Sammy, but it's worth it.
70 Julia goes to Robbie's to tell him that she loves him and Linda answers the door. Later, after Robbie's job interview, she throws up the music sheets she had made for him and runs off to Vegas with Glenn. What tee-shirt did Linda wear to the door?
Answer: Van Halen

When Julia and Glenn are on the plane she asks him to have the window seat. Glenn said no, but he will let her lean over him to look out. What a moron!
71 What animal print underwear in Glen wearing when Julia comes in to wake him up?
Answer: Leopard

Hope you liked it!
72 On the flight Robbie explains to Billy Idol and the whole first class section, what was going on. To make the story short; they are both in love with each other and get married in the end. Who is the singer at their wedding?
Answer: David

And everyone lives "Happily ever after!"...