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Trivia Questions and Answers
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60 Lacrosse Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Lacrosse? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Lacrosse (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which country has Lacrosse as its national summer sport?
Answer: Canada

It was declared a national summer sport by an act of parliament in 1994. Lacrosse was an Olympic event in 1904 and 1908 (a men's competition, both gold were won by Canada).
    Your options: [ China ] [ Australia ] [ Canada ] [ Denmark ]
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
2 Lacrosse origins date back as far as the 15th Century. Players were gravely injured or even killed. Early balls were made from deerskin, clay/stone, and sometimes wood. They were also made from what?
Answer: The heads of the enemy

Balls were later made from hard rubber.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
3 How many teams play in the major leagues of lacrosse?
Answer: six

All six teams are located east of the Mississippi River.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
4 Who was the leading scorer in 2000?
Answer: Ryan Powell

Ryan is also Casey Powell's brother. He had 99 points.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
5 How many players are on the field for each team at a time?
Answer: 6

Two attackmen, one transition man, two defensemen, and one goalie are on the field for each team.
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
6 How many players are allowed on the field at a time during play for each team?
Answer: 10

Three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and one goalie.

In women's lacrosse the field is has different markings and each team has 12 players:
Point, cover point, third man, right defence, left defence, centre, right attack, left attack, third home, second home, first home, and goalie.
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
7 Eventually called Lacrosse by French observers, the game was invariably known in different cultures by different terms. Lacrosse has been described as "men hit a rounded object", "little war", "little brother of war" and what other term?
Answer: "They bump balls"

Le jeu de la crosse translates to 'the game of the stick'.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
8 Who lost the Divison I championship in 1999?
Answer: Syracuse

Even though they had a strong fourth quarter, Virgina held them off to win.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
9 Box lacrosse is a fast paced sport because of the shot clock, which gives teams a certain amount of time to get a shot on goal. How many seconds are on the shot clock when a team gains possession?
Answer: 30 seconds

If the team in possession does not get a shot on goal in 30 seconds or less, they have to give the ball to the other team. If they do get a shot on goal and regain possession, the shot clock is reset to 30 seconds.
    Your options: [ 30 seconds ] [ 20 seconds ] [ 45 seconds ] [ 60 seconds ]
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
10 Where is protective equipment not normally used on a player?
Answer: Shins

Also included are protective gloves. Protection is important as players use their sticks to hack at the opposing team and their bodies to check.
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
11 Crosse, a French word is used to describe what in general?
Answer: Bat or Stick

Lacrosse is played on grass and sometimes artificial turf.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
12 Who was Division I player of the year in 1999?
Answer: John Grant

John helped Deleware make it to the tourney.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
13 A team/side (men's) will consist of what?
Answer: 3 x Attackmen, 3 x Midfielders, 3 x Defenders, 1 x Goalie

Women have 12 players per side/team.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
14 What shoe company lent its name to the Major League Lacrosse Championship in 2003?
Answer: New Balance

Also featured in MLL are the Merrill Lynch Coach of the Year and the Bud Light MVP of the Year.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
15 Who was the 1998 Division III champion?
Answer: Washington (MD)

Although they lost a game in the regular season, they dominated in the finals.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
16 Why is the sport called "box" lacrosse?
Answer: Because the game is played on an indoor field with walls

The walls around the field are usually around 8' tall. The walls are used for keeping the ball in play, bone-crushing hits, and incredible bank passes.
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
17 When a players shoots on goal and misses causing the ball to go out of bounds, which team takes control of the ball?
Answer: Who ever is closest to the ball when it goes out of bounds

Often you will see players running to the ball with their arms stretched all of the way forward in an attempt to have their stick closest to the ball.
    Your options: [ They face off ] [ The offense ] [ Who ever is closest to the ball when it goes out of bounds ] [ The defense ]
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
18 An integral part of the game of Lacrosse is known as body ________?
Answer: Checking

Protective gear is worn, i.e. helmet, shoulder protectors, armguards and gloves.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
19 In the first three years of its existence, MLL had the same two teams advance to its championship. Where do these teams play?
Answer: Long Island & Baltimore

In 2001, the Baltimore Bayhawks took top honors in MLL. In 2002 and 2003, the Long Island Lizards dethroned the Hawks and defended their title.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
20 What former Princeton defensemen started Warrior?
Answer: Dave Morrow

Dave was an excellent college player and got defensemen of the year in 1993.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
21 What is the trophy for winning the NLL Championship called?
Answer: The Champions Cup

After you win the Champions Cup, your team name and the MVP is engraved on the side.
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
22 When facing off, where is the ball?
Answer: On the ground

The ball is placed at center field and the players must trap the ball and send it back to one of their teammates. Similar to a scrum in rugby, but with only two players.
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
23 Invented by Native North Americans, the game later became less violent and more sport oriented by the 19th Century. In what year did Canadian dentist, Dr William George Beers found the Montreal Lacrosse Club?
Answer: 1856

Dr Beers codified the game in 1867; shortening the length of each game and reducing the number of players.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
24 Who lost the 2000 Division I finals?
Answer: Princeton

Princeton was dominated in this game, and never go the lead.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
25 Who won the 2009 Champions Cup?
Answer: The Calgary Roughnecks

The Roughnecks defeated the New York Titans 12-10 in front of 13,042 fans at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, on May 12, 2009.
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
26 By the 1900s, lacrosse was being played in high schools, colleges and universities. The sport was contested in which 2 Olympic Games initially?
Answer: 1904 and 1908

In the 1930s, Box Lacrosse (or Indoor Lacrosse) was introduced to Canada.
    Your options: [ 1908 and 1912 ] [ 1904 and 1908 ] [ 1912 and 1916 ] [ 1916 and 1920 ]
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
27 In what city was the 2003 MLL Championship played?
Answer: Villanova, PA

At Villanova Stadium on August 24th, 2003, the Long Island Lizards defeated the Baltimore Bayhawks in overtime in front of 6,593 fans by a score of 15-14.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
28 Who was the 2000 finals player of the game?
Answer: Liam Banks

Liam had a great game with 6 goals and 1 assist.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
29 What is the size of a regulation box lacrosse goal?
Answer: 4' x 4'

Despite the undersized goal, box lacrosse games are usually high scoring. The average score per game in the NLL is 15-13.
  From Quiz: Box Lacrosse
30 Who originated the sport of Lacrosse?
Answer: Plains Indians and Woodlands Natives

The Plains Indians and Woodlands Natives were located in today's Canada and USA.
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
31 With its National Sport being Australian Rules Football, surprisingly lacrosse has made a huge following in major states in Australia; South Australia, Western Australia and which other?
Answer: Victoria

Considered a 'full contact sport', it is probably just as rough to play as football, although with a lot of protective padding.
    Your options: [ New South Wales ] [ Victoria ] [ Tasmania ] [ Queensland ]
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
32 One of the new variations on the game of lacrosse incorporated into MLL is the addition of a 2-point line, like the 3-point arc in basketball. How far from the goal is the 2-point scoring line according to MLL regulations?
Answer: 15 yards

Any goal scored inside the 2-point line, however, is worth one point.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
33 Which famous former football player once played lacrosse?
Answer: Jim Brown

Jim was an all american at Syracuse, and named one of the top ten players of the century.
    Your options: [ John Elway ] [ Jim Brown ] [ Ken Norton Jr. ] [ Tony Dorsett ]
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
34 The name "Lacrosse" is of what origin?
Answer: French

Actually, "crosse" is French for any stick used in such a sport. The French settlers who first watched the game being played called it, "la jeu de la crosse".
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
35 Personal fouls are awarded against players. These fouls are called for 'slashing', 'tripping', 'crosschecking', and 'unsportsmanlike conduct'. What other reasons would a personal foul be called for?
Answer: Unnecessary roughness, illegal body checking and illegal equipment

You can also be called for an 'illegal crosse', where the pocket on your stick is too deep etc, and for other illegal equipment.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
36 Why was the 1990 tournament vacated?
Answer: Infractions
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
37 In which century did the game originate?
Answer: 1400s

Lacrosse originated in Huron County in today's New York. Back then each team was made up of up to 1000 warriors on a field that could stretch for as much as several miles long with no boundaries.
    Your options: [ 1800s ] [ 1600s ] [ 1400s ] [ 1700s ]
  From Quiz: The Game of Lacrosse
38 Illegal gloves is a reason a foul would be called upon a player. What would make gloves illegal in a game of lacrosse?
Answer: When the fingers are cut out underneath

Having the thick padding from the fingers of the gloves cut out would enable easier handling of the stick and easier to check another player and deemed illegal, not to mention totally unfair.
  From Quiz: Lacrosse: What Do You Know?
39 What famous fitness expert was one of the founding fathers of MLL?
Answer: Jake Steinfeld

Jake "Body by Jake" Steinfeld was indeed one of the major forces behind the establishment of MLL, along with Dave Morrow and Tim Robertson.
  From Quiz: Major League Lacrosse
40 What team won the 1998 Division II finals?
Answer: Adelphi

The Panthers beat C.W. Post in the finals.
  From Quiz: Ultimate Men's Lacrosse
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