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14 Wheel Of Fortune Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Wheel Of Fortune? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Wheel Of Fortune (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The show "Wheel of Fortune" first aired on syndicated television in the 1970's. What person was the creator of the show?
Answer: Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin was the creator of the original version of "Wheel of Fortune". He served as the executive producer of the show until his retirement in the year 2000. The other persons mentioned were all involved with the show.
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2 When did the first show of "Wheel of Fortune" air on television?
Answer: January 6, 1975

The first episode of "Wheel of Fortune" aired on January 6, 1975. Neither Pat Sajak nor Vanna White were on the show at that time, however.
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3 When a contestant spins the wheel, it often lands on a dollar amount. According to the rules, what is the contestant to choose when this happens?
Answer: One of 21 consonants

The dollar amounts on the big wheel are used when choosing one of 21 consonants to solve the word puzzle on the "Wheel of Fortune" game. Lose a turn and bankruptcy are other space options on the wheel along with possible prize offerings. Recently, a variation of choosing a vowel has been included.
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4 Who was the first host and hostess pair on "Wheel of Fortune?"
Answer: Chuck Woolery/Susan Stafford

Yes, it was Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford. Personally, I had never heard of Chuck Woolery until he began hosting the show "Love Connection."
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5 The contestant chooses a letter after spinning a dollar amount. What happens if the letter is not a part of the word puzzle?
Answer: Contestant loses a turn

When the letter the contestant chooses is not a part of the "Wheel of Fortune" game word puzzle, the player then loses a turn. No cash is lost, but the play goes to the next contestant.
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6 A contestant lands on the dollar amount of $300 and the letter 'R' is chosen. What does the player earn if there are three R's in the word puzzle?
Answer: $900

In this case, the contestant wins $900 for choosing the R and for having it appear three times in the "Wheel of Fortune" game puzzle (3 x $300 = $900).
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7 Pat Sajak served in the United States Army during which war?
Answer: Vietnam War

Tell me you didn't guess the Civil War :) Pat Sajak joined the United States Army in 1968. He was sent to Vietnam and spent one and a half years in Saigon working for the Armed Forces Radio. Interestingly, it is said that Sajak began his radio cast each morning by shouting the words "Good morning, Vietnam." If this sounds familiar, you may remember actor Robin Williams saying these same words at the beginning of his radio casts in the film, "Good Morning, Vietnam."
    Your options: [ Korean War ] [ Gulf War ] [ American Civil War ] [ Vietnam War ]
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8 What number of "toss up" games are used on the "Wheel of Fortune" television program?
Answer: Three

Three "toss up rounds" are used in the current television version of the game. The "toss up" game determines who starts the play for the puzzle solving rounds.
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9 What number of letters are "given" in the puzzle on the "Bonus" round before the player attempts to guess letters for a solution?
Answer: Five consonants and a vowel

The letters R S T L N and E are the given letters in the "Wheel of Fortune" bonus round on television. Therefore, five consonants and one vowel are given before the contestant guesses letters for the "Bonus" round. The contestant is allowed to state three consonants and one vowel in addition to the letters given before the puzzle solving time limit is used.
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10 What does the contestant of "Wheel of Fortune" need to have in order to win and go to the "Bonus" round?
Answer: The most dollar value

The game contestant with the highest dollar value of cash and prize earnings from playing the puzzles and toss up games is declared the winner. The winner goes to the "Bonus round" to hopefully win a grand prize.
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11 Who created the show, "Wheel of Fortune?"
Answer: Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin created the show. Pat Sajak is the host of the show. Sony Pictures Television produces the show. The show is distributed in the United States by King World Productions, Inc.
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12 What time limit (in seconds) is used in solving the "Bonus round" word puzzles?
Answer: Ten seconds

In the "Bonus" round a time limit of ten seconds is used for solving the puzzle.
This time limit is used after given and chosen letters are placed on the word grid.
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13 Not including the $10,000 prize space, what is the highest cash value space placed on "The Wheel" during the show?
Answer: $5,000

The correct answer is $5,000. There is, however, the $10,000 prize space placed on "The Wheel." However, this space is treated as a single earned prize. In other words, if you landed on the $10,000 prize space and guessed the letter "T" and there were three "Ts," you would pick up the $10,000 prize card (just as you would any other prize card) and if you end up solving the puzzle you would then be awarded the $10,000 cash prize plus any other cash and prizes you may have earned during that puzzle. Whereas, if you had landed on the $5,000 space and guessed the letter "T" and there were three "Ts," your score would have automatically reflected a $15,000 gain. I didn't want there to be any confusion, so I left $10,000 prize space out as a possible answer to this question. I obtained much of the information used in this quiz at I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Please rate it when you have finished. Also, please check out my other quizzes by Mr Nose. Thanks!
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