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Quiz about The Gladiator Collection
Quiz about The Gladiator Collection

The Gladiator Collection Trivia Quiz

Pick out the names which are associated with the 2000 film 'Gladiator'. Note these are not just the actors who appeared in the film - it includes other creative people whose names were important enough to be displayed on posters for the film.

A collection quiz by rossian. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 04 23
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Pick those who fit with 'Gladiator' and ignore those that don't.
There are 12 correct entries. Get 3 incorrect and the game ends.
George Clooney Hans Zimmer Ridley Scott John C Reilly Richard Harris Mark Wahlberg Derek Jacobi William Fichtner Connie Nielsen Russell Crowe David Franzoni Wolfgang Petersen James Horner Omid Djabili William Witliff Diane Lane Oliver Reed Giannina Facio David Hemmings Joaquin Phoenix

Left click to select the correct answers.
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Apr 20 2024 : Guest 172: 12/12
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Apr 05 2024 : Guest 172: 12/12
Mar 30 2024 : Guest 94: 11/12
Mar 28 2024 : Luckycharm60: 8/12
Mar 28 2024 : wwwocls: 10/12

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

This very successful film was directed by Ridley Scott, who also brought us films like 'Thelma & Louise' (1991), 'The Martian' (2015) and 'House of Gucci' (2021).

Russell Crowe stars as Maximus Decimus Meridius, the Roman General who refuses to swear allegiance to the murderous new emperor Commodus, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. Commodus has murdered his father, Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), to obtain his position. Maximus returns to his home where he finds his wife (Giannina Facio) and son have been crucified.

Maximus is sold by a slave trader (Omid Djalili) to Proximo (Oliver Reed in his final role) who trains gladiators, This brings him, in disguise, into the orbit of Commodus and he also reconnects with Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), his former lover and the older sister of Commodus. With the help of Lucilla and Senator Gracchus, played by Derek Jacobi, Maximus escapes Commodus and challenges Maximus to a fight in the Colosseum, where Maximus manages to kill him, despite the underhand tactics employed by the emperor. Maximus succumbs to his wounds, and dies too.

David Hemmings played the master of ceremonies at the gladiatorial contests. Hans Zimmer composed the music for the film and David Franzoni created the story and was one of the scriptwriters.

The incorrect answers are all from another 2000 film - 'The Perfect Storm'. It was directed by Wolfgang Petersen with James Horner providing the music and William Witliff writing the screenplay from a novel by Sebastian Junger. William Fichtner, Diane Lane, Mark Wahlberg., George Clooney and John C Reilly are among the actors in the movie.
Source: Author rossian

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