Quiz about We All Scream for Ice Cream
Quiz about We All Scream for Ice Cream

We All Scream for Ice Cream Trivia Quiz

A childhood secret involving an accidental death spells vengeance in Tom Holland's "We All Scream for Ice Cream", in which one man returns to his hometown and faces his chilling past. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Jul 23 22
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6 / 10
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1. What is the name of the gang of kids that are the focus of this episode?

Answer: (Four Words)
2. Who does Toot blame for the killings of the gang? Hint


3. Whose death does Virgil witness? Hint

None of these

4. Which member of the gang, Layne says, was the group bully? Hint

Papa Joe

5. Layne's daughter, Mary-Lynn, is at a friend's house on the night of Toot's death. What is the name of her friend? Hint


6. When Layne sees the Cheery Tyme ice cream truck down his street for the first time, he tracks something into the house with him. What is it? Hint

None of these
A popsicle stick
An ice cream wrapper
Melted ice cream

7. Which is the only member of the gang who did not play a part in Buster's death? Hint

Papa Joe

8. Virgil has had a child.


9. According to Papa Joe, how many years has it been since Cheery Tyme ice cream has sent out trucks? Hint


10. In the end, Toby, Layne's son, bites into a frozen treat.


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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What is the name of the gang of kids that are the focus of this episode?

Answer: The West End Bunch

The story begins with Kent and his son in the middle of the street. Kent's son holds an ice cream treat and its wrapper in his hand while Kent tells him not to eat it; it's bad for him. Kent's son disagrees saying 'they say it's the best ice cream in the whole world', and before Kent can take it from his hands, his son takes a bite out of it. While his son eats the treat, a pool of melted ice cream forms where Kent once stood.
An ice cream truck slowly drives down a suburban road covered in a dense mist.
Some time later, Kent's funeral is performed, and a speech is given by Papa Joe. He states that he knew Kent from when he was about his son's size, and they were in a group called 'The West End Bunch', which they named after the movie 'The Wild Bunch'. Also, Layne, another member of the group, is with them at the funeral, and he spies a rough looking man watching from behind the trees nearby. After the funeral, Layne says that it was Virgil, who evidently never left town. As they leave the cemetery, Kent's wife says that he never should've come back to town, and that it should have been him who was killed.
As Layne drives home, he drives past a hill that he remembers from his youth, where the ice cream truck used to park.
2. Who does Toot blame for the killings of the gang?

Answer: Layne

Layne goes home freezing cold, but when he looks at the thermometer, he finds that it's actually quite warm outside. His wife, Angela, says that he may be getting a cold.
Papa Joe, meanwhile, goes back to work at his bar where Toot, another member of the bunch, drinks his troubles away. He tells Papa Joe that all of them are next, because first it was Skip, then Kent. Papa Joe tells him that Skip isn't dead, but Toot says that he must be; they found his car on the side of the road, parked at a curb, and only his clothes were found inside. Papa Joe says that he may just be running around town in the nude, but Toot comments that Kent had a closed casket at the burial for the exact same reason. Toot says that it only happened since Layne moved back to town. At this point, Layne shows up at the bar. Later in the night, Toot passes out and Layne makes an exit telling Papa Joe to get him a safe ride home. He says he'll send him home with Buck.
While Layne drives home, numerous kids are lining the streets holding quarters, and he proceeds past them finding the situation quite odd. As he continues to his driveway, the windows start to freeze over and he nearly hits his own son as he pulls into the lane. He narrowly misses and asks Toby what he's doing outside. Toby opens his hand and says that he doesn't want to miss 'him', and he holds out a quarter. Layne takes him inside and Angela says that she must have dozed off because Toby was in bed when she last checked.
3. Whose death does Virgil witness?

Answer: Toot's

Angela is shocked that she didn't do anything about Toby, but she soon remembers their daughter, Mary-Lynn, who is at a friend's place for a sleepover. Angela decides to call over to see how she's doing. Across town, however, an ice cream truck slowly makes a pass down a quiet road, and the driver hands a young child an ice cream treat before slowly riding away. Elsewhere, Buck is giving Toot a ride home, but because he's been drinking, he asks to stop the car while he runs into the bushes and throws up.

The kid across town takes a bite of the ice cream treat, which is by chance, in the shape of a human being, and Toot ends up convulsing. Buck runs into the woods in time to see Toot's melted remains on the ground as well as Virgil standing across the clearing. Virgil runs away in fear while Buck calls the cops.
4. Which member of the gang, Layne says, was the group bully?

Answer: Virgil

Later that night, Layne brings up some old suppressed memories, and Angela says that it's why she didn't want to move back. Layne lights up a smoke and asks her if she ever teased other kids when she was young, and he goes on to say that he, Kent, Toot, Papa Joe, and Skip were the 'West End Bunch' that Papa Joe mentioned at the funeral.

His particular memory takes him back to when the Bunch were just kids. One day, the group of them went out with other kids to meet the Cheery Tyme ice cream truck, driven by a clown named Buster. Buster would perform tricks for the kids, giving them ice cream in exchange for quarters. Layne says that Buster was born disadvantaged, but the kids loved him. Over time though, he was only good enough to drive the truck and sell ice cream, however when he put on the makeup, he took on a friendly persona to all the kids.

The only exception, Layne says, was Virgil.
5. Layne's daughter, Mary-Lynn, is at a friend's house on the night of Toot's death. What is the name of her friend?

Answer: Agnes

On one occasion, Layne says, the group got their treats from Buster, but Virgil had to push things too far. After Layne got his treat, Virgil lit up a smoke, walked right up to Buster, and pulled his red nose off, only to find that nothing was underneath it. Virgil was mortified, wetting his pants and being laughed at, but after this, he punched Layne in the face. Angela asks what happened to Buster after the fact, and Layne notes that he died shortly after. Virgil, on the other hand, never left, and since then he's had a vendetta against Layne, giving him reason to believe that he's just messing with the group. Layne soon gets a call from Papa Joe, who asks him to meet him to see what happened to Toot. Angela talks with Mary-Lynn about the incident with Toby being outside and she asks if she and Agnes were outside as well, to which she replies she wasn't, but she did have a dream that she went outside, late at night, to get dessert, though she says it was more of a nightmare.
6. When Layne sees the Cheery Tyme ice cream truck down his street for the first time, he tracks something into the house with him. What is it?

Answer: An ice cream wrapper

As night falls, the temperature drops below 0, and Layne manages to doze off. When he jolts awake, however, he happens to look back to see his son walking down the stairs in his pajamas, quarter in hand. Although he calls for Angela, she's in bed as well, and unable to wake up until he shouts loud enough to wake her from her daze. Layne runs out to find Mary-Lynn walking down the laneway as well, and he picks her up to stop her from reaching the street.

As they reach the curb, Layne watches as the Cheery Tyme ice cream truck emerges from the mist on the street, and slowly reverses back the way it came.

Although Layne shouts for the person behind the wheel to show themselves, they never do. He carries Mary-Lynn back into the house and puts her into bed. Angela wonders if Mary-Lynn is sleepwalking, as there's no other valid explanation, but as Layne looks to his shoes, he finds a Cheery Tyme ice cream wrapper under one of them, and he crumples it up to throw away. Angela confronts her husband, who decides to tell her the truth.
7. Which is the only member of the gang who did not play a part in Buster's death?

Answer: Papa Joe

Virgil never pulled Buster's nose off- that was one thing- but he did help orchestrate something much bigger. The kids listened as Virgil laid down the plans. First, Buster never turns his wheels in at the top of the street like he's supposed to. As well, he can't make change very easily, so the moment anyone gives him paper money, he gets confused.

While Papa Joe runs off and Toot distracts Buster with the money, Virgil forces Layne to pull the emergency brakes on his car, and in the meantime, Toot pushes Buster, knocking his quarters into the road, and while Buster tries to retrieve them, his truck runs him over on its way rolling down the street. Angela tells him that Layne is bordering crazy, thinking that someone is going around killing the Bunch for what they did, but Layne suggests that she take herself and the kids to her mother's, more than four hours away.

She disagrees to this, and Layne decides he needs to speak with Virgil.
8. Virgil has had a child.

Answer: True

Layne makes his way to a junkie warehouse where, reportedly, Virgil resides. Walking by the hollow remains of a Cheery Tyme Ice Cream truck on the way in, he nearly misses the bully of the Bunch. Virgil emerges from a tub of water and welcomes Layne to his abode, saying that he expected him to show up. Layne gets straight to business, since the Bunch is dying off quite quickly.

He mentions that Virgil saw what happened to Toot, and he agrees that he did, saying it happened fast, but it happened nonetheless, and on the way, he saw Toot's kid receive an ice cream treat shaped like a person from someone who happened to be driving a Cheery Tyme ice cream truck. Virgil exclaims that Buster got him, and although Buster wasn't there, he managed to kill him nonetheless. Buster comments that he's safe though, since he's got no kids.

He states that what happens is that Buster gets your kids and gives them an ice cream treat, but the treat isn't an ordinary treat. Once the kid bites into it, you melt to death. Across town, another child, Virgil's illegitimate child, bites into an ice cream treat, and Virgil feels this from his warehouse. Layne watches as Virgil slowly melts away down to his skeleton, then into a gooey ice cream mess.
9. According to Papa Joe, how many years has it been since Cheery Tyme ice cream has sent out trucks?

Answer: Twenty

Layne goes home and talks with his wife telling her to take the kids to her mother's place for everyone's safety, and that she needs to trust him because he can't quite say what's going on. Layne goes to Papa Joe for help, and he learns that Cheery Tyme hasn't sent out a truck in twenty years. Papa Joe says that he isn't afraid to die, and although his kids are in town, he feels he'll be fine enough to stand up to this 'curse'.
Papa Joe and Layne return to Layne's house to find that Angela and the kids are still there. Papa Joe heads home and Layne tells him to stop his kids at all costs. When Layne gives Angela the news that he and Papa Joe are the only ones left, she packs the kids and heads out, finally realizing that he may be telling the truth.
Before night falls, Layne checks for a remote control in the kitchen to control the outside lights and sprinkler systems, and he heads out to test them.
As Angela drives across town, the windows start to ice over, and as the Cheery Tyme truck music turns on, she realizes that it's too late for her to leave. The kids jump out of the back seat to get their ice cream, and as Angela tries to rub the ice off her window, Buster appears at the door, scaring her into the passenger seat.
At home, Layne pulls the crumpled ice cream wrapper out of the garbage and gets an idea. Pulling some ice cream out of the freezer, he makes a treat of his own.
10. In the end, Toby, Layne's son, bites into a frozen treat.

Answer: True

Buster's truck pulls up to Papa Joe's son at the side of the road, and as Buster hands the child his ice cream treat, he tells him to eat up for sweet revenge. Across town, Papa Joe continues to drive home, but his car stops in the middle of the road and his remains melt out the driver's side door.
Layne looks outside his front window and anticipates Buster's arrival. As the thermometer outside drops so low that it shatters, the Cheery Tyme ice cream truck pulls into his laneway. Taking a cooler outside onto his frozen front lawn, Layne anticipates a showdown with the clown. Buster shows up behind him with a bucket of Papa Joe's remains, and he tosses them to the grass. Layne notes that his kids are far away as Buster reveals his special treat, and soon, his kids come running from behind the ice cream truck, and Layne has to fend them off from Buster. Using his remote control, Layne switches on one of the sprinkler systems, effectively freezing Buster in place and breaking the spell on his kids. When Layne picks up a nearby axe, he apologizes to Buster, but Buster doesn't care as it's his just desserts to get sweet revenge. Layne swings the axe, but Buster catches it, and when Layne tries to pull the treat out of his hand, his grip freezes and burns his skin. Buster tosses the treat to the kids to fight over while Layne tries to freeze him in one spot, using many different sources of water to do so, but he accidentally trips over his cooler on the way, and realizing this, Toby runs over and snags the ice cream off the ground, still in Cheery Tyme packaging. When it opens up, he finds a treat in the shape of Buster, complete with a red nose, and he bites into it. Buster melts on the spot, leaving only his red nose behind on the ground.
With all this said and done, Layne gathers the children and Angela returns home. Layne tells Angela that Buster has gone back where he belongs.
The family decides to move out of Layne's hometown, feeling that it brought back too many memories, and that they need another fresh start. Layne closes up Papa Joe's and the family heads out, but as Layne moves to the front seat of the car, he hears the ice cream chant once more...
"I scream...you scream...we all scream...for ice cream."
Source: Author kyleisalive

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