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Fun Trivia
5 Jamaica quizzes and 50 Jamaica trivia questions.
  Jamaican Holiday   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We're going to Jamaica! Come and join me on a jolly holiday to the land of wood and water.
Average, 10 Qns, leith90, Feb 07 23
leith90 gold member
Feb 07 23
4531 plays
  Jamaican Parishes in Cornwall    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
County Cornwall's five parishes are located at the western end of the island. This third and final quiz in the series on Jamaican parishes reveals more of the island's hidden, treasured and wonderful places. (British spelling is used.)
Tough, 10 Qns, mynah5459song, Jan 21 14
mynah5459song gold member
182 plays
  Jamaican Parishes in Surrey    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Geographically and for political purposes, Jamaica is divided into fourteen parishes. These parishes are grouped into three counties. This quiz is about the parishes located in the County of Surrey.
Average, 10 Qns, mynah5459song, Apr 07 13
mynah5459song gold member
190 plays
  Jamaican Parishes in Middlesex    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We return to the beautiful island of Jamaica for another quiz about its parishes. All questions relate to the five parishes in the County of Middlesex. British spelling is used. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, mynah5459song, Oct 17 13
mynah5459song gold member
160 plays
  Where Am I in Jamaica?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I will give you the hints and you tell me where I am in Jamdung.
Tough, 10 Qns, reggaejames, Feb 27 15
1968 plays
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Jamaica Trivia Questions

1. We're on a mystery plane trip when the captain announces we'll soon be landing in Jamaica! Hurrah! But where in the world is Jamaica?

From Quiz
Jamaican Holiday

Answer: Caribbean

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean near Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Once known as Santiago, it was under Spanish rule until 1655 when it became a British colony with its current name of Jamaica. It gained independence from the U.K. in 1962.

2. A flat alluvial plain is the most suitable landform for the cultivation of sugar cane. Monymusk Sugar Estate in the parish of Clarendon is located on one of Jamaica's five Great Plains. On which plain is Monymusk located?

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Middlesex

Answer: Plain of Vere

Clarendon, in Middlesex, is the third largest parish in the country. The capital, May Pen, is a significant commercial centre with its share of historic buildings. Its picturesque court house which was built in 1820 attracts many visitors each year. Monymusk Sugar Estate started operating in 1901 and it is the oldest sugar plantation on the island that still functions as one. The flat land of the Plain of Vere facilitates the use of machinery in the large-scale cultivation process. In its heyday, Monymusk contributed about 17% of the island's sugar output and provided employment for more than 1,000 workers. Liguanea Plain, Pedro Plain and Georges Plain are not located in Middlesex. There is another great plain in Middlesex, St. Jago Plain, but Monymusk is not located there.

3. Still in Town, I am at one of its most famous addresses, 56 Hope Road. Where am I?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: The Bob Marley Museum

Originally home to Bob's Tuff Gong Recording Studios. The location of the assassination attempt on his life in 1976.

4. Leaving Town, we are now at a place that was once the wealthiest city in the New World. It was destroyed on Tuesday June 7, 1692 in a great earthquake. Where are we?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: Port Royal

Port Royal was home to the buccaneers of lore and this was reflected in the number of brothels and drinking taverns that once flourished in the city.

5. Sir William Alexander Bustamante, one of Jamaica's most colourful and revered politicians, was born in the County of Cornwall. He became Jamaica's first prime minister at the time of Independence in 1962. Where was Sir Alex born?

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Cornwall

Answer: Blenheim, Hanover

Blenheim is a small rural district in the hills of Hanover parish. Sir William Alexander Bustamante was born William Alexander Clarke in 1884 at Blenheim, Hanover. Sir Alex or 'Busta', as he was known to everyone, is an illustrious figure in Jamaican history. In 2011, hundreds of Jamaicans from all walks of life gathered at his birthplace to commemorate the 127th anniversary of his birth and to pay tribute to the active role he played in the cause of labour and human rights as a Jamaican politician. He was the founder of the Jamaica Labour Party and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union. In 1969, he was proclaimed 'National Hero of Jamaica' and upon his death in 1977 he was buried in the National Heroes' Park in Kingston. Falmouth is the chief town and capital of Trelawny. It is located on the island's north coast about 18 miles (29 km) from Montego Bay. Cave, a village in Westmoreland, is best known for the Georgian-style Chebuctoo Great House which is located near the village. This Great House was declared a national monument by the National Heritage Trust in 2008. Southfield is a village and farming community located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in St. Elizabeth.

6. Located in the County of Surrey, this historic house has been designated the official residence of Jamaica's Prime Ministers. Identify the house and the parish in which it is located.

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Surrey

Answer: Vale Royal, St. Andrew

Vale Royal was built in 1694 by a British planter and was bought in 1928 by the Government as a residence for colonial officials. The house is located on Montrose Road and it boasts one of the few remaining lookout towers in St. Andrew that allowed residents to view marine traffic in Kingston Harbour. While two of the structures named are located in the parish of St. Andrew, a Jamaican will place them in the parish of Kingston. This is because the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew were amalgamated in 1923 for local government purposes. They form the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (the "Corporate Area") and it has become the custom for local people to refer to all places in Kingston and urban St. Andrew as being in Kingston. Places in rural St. Andrew, however, are referred to as being in St. Andrew. Cherry Garden House, a former great house for a sugar estate, is located at Russell Heights, St. Andrew. It is privately owned. Harmony Hall House was built in the late 19th century as the great house of a small agricultural estate. Ownership has changed hands many times over the years and it now functions as an art gallery. Harmony Hall has been named a national monument. Colbeck Castle was built by the British as a key point in their line of defence against the threat of Spanish invasion. The Castle has been designated a national monument and there are plans to restore this massive stone and brick structure as a heritage tourism site.

7. In 1658 the English and Spanish forces fought the final pitched battle for possession of Jamaica at Rio Nuevo in this parish. Can you name the parish?

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Middlesex

Answer: St. Mary

The Battle of Rio Nuevo was the largest battle fought after England captured the island from Spain in 1655. In 1658, a well-equipped Spanish contingent set sail from Cuba intending to invade the island and arrived stealthily at Rio Nuevo. Alerted to their presence, the English attacked and after a fierce two-day battle, the Spanish were routed. Spain later ceded its claim to Jamaica in the 1670 Treaty of Madrid. A monument has been erected at the site of the battle and is dedicated to all those who fought valiantly against the Spanish. St. Mary and Port Maria, its capital, are located on the island's north coast. St. Mary is one of the country's smallest parishes. The offshore area to the west of Rio Nuevo is one of the best scuba-diving sites around Jamaica. The Rio Nuevo Wall is a much explored coral reef which abounds with tropical marine life in its coral formations. Portland and Trelawny are not parishes in the County of Middlesex.

8. We're going to catch some local music now, at the largest annual concert in all Jamaica. What concert are we going to?

From Quiz Jamaican Holiday

Answer: Reggae Sumfest

The annual Reggae Sumfest is usually held mid-July in Montego Bay and features local reggae stars. International artists such as 50 Cent and Rihanna have sung at the concert, and Bob Marley's son Stephen has been a regular performer there.

9. Jamaica was also home to Ian Fleming, originator of the legendary spy, James Bond. Fleming got the name James Bond, from an unusual source. What was it?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: A book on birds

Ian Fleming in "Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica" relates " I was looking for a name for my hero- nothing like Peregrine Carruthers or Standfast Maltravers-and I found it, on the cover of one of my Jamaican bibles, "Birds Of The West Indies" by James Bond, an ornithological classic."

10. Moving over to the northwest coast, we arrive at Jamaica's most famous resort and the second largest city on the island. Can you name it?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: Montego Bay

Too many people here hustling the tourists for my liking...

11. This Great House was built in 1740 to overlook the town of St. Ann's Bay. Standing at over 1,200 feet (357 m) above sea level, it offers one of the most picturesque views in Jamaica. What is the name of the house?

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Middlesex

Answer: Liberty Hill Great House, St. Ann

Liberty Hill Great House is privately owned and has been fully restored and enhanced with all modern amenities. The owner now offers the property as a destination for retreats, conferences, weddings, and other social events. The spectacular view from the verandah at the front of the house extends from the original Spanish settlement of Seville to Port Maria in the east. The property, consisting of 25 acres (10 ha), was a working plantation during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with labour supplied by enslaved Africans. The chief crop cultivated on the plantation was pimento (allspice) and minor crops included cotton, coffee and plantains. In 1912, artifacts that show evidence of Taino occupation were recovered on the property and they are now on display at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston.

12. What Surrey parish was served by a railway line from 1896 until 1978 when rail service was discontinued? All that remains of this line today are disused railway station buildings in seacoast towns such as Buff Bay, Orange Bay and Hope Bay.

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Surrey

Answer: Portland

Buff Bay, Orange Bay and Hope Bay are located on the north coast of the parish of Portland. They were once served by the Bog Walk to Port Antonio rail line, a branch line that linked Portland to eight of the other parishes on the island. Hailed as one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica, this area is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches, coves and rivers. It lies within easy driving distance of Port Antonio and abounds with vacation rental properties. Somerset Falls and Hidden Falls in Hope Bay are two natural attractions that should not be missed.

13. Jamaica's most famous tourist attraction, the beautiful Dunn's River Falls is located just west of this place. Where?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: Ocho Rios

The falls are just west of Ocho Rios. If you visit Jamaica, you just have to climb Dunn's River Falls.

14. A sea port located to the west of Old Harbour Bay, Middlesex, was created in 1952 to export a portion of Jamaica's bauxite and alumina production. State the name of the port and the parish in which it is located.

From Quiz Jamaican Parishes in Middlesex

Answer: Port Esquivel, St. Catherine

Port Esquivel was named after Juan d'Esquivel, a former Spanish Governor of the island. There is a small settlement at Port Esquivel, but when the name is used, people more often mean the modern deep-water port created by Alcan Jamaica Limited, than the settlement. Alcan Jamaica was a subsidiary of Alcan Aluminum of Canada. In the early 21 century, the port handled over 1 million tons (1.02 million tonnes) of cargo per year made up of grain imports, bauxite, alumina and molasses exports, as well as domestic cargo. There are also oil storage facilities at the port. The former Alcan mining operations in Jamaica, including Port Esquivel, are now owned by UC Russal. Both sides of the entrance channel of the port are close to reefs therefore pilots are required to guide all ships in and out of the channel. Old Harbour Bay is located on the island's south coast and although it is found in Middlesex, Reynolds Bauxite Pier is located on the island's north coast. This port is used for the export of bauxite products. Falmouth Pier and the Port of Kingston are not located in the County of Middlesex.

15. Time for some adventure now so we're off to Ocho Rios to climb the waterfall that was featured in "Dr No" (1962). Where are we?

From Quiz Jamaican Holiday

Answer: Dunn's River Falls

The Dunn's River Falls are some 600 feet high and are terraced like a giant staircase. They were formed by deposits of calcium carbonate and sodium, and are constantly changing due to the actions of the water rushing over them. The site attracts thousands of tourists every year who climb to the summit of the falls. James Bond (Sean Connery) and Honey Rider (Ursula Andress) swam together in the falls during the 1962 "Dr No".

16. Time to fly, I am in Kingston and want to head to the airport. What is the name of the airport nearest to the city?

From Quiz Where Am I in Jamaica?

Answer: Norman Manley

Named after former prime minister Norman Manley, founder of the People's National Party known as the PNP.

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