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4 Indiana History quizzes and 40 Indiana History trivia questions.
  Back Home Again in Indiana   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a quiz on the Hoosier state.
Average, 10 Qns, Illini43, Aug 07 12
Illini43 gold member
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  Terre Haute, Indiana   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Terre Haute is a medium sized city in Indiana, USA. Here are some questions about it.
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Multiple Choice
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Here are some trivia questions about the history, geography and people of Indiana.
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  Early Madison (IN) History    
Multiple Choice
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This is a quiz for the people who live in and love Madison, Indiana!
Tough, 10 Qns, libkin, May 17 08
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trivia question Quick Question
The Indianapolis 500 takes place in what town/suburb of Indianapolis?

From Quiz "Indiana"

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Indiana History Trivia Questions

1. Terre Haute is, of course, a French name. What would be the general English translation?

From Quiz
Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: High ground

French explorers found the site and named the area in the 1700s. Further south on the Wabash River many had settled but they found that the area was subject to frequent flooding so they sought an area that was on higher gound. The building of Fort Harrison was the first settlement of Europeans in the area in 1811. A Wea Indian village called Weautano was also in the area. The actual site for Terre Haute was platted in 1816. Terre Haute became the county seat in 1818, a town in 1832, and a city in 1853.

2. Where is Indiana located?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: East of Illinois

Indiana is located in the midwest of the United States. It is bordered by Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and Illinois to the west. On December 11th 1816 Indiana became the 19th state to enter the United States.

3. Madison was incorporated as a town in what year?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: 1824

The town was founded in 1808 but was not incorporated until 1824.

4. The southern bend of this river gives the city of South Bend its name.

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: St. Joseph River

The St. Joe is the 6th largest north-flowing river in the world. It was an important route for the fur trappers who traded with the natives in the area.

5. The Wabash River forms the western boundry of Terre Haute. "On the Banks of the Wabash" is Indiana's state song. What song writer from Terre Haute is the composer?

From Quiz Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: Paul Dresser

Johann Paul Dreiser Jr. was born in Terre Haute in 1858. He changed his name for show business purposes. He had a troubled childhood and joined a medicine show that led him in to music, comic actor, and composer of popular ballads such as "My Gal Sal", although he had little formal music training. He was sometimes compared to Stephen Foster. He died in 1906. Seven years later "On the Banks of the Wabash" become the state song.

6. What is the largest city in Indiana?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the capital and largest city in Indiana with a population of 820,000 people (2010). Fort Wayne was at 253,000, Evansville at 117,000 and South Bend at 101,000 people. Indiana had a population of over 6,500,000 in 2010.

7. In 1810 Madison was platted out by Jonathan Lyon, John Paul and who?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: Lewis Davis

The first structure (cabin) was in 1808. Of course native Americans were the first humans to inhabit what is now Madison.

8. Where is the original home of the Detroit Pistons?

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: Ft. Wayne

The Komets play hockey and the Wizards play minor league baseball in the city. Ft Wayne is named after Gen. Anthony Wayne who (acording to comics books) is an ancestor of Bruce "Batman" Wayne. :)

9. For a period of time Terre Haute was called "The Crossroads of America". Why was this?

From Quiz Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: Junction of US41 and US40

Prior the implementation of the Interstate Highway System, US41 (north-south) connected with US40 (east-west) where 41 passed through town and crossed US40. For a period of time it was one of the most traveled highways. When Interstate 70 opened, the designation became irrelevent. The crossing was at 7th Street and Wabash Avenue.

10. What was the second capital of Indiana after it was moved from Vincennes in 1813?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Corydon

Corydon was made the second capital of Indiana in December of 1813. It remained the capital until being moved to Indianapolis in 1825. Corydon had a population of just over 3,100 people in 2010.

11. Madison was named for whom?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: James Madison

Madison was named for the fourth president.

12. Although it wasn't filmed there, this Indiana town was the setting for a major part of the movie "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind".

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: Muncie

Muncie has the title of "America's Hometown" because of a study done in 1929 declared Muncie to be a "typical American city".

13. What is the oldest college in the state of Indiana for a 4 year degree?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Indiana University in Bloomington

The campus in Bloomington was founded in 1820. In 2011, over 42,000 students attended the Big Ten school with the nickname of the Hoosiers. Hanover College was founded in 1827. Ten years later in 1837, DePauw University was created. The fourth oldest school in Indiana is Notre Dame with a starting year of 1842. Indiana has a nickname of the Hoosier state and a motto of "The Crossroads of America". Vincennes University actually began in 1803 but was classified as a junior college when it began.

14. The first newspaper in Madison was called what?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: Western Eagle

The first edition was in 1813. The paper was founded by John Paul.

15. This state hero was a leader during the American Revolution. His success in the Midwest and his defeat of Governor Harry Hamilton assured the US possession of what is now Indiana. Name him.

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: George Rogers Clark

The George Rogers Clark national memorial is located in Vincennes, Indiana.

16. A federal prison is located in Terre Haute and is often the site of federal executions. In 2001 the man responsible of the Oklahoma City bombing was executed by lethal injection. What was his name?

From Quiz Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh was held responsible for the bombing that killed 168 people. Nichols recieved a life sentence and Fortier a ten year sentence. The Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex opened in 1940. It has two campuses, one a medium security facility and the other a maximum security facility.

17. What Shawnee leader, along with his brother, tried to unite the Indian tribes to resist settlements in the territory?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Tecumseh

In 1810 Tecumseh, along with his brother Tenskwatawa, started a 3 year campaign to resist settlement in the future lands which would become Indiana in 1816. Tecumseh eventually lost his life in 1813 at the Battle of Thames in Ontario. The next few years (and into the 1830's) saw most of the remaining tribes move to the west of the Mississippi River. The lowest point of the state is 320 feet at the meeting of the Ohio and Wabash rivers and the highest point in Indiana is Hoosier Hill at 1,257 feet in East Central Indiana.

18. Madison's first main street was not located where it is today. What street was originally the main Street?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: Jefferson Street

This explains why the front of the courthouse faces Jefferson Street instead of Main Street.

19. People from Indiana are called what?

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: Hoosiers

No one knows for sure where the term Hoosier came from. The most popular theory is that people in Southern Indiana would begin town meetings by asking "Who's here?"

20. Terre Haute has been the birthplace and residence for many athletes and coaches. Who was the former All American basketball player at Purdue University who became head coach at Indiana State University in 1946?

From Quiz Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: John Wooden

While Wooden was at Indiana State, he refused an enter a tournment where black players were unable to participate. His first teams at ISU had many who were returning veterans of World War Two that he had coached as players at South Bend Central. He was lured to UCLA in 1949 where he coached to ten NCAA Nation al Championships. Cylde Lovellette played at Terre Haute Garfield and then attended the University of Kansas whre he was an All American basketball player. He was the first player to play on an NCAA, Olympics and NBA championship teams. Garfield fell one game short of on the Indiana State Campionship. He later became the Vigo County sheriff. Larry Bird was an All American at Indiana State University. He went on the National Basketball Association and is regarded as one of finest players to play the game. Terry Dischinger followed Lovellette at Garfield High School and went on to become an All American at Purdue that was followed by a ten year NBA career. He became a dentist at retirement.

21. What city in 1856 was named with a holiday theme in Southern Indiana?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Santa Claus

The small town of Santa Claus Indiana was created two years before the name change occured in 1856. The United States Post Office denied the offered name of Santa Fe because it was a duplicate name. The town then voted to have the very festive name of their community. Santa Claus is located in of the most southern counties and has a population just over 2,000 as of 2000.

22. When Madison moved its main street to the current location, main street was unusually wide because:

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: City officials were vying to make Madison the state capital

The first Indiana state capital was Corydon. It was the capital for one year before moving to Indianapolis.

23. This famous cartoon character was "born" in Fairmont, Indiana. Name him.

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: Garfield the Cat

Jim Davis now lives in Muncie, Indiana.

24. In which decade did the two and half mile oval racing track in Speedway open?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: 1900s

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened on August 12th 1909. Nicknamed "The Brickyard", the speedway has been home to The Indianapolis 500, The Brickyard 400, The Red Bull Motorcycle Grand Prix and The United States Grand Prix for Formula 1 racing. The speedway was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Within the track is part of the Brickyard Crossing Golf course and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

25. Madison is in Jefferson County. What town was the first county seat?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: Madison has always been the county seat

Jefferson County is one of the original 13 counties in Indiana.

26. Which symbol is at the center of the Indiana flag?

From Quiz Indiana

Answer: A torch

The torch is a symbol of liberty. The 18 stars around the torch represent the 18 states that were part of the union before Indiana. The big star on the torch represents Indiana. The flag was used as the Gotham city flag in the movie "Batman" (1989).

27. The Hulman family has had a presence in Terre Haute for decades. Much of their wealth comes from Clabber Girl Baking Powder and related products. What sporting event did the family save from deterioration?

From Quiz Terre Haute, Indiana

Answer: Indianapolis 500

Through the Hulman family's support, Rose Polytechnic Institute was renamed Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1971. US News and World Reports ranked Rose-Hulman number one in the United States for undergraduate engineering education. The campus is on the eastern side of Terre Haute. In 1945 Tony Hulman purchased the dilapidated Indianapolis Speedway. He made repairs and upgraded it so this classic race could continue. To this day a member of the Hulman family is present and delivers the "Gentlemen, start your engines!" cry.

28. In which city did Orville Redenbacher and Charlie Bowman buy a seed corn plant and start their popcorn business?

From Quiz Back Home Again in Indiana

Answer: Valparaiso

In 1951 Redenbacher and Bowman started work near Valparaiso Indiana (in Boone Grove) on creating a corn hybrid to be used for their popcorn. By 1970 their popcorn hit the nations shelves and became one of the top selling brands. Redenbacher stayed on as an official spokesman for the company in commercials and appearances even though he sold the company in 1976. The city of Valparaiso started the Popcorn Festival in 1979 to honor Orville and popcorn with a one-day event on the Saturday after Labor Day.

29. Jefferson County was named for _____ ?

From Quiz Early Madison (IN) History

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

More states have a county named Jefferson than any other president except for Washington.

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