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Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana
7 Indiana Hoosiers quizzes and 70 Indiana Hoosiers trivia questions.
  The Basics of Indiana Basketball   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
General information about the Hoosiers. Nothing too tough, but hopefully something you will like.
Easier, 10 Qns, Megalladon, May 02 08
1764 plays
  IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Another quiz to test your knowledge on the history of IU Hoosiers Basketball.
Difficult, 10 Qns, WCYT, Dec 11 09
557 plays
  IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Test your knowledge of Indiana University men's basketball history.
Difficult, 10 Qns, WCYT, Dec 11 09
693 plays
  Five Championships :1940-1987    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
All of these questions deal with the five NCAA Championship teams: 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981 and 1987. Some questions are from the actual game and some are from the season.
Difficult, 10 Qns, Megalladon, Jul 29 04
739 plays
  Hoosier Record Setters and More    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a collection of interesting things about the Hoosiers. This quiz is meant to be a challenge! Good Luck!
Very Difficult, 10 Qns, Megalladon, Dec 09 08
Very Difficult
884 plays
  The Numbers of Past Hoosiers #2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Many great athletes have graced the courts for the Hoosiers. Here are a few.
Tough, 10 Qns, dabrain30, Feb 17 04
680 plays
  The Numbers of Past Hoosiers #1    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Indiana Hoosiers basketball is one of the greatest things on earth, and if you're a true fan you will know these answers.
Average, 10 Qns, dabrain30, Jun 07 03
964 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Indiana's all-time leading scorer during the 20th century was the catalyst for some great teams. Who is he?

From Quiz "Hoosier Record Setters and More"

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Indiana Hoosiers Trivia Questions

1. Who hit the game-winning 3-point buzzer beater to knock off #1 Michigan State at Assembly Hall during the 2000-01 season?

From Quiz
IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: Kirk Haston

That was actually the first time the Hoosiers defeated a team ranked #1 in the country at Assembly Hall. It also stopped Michigan State's 25-game winning streak (dating back to the previous season).

2. Who won the most games as a coach in Indiana University basketball history?

From Quiz The Basics of Indiana Basketball

Answer: Bob Knight

Coach Knight led IU to victory over 700 times in 29 years.

3. Indiana's all-time leading scorer during the 20th century was the catalyst for some great teams. Who is he?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Calbert Cheaney

Calbert was the leading scorer for four years at IU and guided the Hoosiers to the Final Four in 1992. The Evansville native scored 2,613 points from 1990 through 1993.

4. In 2001-02, the Hoosiers had a "3-headed monster" of dynamic 3-point shooters in Tom Coverdale, Kyle Hornsby, and Dane Fife. However, which Hoosier finished with the fourth most 3-pointers made that season?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: Jared Jeffries

The "big 3" all hit at least 66 3's that year, but the next closest to those was 2002 Big Ten MVP Jared Jeffries, who hit 27. Moye had 20, Perry had 7 and Odle, who hit big 3's in the NCAA tournament, only had 4.

5. Indiana had won 5 NCAA Titles in the 20th century. How many of those did Bob Knight win?

From Quiz The Basics of Indiana Basketball

Answer: 3

The General's teams won titles in 1976, 1981, and 1987.

6. Indiana defeated one team twice in these five NCAA Championship games. What team?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: Kansas

The Hoosiers beat the Jayhwaks in 1940 by the score of 60-42 and then again in 1953 by a final of 69-68. Ironically, both games were played in Kansas City and Branch McCracken was the IU coach in each of them.

7. A number of different players have scored 40 or more points in a game, but only one player scored over 50 during the 20th century. That player did it twice and he netted 56 both times. Who set that single game record for most points?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Jimmy Rayl

Rayl had 56 vs. Minnesota on January 27, 1962, and then again the next year against Michigan State on February 23, 1963.

8. Most Hoosier fans recall the miraculous 3-point shot Jay Edwards sank to beat Michigan at the buzzer in 1989. Who was credited with an assist on that play?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: Lyndon Jones

Both Jones and Edwards were teammates in high school as well, they took the Marion Giants to three straight state championships before heading to Bloomington.

9. Indiana's five NCAA titles ranked them 3rd among college basktball teams in the 20th century. Who was first?

From Quiz The Basics of Indiana Basketball

Answer: UCLA

The Bruins have won 11 titles.

10. In the 1953 final game, IU was lead in scoring by a sophomore with 30 points. Who was this all-time great Hoosier?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: Don Schlundt

Don Schlundt would become the all-time scoring leader in IU history with 2,192 points. He would hold that distiction for 32 years before Steve Alford would surpass him in 1987.

11. What Hoosier sent the game vs Kentucky in the 1998-99 season to overtime with a 3-pointer at the buzzer? (IU was actually down by 9 with 1:20 left in regulation.)

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: Dane Fife

Luke Recker hit back-to-back 3-pointers to cut the Kentucky lead down to three. Then, freshman Dane Fife hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer when he was left open. Unfortunately, the Hoosiers lost to the Wildcats in overtime.

12. In 2003, no team had finished the season with a perfect record since the Hoosiers did it in what year?

From Quiz The Basics of Indiana Basketball

Answer: 1976

The 1976 Hoosiers were called a "dinosaur" by some after the season ended that year. It was believed then that they would be the last team to go undefeated in college basketball. Indiana State and UNLV have both been close, entering the 2003 season, no one else has done it.

13. IU's longest winning streak began on March 15, 1974 and ended March 22, 1975. This 34 game winning streak ended in the NCAA Tournament against Kentucky, as you probably know. The streak began with which SEC team?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Tennessee

It was a 73-71 victory over the Volunteers, on March 15, 1974, in the CCA Tourney that started the ball rolling. IU would go on to win that Tournament with an 85-60 win over USC in the title game. The Hoosiers had lost to Michigan on March 11th 75-67, in a game that determined who would represent the Big Ten in the NCAA Tournament.

14. Roderick Wilmont set an IU school record for most 3-pointers made in one game against Northwestern on February 28, 2007. How many did he make that game?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: 9

Wilmont was known as long-range gunner, and all nine of his 3-pointers were needed in the Hoosiers 4-point win versus Northwestern that night.

15. One of the great Hoosiers ever was Steve Alford. He led which team to an NCAA Title?

From Quiz The Basics of Indiana Basketball

Answer: 1987

The 1983 Indiana Mr. Basketball, from New Castle, lived out the destiny that everyone in the state was hoping for in 1987.

16. In the 1990's (89-90 through 98-99 seasons), the 1990-91 (29 wins), 1991-92 (27 wins), & 1992-93 (31 wins) seasons were the three highest team wins of the decade. Which season produced the fourth highest amount of wins in a season (23 wins)?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: 1998-99

Interestingly, the most successful season was the 1993-94 season (Hoosiers won 12 Big Ten games and advanced to the sweet 16), but they only won 21 total games. The Guyton/Recker-led 1998-99 Hoosiers actually produced the most total wins in a season. 1996-97 had 22 and 1995-96 had 19.

17. What Hoosier saved the day during the 1996 Preseason NIT, when he hit a game-winning buzzer beater against the Evansville Aces in the semi-final round at the Madison Square Garden?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: Andrae Patterson

Thankfully, Andrae Patterson hit that shot or he would have never had a chance to score 39 on the Duke Blue Devils two nights later in the championship of the Preseason NIT.

18. The 1976 Hoosiers won their national championship against Big Ten foe Michigan. It was the third meeting of the year between the two teams. Of course IU won all three, but in which game did IU have the largest margin of victory?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: Championship Game in Philadelphia

After beating Michigan in Ann Arbor by six points in January, the February game in Bloomington was a thriller. I was too young to remember this, but have been told many times that Kent Benson tipped in a shot at the buzzer to put that game in overtime and keep the perfect season alive. Indiana won that overtime game by five points. The NCAA title game final score was 86-68. An 18-point margin of victory, which is even more impressive when you realize that Indiana was down 35-29 at the half.

19. In a very significant game in the 1976 Big Ten season, a player known for his offense set an IU record for most steals in a single game. Who had 9 steals to help lead the Hoosiers over Michigan?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Scott May

Scott May had 9 steals against the Wolverines on February 7, 1976.

20. During the 1994 NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers advanced to the "sweet 16" but lost to this 'Cinderella' team in a pretty big upset?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: Boston College

9th-seeded Boston College knocked off 1st-seeded and defending national champion North Carolina in the second round, then knocked off the Hoosiers, but eventually lost to 3rd-seeded Florida in the "elite 8."

21. In the 1987 NCAA tournament, what team did the Hoosiers defeat in the Elite 8 to get to the Final Four in New Orleans?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: LSU

Ricky Calloway saved the day for the Hoosiers as he made the game winning basket to send the Hoosiers to New Orleans.

22. During the Hoosiers run to the NCAA championship game in 2002, how many higher-seeded teams did they actually beat?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: 2

IU was a 5-seed and on their way to the NCAA title game. They knocked off 12th-seeded Utah, 13th-seeded UNC-Wilmington, 1st-seeded Duke, 10th-seeded Kent State, and 2nd-seeded Oklahoma.

23. The Hoosiers replaced an injured starter to win the 1976 championship, but in 1987 there was another injury to a key player during the game. Who injured his wrist and wasn't able to finish the game?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: Ricky Calloway

Calloway missed three shots early in the game, but did manage a couple of rebounds. Fortunately, the other four starters carried the load, literally scoring all 74 points in the 74-73 thriller.

24. The all-time leading rebounder at IU set that record in his final appearance for the Cream n' Crimson. The difference between first and second on this list is just three boards. Who set the record?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Alan Henderson

The interesting note about this isn't the fact that Henderson got 1,091 boards in four years to set the mark. Although, that is pretty impressive. The fact that Bellamy got 1,088 in just three years, speaks to how dominate the future Hall of Famer was for Indiana in the early 1960s.

25. During the Hoosiers quest towards their 5th National Championship in 1987, what three cities did they have to travel to in their 6 games?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [2]

Answer: Indianapolis, Cincinnati, & New Orleans

When the Hoosiers got the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, fans began looking for tickets to the Final Four at the Superdome in New Orleans. Most people thought IU would for sure get there due to the close proximity that Indianapolis and Cincinnati were to IU's campus in Bloomington. They were right!

26. Only four players scored in the 1987 game. Which player was the leading scorer?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: Steve Alford

Alford had 23 points, including seven three-pointers. Smart had 21 points, including 12 of IU's last 15. Thomas had 20 points, while Garrett had a double-double with 10 points and 10 boards.

27. This Hoosier great was not only the leading scorer in the NCAA title game in which he played, he also set the mark for most free throws made in a career at IU. Who is he?

From Quiz Hoosier Record Setters and More

Answer: Don Schlundt

Schlundt was truly one of Indiana's greatest players. He made 826 free throws between 1952-1955. By the way, he had 30 points in the 1953 Championship game against Kansas. That was Indiana's second NCAA title.

28. During the 2001-02 NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers hit 10 or more 3-pointers in two of their six games. Which two teams did they hit all those 'threes' against?

From Quiz IU Hoosiers Basketball [1]

Answer: Kent State & Maryland

Everyone remembers the 15 threes IU hit against Kent State, but they only got to 10 one more time when they hit exactly 10 against Maryland in the NCAA title game. They only hit two against Duke.

29. Bob Knight had at least one starter from the state of Indiana in each of his three NCAA Title games. Which of the three championship games did he start the most homegrown Hoosiers?

From Quiz Five Championships :1940-1987

Answer: 1981

Knight's 3 wins were 1976, 1981 and 1987. In 1981 Knight started four Indiana natives. Isiah Thomas was the only non-native starter. Isiah was from Chicago. Ted Kitchell was from Galveston, Landon Turner and Randy Wittman were from Indianapolis and Ray Tolbert was from Anderson. The 1976 team had three native Hoosier starters and the 1987 team had only Steve Alford from Indiana in the starting five. The 1953 was not coached by Bob Knight, that was Branch McCracken's team.

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