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6 Barbie Dolls quizzes and 60 Barbie Dolls trivia questions.
  Barbie The Role Model    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
For better or worse, people insist on making Barbie a role model. Here's a look at some of Barbie's roles that little girls can model themselves upon - some better, some worse.
Average, 10 Qns, wilbill, May 25 15
1337 plays
  Dismembered Barbie Speaks Back    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
My name is Barbara Millicent Roberts and I was born in 1959. Most people know me as Barbie the doll and I'm not very happy. I have been abused, burnt, used in experiments, dismembered and drowned by my owners. What else do you know about me? Good Luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Soozy_Woozy, Jan 31 24
Jan 31 24
1482 plays
  How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have been a collector of Barbie dolls since I was little. Put your Barbie knowledge to the test by answering a few questions that should be easy if you know some Barbie knowledge!
Tough, 10 Qns, dhangel28, Mar 11 18
Mar 11 18
1726 plays
  Barbie Beginnings    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The company Mattel, originally ran from a home garage, was started by Harold Mattson and Elliot Handler. Barbie was Mattel's first doll. Created by Ruth Handler, and released in 1959, this little doll has quite a story.
Tough, 10 Qns, myrab51, Jul 19 07
797 plays
  Barbie And Her Friends    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy friends for her? This quiz asks the tough questions that normally-timid quiz writers try to avoid!
Tough, 10 Qns, dgcox, Sep 13 22
Sep 13 22
1583 plays
  The Barbie Doll    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Fun facts about Barbie.
Difficult, 10 Qns, dollyrama, Sep 09 16
2402 plays

Barbie Dolls Trivia Questions

1. What book was packaged with the 1965 "Slumber Party Barbie" set?

From Quiz
Barbie The Role Model

Answer: "How To Lose Weight"

The only advice offered in the book was "Don't Eat". Also included was a cute, pink bathroom scale permanently reading 110 pounds. Was Barbie responsible for a generation of girls taking diet books to slumber parties? Some critics thought so. Actually they charged that the set played into Barbie's extremely slender image which they didn't consider healthy for young girls.

2. Where did Mrs. Handler first get her idea for Barbie?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: It was from watching her daughter play paper dolls.

Ruth would watch her daughter, Barbara, play with paper dolls. Barbara and her friends would play as adults with jobs and mimic what they would hear their parents say. Ruth felt the girls were expressing their future dreams through play. She realized the lack of adult dolls on the market and recognized the need.

3. On which day and year was the first Barbie doll released?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: March 9th, 1959

Barbie was first released on March 9th, 1959, her official birthday, at the International Toy Fair in New York City.

4. When did it all begin? What year saw the introduction of everyone's favourite doll, Barbie?

From Quiz Barbie And Her Friends

Answer: 1959

Despite the Cold War and the Presidential Campaign being fought out between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, the United States still had the capacity and moral courage to bring out the doll of the future - Barbie.

5. Barbie came out in what year?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: 1959

The number one Barbies can fetch up around {$8,500} for a mint condition with original box and accessories.

6. In 2006 Mattel issued the "Barbie And Tanner The Dog" set. In addition to Tanner the dog, a dog bone and dog toys, what neighborly accessory was included with this set?

From Quiz Barbie The Role Model

Answer: Pooper Scooper

According to Mattel, it was not just any scooper but a "special magnetic scooper." Additionally, the set included plastic doggie waste for Barbie to scoop up.

7. Giselle's 2 year old sister Carmen, was carrying me around the house and I was naked with wet dripping hair. The only problem is that my hair color has changed and I have a beautiful little butterfly on my cheek. What is my name?

From Quiz Dismembered Barbie Speaks Back

Answer: Barbie Mariposa

Small children seem to love to take my clothes off and wash me. My name is "Barbie Mariposa" and I am the subject of a DVD that Mattel has released. The message of my movie is "The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself". When cold water is put on me, my hair changes color and you can see a beautiful little butterfly on my cheek. The word Mariposa means "butterfly" in Spanish and I am a Butterfly Fairy from the land of Flutterfield. I have glittering butterfly wings and I love to read and dream.

8. Mrs. Handler was told that the doll would be too expensive and difficult to produce, but she kept trying. How did she finally get her idea considered?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: She found a doll in Europe similar to the one she was describing and brought it back to the designers.

During a 1956 trip to Europe with her daughter, they spotted a doll that looked like the one Mrs. Handler had in her mind. They went into the store and found more of the dolls in several different outfits. Mrs. Handler asked if the outfits were available separately, but the answer was no. You wanted a new outfit, you bought a new doll. She found more of the dolls through Europe and took them back to Mattel to be checked out. The doll was named Bild Lilli and was based on a German cartoon character.

9. Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, named the doll after who?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: Her daughter

Mrs. Handler named the Barbie doll after her teenage daughter, Barbara.

10. After Barbie, what doll was next produced?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: Ken

Mattel made Midge so that Barbie could talk about Ken with a friend.

11. What 2001 Barbie playset finds her working behind the counter as what the press has called "Minimum Wage Barbie"?

From Quiz Barbie The Role Model

Answer: McDonald's Restaurant Funtime Playset

Some detractors have suggested that the 1992 "Teen Talk Barbie" set in which Barbie said "Math class is tough" led her into a low paying employment track. In 1982 Barbie had visited McDonald's as a customer in the "Barbie Loves McDonald's Playtime Playset". At that time PJ worked the counter, serving burgers and fries to Barbie and Ken.

12. A very specific body type was used for Barbie. What was the primary reason for this?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: This was for the ease of dressing the doll.

The market savvy Mrs. Handler knew that if all Barbie dolls were made in a uniform size and shape, that it would be much easier to sale changes of clothes and accessories to go with them. She knew from experience with the Bild Lilli doll that the larger legs, slightly bent wrist, and larger waist made actually changing the clothes more difficult for children. These were changed in the production of Barbie. Charlotte Johnson, Barbie's first personal designer, made sure the dimensions were tightly adhered to.

13. The Barbie doll was originally based on the German doll named what?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: Lilli

On a trip to Germany, the Handlers found a doll named the Bild Lilli doll, which was the type of doll Ruth Handler wanted to create. Mattel bought the rights to the Bild Lilli doll in 1964.

14. After whom was the Barbie Doll named?

From Quiz Barbie And Her Friends

Answer: After the creator's daughter.

It was named after a young Barbara Handler. Ruth Handler, in the early 1950s, saw that her young daughter and her girlfriends enjoyed playing with adult female dolls as much or more than with baby dolls - and the idea was born.

15. Which series or collection has the most Barbies?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: Dolls of the World

16. A 2003 "Happy Family" playset featured Barbie's friend Midge. The set made some parents very unhappy. Why?

From Quiz Barbie The Role Model

Answer: Midge was "pregnant".

This Midge doll had a tiny baby inside a womb that was attached with a magnet. Despite the fact that Midge and boyfriend Alan had "married" years earlier, some parents felt that the doll promoted teen pregnancy. Perhaps the fact that Mattel initially produced Midge without a wedding ring contributed to this idea. Responding to customer complaints, Wal-Mart took the Happy Family set off its shelves.

17. Carmen's baby brother Keith loved to play with my boyfriend Ken. One day he decided to squash our heads by placing us under the family car. Our faces were twisted and our eyes were not there any more. Why do we still have lips but no eyes any more?

From Quiz Dismembered Barbie Speaks Back

Answer: Our eyes were glued on and they came off when our faces were squashed

My boyfriend Ken was named after my creator's son, who died of a brain tumor in 1994. Our eyes were not painted on like our lips or cheeks but they were stickers that were glued on. A site that explains how I am made from start to finish, by someone who has pulled me apart is:

18. Where did Barbie make her debut?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: It was at the 1959 American International Toy Fair.

Barbie was met with mix reviews at the toy fair. The toy industry was skeptical of a smaller sized doll. Half of the people who looked at the doll, did however decide to order her for their stores.

19. The first Barbie doll came dressed in what?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: A black and white zebra striped bathing suit

The first Barbie doll came dressed in a black and white zebra striped one-piece bathing suit.

20. After whom was Barbie's friend, Ken, named?

From Quiz Barbie And Her Friends

Answer: After the creator's son.

Ken was the son of Ruth Handler. Unlike his sister, however, he did not inspire his mother by playing with dolls.

21. What year did the first Happy Holidays Barbie come out?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: 1988

22. What is an innovative marketing technique that Mattel used to help create a demand for Barbie clothing?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: They placed a Viewmaster with slides of Barbie in her different outfits at each display.

Mattel felt that since separate outfits was such a new idea, that people would need help realizing the use of the product. It turned out kids were so drawn to the dolls and outfits, that stores had difficulty keeping them in stock. The Viewmasters weren't needed for this after all.

23. What is Barbie's full name?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: Barbie Millicent Roberts

Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts. It is true because, in Barbie's passport, which came with Barbie's Beetle, one of the stickers, which was to go in her passport, said Barbie Millicent Roberts.

24. In which order were the following friends created?

From Quiz Barbie And Her Friends

Answer: Ken, Midge, Skipper, Christie.

Ken came first in 1961. Next was Midge in 1963. Skipper appeared in 1965. Christie came along in 1968. There have been many other friends who are not listed here.

25. When collecting 'Mod' Barbie's, what is the phrase to look for?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: Made in Japan

26. In the early 80s, what did Barbie's critics take issue with when "Sun Gold Malibu Barbie" was introduced?

From Quiz Barbie The Role Model

Answer: Potential of skin cancer caused by excessive tanning.

Barbie was already a doctor so you'd think she would have been aware of the potential dangers of exposure to UV rays. The Malibu series of sun-worshiper dolls included Barbie, Ken, Francie, PJ, Christie, and Skipper.

27. By 1965, Barbie's fan club was second only to which other group of that time?

From Quiz Barbie Beginnings

Answer: Girl Scouts of America

After a $12,000,000 Mattel promotion called 'Total Go', Barbie's fan club soared to 600,000 strong. In 1988 there were a reported 650,000 members. In 2007 they limited the numbers to 7,000 a year to enhance a sense of community within the Barbie Fan Club.

28. What fictional town is Barbie from?

From Quiz How Well Do You Know the Barbie Doll?

Answer: Willows, Wisconsin

Barbie's hometown is a fictional town called Willow, Wisconsin. Barbie is said to have gone to Willows High School. This can be found in many Barbie knowledge books and websites.

29. What was Barbie's first career?

From Quiz Barbie And Her Friends

Answer: Teenage Fashion Model.

Barbie started her career in the workforce as a Teenage Fashion Model in 1959 - she was a working girl from the very start.

30. In the late 60s to early 70s, Barbie's friend PJ always wore her hair in pigtails with beads and what other identifying item?

From Quiz The Barbie Doll

Answer: Purple Sunglasses

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