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Fun Trivia
When the eighth child of an eighth son turns out to be a girl, Granny Weatherwax must help Eskarina learn to control her powers, despite the fact that a female student at Unseen University is completely unprecedented.
5 Equal Rites quizzes and 50 Equal Rites trivia questions.
  #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Traditions are rife at Unseen University, but one little girl is planning to change all that...
Average, 10 Qns, AcrylicInk, Aug 31 18
AcrylicInk gold member
Aug 31 18
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  'Equal Rites' Random Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have taken Terry Pratchett's 'Equal Rites', the third book in his Discworld series, and randomly opened it to ten different pages resulting in the following questions.
Average, 10 Qns, orlandodaddy, May 24 08
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  "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some random questions on this book.
Average, 10 Qns, martinjudo, Apr 08 11
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  "Equal Rites"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Terry Pratchett wrote this book to give his view on females using magic. It is one of my favourite "Discworld" novels, so enjoy my quiz on it!
Average, 10 Qns, Lagunathemoron, Jan 22 11
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  'Equal Rites'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Yet another quiz on yet another Terry Pratchett book. This one is on 'Equal Rites' so if you love Pratchett and witches then this is the book for you.
Average, 10 Qns, Yismin, Jan 08 06
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trivia question Quick Question
What thing (usually unable to talk) does Granny talk to in Smith's orchard?

From Quiz "'Equal Rites'"

Equal Rites Trivia Questions

1. What 'mistake' did Drum Billet make when he passed on his magical powers?

From Quiz
#3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: He didn't check whether the baby was a boy.

On the Discworld, eight was a magical number. As a result, the eighth son of an eighth son usually turned out to be a wizard. Drum Billet, knowing he was coming to the end of his life, was on his way to the blacksmith's house in a village with an inappropriate name. The blacksmith's wife was in labour with her eighth child. Upon the birth of the baby, Drum Billet passed on his magical staff without checking that the baby was a boy. Traditionally, girls couldn't be wizards; it was against the lore.

2. At the start of the story a wizard asks for the name of the village he is in. What was the village's name?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: Bad Ass

Ohulan Cutash is a market town and the home of Hilta Goatfeather. Ankh Morpork is a major city and appears in many of Pratchett's books. Zemphis is where Esk shows that a collection of stones are not aquamarines.

3. According to this book, what automatically creates wizard talent in a baby boy?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites' Random Questions

Answer: Being the eighth son of an eighth son.

On the Discworld, eight is a very important magical number. Gordo Smith was an eighth son with seven sons of his own and baby about to be born. The wizard Drum Billet knew he was to die, and of this impending birth, and decided to pass his powers to the newborn boy by giving him his staff. There was a problem that Drum and Gordo weren't aware of until after the baby had grasped the staff: the child was a girl.

4. At the start of the novel, Pratchett tells us that the book should explain something about Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings". What did Pratchett try to explain?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: Why Gandalf never got married

Pratchett tells us that the book should explain why Gandalf never got married. He then tells us it should also explain why Merlin was a man.

5. According to this book, how long is Great A'Tuin?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: ten thousand miles long

That's one big turtle!

6. What special magical ability could Granny do that she claimed wizards wouldn't even think to do?

From Quiz #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: Borrowing

Borrowing was special witch magic. Granny Weatherwax could share the mind of another animal and had taught Esk how to do it, too. According to Granny, wizard magic was about power and control, which is why a wizard would be unable to Borrow an animal's mind. You could not control a creature, you could only suggest things that they might want to do. Granny sometimes used Borrowing to watch what was happening in the village and surrounding forest. When it grew too dark to read, she would Borrow an owl and read at night.

7. What is the dying wizard's name?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: Drum Billet

Billet is dying and as such must find his replacement who is about to be born. Unfortunately, after he dies he finds out that his replacement is a baby GIRL. Zoon is the owner of a barge that Esk hitches a ride on. Gander is the Trail Boss who, reluctantly, allows Esk to travel with him to Ankh Morpork. Mr Skiller is the landlord of a tavern in Ohulan Cutash.

8. Which witch served as midwife at Esk's birth?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites' Random Questions

Answer: Granny Weatherwax

Granny of course, who ends up accompanying Esk to Ankh-Morpork to help get Esk into Unseen University as she now has wizard talent.

9. A wizard visits Esk's family at the start of this book. Who is this wizard?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: Drum Billet

Drum Billet dies after seeing Esk. He visits her, thinking she is the eighth son of an eighth son so he could pass on his power.

10. Who is the first person to die in this book?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: Drum Billet

He is considering reincarnation until Death talked him out of it. Apparently being an ant isn't much fun.

11. To be a wizard, tradition states that you have to be ...?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: the eighth son of the eighth son

The eighth son of the eighth son, by tradition, is supposed to become a wizard. However, in this story, the eighth son turns out to be a daughter who then wishes to become a Wizard.

12. What is the name of the village that Esk and her seven brothers were born in?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: Bad Ass

Bad Ass is located in the Ramptops.

13. What is Esk's full name?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: Eskarina Smith

Interesting name.

14. Granny gave the wizard's staff to Esk. She then argued that women couldn't be wizards, just like they couldn't be blacksmiths. Who was Granny talking to when she said that?

From Quiz #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: Esk

Granny felt she had no choice but to give Esk the wizard's staff that technically belonged to her. But the old witch was still not convinced that a girl could become a wizard. Granny said that women couldn't be blacksmiths - a point which Esk (the daughter of a blacksith) disagreed with. Granny then argued that men couldn't be witches because male and female magic were different: "'Their magic's all numbers and angles and edges and what the stars are doing, as if that really mattered. It's all power. It's all-' Granny paused, and dredged up her favourite word to describe all she despised in wizardry, '-jommetry.'"

15. What was the midwife's name?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: Esme Weatherwax

Granny Weatherwax should be well known to Pratchett readers as she has appeared in several books including the 'Witches Books'. Eskarina is the young girl who, along with Granny, goes to the Unseen University to become a Wizard.

16. Which "white" wizard does Mrs. Whitlow say will soon become a "grey" wizard if he doesn't take better care of his laundry?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites' Random Questions

Answer: Granpone

She says a white wizard is just a black wizard with a good housekeeper.

17. What animal did Granny Weatherwax say an elephant is most like?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: badger

Granny Weatherwax tells Esk that if she cannot learn to ride an elephant, she can at least try and ride a horse.

18. What thing (usually unable to talk) does Granny talk to in Smith's orchard?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: a tree

Drum Billet reincarnated - wierd, no? But then again, these are the witches we are talking about!

19. The whole Disc seemed to be against Esk fulfilling her ambition. She stowed away on a boat but was discovered by the owner with a "200-carat grin". Who did the boat belong to?

From Quiz #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: A gypsy

Granny Weatherwax was escorting Esk to Ankh-Morpork when the girl ran away. Esk ended up on a gypsy's boat and was discovered shortly after she woke up. The gypsy said that if Esk were a boy, he would assume that she was going out into the world to seek her fortune. When Esk asked if girls could seek their fortune, he replied, "I think they're supposed to seek a boy with a fortune."

20. What is the name of the tavern Esk goes into in Ohulan Cutash?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: The Fiddler's Riddle

Harga's House appears in the book "Mort". "The Mended Drum" is in Ankh Morpork. "Drum Billet" is the name of the dying Wizard at the start of this book. "The Fiddler's Riddle" is in Ohulan Cutash and is the scene for the comeuppance of the landlord and his wife.

21. When Granny is reading the tea-leaves for Mrs. Whitlow, what mind does she "Borrow"?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites' Random Questions

Answer: The University itself

When she came back and started to pretend to read the tea-leaves (in fact telling Mrs. Whitlow to hire Esk as a cleaning girl) she opened her windows, extended her west and east wings, and grasped the cup in her pillars; although it was with a plaster expression and stony silence.

22. What is the name of the young wizard that Esk befriends in Unseen University?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: Simon

Simon ends up annoying Esk and gets possessed towards the end of the novel.

23. What is the fourth part that an animal mind is split into?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: rocks

'Mate with' being the first, 'eat' the second, and 'run away from' the third. You have read this book way too many times if you got this question right without looking it up.

24. Treatle was escorting his new wizard apprentice to Unseen University. What was the young wizard's name?

From Quiz #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: Simon

Simon had displayed a talent and passion for magic, particularly the theoretical side. Even though he was yet to start at the university, he had been working on a new form of magic. Treatle was accompanying Simon to Ankh-Morpork when they met Esk. The old wizard was very dismissive of Esk's ambition to become a wizard.

25. At what age is Esk when she wants to enter the Unseen University?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: 9

After the magic finds her, Esk, with Granny Weatherwax, heads off to Ankh Morpork to become a Wizard.

26. When Simon discovers Esk in the Library trying to learn how to read, what book does she have?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites' Random Questions

Answer: Demonylogie Malyfycorum of Henchanse the Unsatyfactory

"The Octavo" is the Creator's own grimoire and holds The Eight Spells. The other two are different names for the same book. H. P. Lovecraft's 'Necronomicon' is the 'Book of the Dead'. 'Liber Paginarum Fulvarum' is a dog-Latin title that translates to 'Book of Yellow Pages', i.e. not the 'Book of the Dead', but rather the 'Phonebook of the Dead'. Esk figures she can learn how to read by just looking at a book and trying until she gets it, like milking and knitting. But one should never do this with a book of magic. They tend to read you back.

27. What is the name of the wizard who Granny Weatherwax fought a duel with?

From Quiz "Equal Rites"

Answer: Cutangle

28. Which tiny tribe invented the word 'p'ch'zarni'chiwkov'?

From Quiz 'Equal Rites'

Answer: K'turni

Again, if you got that you have read the book too many times. This tribe is mentioned twice on one page and that is all throughout the whole book.

29. When Esk got to Unseen University, Treatle and Archchancellor Cutangle would not accept that she could be a wizard. So Esk extended her hand to prove it. What happened?

From Quiz #3 'Equal Rites': Gender Roles

Answer: Nothing

Nothing happened. Esk could feel the magic inside her but it wouldn't come out. The wizards laughed at her (one of them gave her a sweet) and she ran out of the room. Granny Weatherwax found a different way for Esk to get into the university. She convinced Mrs Whitlow to hire Esk as a cleaner.

30. What are the doors of the Unseen University made of?

From Quiz "Equal Rites" by T. Pratchett

Answer: Octiron

Octiron is a metal so unstable it can only exist in a universe saturated with raw magic. The other choices would be too mundane for a Wizard's university.

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