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4 Frequency quizzes and 55 Frequency trivia questions.
  Frequency   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Directed by Greg Hoblit, "Frequency" premiered in 2000, a good year for a millennium-type film. It's an exceptionally good "time-travel-ish" crime thriller with a heavy accent on the father-son relationship.
Easier, 15 Qns, Sundancer415, Apr 20 10
470 plays
  "Frequency" and the Sullivans   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Let's see how well you've familiarized yourself with the Sullivans. Best of luck to you.
Average, 20 Qns, coolstud007_02, Feb 25 06
2175 plays
  'Frequency' (The Movie)    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is pretty easy if you have watched this movie a couple times.
Average, 10 Qns, Lindale, Aug 09 02
2710 plays
  'Frequency' 101    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the movie 'Frequency'. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, fizzbee, Feb 03 03
2141 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What is the nickname of the murderer that went around killing nurses back when John was a boy?

From Quiz "'Frequency' (The Movie)"

Frequency Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the phenomenon that enables John Sullivan to talk to his father Frank?

From Quiz
"Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: auroraborealis

The rare phenomenon is the auroraborealis. It's a condition caused by charged particles entering the earth's magnetic field.

2. In what year did the film start out?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: 1969

The year was 1969. We know this because the date and year were shown on the bottom part of the screen.

3. What is the name of the character played by Jim Caviezel?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: John Sullivan

John is the main character who finds out how to communicate to his father that died a long time ago.

4. In addition to being a crime thriller, "Frequency" is also a father-son movie with a popular sport at its center. Which sport do Frank and Johnny Sullivan engage in and follow?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: baseball

There are several scenes in the movie involving Frank teaching young Johnny how to pitch and hit, as well as rooting for their favorite team. When Frank asks the adult John about his life, he specifically asks if Johnny has become a professional baseball player. John says no, explaining he "blew out his arm senior year," so he "didn't have a shot" at the pros.

5. What's the name of the song we hear after Frank rescues the men from the sewer?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: "Heat Wave" by Martha and the Vandellas

After Frank gets home, we see his lovely wife Julia singing and dancing to the song while cooking dinner.

6. Which actor played the role of Frank Sullivan?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: Dennis Quaid & Quaid

Dennis Quaid did a remarkable job in this film. This is probably his best work by far.

7. What is John Sullivan's lifelong best friend's name?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Gordo

Gordo is his best friend who lived next door to John while they were kids. He helps John talk to his father by setting up the radio.

8. In the movie "Frequency," Frank Sullivan wants and expects his son Johnny to become a third-generation career what?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: fire fighter

Frank, the fire fighter, calls his son "Little Chief." Frank dies fighting a fire at an old warehouse when Johnny is young, but John (from the future) has a chance to save him by telling his father the night before he is to die to "go the other way" in the fire and ignore his instincts. It works, and Frank is spared from death. Enter: the "butterfly effect." Once events change and Frank doesn't die in the fire, things that would not have happened occur, including the survival of the serial killer and the murder of Frank's wife (and John's mother) Julia, a nurse.

9. What's the name of John Sullivan's girlfriend in 1999?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: Samantha

We first see her dumping John. See calls him 'Chief,' the same name Frank Sullivan called him back in 1969.

10. What baseball team was mentioned quite often in this film?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: New York Mets

The Mets had won their 1st World Series with a 5-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

11. What type of radio does John talk to his father (Frank) on?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Hamm Radio & Ham Radio

John talks to his dad on his old Hamm Radio that his dad owned while he was a kid.

12. In the film "Frequency," Johnny doesn't follow his father's career choice. Instead, what does the younger Sullivan choose as his profession?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: police officer

The signs are there: as little Johnny, he asks for a cop kit (gun, holster, badge) and his mom buys it for him -- withholding the gun, however. Satch (Andre Braugher, in a role that won him a Blockbuster Entertainment Award) is a police officer and best friend to the family, has a lot to do with Johnny growing up to be a cop.

13. What's the first thing Gordy pulls out of the FDNY chest?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: shotgun

He pulls a shotgun out of the chest, just in time for his dad to snatch it away from him.

14. What song was played at the end and during the credits of the movie?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: When You Come Back To Me Again

This song was recorded by Country Music superstar Garth Brooks and can be heard on his album entitled 'Scarecrow'.

15. What is the name of the warehouse where Frank 'dies'?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Buxton Warehouse

John warns his dad that he will die in the Buxton Warehouse fire. It makes Frank take a different direction and he follows his instinct to safety.

16. What natural phenomenon occurs twice over a period of years, making it possible for Frank and John to communicate across time?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: aurora borealis

The special effects of the aurora borealis (aka "The Northern Lights") are gorgeous. Bill Westenhofer, Supervisor of Special Effects for "Frequency," won an Oscar in 2008 for the film "The Golden Compass," and has worked on a variety of special effects films, including "Babe, Pig in the City," and "Stuart Little."

17. What is the name of the Professor we see talking about the auroraborealis?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: Brian Greene

We see him in both 1969 and 1999.

18. According to the movie, who hits the RBI single to win the game in game two of the world series for the Mets?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Al Weis

John tells his father what happens in game 2 so he can prove that he really is his son in the future.

19. By what means do Frank and John communicate over a significant time span, in the film "Frequency"?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: ham radio

"Frequency" as a film title has a double meaning, with one being the frequency of the ham radio signal used by the father, then years later by the son, intersecting in time so they can speak to one another. The other meaning is the frequency of the scientific phenomena creating the opportunity for this time-warpy thing to occur. It is a really scientifically sophisticated notion by screenwriter Toby Emmerich, otherwise an accomplished Executive Producer of an impressive number of films, including "The Notebook," "A History of Violence," "Wedding Crashers," and "Sex in the City 2". His idea: Instead of people traveling through time, voices do. In what would be majorly weird and trippy if it really happened, John the adult gets to talk to "Little Johnny" -- himself -- over the radio.

20. What's the name of the family's dog in 1969?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: Elvis

The first rip in the time dimensions occur when we see Frank trip over Elvis, their dog, and crack the glass of their living room door. The same crack is seen in the house in 1999.

21. What word was Gordo told to remember?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: Yahoo

At the end of the film we see Gordo and his Mercedes Benz with 1 Yahoo written on the license plate.

22. What is the nickname of the murderer that went around killing nurses back when John was a boy?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: The Nightingale Murderer

John tries to get his dad to find the murderer in the past, but when he tries to it changes history. The Nightingale Murderer goes after his mom instead.

23. The father and son team in the film "Frequency" become involved in investigating a serial killer. What does the press nickname the multiple murders of nurses?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: The Nightingale Murders

The tag is undoubtedly a nod to the famous Crimean War nurse, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) who, studying and working in London prior to the war, almost singlehandedly turned the profession of nursing from "one step above prostitution" to the level of comfort and care required of the sick and dying, especially the poor. As a result, "Nightingale" became almost synonymous with "nurse."

24. What's the name of the family friend who becomes John's boss in 1999?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: Satch DeLeon

Satch is the name of the cop who is a lifelong friend of the family.

25. How did John's mother die in the movie?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: murdered

She was one of the Night in Gale murders.

26. What is the real name of the Nightingale Murderer?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Jack Shepard

John figures this out when he goes to Jack's parents' house. Jack's dad tells him that someone mysteriously killed his wife (who was a nurse).

27. What's the name of the team that everyone cheers on?

From Quiz "Frequency" and the Sullivans

Answer: The Mets

Everyone in the movie loved 'The Amazing Mets'.

28. What is written on the side of the tanker just before it crashes?

From Quiz 'Frequency' 101

Answer: Herbert

We see the name as the tanker swerves just before it crashes.

29. Where does Frank find the jewelry that the Nightingale Murderer hid in his apartment?

From Quiz 'Frequency' (The Movie)

Answer: Behind the air vent

Frank finds it after he escapes from the police station. He goes to Jack's house and looks for some clues.

30. Who is the serial killer in "Frequency"?

From Quiz Frequency

Answer: Jack Shepard, police officer

The same actor, Shawn Doyle, plays the villain over the span of thirty years (but his "aged" makeup doesn't work very well, in my opinion). Doyle also appeared in "The Majestic" and "Don't Say a Word," both in 2001, and has many television credits on his resume. Although too often cops are portrayed negatively in films (e.g., on-the-take , brutal macho men, or bumbling idiots), a cop as a serial killer strikes me as unique. Jack Shepard's mother was a nurse and either an early victim of his or perhaps just the source of his sexual anger towards nurses ... depending on whether we're viewing him before or after the butterfly flaps its wings.

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