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4 quizzes and 40 trivia questions.
  10 Question Just Like Heaven Quiz   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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"Just Like Heaven" is my most favorite movie of all times. I've watched it SO many times, it's crazy. If you also love this movie, you'll love this quiz! Test your "Just Like Heaven" knowledge!
Easier, 10 Qns, kharkiv, Oct 03 12
5500 plays
  Questions on Just Like Heaven   popular trivia quiz  
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I've seen this movie twice and loved it both times!
Easier, 10 Qns, Callie415, Oct 06 07
2086 plays
  10 Questions about Just Like Heaven    
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This great romantic comedy, starring Reese Witherspoon, reminds us that there is such thing as being truly connected to another person!
Easier, 10 Qns, bzyquinn, Nov 30 06
2961 plays
  Multiple Choice Quiz about Just Like Heaven    
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I love this film, so here is a quiz about it!
Average, 10 Qns, JuliaJam, Jun 12 07
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trivia question Quick Question
What restaurant did Elizabeth always want to eat in?

From Quiz "Just Like Heaven"

Just Like Heaven Trivia Questions

1. What was Elizabeth doing when she got into the car accident?

From Quiz
Just Like Heaven

Answer: Turning up the volume on her radio

Elizabeth was talking on her cell to her sister. As she put it down, she bent down to change the radio station and crashed into a truck (we didn't see the impact). This was in the very beginning of the movie.

2. This movie stars Reese Witherspoon and a handsome actor who we have seen in a few big hits in the last few years. What is his name?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo began his career in theater and has hit the big screen with great movies like "13 Going on Thirty", and "Rumor Has It".

3. What part of furniture has to be good in David's apartment?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Couch

In every apartment David looks at, he always mentions something about a couch. He looks at three apartments before finding Elizabeth's sublet. The first thing he says about this sublet is, "It's a good couch". He says this as he sits on the red couch.

4. What happened to Elizabeth as a result of the accident?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: She was trapped in a coma.

Elizabeth was trapped in a deadly coma. Her spirit came to David, the person who moved into her old apartment. David was the only adult who could see her.

5. The character David is in a slump, where he drinks beer and watches tv a lot. Why is this?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: His wife died two years previously.

David's wife died from a cerebral hemorrage and he hasn't been the same since. He feels as if he couldn't save her, and is now determined to save Elizabeth because he is falling in love with her.

6. When Elizabeth comes back as a ghost, what does she have to look at to remember her name?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: A Mug

David says that she might be dead. He asks her name and she has to look at the mug with 'Elizabeth' on it to remember.

7. Why did David drink so much?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: His wife had died.

David's wife had unexpectedly died and that made him turn to drinking. Elizabeth made David stop and brought him to his senses again. As Elizabeth helped David overcome his grief, they became more and more attracted to each other.

8. What happens to Elizabeth to put her in a coma?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: car crash

After working very long hours at the hospital, Elizabeth is on her way to her sister's house for a blind date. She crashes head on with a truck, leaving her in a coma, and her spirt hovering between heaven and earth.

9. What is the nickname that David starts calling Reese Witherspoon's character?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Lizzie

This happens shortly after David questions Elizabeth about her name, which she only remembers because she sees it on a coffee cup in her apartment. David has moved into an apartment that was previously rented by Elizabeth, whose spirit keeps popping up at the apartment.

10. What is the librarian called, who helps David try to get rid of Elizabeth (as a ghost)?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Darryl

Darryl is a mad librarian who can sense the 'spirit' as he calls it. He is played by Jon Heder.

11. What event brought David and Elizabeth to the hospital, where they found Elizabeth's body in a coma?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: David saved a life.

David and Elizabeth walked into a restaurant, where Elizabeth had always wanted to eat, when a man fainted. Elizabeth directed David with what to do and David saved the man's life. That's when Elizabeth remembered that she used to be a doctor. Elizabeth and David went to the hospital, where Elizabeth found her own body trapped in a coma.

12. What is the name of Jon Heder's character in this movie?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Darryl

Jon Heder plays a character who is knowledgable about spirits and who is consulted by David for assistance in getting Elizabeth's spirit to crossover. He informs David that he should move as this woman's spirit is very much alive and "not going anywhere!"

13. What restaurant did Elizabeth always want to eat in?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Moose's

This is the scene where David saves a life for the first time, with Elizabeth's help. A man in the restaurant crashes into a waiter's tray. David then follows Elizabeth's instructions, makes an incision with a knife and manages to get the man breathing again. Outside, he notices that he has blood on his hands, and he faints.

14. What did the doctors want to do with Elizabeth?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Take her off of the machines (let her die)

The doctors needed approval from Elizabeth's sister before they took Elizabeth off from the life support. Elizabeth had always said that she was against prolonging life but the doctors still wanted to have Elizabeth's sister's signature before they "pulled the plug". She signed the papers.

15. What does Reese's character say stained her pillow, in order to convince David that she is in fact real and did once live in the apartment?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: cough syrup

She then refers to a picture on her nightstand and realizes it is no longer there. We later discover that her sister Abby has taken the picture to the hospital where Elizabeth is in a coma, and has it by her bedside.

16. What happened to David's wife?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: She died of a brain hemorrhage.

You find this out when they are on the roof of the apartment. It happened 2 years previous; her name was Laura and she had a hemorrhage.

17. Who else could "see" Elizabeth?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Elizabeth's sister's daughter

The five year old daughter of Elizabeth's sister (her niece) could see Elizabeth but, of course, nobody believed her. We found this out when David went to Elizabeth's sister's house, to talk to her about not "pulling the plug" on Elizabeth.

18. What does Elizabeth's sister Abby do, when David tells her he can see and talk to Elizabeth's spirit?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: She grabs a knife.

She takes her children into their room, then she pulls the knife and threatens him. One of her daughters appears to be able to see Elizabeth, because she shares her tea and cookies with her.

19. Where is it that Reese's character starts to remember who she is or was?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: A Restaurant

Elizabeth and David enter a restaurant because she recognizes it from the outside. A man collapses while they are in the restaurant, and Elizabeth immediately knows what is medically wrong with the him. It is at this point she remembers that she is a doctor.

20. What did David finally decide to do so that Elizabeth wouldn't be taken off of life support?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Steal Elizabeth's body

David decided to steal Elizabeth's body to save time. He got his friend to help him. The whole stealing went completely wrong. The doctors came 15 minutes early, just as David was about to steal Elizabeth's body. David knocked out the main doctor and while the doctor was recovering, David and his friend ran out of the room with Elizabeth's body on a stretcher. However, the doctor quickly recovered and paged the hospital security. For a minute or so, the security chased after David, his friend, and the stretcher carrying Elizabeth's body.

21. In what California city does the movie take place?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: San Francisco

The the public trams and the Golden Gate Bridge are very good clues that San Francisco is the location.

22. What does David say is his relationship to Elizabeth, when inquiring with the hospital staff about her wherabouts and status?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Boyfriend

Elizabeth takes him to the hospital to try to find out what happened to her. There she finds her body on life support and in a coma because of a car accident. David has to tell the staff that he is Elizabeth's boyfriend in order for them to tell him confidential information.

23. In the picture of Elizabeth and Abbie, what were they celebrating?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Elizabeth failing her MCATs

Elizabeth told her sister Abbie that she had failed her MCATs. Abbie said that she shouldn't retake the test, but she should burn her scores and drink lots of Margaritas.

24. What happened while David was stealing Elizabeth's body?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Elizabeth lost her life support.

Elizabeth lost her life support and started dying. David was captured by the police. But David broke free and kissed Elizabeth. Suddenly, her heart monitor began beeping again and she woke up from her coma. However, she didn't remember David. Many viewers thought the movie was going to end at this point, but of course, it didn't.

25. Who works in the bookstore?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Darryl

Darryl is played by John Heder. He works in an occult bookstore, and becomes a friend to David when he tells him about talking to a ghost. John Heder is best known for his role of Napoleon Dynamite. Jack was David's friend who helped him try to steal Elizabeth's body at the hospital.

26. Elizabeth finds the missing picture at her bedside in the hospital. What was she celebrating in the picture with her sister?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Failing an important test

She failed a test and burned her scores after being prompted by her sister. She later says it was one of her best memories because she enjoyed herself with her sister!

27. Catrina has a tattoo and it says something in three different languages. What does it say?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: All Aboard

Elizabeth comes back and sees that she is in the apartment. She pokes her head through the door to see what she looks like for David. Obviously, Catrina can't see her.

28. Did Elizabeth ever recognize and remember David?

From Quiz Just Like Heaven

Answer: Yes, in her roof garden that David planted

Elizabeth came back to her house and felt that something was not right. She went up on her roof where David had planted a garden for her. At first, she didn't recognize David but when he touched her hand to give her the keys back she remembered and they kissed. End of movie.

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