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Heavy Metal Singers Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Heavy Metal Singers Quizzes, Trivia

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Heavy Metal Singers Trivia Quizzes

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8 quizzes and 110 trivia questions.
  Metal In Metal   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A bit like Shakespeare's play within a play, heavy metal bands love singing about heavy metal. This is my fiftieth quiz, so I've gone back to my first love: heavy, heavy metal.
Average, 10 Qns, thula2, Aug 31 12
422 plays
  Heavy Metal Singers   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Who's that singer again? How about the band? This quiz will test you. This time, it's Heavy Metal. Mostly retro metal on this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, kreed7167, Oct 30 10
1850 plays
You have to match the musicians who use their stage names with their real names. I will ask about well-known singers, drummers and guitarists. Good luck and have fun!
Average, 15 Qns, markinzon, Feb 14 21
Feb 14 21
206 plays
  Real Metal Music    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz is about real metal bands, not some rock rap hybrid that's passing for metal these days. Knowledge of 70s and 80s metal will be needed.
Average, 15 Qns, bonzo925, Nov 19 16
4296 plays
  Metal Singers And Their Successors    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I guess all of you who listen to rock music have seen some of your favourite bands change in some way their line-up. Well, this quiz is about the change of lead singers.
Tough, 15 Qns, blackandgreen, Sep 12 12
194 plays
  If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about bands that are in some way "loud". Unsurprisingly the majority of these bands come from the hard rock and heavy metal end of the musical spectrum so get ready to rock.
Difficult, 10 Qns, veryeavy, Aug 12 10
430 plays
  Here's the Band, Who's the Singer?    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
I'll give you a band and an album and you tell me who sang for the band at that point in time.
Average, 25 Qns, Billandted, Sep 09 22
Sep 09 22
2784 plays
  My Metal Matching Part 1    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I'll give you a singer and you match it to the band. Should be easy.
Average, 10 Qns, fudgernudger, Dec 23 20
Dec 23 20
885 plays

Heavy Metal Singers Trivia Questions

1. Michael Kiske was the lead singer for heavy metal band Helloween from 1986 till 1993, when he was fired. Who became the band's vocalist after that?

From Quiz
Metal Singers And Their Successors

Answer: Andi Deris

Other Helloween members fired Kiske because they didn't really get on well at that time. Also they didn't find his live performances during the "Chameleon tour" good enough. Andi Deris joined the band a few months after Kiske's departure.Before that he was the lead singer of German hard rock band Pink Cream 69.

2. Which part of the body did Accept describe as being metal on the title track of their classic 1985 album, "Metal _________"? Fill in the gap.

From Quiz Metal In Metal

Answer: Heart

Apparently, "Metal Heart" (1985) was supposed to be aimed at the American market, and although it's not anything like as heavy as classic Accept album "Restless and Wild" (1982), or "Breaker" (1981), the band had previously sounded much more commercially viable. In fact, "Metal Heart"'s title track's use of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven themes render it amongst the most Teutonic heavy metal releases ever, despite a couple of misguided attempts at catchy singles. The album quickly became a firm favourite with Accept fans and sold well, reaching 94 on the US Billboard charts. It was followed by "Russian Roulette" in 1986, another great slab of metal, which was unfortunately the last to feature vocalist extraordinaire Udo Dirkschneider before he left to pursue a solo career, although he's been back and forth since.

3. KISS like to sing "I Love It ____".

From Quiz If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!

Answer: Loud

KISS are certainly loud and also enduring. Remarkably, in an interview in 2010 Paul Stanley alluded to the possibility that KISS might continue to perform even after he and Gene Simmons had retired!

4. What band had Rob Halford?

From Quiz My Metal Matching Part 1

Answer: Judas Priest

Of course he is the lead singer of Judas Priest! He was singer until Tim "Ripper" Owens replaced him. Halford recently came back to front Judas Priest.

5. The Offspring, "Ixnay on the Hombre"?

From Quiz Here's the Band, Who's the Singer?

Answer: Dexter Holland

This album features the hits "Gone Away" and "All I Want" and in my opinion is The Offspring's best album.

6. Ronnie James Dio was the lead singer in Black Sabbath and which other band?

From Quiz Real Metal Music

Answer: Rainbow

Remember "Man on the Silver Mountain"? He sang for Sabbath, Rainbow and Elf before going solo. Had the hard task of trying to fill Ozzy's shoes with Sabbath.

7. Probably those of you who listen to extreme metal have heard about Amorphis. Lead vocalist Tomi Joutsen joined in 2005. Who was his precursor behind the microphone?

From Quiz Metal Singers And Their Successors

Answer: Pasi Koskinen

Tomi Koivusaari did perform some harsh vocals on the band's first three albums (with Pasi Koskinen performing clean vocals on the third one, called "Elegy"), but after that all vocals (both clean and harsh) were performed by Pasi until his departure in 2004. Since 1996 Koivusaari concentrated almost entirely on his rhythm guitar playing. Marco Hietala is Nightwish's bass player. He is also a producer for Amorphis and some other Finnish bands, but he has never performed lead vocals for the band (only backing vocals on some of their songs). Esa Holopainen is the band's lead guitarist.

8. This Canadian metal band, fronted by Lips, had a documentary film made about them in 2008. Back in 1982 their second long-playing outing had the most metal title of all, "Metal On Metal". Who are these Canadian nutters?

From Quiz Metal In Metal

Answer: Anvil

Anvil's first album was called "Hard 'N Heavy", a great title in itself, but "Metal On Metal" hit the nail on the head. When Anvil were at the top of their game, they gave anybody a run for their money. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out and they never got the chance to develop and remained stuck in a rut. However, Lips and drummer Robb Reiner persevered and they have entertained many folks around the world since their inception in 1978. They have carried on the tradition of bludgeoning album titles, such as "Forged in Fire" (1983),"Strength of Steel" (1987),"Pound for Pound" (1988) and the rather corny "Worth the Weight" (1992). The film "The Story of Anvil" was a mixed blessing. On the one hand it got them a lot of attention, and surely sold them a few albums, but the media couldn't help talking about the band in that smug, conceited way heavy metal bands always get. All the options are Canadian metal bands.

9. Who replaced the late Bon Scott as the singer of AC/DC in 1980?

From Quiz Heavy Metal Singers

Answer: Brian Johnson

During the making of "Back in Black", Bon Scott passed out in a friend's car on the way home from a night of drinking. His friend left him there to sleep it off, but he was pronounced dead the next morning. However, there are multiple theories about his death, some of which include heroin overdoseage and a fatal asthma attack.

10. The fictional band Disaster Area featured in Douglas Adams' book "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" were how loud?

From Quiz If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!

Answer: Enough to destroy a planet

"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" was the sequel to the comic masterpiece that is "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy". By the time Douglas Adams died at the relatively young age of 49, he had written three further sequels, namely "Life, The Universe and Everything", "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" and "Mostly Harmless".

11. Paul Di'Anno was the vocalist for what band?

From Quiz My Metal Matching Part 1

Answer: first Iron Maiden

Of course he was the lead singer of the Iron Maiden to record an album! He made "Killers" and "Iron Maiden" with them.

12. Sum 41, "Does this look infected?"?

From Quiz Here's the Band, Who's the Singer?

Answer: Deryck Whibley

This album features the awesome hit "Still Waiting".

13. Who was Motorhead's guitarist on the "Ace of Spades" album?

From Quiz Real Metal Music

Answer: Fast Eddie Clarke

He went on to form Fastway in the mid 80s. Some people think he had the fastest fingers in rock at the time. Pretty much disappeared from the rock scene.

14. Tarja Turunen was the lead singer for Finnish symphonic/gothic metal band Nightwish, but other members fired her in 2005. Who joined the band as lead singer after that?

From Quiz Metal Singers And Their Successors

Answer: Anette Olzon (Alyson Avenue)

Nightwish organised a lead singer contest a year after they fired Tarja. Anette Olzon from the A.O.R. band Alyson Avenue won. There are some rumors that before Nightwish organised the contest, they offered the place to Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation and Vibeke Stene from Tristania, but Stene denies this and Den Adel still plays with Within Temptation.

15. Which singer is "Finished with [his] woman 'cause she couldn't help [him] with [his] mind?"

From Quiz Heavy Metal Singers

Answer: Ozzy Osbourne

That lyric is from the song "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy Osbourne as lead vocalist in 1979.

16. The band called Loud that released albums in 1990 and 1992 were from which country?

From Quiz If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!

Answer: England

Loud were formed by Chris McLaughlin and released their debut album "D Generation" in 1990. They followed this up several years later with "Psyche 21" which was another solid and melodic effort but that was pretty much the end of Loud. Also worth noting is that there is an American Band called D Generation which can cause confusion when rifling through my CD collection!

17. Paul Stanley was in what band(s)?

From Quiz My Metal Matching Part 1

Answer: KISS

He is one of the creators of KISS (and lead singer/guitarist).

18. Black Sabbath were originally known as whom?

From Quiz Real Metal Music

Answer: Earth

Started out as a folk and blues based band. Decided if people like scary movies why not scary music? Changed their name to Black Sabbath, after an old Boris Karloff movie, and the rest is history.

19. Which American heavy metal band sang about "Metal Lust", "Full Metal Maelstrom", "The Metal War" and went rather overboard with "Kill For Metal" on their 2005 album "Cryptobeast"?

From Quiz Metal In Metal

Answer: Usurper

Usurper formed in 1993 and managed to entwine 80s thrash, classic metal and Celtic Frost-esque creepiness like nobody else. Lyrically, they loved tales of horror and beasts, dark fantasy and cryptic esoteric shenanigans. They seemed to eschew the mainstream and sat happily just outside the music circus, delivering quality metal right from debut album "Diabolosis" in 1995 to the last album "Cryptobeast" in 2005 before they split up in 2007. Since then, at least two bands have emerged out of the ashes : Scythe and Bones. Black Sabbath wrote "War Pigs" not "The Metal War", and formed in England. Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic, and belongs to Norway. Sarma is a Serbian dish of stuffed cabbage leaves. There are no doubt metal bands named after both.

20. Rob Halford was the vocalist of which band, noted for being one of the main pioneers of speed metal?

From Quiz Heavy Metal Singers

Answer: Judas Priest

Judas Priest is one of those bands that have undergone very many personnel changes, with 15 different band members over the years. The only two that have been with Judas Priest since the very beginning are K.K. Downing and Ian Hill, playing guitar and bass (respectively).

21. Lemmy has consistently proclaimed that his band Motörhead play what?

From Quiz If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!

Answer: Rock and Roll

Motörhead are a very loud live band. The occasional covers that Motörhead have recorded certainly support Lemmy's assertion that Motörhead are simply a "rock and roll" band. Examples of these covers include "Leaving Here", "Louie Louie" and "Please Don't Touch". "Please Don't Touch" was recorded with "Girlschool" and released on the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" EP.

22. Ozzy's birth name is?

From Quiz Real Metal Music

Answer: John

He's been called Ozzy since he was a kid.

23. This New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band burst out of Edinburgh in 1980 with the single "Heavy Metal Mania", which also featured on their debut album "Nightcomers". What was the name of the band?

From Quiz Metal In Metal

Answer: Holocaust

Edinburgh's Holocaust were so metal they had three umlauts on the band's name on their first release, "Heavy Metal Mania" (1980), i.e. Hölöcäust. The umlauts had been dropped by the debut album, but it was still classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal, from cover artwork to lyrics to song structure. The ep was a huge hit on the heavy metal charts in the UK, and when the album came out it was much sought after around the globe, fast becoming a NWOBHM classic. Next came a live album, "Live (Hot Curry & Wine)" (1983), which cemented their reputation as a hot live act. The band went on to experiment with more progressive sounds, producing some impressive albums such as "Hypnosis of Birds" (1992), but went back to harsher metallic sounds with "Covenant" in 1993. All the red herrings are worth a listen, although Dumpy's Rusty Nuts and The Handsome Beasts are really blues based biker bands who ended up in the catch-all NWOBHM bag. Nevertheless, they are/were both great fun, especially live.

24. Who is the 2010 lead singer of Iron Maiden?

From Quiz Heavy Metal Singers

Answer: Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden has produced such songs as "Run to the Hills" and "Caught Somewhere in Time."

25. Marq Torien and Mick Sweda were respectively lead singer and guitarist for which LA band that released "Smooth Up In Ya" as their first single in 1989?

From Quiz If It's Too Loud....You're Too Old!

Answer: BulletBoys

The Bulletboys drew a number of Van Halen comparisons when they emerged into the frenzy of hair metal bands in the late 1980s - everything from Marq Torien's appearance and stage moves, the use of Ted Templeton to produce their debut album and the fact they were on Warner Brothers may have caused this comparison.

26. What band is or was Bruce Dickinson in?

From Quiz My Metal Matching Part 1

Answer: second Iron Maiden

Of couse he is the lead singer of the second and fourth Iron Maiden. Second and fourth meaning he was second and fourth singer. He is most famous for his long run with Iron Maiden.

27. The Living End, "Roll On"?

From Quiz Here's the Band, Who's the Singer?

Answer: Chris Cheney

Hits from this album include "Roll on" and "Pictures in the Mirror".

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