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House of Lancaster 1399-1461
5 quizzes and 70 trivia questions.
  Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
He seized the throne from his cousin, faced several rebellions and passed the crown on to the hero of Agincourt.
Tough, 15 Qns, Philian, Jan 08 08
1267 plays
  The Royal House of Lancaster    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
The Royal House of Lancaster was not destined to be on the throne of England. But after a squabble with the previous King, the first Lancastrian King invaded England and took the crown by force.
Average, 20 Qns, jessica83, Jun 22 17
Jun 22 17
1576 plays
  British Royalty Part III    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
British Royalty Part III Part III contains history of The Houses of Lancaster and York. Enjoy.
Average, 10 Qns, valjoedg, Jun 09 20
valjoedg gold member
Jun 09 20
602 plays
  King Henry V of England    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Henry V has been immortalized by his victories against the French and by Shakespeare who wrote for the Henry of his play the wonderful St-Crispian's speech. But how well do we remember this legendary King?
Difficult, 15 Qns, gywalgi, Jul 07 09
1185 plays
  The Monk King, Henry VI    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This good man would have been a lot happier as a priest or a monk, he had none of the qualities required to be a politician. Unfortunately for him, fate decided otherwise.
Difficult, 10 Qns, gywalgi, Dec 05 16
917 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Soon after Henry's death, the Burgundian chronicler Chastellain wrote about him: 'He was a Prince of ....'. What was he a Prince of?

From Quiz "King Henry V of England"

House of Lancaster Trivia Questions

1. How many Kings of England reigned during The Hundred Years War?

From Quiz
British Royalty Part III

Answer: 5

The war started around 1337 and ended in 1453 for a grand total of 116 years the monarchs in question were: Edward III (1327-1377) Richard II (1377-1399) Henry IV (1399-1413) Henry V (1413-1422) Henry VI (1422-1461)

2. Who was the first Lancastrian king?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: Henry IV

Henry IV was born on 30 May 1366 in Bolingbrooke Castle, Lincolnshire, England.

3. Where was Henry IV born?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire

Henry IV is often referred to as Henry Bolingbroke because of the place where he was born. Thus his cousin (Richard II) was sometimes known as Richard of Bordeaux. Henry IV's father was John of Gaunt (Ghent) and his son,Henry V, was born in Monmouth.

4. The untimely death of Henry V left his kingdom to his nine-month-old son Henry. Who was named Regent in Henry V's will?

From Quiz The Monk King, Henry VI

Answer: Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

Humphrey was Henry V's younger brother. Tudor will later marry Catherine de Valois, the widow of Henry V. Clarence (who died in 1421) and Bedford were also brothers of Henry V, Bedford was the Royal Regent of France.

5. Through what relationship did the founder of the House of Lancaster, Henry IV, lay claim to the English throne?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: As son of John of Gaunt

Henry IV's father, John of Gaunt, was the son of Edward III, making Henry the grandson of Edward III. While Richard II was on a campaign in Ireland, Henry began a military campaign, confiscating land from those who opposed him and ordering his soldiers to destroy much of Cheshire. After gaining enough power and support Henry declared himself King Henry IV and imprisoned Richard II.

6. The House of Lancaster was descended from Edward III and Princess Philippa d'Oisy of Hainault and Holland. Together, they had many sons. Which one founded the Lancastrian Line?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: Duke John of Gaunt Plantagenet of Lancaster

Duke John de Gaunt Plantagenet of Lancaster was born in March 1340 in St Bavon's Abbey, Ghent, Flanders, France. He was married three times. Firstly on 19 May 1359 in Reading Abbey, Berkshire, England to Countess Blanche Plantagenet of Lancaster, the daughter of Duke Henry Grosment Plantagenet of Lancaster and Isabella de Beaumont. Secondly on 21 Sep 1371 in Roquefort, Guienne to Infanta Princess Constance Trastamara of Castile and Leon, the daughter of King Pedro I the Cruel Trastamara of Castile and Leon and Marie de Padilla. And thirdly, on 13 Jan 1396 in Lincolnshire, England to Catherine Swynford Roet. Throughout his life, he was a regent for his nephew the child king and even pressed a claim as the King of Castile through his second wife, when her father died without a male heir. John of Gaunt died on 3 Feb 1399 in Lincolnshire, England.

7. What was the name of Henry IV's mother?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: Blanche of Lancaster

Both Henry's mother and Henry's father were descended from Henry III and thus were distant cousins. Blanche died from the Black Death when she was still quite young and Henry was brought up by other Lancastrian supporters.

8. In which year was Henry made prince of Wales?

From Quiz King Henry V of England

Answer: 1399

The same day his father was crowned King of England.

9. What was the name of the treaty that brought together England and France in 1420?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: Troyes

In the Treaty of Troyes King Henry V had been, declared Regent of France and made heir to King Charles VI. To seal the deal he married Charles' daughter Catherine. By being declared the heir and regent the Treaty bypassed the old king's own son, the Dauphin of France, who would later become Charles VII.

10. Which Plantagenet king did Henry IV depose when he became King of England?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: Richard II

Richard II was born on 6 Jan 1367 in Bordeaux, France to Prince Edward Plantagenet of Wales, the Black Prince and Countess Joan Plantagenet of Kent. Richard was a second son and was not expected to inherit the throne. After the death of his brother, his father and finally his grandfather, Edward III , it was Richard who inherited the throne. He married twice, firstly to Princess Anne of Bohemia on 30 Jan 1382 in St Stephen's Cathedral, Westminster Palace, London, England and secondly to Princess Isabella de Valois of France, the daughter of King Charles VI the Beloved de Valois of France and Princess Isabella Wittelsbach of Bavaria, on 1 Nov 1396 in St Nicholas' Church, Calais, France.

11. Whom did Henry IV marry in 1380?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: Mary de Bohun

By 1377 Henry had become Earl of Derby and his marriage eventually brought to him the Earldom of Hereford, for Mary de Bohun was one of the co-heiresses of the previous Earl of Hereford. Mary died in 1394 and Henry remarried. Henry became Duke of Hereford in 1397.

12. Who was the leader of the Welsh uprising of 1400?

From Quiz King Henry V of England

Answer: Owen Glendower

Owen Tudor will be the second husband of Henry's widow. Burnell was Chancellor under Edward I and Gruffydd led the Welsh revolt of 1277.

13. Henry VI allegedly lost his mind causing his wife to go to war in his name. Who was she?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: Margaret of Anjou

Margaret was a tough woman and after losing a battle in 1471 she became a broken woman. She was sent to The Tower of London until France paid the ransom. After wards she lived in France for seven years as a poor relation of France's king.

14. In 1388 Henry became one of the "Lords Appellant". What did the "Lords Appellant" see as their main task?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: To separate Richard II from his foolish friends and advisors

Henry followed the leadership of Thomas of Woodstock, his uncle and the Duke of Gloucester, in arranging the the trial and execution of those men who had become the King's favourites and who had alienated the rest of the nobility.

15. Henry married Margaret of Anjou, the niece of Charles VII of France. How many of their children will reign?

From Quiz The Monk King, Henry VI

Answer: None

16. One man fighting with the Welsh rebels was a friend of Henry and taught him the art of war. He was nicknamed Hotspur. What was his real name?

From Quiz King Henry V of England

Answer: Henry Percy & percy

Prince Henry fought against Percy at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. Percy was killed this day.

17. This king deposed Henry VI thus beginning the first reign of The House of York. Who was he?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: Edward IV

Edward IV won a decisive battle against Margaret of Anjou thus making him king once more. But Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (Edward's friend) switched to Margaret's sides thus restoring Henry VI for less than a year. After Edward IV he kept it until his death 1483.

18. What was the relationship between Richard II and Henry IV?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: First Cousins

Richard II's father was Prince Edward Plantagenet of Wales, the Black Prince and Henry IV's father was Duke John of Gaunt Plantagenet of Lancaster. Both were sons of Edward III and Princess Philippa de Hainault of Holland.

19. With which man did Henry have a dispute which caused King Richard II to banish him for 10 years?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk

This quarrel is used by Shakespeare as the starting point for his play "Richard II". Later the King used the banishment as an opportunity to seize the lands and money that had belonged to John of Gaunt, Henry's father.

20. In 1453, Henry lost a duchy owned by England for nearly 300 years after the siege of Chatillon led by the courageous Talbot. Which duchy was it?

From Quiz The Monk King, Henry VI

Answer: Aquitaine

The duchy of Aquitaine passed to England when Eleanor married Henry II.

21. From 1406 onward, Henry became interested in politics and made his presence felt at meetings of the Council. In 1410, he took over as the leader of this Council. Who was the leader prior to him?

From Quiz King Henry V of England

Answer: Archbishop Arundel

In 1411, Henry IV deceived by talks of abdication, sacked his son and brought back the Archbishop. The Prince made a very good impression while he was there and was even thanked by the Commons.

22. Queen Elizabeth Woodville (or Wydville) lived during the reigns of how many kings?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: Five

Elizabeth Woodville (1437-1492) married a king (Edward IV) and her son was king (Edward V) but here are the rest of the three kings: Henry VI (1422-1461) Richard III (1483-1485) Henry VII (1485-1509) Technically Edward V was never crowned but history records that he is King Edward V.

23. Henry IV was married twice. Who was his first wife?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: Lady Mary de Bohun of Hereford

Lady Mary de Bohun (usually pronounced 'boon') of Hereford was born in 1370. They were married on 27 July 1381 in Arundel Castle, Sussex, England. Together they had seven children: five sons and two daughters. Lady Mary died on 4 June 1394 in Peterborough Castle, Cambridgeshire, while giving birth to a daughter, Philippa, who later married the furture King of Denmark.

24. In which European country did Henry fight for the cause of Christianity alongside the Teutonic Knights?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: Lithuania

In fact during the 1390s Henry was a much travelled man. He also visited Cyprus and Jerusalem. The latter destination was ironic in the light of the later wishes he made known as he drew towards his death.

25. In August 1453, Henry started to suffer from bouts of insanity which left him in a deep state of depression. It is said that he inherited this illnes from his grand-father. Who was he?

From Quiz The Monk King, Henry VI

Answer: Charles VI & Charles VI of France & Charles 6 & Charles the 6th & Charles the sixth

This illnes also deprived Henry from memory, speech and reason.

26. Prince Henry had many valuable councillors, the Archbishop's nephew Richard Earl of Arundel was one of them. But his most faithful supporters were his half-uncles Henry and Thomas, sons of John of Gaunt. What was their last name?

From Quiz King Henry V of England

Answer: Beaufort

Henry was Bishop of Winchester at the time, he later became Cardinal. Thomas was Duke of Exeter, he acted as Chancellor when Prince Henry was at the head of the Council.

27. What were the names of 'The Princes in The Tower'?

From Quiz British Royalty Part III

Answer: Edward and Richard

Edward and Richard were the sons of Edward IV but was subsequently declared illegitimate by Richard III. They were then sent to the Tower and vanished without a trace. Supposedly they were murdered in The Tower on Richard's orders but there is no proof of such a thing occurring.

28. Henry IV was married twice. Who was his second wife?

From Quiz The Royal House of Lancaster

Answer: Princess Joanna d' Evreux of Navarre

Princess Joanna d'Evreux of Navarre was born in 1368 in Navarre, Spain to King Charles II the Bad d'Evreux of Navarre and Princess Jeanne de Valois of France. She was first married to Duke John de Bourgogne IV Capet of Bourgogne on 11 Sep 1386 in Navarre, Spain. After his death on 1 Nov 1399, she married Henry IV on 7 Feb 1403. His first wife was Mary de Bohun (married in 1381 until her death in 1394).

29. What was the main provocation that gave Henry the excuse to invade England in 1399?

From Quiz Henry IV - the First Lancastrian King

Answer: His inheritance as Duke of Lancaster had been seized by the King

John of Gaunt, Henry's father, died and so, by right of inheritance, Henry should have become the next Duke of Lancaster and thus the second richest man in the country after the King. However,Henry had been exiled and so Richard seized the inheritance for his own use.

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