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Fun Trivia
8 quizzes and 80 trivia questions.
  Introduction to "My Name Is Earl"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you haven't yet watched NBC's new hit comedy, this quiz will introduce you to the character of Earl Hickey.
Average, 10 Qns, rblayer, Jan 31 06
5626 plays
  Just Trying to be a Better Person   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz based on some of the characters from the T.V. show "My Name is Earl". "Just trying to be a better person" is part of the opening of every episode and one of the phrases Earl lives his life by.
Average, 10 Qns, Bxbarracuda, Dec 04 18
Dec 04 18
1404 plays
  Karma is a Funny Thing    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz about the guest stars that have been on "My Name is Earl" a comedy starring a diverse cast including Jason Lee.
Average, 10 Qns, jojanne1974, Jul 24 10
530 plays
  My Name is Earl    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"My Name is Earl" centers around Earl Hickey, a man who has a list of everything he has wrong. He tries to right every wrong he has committed after watching Carson Daly talk about good karma. This quiz covers the first season.
Tough, 10 Qns, GoodVibe, Jan 06 08
GoodVibe gold member
3820 plays
  Hey Earl, Yeah Randy   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A "My Name is Earl" quiz. Come visit the "Camden Crazies", and see how many items you can cross off this little list! Have fun!
Tough, 10 Qns, luvlayne, Sep 18 13
316 plays
  "My Name Is Earl" Mania    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz all about the tv show "My Name Is Earl" starring Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee.
Tough, 10 Qns, sugarsister, Mar 04 07
2583 plays
  Camden USA    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A "My Name Is Earl" quiz. Take another trip to Camden and cross a few items off your trivia list! Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, luvlayne, Sep 25 13
215 plays
  "My Name is Earl" Part 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz covers episodes 12 to the first season finale. Those episodes were not covered in the first part of the quiz.
Difficult, 10 Qns, GoodVibe, Jun 07 06
GoodVibe gold member
1717 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What's Earl and Randy's father's name?

From Quiz ""My Name Is Earl" Mania"

My Name is Earl Trivia Questions

1. What stolen item of Earl's was Joy's favorite?

From Quiz
Camden USA

Answer: A police car

Earl did steal all of these items, but the police car was the best payoff for Earl!

2. What is the name of the hotel that Earl and Randy reside at?

From Quiz Hey Earl, Yeah Randy

Answer: Palm Tree

Not quite a four star resort", but it does have a pool! (Along with blood stained mattresses and bullet holes in the walls.)

3. This actress appeared on "My Name is Earl" for ten episodes as Billie, Earl's third wife. Who is this guest star?

From Quiz Karma is a Funny Thing

Answer: Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano from "Who's the Boss" and "Charmed" plays the role of Billie Cunningham. Originally Earl met Billie while he was in prison, when she was dating Frank and was in training to be a nurse. After Earl got out of jail, Billie accidentally ran him over with her car. While in a coma Earl was living in a strange sitcom dream world where Billie was his wife and all was happy and good. After he woke up Earl found Billie, and married her. Joy had tricked Earl into marriage by getting him intoxicated, that marriage ended in divorce. To fix list number 51 "slept with Ralph's mom" Earl married Lorraine Mariano, that marriage was annulled. Earl believed that karma was responsible for his marriage to Billie. Billie turns out to not be what Earl expected (based on his coma world) and they do not get along. Billie wants him to shave his mustache off. She attempts a list of her own but doesn't make any real effort with it. Earl starts avoiding Billie who is getting increasingly frustrated with his list, so she informs Earl he has to choose the list or her. Earl believes that karma is what is making Billie mad at him so he chooses his list. He believes that the more he crosses off karma will make Billie nicer. Billie is not happy with this so she steals the list and starts undoing it. She then runs off and joins the Camdenites, vowing revenge on Earl. Billie had graduated from community college, trained to be a nurse, been a thief, tried being good but with the Camdenites she finally found a place that she feels she belongs. There she learned to forgive Earl. This marriage too ends in divorce, but Billie gave him a $72000 check so he can continue doing his list. Saying that karma may not have wanted them together but it did want him to have a reward.

4. Catalina is the maid at motel that Earl and Randy live and is a main character all throughout the series. She helps Earl when he needs money from Chubby. Chubby is played by this actor.

From Quiz Just Trying to be a Better Person

Answer: Burt Reynolds

Catalina does Earl a big favor to help him get money from Chubby, to bail Joy out of jail, by going back to work for him. Chubby operates Club Chubby the local gentlemen's club and tells Earl the only way he will help him is if he can get Catalina to come back to work at Club Chubby. Later on in the series Chubby dies and Little Chubby played by comedian Norm McDonald takes over the family business.

5. What number did Earl cross off in "O Karma, Where Art Thou?," when he returned a wallet he stole from a gas station?

From Quiz "My Name is Earl" Part 2

Answer: 202

The wallet contained $1000 that the victim planned to use for a honeymoon. The victim eventually became the manager of the fast food restaurant where he worked and his former boss was jailed for stealing money.

6. Who played Ralph, an old friend of Randy and Earl?

From Quiz "My Name Is Earl" Mania

Answer: Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi is well-known for his recurring role as Frank Jr. on "Friends". Frank Jr. is Phoebe's half brother.

7. What actor stars as Earl Hickey?

From Quiz Introduction to "My Name Is Earl"

Answer: Jason Lee

Prior to becoming an actor, Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder. His first films included "Mallrats" and "Chasing Amy".

8. In the first episode, what is the first number Earl mentions?

From Quiz My Name is Earl

Answer: 136

Twenty-three was "Urinating on cop car." Sixty-four was "Picking on Kenny James" (although subsequent episodes have shown #64 as "spray painted a bridge"). Sixty-two was "Threw alarm clock out of window." One hundred thirty-six involved Earl being a litterbug, in which he finds his lottery ticket.

9. Camden local Nescobar A'LopLop also shared Earl's habit of stealing. What was his item of choice?

From Quiz Camden USA

Answer: Pens

He didn't do it for the payoff, just a strange addiction!

10. What is Randy's biggest fear?

From Quiz Hey Earl, Yeah Randy

Answer: Birds

His second biggest fear is the "Pope's big hat", only because he thinks there is a big bird under it!

11. He's known for playing Ponch on "Chips" Erik Estrada guest stars as himself on "My Name is Earl." Auditions are being held in Camden for contestants for Estrada's new game/reality TV show. What is the name of this show?

From Quiz Karma is a Funny Thing

Answer: "Estrada or Nada"

Henry Enrique "Erik" Estrada played Officer Francis "Ponch" Poncherello on "Chips" and guest stars as himself on "My Name is Earl." Randy was watching TV, and a commercial came on advertising for contestants for the new reality TV show "Estrada or Nada" where contestants could challenge Estrada to any competition they could think of. Early in their marriage Joy wanted to be on "Fear Factor" but Earl destroyed her tape. He believes that by getting Joy to appear on "Estrada or Nada" he can cross off list number 31 "ruined Joy's chance of being on TV." After Joy's performance at the audition, the witness relocation program agents came and took Darnell, Joy and the kids away. Meanwhile Earl manages to get Joy another chance on the show. Darnell helps her return for the show saying this was her last chance to be Joy. Estrada and Joy are well matched which results in several ties. They sing, dance around; Estrada plays the kazoo while a cannon ball is shot at his stomach. They speak Hebrew while dressing a dog, breath fire, make music from wine glasses, and finally answer a question about Ohio. Joy is finally declared the winner, with Estrada saying she reminds him of a younger him.

12. An accomplished actor plays Earl's father, who Earl has many entries on his list regarding. One of which is costing his father a local election. Who plays Earl's father?

From Quiz Just Trying to be a Better Person

Answer: Beau Bridges

It takes a long time for Earl's father to believe he has turned his life around for the better. White mice and a lamp from shop class are a couple of the things from his list which bring Earl and his father closer together.

13. What item was involved in number 159?

From Quiz "My Name is Earl" Part 2

Answer: Hot dog cart

Number 159 was: "Stole P's HD Cart," as Earl wrote it. Earl returned a stolen hot dog cart, only to have to buy a new cart after Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi) set fire to the cart.

14. Where does Kenny James work?

From Quiz "My Name Is Earl" Mania

Answer: The Copy Hut

Kenny James was picked on by Earl when they were kids. In the first episode, Earl makes it up to him by taking Kenny to a gay bar and accepting him as a homosexual.

15. Who does Eddie Steeples play on the show?

From Quiz My Name is Earl

Answer: Darnell

Steeples, who was "Rubberband Man" in the OfficeMax ads, was a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami. He plays Joy's (Jamie Pressly) new husband and father of Earl Jr. Earl calls him "Crab Man" because he works at the Crab Shack.

16. What song did we hear Earl sing not once, but twice for Little Chubby?

From Quiz Camden USA

Answer: Free Bird

The first time was before Little Chubby's "ball replacement". The second time was to avoid his own "ball replacement".

17. What town is Joy from?

From Quiz Hey Earl, Yeah Randy

Answer: Nathanville

They all sound familiar huh? Darville is Joy's maiden name. Monroe is Darnell's real name, Harry Monroe. Liberty is Joy's half sister.

18. Danny Glover plays Thomas Monrow, Darnell's dad. Darnell had said that his father was dead. What did Darnell tell Earl about how his father died?

From Quiz Karma is a Funny Thing

Answer: He died in the American/Canadian War

Danny Glover probably best known for playing Detective Roger Murtaugh in the "Lethal Weapon" movies plays Thomas Monrow, Darnell's father, in the episode "My Name is Alias." Darnell, Joy and the kids are still in the witness protection program when his father came looking for him. He handcuffs Earl to a bomb, and later handcuffs Randy too (the bomb turns out to be a fake) in an attempt to get them to tell him where Darnell is. Thomas just wants to find his son, he admits he was a very good covert government agent but a poor father. Earl says that Darnell told him that his father died during the American/Canadian war. Thomas replies nope and suggests that Earl should read more. Earl, Randy and Thomas go and find Darnell, eventually all is made right between Darnell and his dad. As a result Darnell, Joy and the kids can now leave the witness protection program and live without worrying about being found. Darnell had also told Joy that his father was dead, but that he had died during a freak Ferris wheel accident.

19. What number was "Stole laptop from a car"?

From Quiz "My Name is Earl" Part 2

Answer: 37

Earl returned a laptop he stole from a college professor. In this one, Earl also had to balance spending time with her while honoring his commitment to fix a bus sign he knocked over, which he did in the end.

20. How much did Earl win in the lottery?

From Quiz "My Name Is Earl" Mania

Answer: $100 000

Soon after scratching the lottery ticket, Earl gets hit by a car and loses the ticket. Later, after cleaning up a parking lot, the wind blows it back.

21. What happened to Earl immediately after winning a scratch-off lottery?

From Quiz Introduction to "My Name Is Earl"

Answer: He was hit by a car

As Earl danced in the street after winning $100,000 he was struck by a passing car and the lottery ticket was lost. Fortunately, after doing some good things, he found the ticket and claimed the prize.

22. Ethan Supplee plays Randy, Earl's (Jason Lee) brother. In one episode, Randy had to help correct things off Earl's list after he tried to correct what number?

From Quiz My Name is Earl

Answer: 163

Number 163 was about the burning of a barn. It was realized Randy burned down the barn and Earl blamed Randy for all his bad karma. After he could not do number 97 (Told Dodge and Earl Jr. we would have a father-son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn't take them) because the park closed down, Earl Jr. and Dodge (neither of whom Earl fathered), forgave Earl. After that Earl forgives Randy and takes back his list. Suplee and Lee are members of the Church of Scientology.

23. When Earl stepped up and took a two year prison sentence to avoid Joy serving a life sentence, what was the prison warden's name?

From Quiz Camden USA

Answer: Jerry Hazlewood

The warden was played by Craig T Nelson.

24. What took place in Darnell's Uncle's garage?

From Quiz Hey Earl, Yeah Randy

Answer: The first Moon landing was filmed

Well according to Darnell anyway! His attributes it to smoke and mirrors.

25. Randy and Earl go to Mexico at one point to get back Catalina who had been deported. While there they meet her Uncle Diego who is played by this actor/comedian who has played Benny Blanco in a movie?

From Quiz Just Trying to be a Better Person

Answer: John Leguizamo

Benny Blanco from the Bronx is the character he played in "Carlito's Way" and at the end of the movie shoots Carlito on a subway platform. In the episode his character first kidnaps Randy and Earl, but upon learning they are friends of Catalina's takes them to her.

26. When Earl is helping his friend Donny's mom to quit smoking, what do they try to light?

From Quiz "My Name Is Earl" Mania

Answer: Carrots

This happens in "Quit Smoking", the second episode of "My Name Is Earl".

27. What did Earl decide would improve his life?

From Quiz Introduction to "My Name Is Earl"

Answer: Karma

While recovering from his injuries and the loss of a winning lottery ticket, Earl reasoned that bad things happened to him because of all the bad things that he had done in his life. He made a list of all the bad things, and set out to make amends. After doing a good deed, Earl found his winning lottery ticket and was convinced that karma was the reason.

28. What is the name of the maid in the show?

From Quiz My Name is Earl

Answer: Catalina

Catalina is played by Nadine Velazquez. She was found to be an illegal alien because she had no social security number.

29. The warden's shady past in the adult film industry led to Earl's early release. Darnell revealed this dirty little secret. What was the warden's "stage name"?

From Quiz Camden USA

Answer: Richard Jammer

Warden Hazlewood wasn't good at either job!

30. Who was Earl's father's opponent for Mayor?

From Quiz Hey Earl, Yeah Randy

Answer: Marty Park

He won by a landslide by incorporating some incriminating police videos starring Earl into his campaign.

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