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Fun Trivia
7 Muscle Cars quizzes and 70 Muscle Cars trivia questions.
  60s 70s Muscle Cars Part II   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Detroit is finally starting to build vehicles to equal the performance and styling of this era of special cars. Unfortunately the blatant racing connections are long gone.
Tough, 10 Qns, machineamc, Jun 13 20
Jun 13 20
3099 plays
  Muscle Car Option Hyperbole   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In the 1960s and 70s, the Detroit auto manufacturer's graced their muscular cars with a variety of visual and performance gee-gaws giving them a "hip" advertising terminology. I'll give you the option's "far-out" name, you pick the option.
Average, 10 Qns, machineamc, Jun 26 12
3491 plays
  60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Think you really know about muscle cars? Test your skill.
Difficult, 10 Qns, machineamc, Jul 27 05
4039 plays
  60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hopefully these questions are a bit more relaxed than my previous quizes.
Tough, 10 Qns, machineamc, Feb 01 19
Feb 01 19
2954 plays
  Mopar Muscle Cars    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the great Mopar muscle cars. Have fun!
Tough, 10 Qns, Master Jedi, Jun 14 21
Master Jedi
Jun 14 21
2781 plays
  First Generation Camaro    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about one of the most famous American muscle cars ever produced: The Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1969.
Tough, 10 Qns, Superconductor, May 31 12
627 plays
  America Muscle Car Mania !   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
---The burly beasts of Detriot--- This should be fairly easy ... although I've included rare muscle car types, and a few tricky questions. Good luck :D
Tough, 10 Qns, go-baby-go, Feb 17 10
2849 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What was the only engine size option in the Z/28?

From Quiz "First Generation Camaro"

Muscle Cars Trivia Questions

1. What was the first "model year" of the Chevrolet Camaro?

From Quiz
First Generation Camaro

Answer: 1967

The Camaro was introduced in late 1966 as General Motors' answer to the Ford Mustang, although its designated "model year" was 1967.

2. If a '69 Chevelle SS had a "Rock Crusher" installed, what GM option would I be able to figuratively crush rocks with?

From Quiz Muscle Car Option Hyperbole

Answer: A heavy duty 4-speed transmission.

The Muncie M22 extra heavy duty, close ratio, 4-speed transmission. The "Rock Crusher" was usually an extra cost option while the Muncie M20 was the GM muscle car 4-speed standard.

3. In 1970, Buick offered its potent Skylark GSX available with the Stage 1 455 cubic inch motor. Only 2 colors were offered by Buick for this car in 1970. What were they?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: Apollo White & Saturn Yellow

Other colors were available from 1971 on. This car is an animal with the Stage One 455 motor. Ask any Hemi owner.

4. What was the first year Dodge Chargers had the vertical split grill?

From Quiz Mopar Muscle Cars

Answer: 1969

This year of Charger was used in the show "The Dukes of Hazzard".

5. In 1969, AMC released a muscle car based on the Rebel platform. It was called 'The Rebel _______'

From Quiz America Muscle Car Mania !

Answer: Machine

All 2326 of The Rebel Machines had a 340 hp 390 V8, fat tires, hood scoop, Hurst 4 speed & a Patriotic paint job as well.

6. What Chevrolet muscle car had a factory installed 302 cid motor, during its first generation?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part II

Answer: Z-28 Camaro

SCCA Trans Am racing rules required no more than 305 cid motors for any factory T/A racecar. The factory's street production variant had to displace no more than 305cid, also. Chevy made this motor only for the '67 '68 & '69 Z-28's to meet the homologation requirements of the time.

7. Two 1966 Shelby 427 Cobras were specially equipped by Shelby himself. Chassis numbers CSX3303 & CSX3015. How are they different than a standard 427 Cobra?

From Quiz 60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I

Answer: Twin Paxton superchargers were installed.

Shelby kept one for himself. Comedian Bill Cosby got the other one. Cosby talks all about it on his record album "200 mph"

8. What did the term "Z28" mean?

From Quiz First Generation Camaro

Answer: It was a production code that meant the car would have high performance options

1967 was the first year for the "Z28" option. There were only 602 Z/28's made that year making it very rare and highly sought after.

9. If I raced a 1970 Yenko "Deuce" through the quarter mile in 12.98 seconds, what kind of Chevrolet would I be driving?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: Nova

LT-1 350 powered Nova/ Chevy II, hence "Deuce".

10. What is the name of this hood where the air scoops stick out of the top through a hole?

From Quiz Mopar Muscle Cars

Answer: Shaker

The "Shaker" hood was a popular option in the 1970s. You probably see them most on Hemi Barracudas.

11. Chrysler's 426 Hemi engine is legendary. It commonly refered to as what nickname?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part II

Answer: Elephant

A name given because of its overall huge proportions. To see one installed in any Chrysler vehicle leaves you wondering how they made it fit.

12. In 1973 and '74 Pontiac had this very special, bullet-proof, & powerful V8 available as a top of the line option on the Trans-Am and Formula Firebirds. A highly coveted motor among Pontiac enthusiasts.

From Quiz 60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I

Answer: 455 Super Duty

Only available in 1973 and 1974. Regarded as one of Pontiac's best motors, it arrived too late for the muscle car heyday. Ironically it was one of Pontiacs most powerful.

13. What was the only engine size option in the Z/28?

From Quiz First Generation Camaro

Answer: 302 cubic inches

Chevrolet wanted to race in the SCCA (Sports car clubs of America) racing circuit. The rules said you had to have an engine that was 5.0 litres or less. 5.0 litres converts to 302 cubic inches.

14. An "Air Grabber" on a 1970 GTX is a highly prized option. What exactly is "grabbing" the air on a Plymouth so equipped?

From Quiz Muscle Car Option Hyperbole

Answer: A pop-up hood scoop

A vacuum operated pop-up hood scoop available on the GTX and Road Runner. It had a set of shark teeth that were visible when it was in use.

15. In 1968, Dodge needed a quick response to Plymouth's popular Road Runner "stripper" muscle car. Dodge fired back with the mid-year introduction of the...?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: Super Bee

The Super Bee sold fairly well, but with a six month lead, Plymouth had already captured the public's imagination with the Road Runner.

16. How many 340 four-speed 1973 Barracudas did Plymouth make?

From Quiz Mopar Muscle Cars

Answer: 1,718

Plymouth only made 1,718 340 four-speed Barracudas in 1973. Now they're a collector's item.

17. In 1971 Ford used some stripes, scoops & a 302 to 'muscle' up their Maverick. They called it a ...

From Quiz America Muscle Car Mania !

Answer: Grabber

Maverick Grabbers, (with a little tweaking) make a substantial compact muscle car.

18. In 1970 Plymouth debuted the 340 six-pack AAR 'Cuda. What does AAR stand for?

From Quiz 60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I

Answer: All American Racers

The name of Dan Gurney's racing enterprise. Plymouth collaborated with Gurney/AAR in 1970 to race the AAR 'Cuda in the SCCA Trans Am series.

19. A "Go Pack" could be ordered on a '68-'74 AMX. What's included in this factory option?

From Quiz Muscle Car Option Hyperbole

Answer: Suspension, cooling, brakes, and stripes upgrade package

Available, mostly, on the AMX and Javelin. This package includes, front disc brakes, Redline or RW letter tires, heavy duty suspension, "Twin Grip" rear end, heavy duty radiator, and stripes.

20. In 1967, you could order a Coronet R/T from your friendly Dodge dealer. It came standard with the 440 ci motor and the only other engine option was the venerable 426 Hemi. What does R/T stand for?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: Road & Track

Nothing under a 440 or Hemi available in the early R/T Dodge's.

21. In 1969 Dodge started advertising their complete line of muscle cars as the _______ ?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part II

Answer: Scat Pack

Plymouth had "The Rapid Transit System".

22. In 1967-69, you could buy an L72 427 equipped "Motion" Camaro from this Long Island NY Chevy dealership. "Dyno-Tuned and ready to wail."

From Quiz 60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I

Answer: Baldwin Chevrolet

Baldwin was the name of the dealership. Joel Rosen's "Motion" speed shop was where these brutal Chevrolets were prepared between 1967-1974. Any Baldwin Motion vehicle is highly sought after today.

23. How many 1st generation Camaros(1967-1969) were chosen to be the pace car for the Indianapolis 500?

From Quiz First Generation Camaro

Answer: 2

The 1967 and the 1969 Camaro were both chosen as the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500 in those respective years. This was a very prestigious accomplishment for a car manufacturer.

24. Introduced mid-decade, this second generation Chevrolet big block motor was designed to replace the antiquated 348 & 409 big blocks from previous years. What year did Chevrolet introduce this new big block engine, starting off at 396 cubic inches?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: 1965

1965. The only year a Corvette was factory optioned with a 396. If you wanted a big block 'Vette from '66 onward, you had only 427's and the later 454's to choose from.

25. When did Dodge stop building the fifth generation Charger in the U.S.?

From Quiz Mopar Muscle Cars

Answer: 1987

Didn't see that one coming did you! To be honest, neither did I. In 1979 Chrysler launched two new sport hatchbacks, the Dodge Charger 2.2, and the Plymouth TC3 based on the Omni and Horizon. These cars weren't hard to spot, it was a return to the sports car for Chrysler. (kind of)The original base Charger had 84 hp but in 1985 a turbocharged model was released with 146 horsepower. In 1987 both cars were discontinued, while the reign of the "real" American Dodge Charger ended in 1974, this was the official end to the model that kicked people in the behind and said, "Race me!" But then in 2006 the sixth generation model was launched, and the Charger was back in business.

26. This 1969-70 Ford V8 was called the "Blue Crescent" by FoMoCo engineering, but is better known as "The Shotgun Hemi" or the "Semi-Hemi" among enthusiasts. What is the only FoMoCo car it was made publicly available in?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part II

Answer: Boss 429 Mustang

Not a true hemi combustion head design, like Chrysler's, but close enough. The motor was designed for NASCAR racing use in the Torino Talladega and Cyclone, but installed in the Mustang chassis for the street by order of Ford's then new President, Bunkie Knudsen.

27. In 1969 any AMC dealer could order you a "Big Bad AMX". What all was included in the Big Bad option?

From Quiz 60s 70 Muscle Cars Part I

Answer: Your choice, Big Bad Green, Orange, or Blue paint, to include the bumpers.

Just a paint option, but man are those colors loud!

28. As if driving an AMC isn't eccentric enough, you'll get double takes if your AMX is sporting the "Big Bad" option. What in tarnation is the "Big Bad" option?

From Quiz Muscle Car Option Hyperbole

Answer: Body paint color option

Even more eye crossing paint courtesy of American Motors, seen mostly on AMX's and Javelins. Paint job included the bumpers on '69 models.

29. If I were to beat a Porsche 911/SC in a local autocross with my 1967 stage IV optioned Yenko Stinger, what kind of Chevrolet would I be driving?

From Quiz 60s 70s Muscle Cars Part III

Answer: Corvair

The Corvair is not a Muscle car per se, but if Don Yenko re-engineered it and it devlops 240 hp in a 2500lb. car, it's pretty close.

30. What Dodge car was the Plymouth Barracuda equivalent?

From Quiz Mopar Muscle Cars

Answer: Dodge Challenger

The Challenger was the Barracuda's Dodge twin. You can tell by the body shape and headlights.

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